The Sextet Presents... By Male Order (MMF)

The Sextet Presents... 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,226
13 Ratings (4.1)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Western Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, spanking, whipping, HEA]

In the wake of her abusive husband’s death, Hope Adams has no wish to remarry, but is forced to admit she cannot run her farm alone. Desperate for help, she asks her clergyman uncle to send her two men, preferably the type that are more interested in each other than in any woman. Thomas Cameron has lost his teaching job because of his suspected involvement with Alec Buchanan. When a friend explains that his niece needs help in the Dakotas, the men decide to make a fresh start. When Hope discovers Thomas and Alec making love, she is confused by her passionate feelings. Ignorant of the joys of lovemaking, she suspects that she might learn from them, and a strong bond develops between the trio. Their love grows, but when Hope is threatened by a man intent on claiming her farm and her hand, can Thomas and Alec protect her?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Elizabeth Raines is a Siren-exclusive author.

The Sextet Presents... By Male Order (MMF)
13 Ratings (4.1)

The Sextet Presents... By Male Order (MMF)

The Sextet Presents... 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 28,226
13 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
A very good book
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4.5 STARS: "Thomas Cameron and Alec Buchanan have nowhere else to go. Because their relationship is looked down upon in 1866 St Louis, Thomas has lost his teaching job and the couple has been kicked out of their boarding room. With one visit to Father Kincaid, their lives change. Father Kincaid wants to help his widowed niece find farmhands who won't want to bed or marry her for her land. Thomas and Alec arrive on Hope Adams' farm expecting an old woman, but neither is prepared for the jolt of lust the feisty little woman sparks in them. And despite her abusive marriage, she finds herself desperately wishing that she would have just a piece of the love that Thomas and Alec clearly share. The men slowly perform a seduction on Hope, and she is helpless to resist their charms for long. When danger presents itself to the trio, it's up to the three of them to stand together or risk falling apart at the seams. By Male Order is not only a wonderfully erotic book, it’s also very sweet and loving, filled with the kind of chemistry most only dream of having. I enjoyed the fact that the men were so clearly in love with one another, and despite an initial hesitation about Hope, they both jump in feet first to make her theirs. It was also good to see that Hope didn’t allow her past experience (or inexperience) with sex stop her from diving in head first with Alec and Thomas. Alec and Hope have an easy banter and camaraderie both in and out of bed and while Hope’s connection to Thomas takes a little longer, though when it does happen, the sparks absolutely fly off the epages. The sex between the men was not only incredibly seductive but also filled with tenderness and affection and when Hope joins in, it goes from scorching to an absolute inferno! The men bring out an entirely different side in Hope, from innocent widow to devious seductress hell bent on making them hers. By Male Order is a fun book with a sweet and sexy story line that you can read in one evening…as long as you’re prepared to sweat a little!" -- Silla Beaumont, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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Men’s voices were approaching, which boded ill. No one had been invited to visit, and anyone venturing this far from town could only have bad intentions.

Hope hiked her skirts and hurried to her small house. She ran up the porch stairs, threw open the screen door, and grabbed her loaded shotgun where she always kept it handy. Concealing herself behind the corner of the porch, she waited to see what she faced this time.

Two men were coming down the long, dusty road. Their pace was leisurely and their manner calm. Since they were doing nothing to conceal their approach, she took a few deep breaths to ease the way her heart slammed in her rib cage. Had they been some of Driscoll’s hirelings, they would have tried to sneak up on her and catch her unawares. A damn shame the man had no idea what the word “no” meant. These men were talking and chuckling as though they hadn’t a care in the world.

She envied them.

When they drew closer, she waited to see if they’d pass her by. Not likely, considering the only place the road led was toward Hungry Horse, and that was a good ten miles north. No, anyone walking this far out was here to find her, which meant they were up to no good.

They turned down her lane, and when they were within range, she jumped out and leveled her shotgun at them. “Stop right there!”

Both men skidded to a halt so quickly their feet raised clouds of dust.

“State your business and then get the hell off my farm.”

The taller of the two pulled a funny hat from his head. His chestnut hair was far too long, touching his shoulders, but Hope found it oddly appealing. “Easy there, lassie.” He spoke with such a funny accent.

“State your business. Now.

The second man dropped his satchel and held out his palms. “Calm down, Mrs. Adams. Father Kincaid sent us.”

She snorted at them. “I seriously doubt that.”

Had her uncle sent men to her, he surely would have written first so she wouldn’t be taken by surprise. She’d heard nothing from him since she’d begged for his help finding a man to work her farm, nor would he answer that request by sending two men. He was the only person who understood exactly how frightened she was of men, especially big, muscular men like the ones now facing her and lying right to her face.

There was only one explanation. “You stole my letter, didn’t you? Somehow you found my letter and decided to present yourselves in response. Well, you can just mosey on along now before I fill your backsides with lead. I’m not marrying anyone, and no one is getting his hands on my farm.”

When the brown-haired man reached inside his pocket, Hope growled deep in her throat and took careful aim.

His face blanched, but he plucked out a piece of folded paper and held it up with a trembling hand. “Father Kincaid sent this so you’d know we have his blessing.”

“I won’t fall for your trickery. You just want me to put down my shotgun.”

