[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, light bondage, felching, sex toys, HEA]
About one thousand years ago Harrison Ford made a grave mistake, his one and only regret in life which unintentionally ended in the creation of the dreaded ones. But nobody knows this but him. But when dreaded ones comes looking for him, intending on killing him, Harris flees with what remains of his coven, his family.
Colin Reilly is the youngest Reilly brother, he is always keen to help out in any way that he can while keeping up with his work and training. When Smith’s mother comes for a visit with her coven, Colin finds the leader of such his fated-by-blood mate. Which is fantastic! Who doesn’t want a sexy god of a man to be their intended forever? Colin wasn’t going to let this opportunity go by. 
And so he doesn’t. Colin and Harris start spending time together and claim one another as true mates should. But there is darkness coming for them, in the shape of Andrew. Can the newly mated pair defeat the dreaded ones and their leader? Or will Colin lose his life to protect those of his family?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Long-Awaited Mate (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Harrison has been living with the guilt for over thousand years that his ex-lover is the first dreaded one. Every since then he has been trying to protect the ones he calls family. The dreaded one attack his home and kill almost all of his family. He agree to go to Reilly coven to get better protection for his family. He had awaited for so long and he was unable to believe that he had found his mate in Colin. There are trails to their mating and battle with the dreaded one.
OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK: this is awesome book a must read
MY RATING: 5 *****

virginia lee




Another scream came about as Harris just grabbed his dagger and sprang out of his room. The house he had worked so hard to make a home for his coven was a complete mess, and not because everything had been thrown already. He saw dreaded ones lying on the ground, dead, but he also saw members of his coven lying amongst the evil creatures.

He took each vampiric death personally, as if he was mourning a brother or a sister. This evil race was his fault, after all, and these were the consequences of a young and foolish mistake on his part.

A long time ago Harris Ford had been convinced by his then best friend and lover, Andrew, that turning him into a vampire so they could be together forever would work. It did and then again it didn’t. Andrew had been made immortal, like Harris but unfortunately it had also gone wrong and ever since Andrew had been a bloodthirsty evil being that smelled like burning rubber. It was disgusting yet ironically the perfect scent for such an evil being. Harris would bet this attack was Andrew’s doing.

Harris attacked any dreaded one he came across. He stabbed them in the neck before shifting his dagger outward, effectively killing the dreaded ones. Of course they would burn the sons of bitches later on.

He lost track of how long he fought. His entire body was protesting a single movement toward the end of it but he carried on until every dreaded one inside the house didn’t have a head attached to their bodies. By the end of the fight Harris was well and truly tired, physically, but sorting through the bodies proved mentally tiring.

For the next five hours Harris buried the bodies of his coven. All but six of them had survived—four humans, Francis, and himself. His warriors hadn’t stood a chance against the dreaded ones and Harris wanted nothing more but to mourn the loss of his companions and friends, but he still had people to lead. They couldn’t stay in Alaska, not anymore, and so Harris had to be strong for them.

About thirty dreaded ones had attacked them, compared to his coven size of twenty, which included seven humans. That was way too many bodies to drag out and kill the normal way. It was better to burn the house he had lived in for the past decade.

“Okay, guys. We have lost many loved ones this evening and we will mourn them in our own ways. But not tonight. They are at rest, in their graves but we have to keep ourselves safe first. We cannot stay here so I want everyone to grab any items they cannot be separated from. We will meet outside at the cars in a half hour. We will burn this house along with the evil creatures inside it. If anybody has any idea where to go then I will listen with an open mind.”

With that his people went up to their rooms and wherever else they had left personal items they wanted to bring with them. Harris went to do the same but before he could leave Sasha came up to him.

“What’s up, darling?” he asked. He knew Sasha had loved everyone in their coven, had met her mate here no less. It was hard on her to leave them but Harris knew she would do as he said because he would keep them safe. Sasha had told Harris once before that she trusted everything Harris said and did. She said he did them for a reason and she trusted those reasons inexplicably.

“I was thinking, if we were going somewhere else, maybe we could see if Smith’s new coven may take us in? He says the men he lives with are amazing and that Robb, his mate, is just as fierce at protecting his people as you are, if not more so. Maybe we could settle in Minnesota?”

Harris thought about it. It would definitely be warmer than Alaska in the height of winter. But could he give up control by encroaching into the space of another person’s coven, if this Robb Reilly allowed it? His answer came as, “Yes, sounds good to me Sasha, now go and pack what you will need.”




A bottle of lube appeared in front of Harris and he all but ripped his bottoms off in his haste to fuck his mate. Quickly lubing his cock Harris pulled the plug from his mate’s hole and thrusting his cock in deep. And how satisfying it was. Despite the ample sized plug being inside his mate for at least a half hour Colin was still tight. In fact the tightest Harris had ever felt. A bit of resistance was met for the first couple of minutes but as Harris stroked his mate’s cock mercilessly the man soon relaxed.

Back and forth he went, driving his throbbing prick in and out of Colin’s ass and before long the telltale signs of his impending orgasm came rushing forward. Unfortunately it happened way too quickly and Harris cried out when his mate erupted. Sticky cum dribbled down his hand, coating the way. He kept jerking his mate as that too tight ass began pulsating around his cock. Then Harris came with a shout and he cried out his mate’s name as he buried his cock deep in the man’s ass. He felt his cock coating Colin’s inner passage and he growled the most primal sound of all. It was in that moment that he knew no man would ever feel the delectable body of this man but him ever again.

“Hot damn!” Harris breathed as he collapsed on top of his mate. It flitted through his mind that if he was reading one of his favourite books right about now he would be saying that he was getting too old for this shit. But the reality was much different from the written fiction. In fact Harris had never felt younger. He could conquer the world right about now, just as long as he had Colin by his side, or underneath him.

“I am so glad I waited for that. It was freaking awesome.” Colin almost shouted and Harris groaned when the man’s tight ass pulsated around him once again. Only when the man’s ass relaxed did the vampire’s words sink into his mind.

“Wait, that was your first time?”


“Before this you were a virgin? Before this nobody had ever claimed this sweet ass of yours?” Harris had to be sure Colin understood what he was asking.

“Yeah. Before you just fucked my brains out I had never had sex with a man or a woman. When can we do it again?”

Harris stood over his mate, letting that information sink through. He had just taken his mate’s virginity and no other man or woman for that matter would touch him, ever. Suddenly Harris’s once softening member came awake once more. He knew before that one time would never suffice with this man, but knowing that he would be the only person to ever feel this was absolute perfection. It fuelled the inner beast, all men possessed, within and Harris scooped his mate up in his arms.

“We can do that whenever you want to. Just say the word.”

He hadn’t claimed the man like vampires claim their mates during that bout. That had been about pent-up frustrations and apparently vandalising his sexy as sin mate. Harris knew he was about to claim his mate, but he would never do it where they could be caught by family members or other prying eyes. He also would never do it on a pool table. When Harris would claim his mate he would do it in a comfortable bed and make it perfect. Colin deserved no less.

When they finally reached Colin’s bedroom Harris kicked the door in. Almost. He tried not to make too much sound but it was inevitable. He wanted his mate too much to care for anybody else than the man still perched so perfectly on his cock. Surely it would be feasible to go forever connected to his like this right? Showering and working they could easily get around. They could be the world’s first conjoined mates?

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