Responsible Cowboy (MF)

James Brothers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,481
4 Ratings (3.8)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Cowboy Romance, HEA]
Roxanne Dixon grew up with the James brothers. She has been their honorary little sister since she came to live with them at the age of eleven. Though she loves them all as brothers, there is one she has never looked to as a brother. Benjamin James.
Ben has been fighting his feelings for Roxy for years. Now she’s home and he wants her to stay. He wants her to be his. But Ben made mistakes, and he’s not sure if Roxy can forgive him.
Now Roxy’s going home for the first time in years. When she discovers all the things Ben has kept from her will it bring them together, or keep them apart? Can Ben convince her she’s the only one for him? And will a visit from the past destroy any future for the two?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Responsible Cowboy (MF)
4 Ratings (3.8)

Responsible Cowboy (MF)

James Brothers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 22,481
4 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
This is such a beautiful story! It is the tale of Roxy, a young girl who is taken in by the James family when she loses her parents. As she grows up she grows more and more in love with Ben James, one of the brothers in the family. When she eventually makes a move on him he spurns her and tell her he is planning to marry the bitchy Sandy, a local girl he has been seeing. As Roxy leaves the family home to pursue a career in nursing, Ben marries Sandy, who he believes is pregnant with his child. After a few unhappy years for both of them, Roxy returns home to help care for Ben’s father who is taken ill. She discovers that Ben and Sandy had a son who believes her to be his mother since Sandy left Ben shortly after his birth. Roxy loves the son like her own and she and Ben re-ignite the flame which has been smouldering in both of them all those years. Life looks good for them, and then Sandy appears with yet another baby!
The story is wonderfully heart-warming and beautifully written with some lovely scenes. I can’t wait for the next book, I hope there is one for each of the James brothers as they seem a lovely bunch of guys!
Bella Settarra
I really wish this would have been longer but I still loved it. I was mad at him first but got to love him. I hope his brothers have their own books coming.




As Roxanne approached the barn her steps slowed slightly. Nerves were a constant issue any time she was near Ben. But determination was going to win today. She would not give up her dream because Ben made her heart pound and her knees weak.

Roxanne pushed open the barn door enough to get through and closed it behind her. The scent of horses, hay, and dust assaulted her and it was comforting. Roxanne listened real close and heard the murmur of Ben’s soothing voice coming from the back stall. Roxanne measured her steps, so as not too startle the horse, and headed toward her goal. She stopped and looked into the stall. Ben was standing right next to the mare petting her soothingly. He had on his tight jeans, boots, and dark undershirt. His hat and button-up shirt hung on the hook outside the stall. Six foot three inches of solid muscle and dark hair that needed a trim made Roxanne want to swoon. But Ben’s big brown eyes were just pure decadence. Ben was everything any woman could want, and boy did she want.

“It’s okay, pretty girl. You’re doin’ great.” The low timbre of Ben’s voice made goose bumps prickle on Roxanne’s arms. Roxanne closed her eyes and savored his voice, wishing he was whispering sweet nothings to her.

“What’s going on, little bit?” Ben’s voice broke through her haze and made her jump slightly. Roxanne looked at Ben and her cheeks colored with embarrassment.

“I came to see you,” Roxanne answered with a strong voice. Ben looked slightly confused for a moment. He walked over to the gate and settled his crossed arms on top of it. Roxanne’s dress caught his eye and he looked her up and down.

“What did you need, bit?” he asked with a slight rumble. Roxanne cleared her throat.

“Don’t call me that, Ben. I’m not a little girl anymore,” Roxanne answered.

“Umph. You’ll always be little to me,” Ben answered with a slight lift of his mouth. Roxanne put her hands on her hips and scowled at Ben.

“You are making fun of my height, Benjamin James, and that is not funny,” Roxanne demanded.

“Of course it’s funny. You’re still a little bit of a thing and always will be,” Ben said, smiling. Roxanne relaxed and remembered why she was here. She dropped her hands by her sides and smiled at Ben sweetly.

“Ben, will you come out here please?” Roxanne asked nicely. Ben looked at her warily, wondering what she was up to. Ben slowly opened the gate and walked out to her. He looked her up and down again but didn’t say anything. Roxanne walked up to Ben and stopped just inches from their chests touching.

“Roxy, what’s going on?” Ben asked huskily while looking down at her. Roxy started running her hands up his arms and stopping with her hands on his shoulders.

“You know what’s going on, Ben, don’t deny it anymore. Kiss me,” Roxy said and started bending his head down to meet hers. Ben’s strong hands gripped her waist, and he lowered his head and seized her lips with uncontrolled passion. Ben hauled her against his solid frame and up off her feet. He demanded, and she went right with him.

Ben’s hands wandered down and gripped her ass. He lifted her up against him and continued to devour her mouth. Roxy wrapped her legs around his waist and held on. Her back met the wall and they pressed so close there wasn’t a fraction of air coming between them.

