Rogue (MM)

The Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,510
10 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, bondage]

When Frankie joins Tyler and Matt's pack, he is happy to have a family and to finally fit in. Only everyone in the pack is mated and he still feels lonely. Going out for company, Frankie is attacked by rogues, but one of them, Jared, turns against the others to save him. Unable to take Jared home to the pack or let him face death with the rogues, Frankie hides him at his grandmother's house.

Despite the attraction between them, Jared is vicious and defensive, and Frankie is filled with despair when he realizes that the rogue is his mate. How can it possibly work out?

As trust slowly builds between them and the packs find out about Jared, things start to improve. But the rogues aren't about to let things go. Under attack, can they reconcile their differences, beat the rogues, and be the mates they're meant to be?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Rogue (MM)
10 Ratings (4.5)

Rogue (MM)

The Pack 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,510
10 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
It is a great continue to the first book of the series. We learn more about Pack and discover new characters that bring new development to the story.
Professional Reviews

4 CUPS: "Frankie finally figures out who he is, joins a pack, and has hope for a future with a mate. When the rogues attack him, he is shocked to find one of them is his mate and his hopes fade. Jared knows pack is not to be trusted, but he is compelled to save this pack member from his very own. On the run, he knows his days are numbered as he could never be pack and he no longer has a place with the rogues. Frankie is feeling his way from a situation which starts as impossible and moves into something more. Can Jared learn to trust, and can Frankie show him being pack is nothing like he has been told? Will they discover what mates can mean to each other before the pack or rogues tear them apart? Rogue is an interesting story more along the line of love than erotic. I found sympathy for each side and the gulf ignorance can build. I loved grandma and thought her character gave levity and a softer side to a group of characters who could appear quite brusque. I wish I had read the first one to gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics in the pack, but for the most part the lack of knowledge had little impact on the entertainment factor." -- Delane, Coffee Time Romance

4 STARS: "Rogue is an emotional M/M vampire-ish erotic romance novel but with strong horror components that isn't for the faint of heart. If readers can look past the blood and gore, there is a very romantic and spicy love story, complete with an excellent cast of supporting characters. Frankie was recently adopted by a vampire pack but he's the only mate-less pack member. He fills his life with one-night stands and during one such episode, Frankie is attacked by rogues. But one of the rogues, Jared, turns on the other attackers and saves Frankie. Frankie immediately recognizes Jared as his mate and must woo the distrustful rogue. But when Jared's rogue alpha hunts not only Jared but Frankie and his pack, their relationship will be gravely tested. First, let me acknowledge that this book has serious horror elements. It mixes blood and sex a lot. Additionally, violence permeates the book. The rogue pack is extremely violent in their attacks but worse is the violence Jared experienced as a slave to the rogue alpha. Be forewarned that Jared is so scared that he initially strikes out at Frankie, too. I have a difficult time reading partner-violence and I nearly gave up on the book. I had to push myself past all this but I'm glad I did forthe heart-warming romance and the loving pack which emerged. Frankie is a delightful hero. He's open, loving and tender to Jared. Frankie cares for his sickly grandmother and loves his pack mates. He's the perfect match for the battered and bruised Jared. Jared has known only abuse and violence in his life. He's extremely scared and lashes out at everyone and everything because of that. The author did a remarkable job of showing Jared's emotional development from an angry man refusing Frankie to a loving and tender partner. Both leads are written really well and I truly cared what happened to them. The author didn't shy away from difficult subjects either, which greatly impressed me. Jared had been raped many times and the author really integrated his sexual issues into his relationship with Frankie. It was realistic that Jared would not only have these issues, but that they wouldn't go away just because he fell in love with Frankie. I know some readers will be uncomfortable with this realism but I thought it was extremely well written and added the emotional depth I love in romance. Also wonderful was the entire cast of secondary characters. Frankie's pack is just outstanding, especially Tyler and his mate Zachy. They are well written and are a compelling addition to the novel. I think readers will like them as much as I did because of the warmth and compassion they show Frankie and Jared. The plot is fast paced and kept me reading too. I wanted to know how the rogue alpha would be destroyed, as well as his evil henchmen. Again, let me stress that this book has horror components so be prepared for considerable violence as the plot unfolds. Rogue is at heart a tender M/M romance of healing and acceptance, themes which I adore as a romance fan. I admit I had some difficulty with the high level of blood and violence but I'm glad I pushed past it to see this romance unfold. I hope other readers do the same toexperience this powerful and sexy story. " -- J9, The Romance Reviews

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Story Excerpt


 Coming out of his lecture, the only thing on Frankie’s mind was how soon he could sneak out to see Jay. Despite the tense end to the night before, he couldn’t help feeling hopeful that things would go better from now on.

