Love, Sex, and Trust (MMF)

An Author's Sexy Adventure 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,880
3 Ratings (4.3)
[Ménage and More: Erotic May-December Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, consensual BDSM, voyeurism, spanking, flogging, sex toys, HEA]
Six months of fantasy sex has drawn Dom Lance Grave, his bisexual lover Trevor Anex, and author Airy Blithe-Smith closer together. She is, for the most part, living with them. The two men whisk her away in a limo to meet old friends that own an erotic sex club in New York. Airy finds herself confronted by a whole new set of ideas as they watch an exhibition of dominant and submissive couples on display. Lance tests her willingness to submit to his will, and the night ends with their good friend Andre introducing her to something that Airy never expected to enjoy. The club also brings up the issues of jealousy and trust. 
They return home to tackle a new business contract that takes Lance and Trevor out of state. When Airy meets two old friends for coffee, her men come home early to surprise her. They are the ones who get the surprise, and it threatens to end their relationship forever.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Love, Sex, and Trust (MMF)
3 Ratings (4.3)

Love, Sex, and Trust (MMF)

An Author's Sexy Adventure 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,880
3 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Just as good as the first, can't wait for the next part.




Her daughter knew that she was dating, but had no clue how serious it was. She also hadn’t mentioned that there were two men and they were both bisexual. How would she explain something like that to her daughter, no less her seven-year-old granddaughters? Airy wasn’t even sure if Allisa would like the idea of Airy bringing them over to the men’s house. She really needed to find a way to discuss it with her in the near future.

Whether she was willing to sell her house and completely move in with them was another matter entirely. That was a serious commitment that she didn’t want to make lightly. They understood, or she thought that they did, but each week, more and more of her possessions were making their way from her house to their house. Almost all of her clothing was now stored in the playroom closet and a dresser had been put in their room for her intimate wear.

Of course, the intimate part of her wardrobe had increased considerably. Lance like her in sexy clothing and fishnet stockings.

She turned into the driveway, wondering why there was a black stretch limo there. Had one of the corporate executives that they worked for come for a personal visit? Airy parked her car in her normal spot under the carport next to the garage.

She grabbed her bag from the back seat and strolled to the front door. Lance opened it before she had a chance to insert her key. “Good, you’re here. We can leave.”

Snatching the overnight bag off her shoulder, he walked out the door with Trevor on his heels. Lance turned her around and led her toward the limo. The driver was waiting for them with the door open and they climbed inside, settling into the back seat. Within moments of the door closing, the vehicle was moving. Airy felt a bit shell-shocked as she turned to look at Lance. “Can I ask where we are going?”

“New York City.”

That was interesting. “May I ask why?”

“Of course you may. Friends of ours own a private club there. They sent us an invitation for their annual voyeurism night and I bought us three tickets.” She could feel her face turn sour, but before she could say a word, he put his fingers to her lips. “I know that voyeurism is one of your hard limits. Trevor and I discussed this and after your complete love of watching the two of us fuck, you should really rethink that. Do you remember the climax that you had last week when I fucked Trevor with my cock and you with the machine? Your eyes were glued to us the entire time and you loved it.”

He was right. She had loved it. It was captivating watching them fuck. The sensation from the machine was odd and it felt fantastic. He removed his finger to allow her to speak. “I did. That is different, though. There was no one watching me as I was watching you. Here there will be people around, watching me, and that will bother me.”

Lance chuckled. Trevor grunted, rolling his eyes. “Okay, you hit the nail on the head with that one, Lance.”

He stroked her cheek. “No worries, love. I paid the extra and reserved a private viewing suite. The platform that the ten participants will be on turns slowly, so everyone can see each act and participants. We simply sit behind one-way glass and watch. No one will be viewing you. Of course, that means that I can torment the shit out of you while we watch the show.”

Airy pursed her lips, crinkling her nose cutely for his amusement. Lance loved it when she made that face. He said that it made her look devilish. “Okay. So tell me about the club. What can I expect? I don’t want to get there and look like a lost kitten with saucers for eyes because I’m in shock.”

He laughed. “I can see that look on you. I will spare you the embarrassment, although it might get your blood racing.” Lance twitched his brow. Airy replied by tilting her head and rolling her eyes, which made him chuckle again. She was no stranger to getting her way with her expressions. Lance might be dominant, but she had spent twenty years learning how to sway her husband and child with a specific look. It worked on the two men, also.

“Okay. I’ll tell you. When we get there, they will check our passes and our tickets. The show starts at eight, and if we go earlier, their kitchen makes up some really good food. We can either eat in the bar or in the dining area. Anything you can imagine, you might see. Some people like their partners naked. Some like to feed them while they are bound. You will see people with collars and leashes, so don’t be surprised. There is no restriction on exhibitionism in all public places. Be it sex, orgies or even masturbation, it may happen. There are also areas for public acts of BDSM, within limits. Certain things are only to be done in private rooms that can be sterilized afterwards. The club is very clean. They expect their members to honor their rules, and not honoring them is cause for immediate dismissal. You will see dispensers throughout the club that contain pads that are supposed to be laid down on any public surface before any kind of sexual act is begun. You will also see dispensers for sanitary wipes. Lube, condoms, and oral condoms can be purchased from vending machines around the club. Everything done in a public area is on camera for security reasons only. Those tapes are the private property of the club, and they are well guarded. If any of them are released, then the member has full rights to sue the club. Private areas are not videotaped.”