Holy shit! Ben thought. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He had Roxy in his arms and was devouring her like a man starved for her, and hell, he was. Ben had learned to control his thoughts about Roxy in the last couple of years, but this was his undoing. She was going to burn him alive. Sauntering up and demanding he kiss her was the hottest thing that Roxy could have done.

“Mmm,” Roxy moaned as she became so turned on she started rubbing her pussy against Ben’s rock-hard cock. The noise snapped Ben out of the lust-induced haze and he tore his mouth from hers. Their panting overshadowed every other sound that might have been there. Roxy tried to pull Ben back to her lips but he wouldn’t allow it. Ben tried to step back and put her down but she held on.

 “What’s wrong?” Roxy asked. Ben looked at her incredulously.

“What’s wrong? What the hell was that, Roxanne?” Ben said as he detangled Roxy’s legs from around his waist and put her down. She still felt his erection as she slid down his body. Stepping back, Ben frowned at her with narrowed eyes. Roxy hesitated, taken aback by the anger apparent on Ben’s face.




Ben was on fire. Roxy might have started out unsure, but she turned into molten lava right there in his arms with a solid kiss from him. That switch that he flipped inside her just made him harder for her. Ben knew he had to get inside her as quickly as possible, but he also wanted to take his time to savor every taste and curve of her body.

Before Roxy knew what was happening, Ben lifted her by her ass and started walking to his room. Roxy wrapped herself around him, not letting go for a second as all of her dreams came true. She felt the bed under her back as Ben slowly eased off of her. She reached for him, but he placed his hands on hers and put them firmly to her sides. He tore his shirts over his head and started on hers. Roxy sat up and allowed him to pull her T-shirt over her head. After tossing the shirt, Ben looked down at her pink-lace-covered breasts and let out a sigh.

“Damn, girl. You are gorgeous.” Ben leaned over Roxy and kissed her hard on the mouth. He trailed kisses down her neck and stopped at her chest. He kissed her breasts where they were overflowing from the top of her bra. Then he dipped his tongue into the lace and trailed to the other breast, making Roxy squirm with desire. She arched her back, begging for more.

“Please, Ben,” Roxy pleaded in a husky voice she barely recognized as her own. Ben continued his assault while unsnapping her bra and slowly lowering it down her arms, where he threw it somewhere behind him.

Ben was in awe of Roxy and was very eager to continue this exploration. He had always thought that starting out how you intended to continue was the best way to go. So while he really liked the idea of giving her everything she wanted without her asking, he couldn’t. Ben wanted Roxy to tell him everything she wanted so that he could give it to her over and over. Preferably for the rest of their lives.

“Please what, baby?” Ben asked as he pushed her tits together and gently kissed each of them all over. “Whatever you want, Rox. Just tell me, baby.”

“Your tongue, use your tongue, please.” And he did. Ben’s tongue swirled around a nipple while his other hand started unbuttoning her shorts. Roxy moaned and whimpered at the alien yet wonderful feeling. No one had ever touched her body like this and she could feel the tension rising in her body. Roxy wasn’t a complete novice. Though she hadn’t done it often, she had given herself orgasms. But this, this was in an entirely new level and she was about to explode.

“That’s it, baby. Come for me.” At his last command his finger dipped inside her and then his thumb pushed on her clit. Roxy saw stars as she came screaming his name. As she lay there catching her breath, she realized that Ben hadn’t stopped. One of his hands still gently played between her legs and his other hand was slipping her panties and shorts down her legs.

“That was incredible. You look amazing when you come, Rox,” Ben praised as he kissed all over her softly rounded tummy. He stood, keeping one hand playing between her soaking wet folds, and started unbuttoning his jeans with the other. Roxy’s gaze strayed down to his crotch, and her breath hitched at the hard erection she saw pushing against his jeans.

Roxy couldn’t help herself, and she licked her lips. She looked up at Ben’s groan and saw the lust burning in his eyes like a wildfire about to blaze out of control. Roxy sat up and reached up to help Ben lower his jeans. When she saw his hard length that reached his belly button, she became slightly nervous. Never having seen an erect shaft directed at her, she wondered briefly how well it would fit. Sure, she knew the anatomy part of it, she was a nurse after all, but theory and practice were two very different things. A hand nudged her chin so she could look directly into his eyes.

Ben smiled at Roxy’s appraisal of his body. She was asking for all kinds of things with her eyes. Things she probably didn’t understand but would take them both flying. Ben reached down to bring her eyes to him.

“There’s never been anyone has there, baby?” Ben asked seriously. Roxy shook her head, not breaking eye contact.

“No. Only you, Ben. It’s always, only been you.” With a groan, Ben came down on top of her and started another mind-altering kiss. It started out gentle and sweet like he was seducing a shy little virgin, which he kind of was. But Roxy was done with the shy part. She had the man of her dreams with his tongue caressing her within an inch of her sanity and she was getting wetter as his hands glided over her body.

Roxy grabbed two handfuls of Ben’s ass and grinded her wet pussy against his impossibly hard cock. Ben broke the kiss.

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