Perks of the Job

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,300
0 Ratings (0.0)

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including m/f, fem sub, menage, fetish and sex in public.

Perks of the Job by Kay Jaybee

Badly in need of more cash, Rachel asks her employer for additional hours. Ryan doesn’t have any extra work for her; he does however, have a money earning proposition for her. A proposition which would involve Ryan paying his assistant to share his erotic fantasies via texts and phone calls. Unsure at first, Rachel soon realises that this new opportunity is quickly going to become a thoroughly delicious perk of her job …

Passage to Paradise by Kathleen Tudor

Much as Jenna loves her job in the bakery, the thought of spending a month in Greece is a dream come true, particularly as it will mean time in the company of her favourite customer, Adam. When she tells him she’ll do anything to join him, she doesn’t realise he’ll ask her to please him – and his best friend too

Coming While Going … by Marlene Yong

When Dextra goes to work in Paris, little does she anticipate her extraordinary ‑ and thrilling ‑ encounter with a stranger on a train. Not only is she tempted – very tempted – to break her self-imposed vow of celibacy, but the event results in an unexpected and ironic climax (in every sense of the word).

Show No Mercy by Giselle Renarde

Mercedes and Simon’s sex life was never this good when they were a lovey-dovey couple. Now that he’s paying her for the pleasure, Simon knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to demand it. Mercedes might detest his entitled arrogance, but it arouses her no end. When Simon muses that he always wanted to see Mercedes with bigger boobs and insists she fill her camisole with two giant water balloons, she does as she’s told. Seeing the humungous fake breasts, and feeling their warm pressure against her flesh, she’s ready for anything.

A Discreet Companion by Cecilia Duvalle

Karen and Nick are a happily married couple with an active sex life. The only problem is that Nick was in an accident and is a paraplegic. While he’s able to physically do a lot of what he did before, Karen is clearly wanting more than the limited sexual positions he can offer. It takes months and some prodding for Karen to accept Nick’s offer of hiring a male escort to bring variety back into their bed.

Perks of the Job
0 Ratings (0.0)

Perks of the Job

Xcite Books Ltd

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 16,300
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Rachel shook slightly as she sent the text. Do I have the correct number? Is that you, sir?

She cupped her hands around her mug of tea as she sat in the cheap and cheerful café, her gaze fixed on her phone – waiting with a stomach full of uncertainty for a reply.

Rachel nearly slopped its contents all over the plastic tablecloth as her mobile began to ring. She snapped her phone to her ear quickly, her heart thudding so hard she could feel its beat in the pulse of her neck. She hadn’t expected a call. She had been sure that Ryan would stick to the more anonymous medium of the text message.

‘Yes, you do have the right number. Are you in the café as arranged?’


‘Right, this is what is going to happen.’ His voice was a lot rougher than she’d ever heard it before. But then, Rachel thought as she pushed the phone closer to her ear, afraid that the few other café dwellers might accidently overhear what she was about to be told, he hasn’t been turned on when we’ve talked before. She knew he was now ‑ everything about Ryan’s tone spoke of a man with a hard-on. ‘Is the regular waitress there? The student one with the tits that are fighting to break out of her shirt, and the tight black cardigan that should make her look like an old maid, but actually makes her look like a hooker?’

Rachel lowered her voice further, worried the girl in question would hear her, ‘If you mean the one with brown hair and blonde streaks, then yes.’

‘I want you to stay sat exactly where you are. Fix your eyes on her. Picture her behind the counter. I am standing in front of her. You are behind her. I want you to imagine her on all fours. My cock is in her mouth. I want to watch your face as she brings me off. How does it feel? Tell me now. How would seeing that make you feel?’

Colour infused Rachel’s face. As she watched the waitress move around behind the counter, sorting out glasses and bottles of cola, Rachel tried not to make her observation of the younger girl’s movements obvious.

Even though Ryan wasn’t there, Rachel felt as though his eyes were unwaveringly on her. There was something about him ‑ she knew her boss was dangerous, she knew he was taking advantage of the fact that she needed to earn some extra cash, and yet that seemed to arouse her rather than annoy her.

It didn’t take much effort for Rachel to visualise the waitress on her hands and knees, her short black skirt hooked up over her hips and backside, her thong in tatters on the floor, and her tights ripped in the haste of their removal. Ryan had his combats at his ankles, his boxers yanked to one side to allow his solid erection room to manoeuvre towards the lapping and sucking mouth of the café girl.

‘Talk to me, dirty girl. Tell me right now, I don’t have much time.’ Ryan’s voice seemed to be coming from further and further away as Rachel began to see the image he’d created for her with growing clarity. ‘Tell me, bitch, how does it feel?’

‘Can’t I text you instead?’


Conscious of being overheard, Rachel murmured, ‘But someone might hear me!’

‘We had a deal.’

Rachel swallowed. They did have a deal.

Speaking so she was only just audible, picking up the grease-spotted menu that had been languishing before her, using it to hide her mouth from those on the neighbouring tables, she began, ‘My tits are so hard. I can see everything as though it was really happening ‑ I really can. You’re pounding into her; I can feel her arse pushing back against my legs with each thrust you make. Her body is rocking, but she doesn’t want to stop, and I know from the eager noises coming from the corners of her mouth that, despite her messed-up state, she’s loving it.’

‘Are you wet?

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