The Contract (MF)

Romance on the Go ® 176

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 11,675
0 Ratings (0.0)

Walking out of her job was the best thing Nikki Plummer ever did. What she didn't expect was to be tracked down by some hot bod, claiming she owed him.

Ruari Cameron has come to collect what he has paid for, but one look at Nikki, and there's only one thing he wants. Her, in every facet of his life.

Of course convincing Nikki of this might take some doing...but he's more than ready to rise to the occasion.

Will they find their happy ever after under the Barbados sun?

The Contract (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Contract (MF)

Romance on the Go ® 176

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 11,675
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer
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"Do you mean it? That you want me without knowing why I'm here?"

"Oh yes. I mean it, your body wants it…" She looked over to where his shorts were tented. "So?"

"So, never let it be said I disappoint a lady. Lie down."

Nikki shrugged off her jacket, rolled it into a ball to use as a pillow, and complied with alacrity. If he didn't get a move on they'd be mid bonk when the local fishermen arrived.

She wriggled to get into the most comfortable position she could find. Ruari laughed softly. "You wriggle so well."

"Good, what do you do well?"

"This." He flicked open the buttons of her shirt and slid the two sides apart. Never had Nikki been so pleased she hated bras and hadn't bothered to wear one.

"And this." He bent over her, took one hard nipple into his mouth and suckled. She arched her back and silently begged for more. She had two nipples dammit and one was feeling neglected.

Ruari lifted his lips and blew on the damp nub before he turned his attention to the other one.

Dimly Nikki felt his hands at her waist and then warm air feathered over her tummy as the zip of her denims was lowered.

"Lift up." He put one hand under her bum and tugged the soft denim downward until only her thong was between her butt and the blanket.

Nikki had an awful thought. How would he get her jeans over her boots?

The answer was simple, he didn't even try. He left the material bunched around her knees, effectively holding her in one position.

"Ah now what a beautiful sight. Tell me are you sure about this?"

She nodded. "Condom in the pocket of my back pack."

He shook his head.


"No? Why not?" Damn him he couldn't leave her so excited and not bring her to a climax, surely? There was not a snowball's chance in hell she was going to let him anywhere near her without one

"Condom in the back pocket of my jeans. I live in hope."

Whew. Nikki shoved her hands into the pocket he'd mentioned, with more speed than finesse, and withdrew a foil packet.


He laughed, turned over onto his back, stretched out next to her and undid the laces on his shorts. As the waistband slackened and he pushed it lower, his erection sprang free and to Nikki's overheated imagination, waved hello. Or was it ‘I'm coming to get you?’ Whichever, it was impressive and she gulped. Ripped open the foil before she chickened out and left them both frustrated, and looked Ruari in the eye.

"May I?"

"Yeah." He seemed to be too concentrated on his breathing to say any more.

With as much care as her fumbling fingers allowed, Nikki pushed his shorts down further, rolled the condom onto his staff and smoothed it across the hard length.

Ruari groaned. "Enough I want to come inside you, not like this." He moved in one swift movement, kicked off his shorts somehow, and positioned himself over her.


Nikki nodded. Her mouth was too dry and her breath too erratic to speak. Instead she moved her hands, grasped him, guided him to the entrance of her channel and lifted her hips. If that wasn't obvious enough, then she'd give up and go fishing.

That thought made her grab his shoulders, and urge him on.



For goodness sake do it now. She was sure she hadn't spoken out loud, so Ruari must be good at reading body language.

He surged into her, waited for a second, looked at her face tenderly, and then obviously reading her approval in her expression, he began to move.

With her legs trapped by her jeans and with Ruari over her and in her, the friction on her body was intense. Every nerve end was on edge, every little movement higher, deeper and attacked her senses more than usual.

Nikki lifted her arms, and ran her fingers around his nipples. The swirls of hair around the areolae teased her fingertips and directed her hands lower, to follow the arrow of springy curls that lead downward.

"Enough, I'm going to…" Impossible as it seemed, Nikki decided he filled her even more, felt bigger, harder, and longer as he increased his pace.

When he stretched down, put one hand between them and touched the sensitive bundle of nerves hidden by her pubic hair, Nikki lost any coherent thoughts she had and flew. Tumbled into a rainbow of colors. Lights flashed behind her eyelids and she shivered, shook and let sensations lead her ever deeper into her climax.

Dimly she heard Ruari shout his release and then slump over her, his chest heaving and his breath choppy.

The silence was almost absolute. If you discounted harsh breathing, and waves crashing on the shore. If she had the energy she could have chuckled. Talk about a chick-flick movie moment.

Instead, Nikki touched the back of Ruari's neck with slow gentle strokes, the most contented she'd ever been in her thirty-four years. Gradually, her breath regained a near normal pace and she sighed.

Ruari levered himself onto his elbows and looked down at her. "That bad? Or am I squishing you?"

"Neither, I'm contented. That was a sated, satisfied and about to go into the oh my goodness I hope it was as good for you as it was for me, mode, sigh."


"Impossible. I get first dibs on better." Nikki, giggled and Ruari raised his eyebrows.

"You do that and you'll shake me out of you faster than I entered."

She looked over his shoulder at the outline of the cliffs, partly shadowed by the angle of the sun, glanced at the level of the waves and looked at her watch.

"Sheesh, if we don't get a move on, we'll be more than satisfied etcetera. We'll be front page news of the local rag. Judging by the tide, it's almost fishermen time. er…" She wriggled and Ruari took the hint. He lifted himself off her, out of her and rolled to her side.

"So no time to go skinny-dipping then?"

"Nope." More’s the pity. There was nothing better than the soft silkiness of water on bare skin. "I can offer you a wet wipe though."

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