Tag and Release (MFM)

Liberty Springs, Wyoming 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 81,809
42 Ratings (4.7)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, bondage, spanking, sex toys]

Brody and Luke Marshall are used to getting everything their own way when it comes to women, playing a carnal game of tag and release as they rock from conquest to conquest, but a new neighbor sits their perfect world on its head. Casey Buckley, tall, strong, and flame-haired, is everything they’ve never had in a woman—brazen, bold, and nobody’s doormat.

Casey thinks she can indulge in a little carnal gratification and walk away, but her heart is in danger of being snared by their seductive charms.

Luke knows she is something special, the one to end all others, but his domineering brother has been burned too badly to trust anything with two X chromosomes. Before Brody can accept they’ve caught the one too special to release, tempers flare and passions boil as they scorch the sheets in an effort to win Casey over before time runs out.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Tag and Release (MFM)
42 Ratings (4.7)

Tag and Release (MFM)

Liberty Springs, Wyoming 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 81,809
42 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Kaliana Cole
Great read. Fabulous characters and nice story.
Fantastic! Am really enjoying the hot storylines from Kaliana. A wonderful author i have just come across! Can't wait for more!
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "All I can say about TAG AND RELEASE after reading it is holy crap; oh my god, was it a scorching hot read. Get ready to laugh your butt off, cheer them on when things are going good, and ready to snap a neck or two, but most of all make sure you have a comfy spot, something cold to drink and maybe a small portable fan close by to keep you cool. I really liked Casey she was nothing like other characters that I have read about before. You expect to read about a petite woman, curvy in all the right places and afraid of something in the past and the cowboys come to the rescue. It is the total opposite and I believe that is what attracted me even more to this book. Casey was a tall redhead with a killer body that showed she loved to workout. Then to find out that Casey drives heavy machinery that you would usually find a man driving and able to maneuver the machinery better than some men, wow. She has never been referenced to as beautiful, let alone been carried as if she weighed nothing. Casey is an exceptional woman. Okay now for the men of this book, Brody and Luke. I'm sorry to say that they are your typical macho men especially Brody. Luke is a sweetheart but a major kiss ass. Brody is your dominant man that loves to go head to head with Casey but something goes wrong and he falls in love. He wants to prove that they want more than a tag and release; he wants to make love to her, not just screw her. Only, Brody tries to tell her what to do, how to do it and he needs to remember that she is her own person. She is not like other women that they have had and he has a hard time understanding. Brody also needs to remember that not all women are the same, conniving wenches. Ms. Cole really went into detail on the sex scenes in this story. You know exactly how the characters feel at every moment, every caress and even every bit. Oh I have to tell the reader this, Casey has some sharp teeth on her and Brody experiences that a little close to his precious jewel. She is ready to snap those teeth if she does not get her way. There is some light BDSM elements in this story, mainly spanking and some toy playing. The ménage scenes were well written and done beautifully. In this story, believe me, there is plenty of lovemaking. It is clearly written that they are mating like rabbits, though not in those specific words. Casey, Brody and Luke's relationship started off very, very rocky. To say the least, Casey really shot Brody's male ego to hell, especially since it was done in a public place. Ms. Cole did a wonderful job in developing their relationship. You could tell that Luke fell in love with her at first sight and Brody did too, but it took him longer to realize that one woman is not the same as the next one. Oh does Casey put up a fight with Brody but it's their way of expressing each other's feelings. I truly liked this story, and I'm going to say to Ms. Cole, please, Marley needs to have her happily ever after. After reading what Andy did to her in Jory and Bailey's, then what he did to her again in this book, I really want to sock it to Andy. For those readers that enjoy a little laugh with true romance pick up a copy of this book today."  -- CozyReader, The Romance Reviews

