[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, consensual BDSM elements, flogging, whipping, ice play, sex toys, HEA]
Tybalt Mundy and Zane Saville were thrown out of their pack after the mating party because they didn’t agree to their Alpha’s sons usurping their place there. Dorothea Chisholm takes them to the shape-shifter clinic. Dr. Oscar Thorne suggests the three of them go to Arizona to bring back a difficult old patient. Two of his rehabilitation aides found their mate at the party, and he’s short two staff members. Thea thinks it might be fun to spend more time with the me, so they set off on the road trip.
The men have a lot on their minds. They’re now homeless, unemployed, and friendless, simply for obeying the rules. Thea is furious that they, the victims, have been made to suffer. But soon they find great comfort and friendship with each other.
Until they meet up with their patient and his granddaughter and a whole passel of new problems come at them from every direction at once.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Cara Adams is a Siren-exclusive author.
Three Make a Ménage (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I was interested in this book from reading the description and expert. I was thinking there was going to be drama from the pack that kicked them out, suspense from what would happened between the three, and hot steamy sex.

What I read was very little drama/suspense. Once the opportunity for Thea to get with the two men she jumped right in. Which I can get. But that's it. I think it was also weird that when they finally claimed her as her mate they both wore condoms and just bite her. Majority of paranormal books they have to claim by biting and releasing the semen into the female body. But that's just me.

There also wasn't any drama from Ty or Zane's old pack. Or from Grace who was looking for a mate. The book was basically them coming together, having about 4 sex scene and HEA.

The reason I gave it an average was because the read flew together. Even though some were breezed by. The concept was put together and I enjoyed the read eve with what I was hoping for.
Great book. I love a good ménage story.



Dorothea Chisholm stood in the center of the now empty foyer of the Konference Kabins conference center. She grinned at the manager and said, “Wow. I never thought it could all be dismantled and packed away so fast. You have a mighty fine staff team here. I wish every conference I organized the events for was as well managed as this place.”

“It’s been a pleasure holding the DADISP. I hope you’ll consider us for your venue again next year.”

“It’d be hard to find a better place. But it’s not my decision, of course. Who knows who they’ll ask to organize it next year. If there even is one next year.”

Dorothea felt a touch of sadness run through her. It wasn’t just the usual letdown when the adrenaline of being on call twenty-four-seven for a week of events faded. Two hundred werewolf shape-shifter bachelors desperate for a bride had been here, and not one of them made her pulse pound and her panties dampen. In the words of Ebony and Ivory Tainton’s mom, likely she was being too picky and needed to settle for Mr. Good Enough instead of continuing to look for Mr. Right. But somehow Thea wasn’t ready to take that step yet. She always knew she’d be hellishly busy this week, but she’d thought maybe a man or two might interest her enough for her to want to get to know them better.

She shrugged. Well, the week was over. The second Desperate and Dateless Interspecies Week-Long House Party was over, and no man had attracted her attention. Sometimes that was simply the way the cookie crumbled. It was time to pull up her big girl panties and get on with the job. She had a hire truck full of equipment to be returned to a bunch of different companies who’d loaned it to her for the week. It was afternoon already, and if she didn’t get everything returned today, she’d have to pay another day’s hire fee. She needed to get moving.

“Once again, thank you,” she said to the manager, then hurried out into the sunshine, wiggling her shoulders, and turning her face up to the warmth. It was already fall. It’d be winter and snowing far too soon. She might as well enjoy the good weather while it was still here.

The truck she’d hired was right out front of the building, actually on the lawn where the sports courts had been for the duration of the DADISP. Wolves tended to have a lot of energy, and with so much testosterone crammed up together, Thea had done her best to ensure that there was a good range of activities where the wolves could burn off their excess energy in socially acceptable ways. Although as the week had progressed, plenty of them had found a woman of their own and were burning up the sheets instead of the volleyball court. She giggled, remembering how both her friends Ebony and Ivory had found two men each to share her. Then she sighed. Two men sounded wonderful, but even one man would do, if only there was someone who excited her mind, her heart, and her hormones simultaneously. Oh, well, maybe next year.

She ran up to the truck and pressed the beeper to unlock the door. Then she noticed two men sitting on the grass a couple of yards away from the truck. They had several suitcases with them and it seemed to her they were hoping she’d notice them yet not quite confident enough to speak first.

She certainly knew who they were. They were the men who’d been tied up in their cabin by the sons of their pack’s Alpha. Apparently he’d been more interested in marrying off his sons than in abiding by the rules of the DADISP.

