Capturing Charlie (MF)

Braden Security 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 68,185
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romantic Suspense, light bondage, HEA]
Grant, the behind-the-scenes tech man of Braden Security, is thrown to the forefront when he’s the victim of mistaken identity.  
While filling in at Braden Investments for James’s brother Chase, Grant has a hard time concentrating while working alongside Charlie. In fact, he finds himself focused more on her figure than the company’s bottom line. 
Charlie, Vice President of the firm, doesn’t have time for a personal life. Yet she’s secretly lusted after Grant for months. On his last day at the firm, Charlie realizes she may never see him again, and finds the courage to ask Grant to dinner.
Their night together is memorable, but not in a way either of them would have ever envisioned. Kidnapped outside the restaurant, Charlie and Grant are forced to become closer. Grant needs to keep their captors believing that he’s another man if they want to escape with their lives.  
Braden Security is called on to solve their greatest case, saving one of their own.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Capturing Charlie (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Capturing Charlie (MF)

Braden Security 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 68,185
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




It had been excruciating waiting months to get close to her. He had wanted her the first time he had spotted her standing nervously in her office. When Chase had introduced him to her, he knew that it was his lucky day. He had had to resist her charm for those long months. All he wanted to do was claim her and possess every inch of her. His nightly dreams, as he got to know her better, had become more exotic as time went on. It was so bad now that he spent every night in the shower, taking the edge off and swearing at Chase for staying away longer than was expected. Grant knew he couldn’t make a move until Chase came back. As a member of Braden Security and Chase’s brother and James’s friend and comrade, he had to toe the line and act professionally around Charlie until his job was done.

Oh, he knew it wasn’t a normal job for Braden Security, but it was still a job that he had been assigned by James. He couldn’t let his feeling get in the way. Chase had left his business and livelihood in his and Charlie’s hands. He couldn’t let him down. Millions were made every day in Chase’s business, he couldn’t let his mind wander and put those millions of dollars and other people’s lives and jobs at stake. Reaching out a hand, he took Charlie’s and made her sit down beside him.

“Come sit down, Charlie, and let’s take stock of everything we know. I was out for a while. I’m ashamed to say that they got the jump on me, and my only excuse was being too involved in you.” Grant continued to hold her hand and rubbed his thumb over her knuckles trying to reassure her that they would be okay.

“Oh, Grant, I’m all mixed up. We’re stuck…well I don’t know where and you seem to have changed. You’re not the same guy that I have been working with for months,” Charlie said, not meeting his eyes.

“I’m the same guy, Charlie. I have just been released from the reins that that have been holding me back. Don’t you know that I adore you?” Grant took his other hand and ran a finger down the side of her face, taking hold of her chin and making her look at him.

“But you’ve never said anything or acted that way toward me.

“In fact, I was giving up on you. That’s what tonight was about. Saying goodbye to you. You didn’t seem interested. I had made up my mind to forget you,” Charlie told him, giving his hand a squeeze.

“Well I’m glad that you gave me one more night.”

“Even though it ended this way?”

“Well, when I was getting ready for tonight, I have to admit that I had thoughts of ending up somewhere else with you.” Grant raised her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

Charlie could feel herself blush, she didn’t know how to deal with this romantic Grant. He had always seemed to be more about facts and figures and not emotional. This new Grant would take some getting used to.

Grant knew that he had shocked Charlie, but he just couldn’t hold back. He knew it wasn’t the right time or place for him to say something, especially when he didn’t know how much danger they were in. He had made it sound like they had no worries to Charlie, but in the back of his mind he was worried. The men had gotten the jump on him, which made him think this was a professional job. He knew he had been wrapped up in Charlie, but usually he was aware of his surroundings.

Nothing had been unusual or out of place, it was a well-lit area and he had seen people walking on the other side of the street. No, these men were efficient and swift, they had him down and useless in minutes. Charlie hadn’t even had time to scream. He had blacked out, but only for a moment. He knew if he fought back that he would be putting Charlie’s life in danger. He wouldn’t be fast enough to stop the other guy holding her, do something that he couldn’t stop. So he had stayed still and let things unfold. Charlie’s life was precious to him, more now than ever, and he wasn’t taking any chances. He hoped Charlie would forgive him for playing possum in the van, but he didn’t want to alert the men that he wasn’t as out of it as they would assume.

The team would know he was missing shortly when he didn’t show up for the 10 o’clock meeting in the morning. He had never missed one since they had started the company. He was so lost in thought that he didn’t focus back to the small room until he felt tears on his hand, the hand that was still holding Charlie’s cheek. Grant smiled, trying to hide his thoughts, and wiped at Charlie’s tears.