"Casey Buckley needed a change and moved to the small and very unusual town of Liberty Springs, Wyoming. The fact that her sister is happily settled there with her husbands – yes husbands, was the reason the Casey decided to move there. The only irritant in Casey’s life right now is the attitudes of her neighbors – they might be eye candy but their idea of how to treat women needs a serious change. Casey’s occupation working with the large trucks and tractors has most men looking at her funny and not believing that Casey can handle herself with them, but she was amazed to hear herself spoken of as a sex object in a public place. Brody and Luke Marshall are brothers who know what they want. In women it has been someone who will take them both on and doesn’t mind a bit of bondage. When the super sexy red-head moved in next to them, both Brody and Luke wondered if she would be a woman they could get close to. That is until an encounter in the grocery store showed both brothers that Casey had no intention of playing their form of sexual tag and release and announced it publicly. Luke knew that Casey was the woman for him and decided to see if he could make amends for his brother’s big mouth. Casey was a bit leery when Luke came to her, but soon found out that he was a big sexy lovable man. Their relationship seemed to be moving forward when suddenly Casey found herself hot and heavy with Brody. Shaken to the roots of her being, Casey can’t believe that she almost messed up so badly with Luke’s brother. Luke has already figured out that Casey is just the woman to bring Brody out of his disillusionment with women – now he just has to convince Casey and Brody of it. Casey might be falling for both of the Marshall brothers but the question is whether Brody can find his way over the pain of his past or if only Luke and Casey will find their happy ever after together. In a town where nothing is out of the question, it’s going to take three very strong hearts combining together for the next happy ever after to come true. Tag and Release brings Luke, Casey and Brody together and then shows them how to overcome all the hurdles that are trying to defeat their passion. After their explosive first meeting, I was not surprised to see the fireworks between this threesome. However the quickness of Luke and Casey coming together even in friendship told me that might be a chance after all. I was really surprised on the passion that sprang up between Casey and Brody and yet once they were all together, I couldn’t see how else it could be. Their feisty love will keep things very spicy for many years into the future. Tag and Release is a passionate combination of sparks and love that keeps you on the edge until the very end." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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She was picking through the canned goods section when a familiar voice on the other side of the stand pricked her ears. “…you should see her, Brode. She’s even better up close. All those machines? They’re hers, man. She drives them. Could you imagine that tall, redheaded drink of water climbing down outta that truck? My dick’s getting hard just thinking about it. I put my foot right in it and pissed her off a bit, but before that she was looking at me like she wanted to try me on for size.”

Casey grinned a little over Luke’s admission of getting hard. Men would be men.

“Casey’s not your type, though. She’s even taller up close. She’s gotta be five-ten and she’s built strong. Not heavy, but she looks like she works out at more than aerobics.”

“What are her tits like?” The second voice didn’t have the lighthearted inflections of Luke’s. It was drier, darker. She guessed that was Brody.

“Real nice, but I didn’t get a chance to do much appreciating. It’s damn hard to cover up which way you’re lookin’ when a woman’s that tall.”

“What do you think? Is she worth throwing a loop over?”

“Hell, yeah.”

“It wouldn’t be bad to have options a bit closer to home. I’m sick of heading down to the Kat every time I feel like getting laid. She doesn’t sound anywhere near biddable enough for anything long-term, but from what I’ve seen of her over the fence, I wouldn’t mind saddling her up once or twice.”

Was that right? An easy ride next door? Casey’s ire went through the roof.

“Anyway, Luke, you charm her, and I’ll just come in for the grand finale before we cut her loose. I haven’t got the patience for all that shit. Just make sure you leave enough buck in her for me.”

Casey felt anger heat her face enough to match her hair. What arrogant, conceited assholes! And she had thought they might be likely candidates for a bit of fun? A rattlesnake had more chance of being welcomed into her bed than either of those two did now.

She violently jerked the cart around and headed for the checkout. She could live without whatever she hadn’t picked up yet. The girl at the checkout was cheerful and efficient. Casey felt like a dragon for only giving her abrupt, yes-no answers but she wasn’t capable of any polite small talk at the moment. She ground her teeth as she handed over some cash and the Marshalls pulled into the checkout behind her.

“Hi, again, Casey. This is my brother, Brody.”

She turned to see a dark-haired man standing beside Luke. He was slightly heavier in build—downright bulky through the shoulders, and an inch shorter, probably around six-one, and just as handsome with a dimple on his chin and near black eyes. Why did assholes have to come in such eye-catching packaging?

“Hi, Brody.” She kept her voice level and even. They were her neighbors after all.

“It’s a real pleasure to meet you, Casey.” He put a barely noticeable emphasis on pleasure, and his eyes swept from her head to her booted toe and returned. Not in his favor, but better than starting from the bottom up. Any man that did that was instantly doomed to failure.

“Luke tells me you might have some work for us coming up. You should come over for dinner one night, Casey. We would love to go over some plans with you. When would suit you?” His eyes heated and left no doubt that he had more in mind than dinner and work.

Casey fought the urge to sit him on his conceited ass. She took her change and docket from the checkout girl who was openly drooling over the Marshalls before turning back to the idiot standing there with such self-assured confidence. She stepped in close, running a fingertip provocatively over the rise of his well-developed chest, watching it swell further and giving him a sultry look. “How about never, Brody? Is never good for you?” She flicked his chin with her finger. “It’s such a shame. I was looking forward to a little fun, but I would line up for a voluntary root canal before I’ll be a convenient fuck next door for the likes of you.”

