Accepting a Mate (MM)

Dark Times 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,303
18 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, consensual BDSM, flogging, erotic asphyxiation, sex toys, HEA]

After killing his insane wife to save his two sons, Thomas James wants nothing more than to live a peaceful life. But fate has other plans for the ex-alpha.

Jerry Daniels has spent the past few years away from his pack, the light pack. Now something is forcing him back to the place where so much has changed. Dark James is now the alpha, and he’s mated. When Jerry returns, the alpha isn't too pleased to see him again. A sexy-as-sin, larger-than-life wolf defends him—and the wolf is his mate.

Life takes a turn for the bizarre as Thomas's sexuality is called into question when it appears he has a male mate. He cannot accept what fate has given him, yet something deep down makes him take notice of the man who demands he call him "Master." Will the two wolves get a chance to fall in love, or will Thomas never get to accept a mate?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Accepting a Mate (MM)
18 Ratings (4.6)

Accepting a Mate (MM)

Dark Times 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,303
18 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
It fits with the other books in the series and best to start off with book 1.



“You. Out. Now.” He spat every word out with so much venom as his eyes burned from that foul smell.

“Why don’t you make me?” Thomas could hear the challenge in the rogue’s question and decided to take him up on that offer. Then something else got to him. River always stood guard at the front door. If it wasn’t him, then who else was at the door when this rogue had come in? Every employee besides a few of the barmen and women was a werewolf. They would all know that smell anywhere, or at least should. So that asked the question of how he got in without bringing attention to himself.

Thomas grabbed the rogue by the scruff of his neck and commenced dragging the foul creature up the stairs and toward the front door. He wanted nothing more than to kill the creature with his bare hands and claws that threatened to come out. He wanted to watch the rogue die at his own hands for stepping foot on the light pack’s territory. Every rogue knew not to step onto another’s territory unless they had a death wish. But fortunately for the rogue demon here, the club was still in full swing with patrons coming and going all the while. He wouldn’t be allowed to kill the rogue.

Once he had the rogue outside and pulled the creature up close to him, he ground out, “You will not come back here, or Felicity will be my witness as I eradicate you from the face of the earth, for good.”

Thomas heightened his threat by letting his canines unleash. He knew they would look menacing in the darkness of night and in a relatively quiet place. They weren’t in the city now, and Thomas made sure this rogue knew it. He would love nothing more than to let his claws sweep across the rogue’s neck right that second, but a strong, stern voice broke his concentration.

As he whipped his head round to see the man who was distracting him, the rogue took off. At least he was a smart rogue, Thomas thought dryly to himself. Most rogues would have stood their ground and fought whoever challenged them, even if it meant them dying. This rogue though was smart enough to stay alive and run for the hills, or the woods in this case.

As he concentrated on the person joining him, Thomas noticed it was Jerry. I so do not need him right now. When the man was in touching distance of Thomas, he grabbed the back of his neck, holding him in an almost bruising hold, which Thomas could get out of but would end up causing himself injury. He then found his anger spiking once again, but this time directed Jerry.

He shoved the man back, wincing as the other werewolf’s claws cut into his neck. They weren’t deep enough to be fatal, but they did break the skin, causing blood to steadily trickle down Thomas’s neck and to soak his white tee in crimson blood.

He looked at the man. He could see Jerry was becoming increasingly angry, and it was directed at Thomas. He knew what was about to unfold between them and decided it wouldn’t happen there. He may have been angry beyond description, but one thing he would not allow was any embarrassment to come onto this pack and his son by his foolishness and anger toward this one man. So he walked to the tree line until he came to a relatively small clearing away from all prying eyes.

Then it started.

Both wolves growled at each other, and although Thomas’s wolf momentarily refused to fight what it thought was its mate, the animal within got caught up in the rush of adrenaline that signaled the upcoming fight. Then his wolf broke free, a loud growl ripping from his throat at the endorphins it sent off and the power he felt trickling throughout his body at once again being in his basic form. The form that allowed him more freedom than anyone could ever imagine.

But then the other man shifted, too. Thomas’s brain automatically registered how magnificent the wolf was. The same dirty-blond hair but thicker and shinier, even in the low light of the final day of the full moon cycle. When two identical sets of golden eyes set upon one another, nothing was needed. There was no pizazz or finesse. It was just too wolves scrapping around, fighting for dominance of the other. It was as if they both had something to prove by being in charge, and Thomas knew he had.

He had allowed this man, this wolf, Jerry, to dominate him once, and now he would show he was just as much an alpha as Jerry.