He was so distracted that he managed to walk into someone and he grunted, looking up.


“Gianfranco Mancuso?”

Frankie blinked and nodded. “Yeah. Um, who are you?” he asked, staring warily at the two men in front of him. Both had serious expressions and wore plain suits.

“I’m Detective Brown, and this is Detective Solomon.”

“What’s going on?” Frankie whispered, his heart pounding. The last time policemen had introduced themselves was the day his parents had been killed in a car crash.

“Do you know a Martin Jetson?”

Frowning, Frankie shook his head. “No, I don’t think so.”

“You were at The Heretic last Wednesday night, is that right?”


“Do you recognize this man?” They showed him a photo, and Frankie nodded.

“Yeah, we, uh, hooked up,” he said, flushing lightly at the look he was getting from Detective Solomon.

“And you didn’t get his name?”

“I wasn’t interested in his name,” Frankie said dryly.

“You’re not funny.”

“I wasn’t trying to be funny.” Frankie sighed. “Look, we hooked up, we had sex, I went home. What’s this about?”

“Martin Jetson’s body was found in the alleyway behind the club in the early hours of Thursday morning.”

“What?” Frankie gasped.

“You were seen leaving the club with Jetson by the back door to the alley and your prints were found on his belt and body.”

“I told you, we had sex,” Frankie said defensively. “That’s it. He was alive when I left.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Mancuso, but we are arresting you on suspicion of murder.”

Frankie was vaguely aware of being read his rights as one of the detectives cuffed his wrists, but he was scanning the car lot desperately.

“Zacky!” he yelled when he spotted his beta. Zacky frowned and jogged over.

“Frankie? What’s going on?”

“A misunderstanding. Can you and Tyler come down to the station, please?”

“Of course.” Zacky bit his lip and reached out to touch his face. “Detectives, could I just have a moment with my student?”

“Sure, why not.”

“Thank you.” Zacky drew him aside. “Have you fed today?”

“No, not yet.”

“Do you want us to try and bring you some food?”

“No,” Frankie sighed. “I’m sure I’ll manage in the cells.” He smirked humorlessly. “Just get me out of this. Please.”

“We’ll be there as soon as possible.”

“Thanks, Zacky.” Frankie leaned up to kiss his beta’s cheek, ignoring a snort from one of the detectives behind them. They escorted him to a plain car and put him in the back, driving him to the local PD.

He was photographed, processed, and thrown unceremoniously into a holding cell that was occupied by several other men, mostly meat-headed-looking gang types. Frankie sighed at the looks he was getting. He was tiny compared to a lot of girls, let alone guys. If he hadn’t been Pack, he’d be a very easy mark. He knew what he needed to do straight away to make things easier for however long he’d be kept there.

He strode up to the biggest guy in the cell, who was sitting on the bench, and put his hands on his hips.

“What do you want, fish?” The guy spat, smirking at him.

“You’re sitting in my place.”

The rest of the cell descended into laughter as the guy shook his head and snorted, throwing a punch at Frankie’s face. Frankie’s caught his fist easily and squeezed. The guy gasped and grabbed his wrist, trying to free his hand, but Frankie dragged him from the seat and threw him across the cell, hard enough that his head cracked against the wall and he slumped to the ground.

“Anyone else?” Frankie asked softly.

Another man ran at him, and Frankie sidestepped, knocking him down to his knees and catching him round the neck. Face hidden by his hair, Frankie bit down on the man’s neck, sucking quickly. Fresh, warm blood was so much better than the bags, vital, living. It made him feel even stronger. He lifted his head and grinned at his cell mates, licking the blood from his lips as he let the now unconscious man fall to the floor. They all moved to the opposite side of the cell away from him, leaving him the entire bench to himself. Smirking, Frankie sat down and relaxed.

Well, he tried to look relaxed at least. Inside he was going into meltdown. What was he going to do about Jay? Even if Tyler and Zacky managed to get him out that night, there was no way he was going to be able to sneak out to see his lover.

Going without blood for one night wouldn’t hurt Jay, but the rogue had intimated in previous conversations, well, arguments, that Bert had often starved him as punishment. Frankie didn’t want him to go without ever again. He also didn’t want Jay to think he’d deserted him. What if he left the house? What if Bert found him or even Tyler or Matt?

He had no idea what to do.


Adult Excerpt


“Can I have you?” Jay whispered against his mouth.

“God, yes,” Frankie gasped, kissing him again and pushing him back toward the bed.

“Now?” Jay murmured, kissing him back as he scrabbled at his pants. “Have we got time?”

“Yes, fuck yes, we have,” Frankie groaned as his mate’s fingers slid over the tip of his cock and down to grasp his shaft tightly.