“It’s not that bad. You’re not alone, I’m here with you.”

Charlie moved her face away from his hand and sniffed. “That’s the only good thing about this.” Wiping her face with the edge of her blouse, she turned tear-stained eyes down at him.

“Why do you think they grabbed us? I’ve been trying to think of why, ever since I woke up in the van.”

“Well, let’s think about that,” Grant said, sitting up on the bed. “Did you reach any conclusions?”

“No, not really. I don’t have any money or anything of value that they would want. It has to be something connected to you. Maybe something to do with Braden Security?”




“Hi yourself. You know we shouldn’t be doing this.” Grant tried to clear his head and give her an out if she wanted one.

“I know, but I don’t care, do you?” Running a hand through his hair and down his back, she gave his ass a squeeze. Being brazen and not giving him a chance to change his mind, she raised her lips to his again.

“We have nothing else to do.” Then she kissed him with all her emotions, showing, trying to put everything she had into the kiss and show him how much she cared.

Fuck it, Grant said to himself, as he lowered his lips back to hers. He knew what he was doing was the wrong thing. Letting himself be distracted from their situation, and James would blow a fuse if he knew how unprofessional he was being. But God, he had been waiting so long for her that the temptation was just too much to resist. He hadn’t been thinking straight since they were tossed in here. His cock was hard all the time with her nearness, and being confined together he didn’t get a chance to get away and clear his head.

Pushing his tongue into her mouth, he gathered her taste. Every time he tasted her he thought his cock would explode. Now, with her rubbing herself against him, Grant knew he was a hair’s breadth away from losing it.

With their maneuvers on the bed, Charlie’s towel had opened and he could feel her skin to skin. Lowering one hand to her breast, he gave the nipple a squeeze. It was hard as a rock, telling him she was right there with him in his excitement. Wanting to taste more of her, he pulled away from her lips and gave small bites on her jaw and neck as he headed to his goal. Cupping her breast, more than filling his hand, he brought it to his mouth when he reached it.

At his first suckle, Charlie almost bounced him off the bed with her thrusts against his body. Moving to the other breast, he took a small nip, this was heaven just like he knew it would be and he had yet to get inside her. He just hoped that when he did, he could last long enough to satisfy her. He grounded his cock into her thigh, the damn thing was leaking and his balls were drawn up so tight it was painful. Charlie was now moaning constantly and her hands were running through his hair, holding him close to her breast.

Charlie had never felt such exquisite pleasure, most men just gave her breast a quick lick and moved to the main course, rushing to get into her and spill their pleasure, not really concerned that she might not be on the same page. Gripping his hair, she held Grant to her breast. He didn’t seem to be moving away, in fact, he seemed quite content as he made a meal of her breasts. Charlie rubbed her wet hair back and forth on the pillow, trying to absorb the feelings Grant was bombarding her with. When she felt him pull away from her breast and move down and nip her stomach just above her bellybutton. Charlie knew she couldn’t take anymore. Fisting her hand tighter in his hair, she pulled. Grant grunted but looked up.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Charlie asked, breathless.

Grant had a twinkle in his eyes, “You taste so good that I thought I would seek out more.”

“No more, I can’t stand it.” Charlie kept pulling, but more gently on his hair.

Grant took the hint and move his body up hers. As he did, he made sure his cock rubbed along her slit and hit her clit. Charlie gasped.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Grant said, leaning down and kissing both of her eyelids. She had closed both of her eyes at the first touch of his cock running along her slit.

Charlie had a hard time talking, let alone thinking, and he seemed so in control. She knew if he had continued with his tasting, she would explode and wet the bed even more than she was. She was glad that the towel was still caught under her, she could feel her juices running down to her butt. Letting his hair go, she brought both of her hand up to his cheeks getting his attention.

“I don’t think I can stand the wait. Please, Grant.”

Grant just kept his cock sliding though her folds. “I don’t know if I want this to end.”

“Please, Grant.”

At her urging, Grant brought the head of his cock to her entrance and dipped in just a bit. Her heat almost scalded him. Pulling back a little, he nudged further in. The feeling when she encased his cock was indescribable. Desperate, Grant pushed hard the rest of the way in until he bottomed out on her cervix. At Charlie’s moan, he pulled back a little. “Did I hurt you?

“No, it feels so good.”

Grant lazily pulled almost out then slid back in. This was more than he had dreamed he would ever find. Charlie was it for him. Nothing could take her place now that he had her. Feeling her sheath clutch his cock every time he slid in and out, he knew that he wouldn’t last long. Grant tried to slow even more to keep their connection and not let it end.

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