“N…no. No, ma’am. No trickery. I swear it.” He kept shooting looks at the taller man. “Say something, Alec.”

“What do ye wish me to say, Thomas?” Alec shifted his gaze to Hope. “Lassie, if ye be putting that gun down, we can talk. Father Kincaid—”

“You don’t even know Father Kincaid, do you?” Her skepticism was at an all-time high, and she refused to believe these interlopers were anything other than opportunists from Clearbrook, here to take advantage of her.

“Aye, we know the good father,” Alec replied.

“What color is his hair?” she asked, hoping to catch them in their lie.

Alec chuckled and raked his fingers through his own hair. “He doesnae have any hair.”

“He’s bald, Mrs. Adams,” Thomas said. “As bald as a head of cabbage.”

Although they’d answered correctly, she wasn’t ready to relax her vigilance. “Where was he born?”

Judging from his sigh, Alec was losing patience with her. “How would we know where he was born? He doesnae have an accent, nor does he speak of his life before coming to St. Louis.”

“He told us you’d be skeptical, but he didn’t say you’d try to kill us.” Thomas held out the paper. “If you would be so kind as to read this, you might find the answers you’re looking for.”

“Put it down on the ground and take a step back.”

“Oh, for the love of… As you wish.” Thomas held his hand out and dropped the paper.




“Ye have a verra big bed,” Alec said as he let Hope slide down his body to regain her feet. He’d expected something smaller. She slept alone now, and a mattress of this size was a luxury she’d surely had difficulty affording.

“When Billy died, I…” She sighed. “I wanted something different—a bed he’d never slept in.”

“A fresh start, aye?”

“Yes. A fresh start. Connor Kent from a few farms over helped build the frame. He doesn’t have a wife, so I did lots of mending for him in return. He asked me to marry him instead, but I declined. I stuffed the mattress myself. It didn’t cost as much as you might think. I…I’m careful with money. Everything goes back into the farm.”

Since she sounded embarrassed by the admission, Alec gave her a kiss to distract her. He ended up distracting himself. Her passionate response banished every other thought in his head.

Hope had slipped her shirt and skirt back on for the walk back to the house. Alec and Thomas had donned their breeches. Now, those garments were in the way. Alec went about the pleasant task of undressing her.

After he pulled the shirt over her head, he couldn’t resist taking one of those pert, pink nipples between his lips. She whimpered and held his head close. Thomas had stripped, and he slipped behind her. He pushed her skirt over her hips as Alec shifted his attention to her other breast.

And then Thomas lifted her into his arms. Alec used the opportunity to shed his breeches while Thomas set Hope on the bed. She scooted over to give Thomas room as he lay down beside her. Alec hurried to the other side, cocooning her between them.

“You will both sleep in here from now on,” she said. “With me.”

“Is that an order, my queen?” Alec ran his fingers down her arm, loving how his touch raised gooseflesh in its wake.

“Most definitely, sir knight,” she replied. “Now I believe I was promised something.” Her gaze shifted to Thomas. “Something about a cock and a cunt, my king?”

Alec groaned as Thomas growled. Hearing those words spilling from her mouth was erotic and stimulating enough to have fluids dripping from Alec’s cock.

“I need to prepare you first, my love,” Thomas said as his hand slipped between her thighs. “Sweet Lord, you’re already wet.”

“Is wet good?” she asked in a low voice. “I…I can’t seem to stop it.”

“’Tis good. Verra good,” Alec replied. “It means ye’re hot for us.”

As he slid first one then two fingers in and out of Hope, Thomas kissed her. Their tongues dueled, making Alec’s cock twitch at seeing the tempting exchange and hearing their moans.

Where would he fit into this intimate interlude? Images flashed through his mind as he considered positions where three people were joined and he could participate. Yet, he didn’t want them to stop pleasuring each other. They were so natural together, so beautiful. Once Hope was accustomed to him, he’d see if she would allow both of them to make love to her at the same time. Simply thinking about the feel of Thomas’s cock sliding against his own with only the thin barrier of Hope’s body between them was almost his undoing.

“I can’t wait any longer.” Thomas rolled to cover Hope. “I want to fuck you, love.”

She spread her thighs, running her hands over his shoulders as he settled himself against her. “Then fuck me, Thomas. Now.”

Alec’s heartbeat sped, his heart pounding rough and fast as he watched Thomas thrust his hard shaft deep inside Hope. The view was almost as exciting as being the one making love to her.


Wrapping his fingers around his penis, Alec stroked in rhythm with the movement of Thomas pushing into Hope. Thomas pulled back, his erection coated in her slick fluids. Then he sank back into her. Hope raised her hips and raked her nails over his skin. Alec pumped his cock harder, wishing he could be the man making love to her sweet cunt. The musky scent of sex hung heavy in the air, adding to the pleasure.

Waiting became impossible. Alec needed to join in. He took Hope’s hand and put it on his cock. She wrapped her fingers around the shaft, squeezing and then stroking as sweet moans fell from her mouth. Then she pumped him, matching the rhythm with Thomas’s thrusts, just as Alec had done.

Alec wanted more. He moved closer, kneeling near her face. He pushed his erection, angling it down. “Suck my cock, Hope. Please, my love.”


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