“So what kinds of people go to clubs like this?”




Airy nodded. “Please tell me that you brought something for me to put over the back of this dress. It might be fine for the club, but it’s a bit much for Times Square.”

“I disagree, but there is a shawl in the bag that should be perfect. Your shoes are in my suitcase. I hope they fit. If not, I brought your black sandals, but the shoes will look better.”

She was lucky that she wore a standard size-ten shoe. They had once been an eight-and-a-half, but that had also changed with age. Trevor got up and opened the suitcase for her as Lance grabbed the garment bag and unzipped it. He stripped out of his jeans and T-shirt, and in his usual style, had nothing underneath. Openly staring at him, she smiled. He had such an amazing body.

“Liking the view?” asked Lance.

“I’m loving the view.”

“Is that something that needs our attention before we get dressed?”

The simple question sent a flare rocketing through her cunt. How was it possible that a single sentence from him could arouse her so badly? “I would love to say yes, but then I would have to get dressed again.”

Trevor reached over and unzipped her dress. He grabbed the Velcro strip at her neckline, ripped it open and peeled the leather off her breasts. “That’s undressed enough for us. We can’t have you walking the square with a raging hot cunt.”

Airy couldn’t help herself. She sucked her bottom lip into her mouth and licked it. Trevor was against her a second later. He nipped at her lip, holding it in his teeth as he stared into her eyes. Running the tip of his tongue over the skin, he released it and leaned back slightly, encasing her breasts with his palms. “You know that drives me crazy.”

She did know that. It was also an unconscious act when she was turned-on. He lowered his mouth to her nipple, sucking hard at the quickly tightening skin. Lance walked around the bed, watching Trevor for a moment, and then sliding his hand around her body. His fingers tightened on her skin as he urged her breast forward by pushing on her back. Lance held her nipple in his teeth, biting just hard enough to pinch her. Her pussy swelled, a gasp of pleasure flowing from her now-open mouth. His tongue flicked over the skin, wetting it as it puckered into a hard, pink knot. Trevor stepped back, stripping off his clothing and grabbing the bottle of lube from the suitcase. The nice thing about having two men was that there was never a lull in foreplay when they needed to retrieve something.

Lance bit the inside of her breast, forming a suction lock with his mouth. Airy arched her back further, inhaling sharply as he built pressure. It created a fiery pain for a moment and then he released the skin, leaving a darkening bruise behind. “Mine. All of you is mine. I share you only with Trevor.”

Had she evoked some jealous response by trying to look perfect for them? His words made it seem that way. She knew that they loved her, but he had never exactly claimed her with such stern resolve before. Her pussy was throbbing with desire. It was so hot to be marked and claimed by such an amazing man. “All yours. I only want to be shared by you and Trevor. No one else.”

A smile flashed on his manly face, but it had an intensely dark desire behind it. She had unleashed a beast, and he was about to ravage her. Did leather wrinkle?

Taking the tops of her arms in an unusually brisk manner, he turned her around and sat down on the bed. Trevor pulled her dress upward, and then tugged it over her head. At least it wouldn’t get destroyed. Lance dragged her to his body with his hands to her hips, forcing her to crawl over his thighs. He impaled her with his cock, sinking deep and hard into her flesh in a way that made her gasp with pleasure.

Trevor put a hand to her back, pushing her forward into Lance’s body. He rubbed his slippery dick up and down over her anus, and then filled her with it. So much for foreplay and preparation.

The inner muscles closed taut around them in reflexive surprise. She was hot and very wet, and as Trevor sank deeper into her, she felt the slickness of his cock. He had obviously oiled it rather than her skin.

Lance opened his mouth and growled, holding her against his chest as they both began to thrust into her. They were keeping their movements short. It was just enough for her to feel them shifting, and it was making her body insane.

Her eyes were locked on Lance’s, caught in his gaze as he bared his teeth like a beast and then slowly smiled. “Fuck, you always feel so good. Arch your back a bit and give me a tit.”

He was really in a mood. Crude was not usually his style. Shifting slightly, she offered her breasts to his mouth. He grabbed them with both hands, squeezing the flesh and pinching her nipples. He flattened the skin and then rolled it as he pulled down on them. Her cunt flashed with growing sensation, the itch becoming greater even though they were thoroughly scratching it. She ground her fingers into his shoulders, her teeth almost grinding as she inhaled gasping breaths and released them with sighs of lingering sound.

Trevor leaned and bit her shoulder. Doing exactly as Lance had done to her breast, he sucked the skin hard into his mouth, building pressure, harder and harder, his cock moving faster as she tried to arch away from him but had nowhere to go. Lance trapped a piece of her opposite breast in his lips, drawing the skin into his mouth. They were going to cover her with dark, purple hickeys and it felt so painfully good.

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