He continued to growl even as he tried to bite the other male. He was on the receiving end of a few good shots and one especially forceful head butt to his muzzle from the blond wolf that sent him flying back a few feet. It knocked the wind from him momentarily but enough for the other wolf to gain the advantage and go in for the kill. Of course he meant kill metaphorically as the blond wolf stood over him so they were muzzle to muzzle and opened his wide, showing Thomas those gleaming, white teeth.

If it had been any other person, he would have been sure he would have died right then, but he knew this man would never hurt him intentionally. He used this knowledge to his gain and turned them over until Thomas stood over Jerry.




“What do you want, mate of mine?” The sharp intake of breath made Jerry aware that Thomas now knew who was in the room with him. It was now Thomas knew who was going to dominate him and show him his true submissive form as Jerry’s mate.

But the man remained quiet, the pout leaving his lips, only to be replaced by a white thin line where his lips were only a moment ago.

When Jerry spoke again, it was low, deep, and very authoritative. “I said, what do you want, mate of mine?” When his mate continued to keep silent, Jerry knew his mate was going to be a tough nut to crack. “You will answer me, mate. And you will call me Master as you do so.”

This seemed to get a reaction from his mate as a small whimper came from his lips. Thomas’s breathing becoming increasingly shallow as he humped his hips against the bare wood of the X frame.

“I–I don’t know…Master.”

There. He knew it would get easier for his mate to call him Master when they were in a scene together, but that first time was the best and his body took notice and shot his cum all over his mate’s ass.

He usually prided himself on his more than stellar restraint when it came to his orgasms, but BDSM was the most important thing in his life, beside his mate of course, and the man had called him Master for the first time. It was something he couldn’t have controlled. He was just glad he had stripped naked before he had pulled Thomas into the room.

Once Jerry came back from his sudden high, he pressed his chest into his mate’s back, pushing his still-hard cock into the crevice between his mate’s cheeks. It squished his cum between their bodies, acting as a lubricant for Jerry to slide his cock against his mate’s ass. But he knew that wasn’t what his mate had been originally craving.

He then pulled the man’s head back around to the side, running the pad of his thumb across those luscious pink lips he wanted to taste so darn bad. He then got his wish as he pressed his mouth to Thomas’s. The flavor that broke out across his tongue drove him wild. It was grapes and lime of the most intense concentration he had yet to taste. As if working on its own accord, his tongue pushed from the confines of his mouth and toward that of his mate’s. Licking across the seam, he plundered in as Thomas moaned loud, opening his mouth as he did so. This allowed Jerry to taste his mate from the source, noticing how simply perfect the man surrendered to his kiss.

Usually between men there would be some level of fight for domination in a kiss. He had experienced too many of them to count, but his mate didn’t do that. His mate gave as well as he got but also allowed Jerry to dictate the pace of the kiss and how forceful it was. There couldn’t have been a more perfect first kiss. He wanted to carry on kissing this man for all time but knew he couldn’t for three reasons. They would eventually need food, the need for oxygen was beginning to burn his lungs, and finally, Jerry needed to see how far his mate could go for their first scene together.

He reluctantly pulled away from his mate’s lips but only to lick the back of the man’s neck before he whispered against the man’s skin. “For today only you will have a temporary safe word. You will use this word when I do something you don’t like or are in too much pain, all right? We will pick you out a more permanent one at a later date. For now your safe word will be ‘lake.’ Now tell me what your safe word is, Thomas!”

“Lake, Master,” Thomas said as he moaned long and loud. If there was a more perfect sound, Jerry had yet to hear it. His mate moaning was simply divine, especially at his hands.

He stepped away momentarily to pick up the flogger he had placed on the table near him. He would normally start off with his hand when training a new sub, but most subs he had were all human and humans marked easily, especially when they weren’t used to the mark of their Master. But his mate was a werewolf. There would be no more human subs for Jerry. This man would be the last sub he would ever train, and he knew the man would heal very quickly from whatever marks Jerry were to give him.

The flogger would not only give the man some beautiful marks for the next few hours but would also give their first time that extra little bite for him by deviating from the regular plan he had with subs. But his mate wasn’t a regular sub. He was the sub fate had chosen for him, so he knew Thomas would love whatever Jerry gave him.

The multiple-tail flogger hit his mate’s bare ass, right in the center where Jerry knew the hit would feel simply divine. He knew the man enjoyed that first hit from the sounds he was making.

Groans and moans filled the room as he continued to hit his mate’s supple flesh, making sure to never hit the same place twice. As it turned out, his mate was coming to like being flogged and his submissive mate began asking for more. Whether he was begging or demanding, Jerry couldn’t be sure, but he was more than happy to oblige the man, at least this once.

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