Relax, Bell (MMF)

Relax, Bell 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,747
3 Ratings (4.0)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Interracial Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, sex toys, HEA]

A year of abstinence and consciously relaxing her life abruptly ends for Belinda Walker with a quiet night at the pub. Sparks fly as her eyes connect with a dark stranger across the room. The magnetism is undeniable. Something about him draws her in and sends tingles through her body. Could he be the one to fully satisfy her, a feat no other man has ever managed?

Adam Laurent and Joel Harper are ready to find someone to make two into three. When Adam meets Belinda, the attraction is instant. Now all he has to do is introduce her to Joel and convince her that two men are better than one. Will Belinda accept Adam and Joel together and finally find what she’s been seeking for years?

A nasty incident prematurely ends the night at the pub and starts a string of threatening texts that have everyone worried. When the man with her mobile number turns up on her doorstep, Belinda fears for her life. Escape seems impossible, but can Adam and Joel rescue the woman who has already captured their hearts?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Relax, Bell (MMF)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Relax, Bell (MMF)

Relax, Bell 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,747
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

4.5 KISSES: "This was my first time reading author Lou Lou Winters and I thoroughly enjoyed her story Relax, Bell. Belinda is a strong woman who has fought to control all aspects of her life; she helped raise her brothers and sisters while their mother struggled with the loss of her father. Her method was to control as much of their lives as she could and the habit is a hard one to break. Now, Bell struggles to let go and enjoy life. She maintains an iron control over her sexual pleasure, to the detriment of her personal life. Alex and then Joel threatened that ability. With their attention and kisses she is closer to pleasure and she fights to maintain her hold. Alex and Joel know that something is holding Belinda back. They are determined to find the cause and obliterate it. They know that Belinda will complete their little family; they just need to convince her. Watching their patience and caring are wonderful to see. Ms. Winters allowed her readers to see the intimacy between the men as well and their determination to provide Bell with what she needs to let go. I enjoyed how Ms. Winters divided this story. It allowed her readers to understand what Alex and Joel had and were looking for. It allowed us to understand Belinda within her budding relationship as well as outside of it. It also allowed her to give us the blossoming feelings between secondary characters Rob and Trina (friends to the trio.) This story was well written and enjoyable. This will not be the last time I pick up a tale by this author." -- Tangie, TwoLips Reviews

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They stood waiting at the designated spot right on eight o’clock. Groups of partygoers heading in different directions passed them on the footpath, laughing and talking. The city on a Saturday night vibrated with good feelings and fun.

The last sliver of sun was slipping behind the city skyline, but it was still light. The sun’s rays streamed between the buildings and reflected off mirrored windows, making the city sparkle. Soon, when it was dark, all the lights of the city would be reflected across the harbour, glittering and moving with the swell.

Belinda thought that they both looked gorgeous. “You look stunning. The dress is so flattering”—she laughed—“enhancing.” Trina looked stunning in the burgundy “hourglass” dress with her creamy skin and dark hair cascading over her shoulders.

Trina ran her hands down her sides to smooth the dress and then pressed them against her belly. “I’m nervous.”

“Me, too, but excited as well.” Belinda smiled, hiding her inner churning well and exuding confidence.

“You look lovely. The dress is a good colour. It makes your eyes look very blue.”

Belinda and Trina chattered away, enjoying the fresh breeze coming off the water as they waited for the men. They would all go up together so that Adam could hand in the tickets. Chatting away excitedly, Trina suddenly stopped talking with her mouth open mid-sentence. Her eyes were wide and staring at something over Belinda’s shoulder, then she muttered, “Holy fuck, they’ve brought a bodyguard.”

Belinda turned to see what Trina was stunned by, not really expecting to see their men approaching. Her stomach turned over as she took in the three of them striding purposefully toward them and swallowed hard. “That’ll be Joel,” she barely whispered. Oh my God. So not what I expected. Belinda couldn’t take her eyes off the massive, dark hunk of a man walking between Adam and Rob. She envisioned a rolling wave of sex hormones spreading forward in his wake, and it literally stole her breath away. This guy was the epitome of sexual desire.

Mentally slapping herself, she glanced at Trina. Her eyes were now glued to Rob, and they were smiling at each other. Glancing back, she made eye contact with Adam and instantly felt more grounded. He held her eyes until he reached her and took her hands, leaning in for a lingering kiss. Breathless, she gazed up at him and melted. He hadn’t changed in two weeks and still simmered with heat. Her heart fluttered as she gazed into his eyes.

Belinda thought she was going to pass out she felt so light-headed. He pulled her into his arms, and her stomach swirled with eagerness and anticipation. That kiss sent little tingles down all her fingers, and she could still feel them. He smelled divine, he looked divine, and all his attention was on her. When he whispered in her ear that she looked radiant and that he wanted to ravish her, she trembled in excitement.

Slipping his arms around her waist, Adam moved around behind her and kissed her neck. Straightening up, he held her against him and turned her a little, toward the god, other man, Adam said, “Belinda, this is Joel.”

Holy fuck!Pulling herself together, she smiled, and in the process inadvertently met his eyes. She couldn’t move. Her tummy somersaulted and her breath caught in her throat. He’d caught her with his hazel eyes, so unexpectedly clear and deep. Her mind briefly screamed “vampire, run!” but she dismissed the thought just as quickly. She needed to start reading a new genre.

