Aislin Tiernan is a high school English teacher by day and a psychic medium in her spare time. When a long dead Scotswoman interrupts a session, she delivers a warning for her grandson and wants Aislin to make certain he receives it.

Morgan Carmichael turns out to be one sexy hunk of a firefighter and a determined skeptic. Despite his lack of belief, sparks fly when they meet and the attraction is intense. As they get acquainted, they find more in common and by the time they tumble into bed, they are both halfway to falling in love.

Aislin’s visions confirm his grandmother’s warnings and when the major fire that could take Morgan’s life happens, she’s on the scene. Her rash action puts both their lives in jeopardy and they must fight to survive.

Fire Rescue (MF)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

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“So you believe me?”

“I don’t know. I’ve always been a skeptic, calling ghosts and mediums and all that kind of stuff bullshit. But I know Granny had some kind of a gift. I just haven’t let myself think too much about it since she’s gone. The one thing I do believe is that if she could warn me, she sure as hell would.”

“So you think I’m delivering a valid message?”

He drew a long breath and held it for a moment. “Look, I’m attracted to you, big time. I won’t deny that and I think you like me too. I want to see a lot more of you, get to know you, and all that stuff.”

Aislin’s body revved with a burst of desire. She could imagine the kind of ‘stuff’ he had in mind and she wanted it too. “But you think I’m either crazy or a charlatan?”

Morgan laughed. “That brings it down to basics in a hurry but I don’t think you’re either.”

“I’ve been called both, most of my life, and worse.”

“So you’ve always had this gift?”

“Yes, as long as I can remember. If you don’t think I’m crazy, what do you think?”

“I want to believe you,” he told her. “And I’d like to kiss you again after we eat to see if it was as awesome as I remembered.”

Heat curled lower than her belly and her mouth tingled with anticipation. “I’d like that,” she said. “I’d like it a lot.”

“Good. That makes two of us.”

Even with the potential kiss hovering between them, potent and filled with promise, Aislin enjoyed the pizza and the conversation. Morgan asked about some of the flowers and who had planted them, then they talked about nature. A pair of chattering squirrels in the branches of the pear tree caught their interest and they laughed when the creatures tossed twigs in their direction.

“I like animals,” Aislin laughed. “Even ornery ones.”

“Me, too. I’m fond of scenery too like the sunset.”

Aislin glanced west and smiled. Vivid oranges lit the sky and a few darker clouds contrasted with the color in a gorgeous way. “That’s beautiful. I like dawn, too. As a little girl, I would get up early with my grandfather when I stayed at their house. He let me drink coffee and watch the sun rise. Those are good memories.”

Morgan nodded. “It sounds like it. Speaking of grandparents, is Granny around?”

Before she answered, Aislin scanned the patio. “She’s not at present, no. Why?”

“I just wondered,” Morgan said. “Is, uh, anyone?”

She almost laughed, then didn’t. He had a reasonable question. “No,” she said. “There’s not. Why?”

“Because I don’t want an audience for this,” he answered.

Before she could process, he rose and bent down to latch his mouth onto hers with precision. Morgan’s kiss kindled her passion and Aislin gave back his fire with interest. His lips lingered on hers, caressing and demanding. The combination of gentleness with avid intent increased her passion. A fiery tide spread from her lips, down her throat and engulfed her breasts until her nipples hardened into taut points. Morgan’s breathing shifted into a rapid pace and he pulled her to her feet with one swift motion, then wrapped his arms tightly around her. Aislin leaned into him, greedy for more kisses, grateful for his solid body for support. His mouth brought hot flashes, then cold chills so deep she shivered. Between her legs, her pussy turned wet and ached with want. Her knees wobbled as he used his tongue to drive the kiss deeper and when Morgan rubbed her rock hard nipples with one hand, dizzy delight turned her head.

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