[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, public exhibition, HEA]
Some guys are just too damn cute. As far as Micky Silvers is concerned, Hudson Stark, bartender of the hottest gay bar in Shade County, is one of those people. Unfortunately the man turns down every single offer, so when Micky’s friends cajole him into asking the guy out, he’s not exactly hopeful.
Hudson is a shapeshifter, and he’s had enough heartbreak over the centuries to swear him off dating entirely. The fates have other ideas, though, and push him and Micky together. Taking it as a good omen, Hudson throws caution to the wind and is rewarded with a torrid affair.
But the wind soon changes, and their luck runs out, as an accident threatens to break them apart and reveal Hudson’s true nature.
Will they emerge with their relationship intact, or will it all be too much for them to bear?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Unattainable (MM)
11 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing





“Micky Silvers?”

There was no mistaking the voice on the other end of the call. Hudson. Micky’s mouth went dry, and he licked his lips.

“Hello? Micky?”

“I’m here,” he managed to croak out. “Sorry. Heavy night. How are you, Hudson?”

Laura’s reaction was straight from a cartoon. Her eyes widened to a ludicrous degree, and her jaw dropped. She mouthed, “The bartender?” and Micky just grinned in response.

“How did you know it was me?” Hudson asked.

“You have quite the memorable voice,” Micky replied, his confidence ebbing back after the surprise.

Hudson chuckled. “I guess I do. Anyway, I was wondering if you’re busy today?”

Holy crap! “Sure. What did you have in mind?”

“Well, it appears I’ve killed my laptop somehow, and since you gave me your card last night, I figured you were the guy to go to.”

Disappointment started to chip away at Micky’s grin, but he fought to keep it from his face. Laura didn’t need to know after all.

“Oh, sure. I’m free for the morning and most of the afternoon, if that’s good for you?”

“Perfect. Can you come over at around eleven?”

“No problem.” He grabbed a pad and pen and jotted down the address Hudson gave him. “See you then.”

The moment he hung up, Laura squealed loud enough to remind Micky he was still hungover. She jumped to her feet and started dancing around the sofa.

“You got a date with Hudson!” She clapped her hands. “Oh, I have to call everyone!”

“Don’t you dare,” Micky said, glaring. “I don’t want to jinx it.”

In actual fact he didn’t want the news spreading if it turned out to be nothing more than business, and that’s what it sounded like to Micky. Sure, there was a chance it could turn into something else, but that chance was damn slim. Much like the chance of him calling in the first place? He smirked at the thought but pushed it from his mind. If he went into this expecting anything other than a wonky laptop, he’d be setting himself up for disappointment.

Laura still wanted to call people, telling Micky to not be so wary, but after a few minutes, he managed to talk her out of it. She sat back down again with a thump and feigned a pout that lasted for a whole three seconds before turning back to a grin.

“On the bright side,” she said. “This means I know something nobody else knows. That’s almost as fun as gossip.”

Micky half-smiled, then jumped to his feet. “Crap.”


“I’m meeting him at his place at eleven, and it’s already ten. I need to get changed, fast.

Laura shrugged and lay back on the sofa. “What’s the big deal? Just turn up in a pair of speedos and a smile. It’s what I’d do.”

Micky ignored her and flew up the stairs to throw on something less slouchy. On the bright side, his computer repair stuff was in the trunk of his car, so at least Laura would be none the wiser. As he tossed his clothes onto the bed and rifled through his drawers, he considered the possibility that the meeting would involve more than a tune-up. His gaze flitted to the dresser beside his bed where he kept his condoms and lube.

“Wouldn’t hurt to go prepared,” he muttered.


* * * *


As soon as Micky had ended the call, Hudson headed to the bathroom to check his hair. He stopped halfway up the stairs. What was he doing? This was a repair job, not a date. Wasn’t it? He stayed on the stairs tapping his fingers on the wood of the rail as he tried to sort out his thinking.

On one hand, his laptop was broken, and he needed someone to repair it. On the other hand, that someone just happened to be a cute guy that was interested in him. Maybe it would lead somewhere other than the table where his computer currently sat. Maybe I’ll pay him with something other than cash. He smirked and shook his head, then turned and walked back down the stairs. This was all business, he told himself.

“Which is why I’m in my best jeans and lucky boxers,” he muttered as he realized. “Damn it.”

Life was a lot more complicated than it used to be. He could see why many older shifters retreated from civilization entirely. That wouldn’t be him of course. He liked people too much. But sometimes the “rules” were more of an irritation than anything else.