Before the thought had fully dissolved, Joel took a step closer and cupped her chin with a hand so large that it reached from ear to ear. He turned her face up and studied her for a moment too long before swooping down and kissing her on the lips.

Pressed against Adam at her back, Belinda’s dream flashed before her eyes. She was pinned between two men. She couldn’t help but respond to Joel’s kiss. He held her face and took control of her mouth, forcing her lips apart and exploring her. Adam kissed her neck and collarbone, and she could feel his cock hardening by the second against her lower back.

Sighing with desire, her entire body hummed. Every nerve ending was on fire. When the kiss broke apart Belinda gave a little moan of disappointment before rational thought returned, and it occurred to her that she ought to protest but had no desire to do so. She glanced at Trina who hadn’t noticed the exchange, because she couldn’t take her eyes off Rob.

Joel dropped his hand from her chin and picked up her hand while on the other side Adam circled her waist with one arm and turned to Trina. Still a little dazed, Belinda wondered what the fuck had just happened. She wasn’t for sharing with all Adam’s friends no matter how much she enjoyed it!




The water glistened on her breasts as her tight, pink nipples peeked above the water. With his cock throbbing, he slowly swam over to her. Noticing Joel’s impressive erection pointing skyward as he sat down on the top step of the pool, their eyes met, and Adam knew Joel had the same idea as he did.

“Come here, babe, Joel and I have something for you.” He couldn’t help grinning as he caught her in his arms and crushed his lips to hers.

Laughing, Belinda glanced at Joel and then back to Adam. “You’ll have to catch me first,” she said as she slipped out of his arms and ducked under, pushing off from the wall trying to evade him. Adam dived and caught her ankle as she zipped by, and slowly he pulled her back to him, one hand at a time climbing her leg.

Struggling and giggling, Belinda wrapped her arms around his neck as he carried her over to Joel. Eyeing Joel’s cock, she licked her lips, and Adam couldn’t have been happier as she floated face-first toward him.

Joel groaned as she palmed his member and kissed the tip, flicking her tongue around the swollen head. Slowly she took him in, and both Adam and Joel watched, mesmerised at such a beautiful sight. The small blonde shining with water and sunlight, with a massive black cock in her mouth. Adam thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Looking into Joel’s eyes, they shared a moment of pure happiness. They’d found their Bell.

Closing his eyes, Joel lifted his hips a little and placed a hand on the back of her head as she found her rhythm and started to suck in earnest, lapping and nibbling as she went. Adam couldn’t stand the pressure building in his cock and balls anymore. Lifting Bell’s feet off the ground at the same time as Joel held her arms to stop her floating away, he slipped between her legs.

Running his fingers up and down her slit, he pressed her clit and was rewarded with a wiggle and moan from her. Gently he pushed two fingers into her channel and groaned. “Joel, you should feel this, so soft and tight.”

“Soon, very soon I will,” he rumbled, a little preoccupied by Bell’s mouth on his cock.

Turning and twisting his fingers, Adam found Bell’s juices were flowing generously. His cock throbbed. “Bells, you are so slippery and ready for me.” She groaned as his other hand worked her clit.

Lining up, Adam didn’t wait. He pushed forward, taking her in one clean thrust. Pulling out immediately, he rammed home again, hitting her end. She clenched and held him as he pulled out of her tight cunt, and she groaned every time he slammed home.

“Oh fuck,” Joel moaned. Adam knew he was close. He could see the strain in Joel’s face as he refrained from holding her head and pounding into her gorgeous mouth. The tremors from her groans and his pumping were adding to Joel’s pleasure and probably sending vibrations through his cock.

Speeding up he pounded into her weightless body and knew he was only a few strokes away from exploding himself. Bells let out little, mewling whimpers as he stroked, and reaching around, his fingers found her clit, pinching and rolling it. Their beautiful Bell bucked and moaned on Joel’s cock and then, lifting her mouth clear, tried to twist away. She cried out in frustration as Adam continued to play with her, keeping his pounding rhythm and teasing her bud. Joel grabbed her upper arms and held her in place saying, “Come for us, princess, let us hear you scream.”

And she did, arching and gasping as her muscles clamped down and gripped Adam’s cock. The sight of her releasing before them was truly stunning. Adam moaned and met Joel’s eyes as he held on as long as he could, but the dark lust in his lover’s eyes sent him over the edge, and he exploded inside her, filling her with his seed. Her shuddering aftershocks continued to milk every drop from him.

Still trembling a little, Adam gratefully let Joel pull them both in and hold them all together while they recovered.

Belinda said shakily, “Oh my God. That was amazing.”

Laughing, Joel and Adam both said together, “Anytime.”

Turning to Belinda, Adam asked, “Are you okay?”

Nodding, Belinda raised her eyebrows at him and slid her gaze to Joel’s erection, rock hard and pulsing. As one they smiled mischievously and moved in. Leaning back against the edge, Joel happily gave them full access. “Go ahead, it’s all yours,” he said with a laugh.

Not needing any more of an invitation, Adam ran his tongue from base to tip, taking a moment to lap up the pre-cum glistening on the tip.

Belinda pushed forward. “Leave some for me, too.” And she repeated the same process Adam had just done. Adam and Belinda lavished Joel’s cock with kisses on both sides, and then Adam took the head in his mouth, sucking hard and rolling his tongue around. Belinda licked and sucked the sides, moving closer to his balls. Adam could see Joel’s powerful abs ripple as he strained to hold position and not pump. His chest rose and fell with every panting breath.



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