She gave them an overly saccharine smile and carried her bags out of the door, leaving them blinking in stunned amazement.




Luke’s eyes followed every movement of his hands over Casey’s ripe breasts. Luke had absolutely no shame when it came to loving. Brody had been a little self-conscious when they’d first started sharing women, but he’d quickly realized that Luke loved to play the voyeur, and although they were up close and personal, his brother’s attention was solely on their woman. Luke would even go down on a woman while Brody was fucking her when Brody wouldn’t even contemplate having his head anywhere another man’s groin. But because it didn’t faze Luke in the slightest, he didn’t let it faze him. Luke always made sure there was plenty of clearance between his mouth and Brody’s bits and Luke’s eyes were something he had gotten used to.

The skin of her neck was salty beneath his tongue, tangy with sweat. He bit down on the delicate muscle cording the side and chuckled when she pushed back against him, looking for something to fill the hungry void he had created. “Ask me to fuck it, and you can have it all, Casey. Tell me you want my cock in your ass.”

“Anything, just let me have it now!”

“Uh-uh, not happening. Ask me nice.” Brody reached for a condom and donned it without moving away from her back. If he stopped touching her she’d be able to think again. “Come on, baby. Do you want it?”

“Oh, God, yes!”

He was ready to dive right in until he realized her impassioned plea was in response to Luke. He looked down her arched body and saw the fingers that held her clit and were milking it gently. “Fuck, Luke! How the hell is she supposed to answer with you doing that?”

“It’s the only way I could think of to get her to say what you want to hear.” Luke’s color was high and his voice rough but relaxed. He had an uncanny ability to hold off his own orgasm.

Brody shook his head. He rolled her nipples, making her writhe against him, her lithe body strong and lean beneath her silken skin. “I want to be inside you so bad, Casey, but I have to know that you want it, too. Tell me you want it.”

Her head dropped back on his shoulder, her frantic panting sweet against his neck. The warm touch of her lips sent coils of pleasure down his spine as they ghosted up his jaw.

 And then she bit him. Hard. Right on the earlobe.

“Fuck me like you mean it.”

His cock was halfway up her tight little ass before he registered moving. Sweet mercy! She drove him crazy. Her wail of tortured pleasure rang throughout the room accompanied by Luke’s deep groan and his own hiss of breath. His cock felt like it was on fire. Hot, tight pressure blasted it from every direction. Luke’s cock was a shifting, solid presence fighting for room on the other side of her fragile and slender tissues, her tailbone was an unyielding barrier against which he butted and her muscles twitched and danced along his shaft as she writhed.

“Fuck, honey! Hold still.” She squeezed down upon him, tightening further. “Don’t do that. Breathe, relax and let me in.” he pushed her down into Luke’s waiting arms and ran his hands along her back to try and relax her. He had worked his way in last time, but he’d prepared her well and she’d been captivated by the novel experience instead of demanding her pleasure. This time he was fighting all the way.

He pulled back an inch and looked down. Brody reckoned the most powerful vision for any man was the sight of the woman he loved bending over to take his cock. Her ring wrapped him tightly, stretched thin and showing pink where he pulled back against her powerful grip. His cock looked obscenely large protruding from between her cheeks. He reached for more lube and poured it over their joined flesh, rocking back and forth just enough to work it in to her. He wasn’t game to pull out in case he couldn’t get back in.

He could hear Luke urging Casey to relax and let him in but it was her whispered response that had him digging deep. “Burns. Burns so good.” He watched as she shoved her hand down between her and Luke’s bodies. “Need more. Move, damn it!”

She began fucking herself on Luke’s deeply buried cock, and Brody couldn’t help but join her in the rhythm she set. She pushed back against him, taking more and more of his length. She was glorious in her passion, uninhibited and wild. Guttural cries filled the air and Brody found himself swept along, unable to resist the tight grip of her ass or her unrestrained desire.

“Fuck me, fuck me, oh, God, harder, deeper.” Demands rather than pleas fell from her lips, and Brody’s balls pulsed in warning. He wasn’t going to last.

“Come for me, Casey, right now.” He brought his hand down on the side of her ass and was rewarded by a moan of undiluted rapture. He cut loose, determined to bring her to orgasm before he disgraced himself and shot his load. Harder and faster he smacked at the sides of her ass while he fucked it. The ringing of flesh on flesh joined the cacophony of moans, grunts, and gasps ringing in the desire-filled air.

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