He remembered a time when a ‘line’ was nothing more complex than, “My name is Hudson.” Half the guys in the bar these days came up to him with such absurd opening gambits that any possibility of him heading home with them was gone in the space of the first sentence. He’d actually had someone ask him if it hurt when he, “fell from heaven.”

Micky had been a breath of fresh air. He’d directly asked for Hudson’s number, then when that had failed, given him his own. No dumb comments, just honesty and a smile.

If the guy was interested in something, perhaps Hudson would consider it. It had been a long time since his last relationship, but he’d had a lot of practice in the past. He’d pick it up again soon enough.




Hudson had to admit that it was somewhat of an unconventional date, but it was he who had suggested a burger, so he wasn’t about to complain. Besides, the pretentious bullshit that went along with modern dates, like coffee bars and fancy restaurants, irritated him to no end. The point to a first date was to see if you got on well enough to move to a second date, and then possibly onto a real relationship. It wasn’t about showing off. His gaze flitted to Micky’s crotch in his tight pants.

Okay, so some of it is about showing off.

And Micky was certainly showing. Hudson was pretty well endowed himself, and Micky seemed to match him. He felt his own cock begin to engorge in his pants and he shifted his attention to Micky’s face. He flushed as he realized Micky had been watching him.

“Sorry,” Hudson said, clearing his throat out of sheer awkwardness. “It’s been a while since my last date. I guess I’m forgetting all the rules.”

Micky smirked, though he was clearly nervous too. “You can look all you want. Hell, touch it if you like.”

Hudson chuckled. “If I do that, I might not be able to stop myself.”

“That a fact?”

Micky glanced around outside the car, then reached down and unfastened the zipper of his pants. He slid them down a little way on his hips, revealing dark blue boxer shorts. He hooked a thumb under the waistband and pulled them down, too, and Hudson got a look at his first cock in years.

He reached over and gripped the stiffening shaft, and Micky let out a short breath, again looking around in case someone was watching.

“Let them watch,” Hudson said, his voice low.

Micky stiffened for a moment as Hudson began to stroke him but quickly relaxed and let his eyes fall half-closed as Hudson worked.

“You’re big,” he commented as he rubbed his thumb over Micky’s engorged cockhead.

“Thanks,” Micky muttered, his eyes still slits. “What about you?”

Hudson took Micky’s hand and placed it on his lap. Micky took in a sharp breath as he squeezed Hudson’s thickening cock.

“Fuck. That’s...” He glanced down at his hand and then swallowed. “Fuck.”

Hudson nodded. “Say please, and maybe I’ll let you see it.”

The man grinned in return, and Hudson was happy to find the man wasn’t bothered by the little bit of play he’d introduced. It wasn’t necessary for him to enjoy things, but he liked to be in control during sex, and it heightened the experience for him.

“Please,” Micky said, drawing out the ‘e’ sound. “Please show me your big, thick cock.”

Hudson growled softly as the words brought his animal side a little closer. He should have expected it, given how long it had been since he’d last fooled around with a guy, but the sound still caught him by surprise. In Micky’s case, it seemed to further excite him.

Hudson took his hand from Micky’s cock and worked his own pants open, sliding them down a little way. He hadn’t bothered to wear underwear, since it would have just been one more thing to remove before shifting last night.

“What do you think?” Hudson asked as he pulled his cock free.

Micky reached over and wrapped his hand around Hudson’s shaft. Unlike Micky, he was uncut, and Micky pulled the foreskin down, revealing the thick head.

“Beautiful,” Micky said.

As one, the pair began to stroke each other. They started slow, and despite Hudson’s earlier comment he kept his senses on alert, in case someone did happen to walk past. They were in a darkened spot in the parking lot, so the chances of being noticed were slim, and the only sounds were the nearby traffic and their own breath.

Stiff at first, Hudson soon began to loosen up and enjoy himself. It had been a long time, and he’d stopped for a reason, but at that moment in time he didn’t give a damn. Micky certainly didn’t seem to be complaining, either.

They built in speed slowly, still mirroring each other in their movements. Micky was certainly no beginner at such things, and soon had Hudson picturing a variety of dull things to hold back the inevitable. It didn’t help that his animal side was practically howling for more. He wanted to push the man’s head down onto his cock, to fuck his mouth until Micky gasped for air, then flip him around and teach that round ass a lesson it wouldn’t forget. This is far enough for now.

Soon enough, Micky’s breath became more ragged, and he screwed up his eyes as he apparently tried to hold on for longer.

“I’m gonna come,” he said through a gritted jaw.

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