Lust & Found (MM)

Dark Horse 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,904
3 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, HEA]

Dark Horse Agent Derek "Wind" Jones is the most powerful air caller at the agency. When a strange man with sexy green eyes and a captivating smile appears out of nowhere, Derek doesn't want anything to do with this opposite caller, yet can't help but find himself pulled to him.

Gabriel "Boulder" Brown has no idea who he is or the powers he has. He meets Derek and loses himself in everything about him, including his call. When Gabe acts on their attraction, their elements collide and the forces of nature keep them apart.

A dark enemy reappears from Dark Horse's past, hunting Gabe, and the opposite callers must attempt to combine their elements to beat her. In doing so, they discover everything about each other and fall in love. Can their powerful attraction be enough? Or will their elements keep them apart and allow the enemy to win?

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jayden Knight is a Siren-exclusive author.

Lust & Found (MM)
3 Ratings (4.0)

Lust & Found (MM)

Dark Horse 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,904
3 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Professional Reviews

4.5 NYMPHS: "When earth caller Gabriel Brown opened his eyes, several facts immediately came to his mind; there was a little girl studying him and his clothes and memory were missing. Gabe was in for another surprise when he met air caller Derek Jones and sparks began to fly. It seems explosives happen when opposites are drawn to each other. Lust & Found is the third book in the Dark Horse series. The plot exhibits how grief can cause the brain to become dangerously unbalanced. Temporarily stripped of his memory, Gabe has flashes of information until he, along with the Dark Horse agents, is able to piece together Gabe’s skills and recent background. However, the revelations expose a deadly plot to eliminate the agency. Working together to find the villain, Gabe and Derek develop a shaky relationship marred by jealously, guilt, trust issues as well as near disaster for the agency. Jayden Knight’s Lust & Found is a thrilling and enjoyable saga that illustrates intimacy scenes, emotional turmoil, lethal action as well as a degree of sadness." -- Chocolate Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews Only


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Gabe stood and almost dropped the blanket. Remembering that he was, indeed, naked under it, he grabbed it at the last minute to at least hold it up in front of his groin. The air in the room cooled, and the feeling whispered across his skin, sending a frenzy of chills peppering his flesh.

“Nice ass.”

Gabe swung around and took a breath to scream at the inconsiderate bastard commenting on his bare derriere.

And promptly forgot how to breathe.

His entire body tensed as he stared into eyes the color of honey. They were owned by a man with hair as black as midnight that he wore cropped above the ears but messy on the top. He had to be as tall as Gabe and as massive as well. At six foot four and built like a brick shithouse, Gabe rarely met men as big as himself.

“Wind, this is Gabe.”

“What? No nickname?” Wind grinned, and Gabe could only smile in return. He swung that captivating gaze from Dixon back to Gabe. “I’m shocked.”

So was Gabe. He’d never been at a loss for words in his life, yet staring at a man who looked like he could easily model for the big and delicious, he was tongue-tied.

“The name is Derek Jones.” He leaned over the couch and offered his hand.

Gabe took it and then gave him a look that had to match the shock of alarm on Derek’s face at how the air audibly crackled between them, the static snapping like firecrackers. Derek pulled his hand back and took a step away as his beautiful eyes narrowed on Gabe.

“You’re a dirt caller?” He curled his lip as if repulsed to say the words. The look distorted his otherwise-gorgeous features.

What did he do? Gabe glanced over his shoulder to Dixon for answers.

“Earth caller,” Dixon corrected and stepped between them.

“Like there’s a difference.”

The man had Gabe’s attention now but for an entirely different reason. Gabe was no longer attracted to him. Now he just wanted to kick his ass. “What’s your problem, Wind? What kind of nickname is that, anyway?”

Derek smiled easily, but Gabe saw no warmth in those eyes. “I’ve got a nickname for you. How about Boulder? You’re big and dumb as a rock.”

“Fuck you.” Gabe doubled up his fists.

“You first,” Derek said and doubled his up in return.

“Enough!” Dixon brought up his hands, and both the men flew in opposite directions. Derek picked himself up off the floor, dusting off his clothes as he glared at Gabe.

Gabe, on the other hand, felt like another train had hit him. He struggled to push himself up and collapsed back to the ground. “Holy Christ. What did you just do?”

“It’s just a little air,” Derek teased in a growl. “If you can’t handle that, you’re screwed when you go on your first assignment.”

“Assignment?” Gabe’s legs wobbled but held him as he stood. He stumbled back and forth before finding the wall behind him and resting up against it to stop the room from spinning.

“Then it looks like you’ve got some work to do.”

Derek brought up his hands and glared at Dixon. “He’s not with me, so don’t even think about it.”

“Wind, he needs a friend.”

“He needs a bath.”

“You can just fuck”he had to pause to catch his breath—“right off.”

Derek turned to Dixon. “Seriously? This guy isn’t one of us, is he? Listen to him. He can’t even insult me without it sounding pathetic.”

“You saw the fireworks between you two,” Dixon said. “That happens when opposites are drawn to each other.”

Derek colored beautifully and ran his fingers across the back of his neck. “Draw, my ass.”

“I believe the draw was my ass,” Gabe countered and grinned when Derek nailed him with a lethal glare.




“Look at me. Goddamn it, Derek. Look at me.”

He didand at once his nerves calmed, his fear melted away. Gabe pressed against Derek’s opening, and as long as they kept eye contact, Derek only felt warmth and pleasure.

Gabe worked his flesh into Derek, back and forth, in and out, more and more, until the head of his cock pushed past the tight ring. Only then did he sink all the way in. Now buried full length inside him, Gabe grabbed Derek’s hips to hold him perfectly still. He shuddered and blew out a ragged breath.

“Oh, shit. You feel like paradise, Derek. Fucking paradise.”

Heat exploded at every nerve ending when Gabe began to move. His lover surged inside him, and Derek cried out, the feeling of being so connected to him too much to keep quiet.

“That’s it, baby. Scream for me. Let the entire world know that you and I belong to each other. No one comes between us except us.”

Derek’s laugh from Gabe’s comment turned into a heated moan when Gabe pulled out and then thrust his cock in deep. When he did it again Derek whimpered from the ecstasy bubbling in his balls. He needed this. He needed to be possessed by Gabe. The man’s control was destructive to Derek’s.

As Gabe drove his cock in and out of Derek’s ass, he whispered fragmented phrases into his ear, the emotion in his voice so thick it brought tears to Derek’s eyes.

“Yes, my baby. Oh, Derek.”

The more Gabe spoke, the higher Derek’s pleasure soared. He felt him inside his soul. He rocked his hips, forcing Gabe to increase his pace. He wanted it all, wanted to feel Gabe lose some of that control and just let go.

“Come on, Gabe. Fuck me.”

“That’s what I’m doing, sweetheart. Please, slow down.”

“II can’t,” he groaned, so close to exploding that one more thrust, one more brush of Gabe’s cock against Derek’s sensitive nerves, and he’d shatter.

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