The last thing Lord Adriel Claremont expects is being kidnapped by Dabnis, the most vicious pirate in the Domo Empire. It’s up to his well-paid werewolf bodyguard to track him down, but Adriel suspects Lionel would rather see him sold off to slavery or get eaten by sharks.

Lionel didn’t devote his entire life to be part of an elite brotherhood of werewolf mercenaries to baby sit a spoiled lord. Only profit moves him, but when Adriel goes missing, Lionel doesn’t understand why he’d do whatever it takes to retrieve his employer.

Dabnis agrees to a parley. He’ll let Adriel go if the two men offer themselves up for his pleasure for a single night. While the pirate’s offer sounds simple enough, both men are terrified that one night could lead them to poisonous waters they aren’t ready to breach.

Be Warned: menage sex (MMM), m/m sex, bondage

Poisonous Parley (MMM)
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Cover Art by Sour Cherry Designs

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“For a night we’re not lords, pirates or werewolves. Just three men moved by desire.”

Those simple words opened a door inside him he didn’t think existed, and the possibilities of what could happen that evening made him dizzy with excitement. If this was what freedom tasted like, if this was what living in a world without rules felt like, Adriel was terrified he’d never want to go back to his old one.

Who’d want to return to a world made of deceit, frigid smiles and ill intent, when one could be free of all of it?

“Awfully silent aren’t you, Lord Claremont? Probably fantasizing how your lips would feel so right around my cock and your wolf’s prick buried in your ass?” Dabnis smirked when a furious blush began to spread across his face.

“Don’t call me lord. It’s Adriel.”

Adriel’s mouth was dry as the two men began to undress. He could feel his own tense cock, waiting to be free of its cumbersome breeches. If it was a strip tease for his benefit, he greatly appreciated it. Perhaps the two men were still trying to ease him into the idea of a threesome, but Adriel was already in.

He practically panted at the sight of Lionel’s copper skin and the hard muscles he’d imagined running his fingers across. Old scars trailed the werewolf’s skin, scars Adriel could imagine running his tongue over and over again just to taste the contrast between the unmarred skin of his flesh and the imperfect areas. He didn’t just want a collision of flesh and bodies. Adriel wanted to know every intimate inch of his werewolf.

While Lionel was padded with muscles, the werewolf was also trim and leanly built. Dabnis meanwhile was a bull of a man with wide shoulders, a broad and hairy chest and thick arms and legs. The sight of his sun-kissed skin sent another ripple of unexpected desire through him.

To have these two gorgeous men want him was something he’d never imagined. To be wanted this badly merely for being himself and not because of his family’s influence or money was a foreign concept to him. This was nothing like a mere peck on the cheek, or the gentle touches on the arm Adriel used on Lillian or any of the ladies he wooed. Looking at the primal and feral lust in the eyes of the men who wanted to devour him, Adriel knew there was nothing gentle in what was about to happen and it excited him. He strained vainly against his ropes, finally getting the attention of the two men.

Dabnis laughed and his dark eyes gleamed greedily.

“Lionel, looks like our little lord is getting impatient.”

The pirate towered over him and Adriel’s gaze moved down from his scarred face, his delicious tattooed chest, and finally rested on his enormous cock. He swallowed. Every fiber of his being screeched with need and it was past time for playing games.

“Looks like he wants your cock, Dabnis,” Lionel said bluntly, his eyes fastened on Adriel. “Come on. Beg him for it, Adriel.”

Damn. Adriel nearly came at the harsh authority in the wolf’s voice.

Instead, he fidgeted in his seat and after a moment said, “Please.”

“Please what? If you don’t speak up man, you aren’t getting any. So tell us what you want,” Dabnis reprimanded.

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