What they’d done was a crime in shape-shifter law, although probably only a minor offence under American law. If they had a good lawyer, likely they could pretend it’d all been just a game gone a little wrong and they’d be let off with a fine. The shape-shifters would not forgive them so lightly however. Everyone knew how important it was that the women could trust the men they met at the mating party. There would be no future mating parties because no woman would risk coming if she thought anyone could come and look for a wife without passing the registration tests and proving they were genuinely looking for a mate, and honorable people as well.

She pointed to one with light brown hair. “Tybalt Mundy?” and then to the tall, lean blond. “Zane Saville? Why are you still here?”

“We are no longer welcome in our pack,” said Zane.

“We were hoping you could drop us off at the nearest Greyhound bus terminal, please. We were talking to one of the men here who said there’s very little unemployment in Nebraska so we thought we’d go there,” added Tybalt.

Zane stood up and bowed his head before her. Then he looked into her eyes, his own full of pain. “We wish to make contact with the werewolf packs there, but of course our own Alpha will not give us a reference. We are persona non grata now.”




Ty thought his dick might drill a hole right through his jeans, it was pressing so hard against the worn denim fabric. The more he got to know Thea, the more he liked her and wanted to know her even better. He thought that not until he knew her fully and completely would he be able to love and appreciate her as she truly deserved.

She hadn’t exactly said they could fuck her, but the thought must have crossed her mind. They’d just be making up the beds after all. But certainly some kisses seemed a good place to start. He watched as Zane very gently pulled her forward against his body, just using her hands. That was a good move. She could easily have pulled away if she changed her mind. Not that Ty wanted her to change her mind. What he wanted was her throwing her clothes off and jumping into the nearest bed.

But the choice had to be Thea’s. They had just the next two days to show her how they’d love her and cherish her always, if she’d let them. After that they had the old man to care for and his granddaughter to assist. Thea would be chaperoning the girl, so she couldn’t really be even kissing them in front of her. Not the way he wanted to kiss her anyway. That was definitely not appropriate family viewing. He pictured Thea naked, her legs sprawled wide apart, his mouth on her cunt, his hands on her hips, kissing and sucking her until she came screaming her release to the world. And only then would he and Zane fuck her to two more orgasms. One each.

Zane lifted his lips from Thea’s and Ty smiled. She looked very hot and bothered. Her eyes were heavy lidded. Her breasts rose and fell with her quick breathing, and she looked a little wobbly on her legs. It was good to know his best friend still had the best kissing skills ever.

Ty moved to stand behind her, reaching his arms around her waist and unzipping the fly of her jeans. He tugged on the fabric, relieved that the jeans were stretchy enough to pull straight down her legs. He removed her shoes and socks, then helped her step out of the jeans. As he stood up, he trailed his hands over her skin. It was soft and warm, and he spread his palms across her hips, wanting to hold more of her as he bent his head to kiss her.

His hands roamed her back stroking up under her shirt as he straddled her legs, pulling her body closer to his, wanting her to feel how hard his aching dick was, and how much he needed to slide inside her.

She wiggled against him, so he took that as approval. Thrusting his tongue into her mouth, he began to fuck her in the one place he was allowed to reach right now. But all too soon he had to pull away from her so they could breathe.

He blinked. Zane was now naked and holding a string of condoms and a jar of lube which he placed on the floor beside the bed. Of course they’d gone to the DADISP with everything they thought they would need to woo a woman. But lube was a big step when she’d only just given them permission to kiss her. Still, he couldn’t fault Zane for planning ahead.

Gently, he turned Thea into Zane’s arms again, while he stepped back and stripped. He didn’t bother to fold his clothing. The floor was right there, and he could deal with folding stuff later.

Even so, by the time he turned around Thea was naked and lying on the bed with the blankets pushed off the end. Zane was lying over one side of her, his leg wrapped around hers and his mouth and hands paying attention to her breast. Ty was touched at Zane’s honor. He had taken exactly half of Thea. Almost as if he’d drawn a line down her center he’d confined himself to one breast and one leg. A man couldn’t wish for a more considerate friend.

Ty slid onto the bed and lifted Thea’s other leg high, licking and sucking the soft inner skin of her thigh and then the line where her body and leg joined. Her cunt was wet, her cream gleaming in the soft light from the RV and the sweet taste of her essence on her skin, mingling with the tang of her salty sweat.

When Zane possessed Thea’s mouth again, Ty licked along her slit, savoring the richer flavor of her here. Then he nibbled her pussy lips, wanting to add the smallest shards of pleasure-pain to their lovemaking. Her lips were soft and plump, and so deliciously coated with her cream. She was very wet and ready for them, but Ty wanted to give her an orgasm first, before one of them fucked her. Finally he ran his tongue all around her clit before flicking the tip over the hot little button. She was hotter than hell, her hips were thrusting up into his face demanding he do more, but she hadn’t come yet, so his work wasn’t finished.

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