“Can I fuck you?” Jay asked, sucking at Frankie’s split lip and pulling him closer. Jay jacked Frankie slowly and slid his other arm round his waist, pushing his hand under Frankie’s pants to grasp his ass.

Frankie groaned as desire throbbed through his body and his cock pulsed in his mate’s hand. “Yes!” he exclaimed. “Please, Jay, I want you inside me so bad.”

Jay’s tongue slid over Frankie’s lips and between them, his mate kissing him deeper and harder. He lifted Frankie up, rocking against his groin. Hot, hard cock rubbed over his hip even as Jay jacked him, and Frankie groaned again, thrusting into his lover’s fist urgently. He felt empty, needy, lust filling him with a desperate, helpless urge to be fucked, to feel his lover’s cock inside him again.

“Please,” he breathed, licking over Jay’s lips. He tasted Jay’s mouth, his blood, and he shivered joyfully as his lover lifted him up and lay them both down on the bed. Letting go of Frankie’s cock and sitting up, Jay pushed Frankie’s pants and underwear down and off, and Frankie quickly pulled his T-shirt over his head, throwing it onto the floor.

“Yes,” Jay breathed slowly, reaching up to trail a finger from Frankie’s breastbone to his groin. Frankie gasped quietly, watching his lover touch him, the look of wonder and tenderness on his mate’s face tightening his heart. His love for Jay seemed to grow ever deeper with each second that passed.

Jay pulled off his own shirt and bent over, kissing him gently before following the trail his hand had taken, a soft brush of lips down his chest and stomach that electrified Frankie.

“Ah, Jay,” he moaned. He carded his fingers through dark hair as his lover licked a slow, wet stripe up the shaft of his cock. “So good, caro.”

Jay made a tiny noise in the back of his throat and smiled almost shyly at him. Then he bent forward again and kissed the top of Frankie’s dick gently. It almost tickled, and Frankie jerked slightly, holding back his giggle, unsure of how his mate would take it. But then Jay sucked his cock into the heat of his mouth, and Frankie could only cry out and rock his hips up to try and push himself deeper.

Moaning quietly, Jay swallowed him down, sucking and licking all around Frankie’s shaft. It felt amazing and even more so because Jay was doing it willingly, unhesitatingly. His lover took him faster, long strokes that slid up and down the entire length of his cock, hard swallows constricting Jay’s throat round the head. Frankie gasped and begged, rocking against his lover’s grip and stroking his hair. Pleasure swept through him, building in his gut and groin until he felt like he was going to explode.

“Caro, fuck, oh fuck, please.” He gasped.

Slick fingers suddenly slid down between the cheeks of his ass, and one pushed inside him, rubbing over his prostate. Frankie cried out, jerking hard as he came. Jay swallowed him down as he thrust his finger in and out of Frankie’s ass.

“Oh God, I want you to fuck me,” Frankie groaned, shuddering as Jay pushed another finger into his body. The stretch was intense, and Frankie bucked urgently into the strokes, the edge of pain heightening the pleasure that coursed through him. His cock twitched, trying to recover already.

“Jay, please, Jay,” he panted. His mate’s fingers eased from his body, and Jay got up, quickly stripping off the remainder of his clothes. The sheer beauty of his mate took Frankie’s breath away, slender, pale lines and gorgeous hard cock almost too much to bear when he wasn’t close enough to touch.

“Need you,” he whispered, beckoning to Jay with both hands.

Jay crawled onto the bed between his legs, picking up a tube of lube that Frankie hadn’t even realized was there. Sitting up, Frankie took the tube from his lover and squirted the gel onto his fingers. Jay’s breath hitched, hazel eyes focused on Frankie intensely as he reached out to stroke the lube carefully over his lover’s cock.

“Fuck, Frankie,” Jay groaned. His hips bucked and pre-cum trickled down onto Frankie’s fingers.

“Please,” Frankie said with a small chuckle. He let go and leaned up for a quick kiss, pulling him back and turning over onto his hands and knees.

“Oh, Frankie, I...”

“It’s okay, caro. I just want you to fuck me deep and hard.”

“Fuck,” Jay whispered. “Okay.”

Strong hands gripped Frankie’s hips, and he groaned quietly, arching his back in invitation. Jay bent over him and kissed the back of his neck as he slid the wet tip of his dick up and down the crease of Frankie’s ass. He teased slowly until Frankie was whimpering with need and pushing back against his lover.

“Please, please, please,” he muttered, clenching his fists in the sheets and dropping down onto his elbows. Finally, Jay pushed into him, the head of his cock stretching him open. Frankie gasped, biting down on his arm as exquisite pain stabbed through him.

“Fuck,” he gasped as Jay thrust deep, filling him hot and hard.

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