[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Mike Brooks is scared witless about flying. But when he meets the handsome and charming Fate Yoko on his flight, he quickly forgets his fears. Before Mike can get his number, Fate disappears, only to reappear several hours later in the same hotel Mike’s staying at in Tokyo. Mike’s intrigued and attracted to Fate like a moth is to fire. He can’t stay away from the tall, dark, and mysterious raven shifter. But if he follows his heart, it will only lead to heartache when they part ways at the end of his voyage.
Fate Yoko thought this was another boring business trip. Until he encounters the shy, awkward, and sexy Mike Brooks. He can’t help but fall in love with the vulnerable wolf shifter. They’re kindred spirits on the road to love…and danger.
Someone has snuck a cryptic note into Fate’s cell phone that is the key to a deadly secret. Fate must decipher what it means and who he can trust before it’s too late. Can he open his heart to Mike and keep him safe before the men behind the secret come looking for them both?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Wolf of Fate (MM)
9 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Mike peered keenly up at Fate. He took a long breath and pulled his shirt sleeve up. “Don’t freak out, but my brothers and I are wolf shifters. And the specific DNA test they have to do on our bone marrow can only be done here or in a couple of other places in Asia.”

Fate pulled his tight dress pants upward slightly, so he could crouch down and observe Mike’s arm without the seams in the expensive material tearing.

A smile stretched across his face and a warm fuzziness ran across his chest. Now it all became perfectly clear to him why he found Mike so enchanting. It was his wild animal magnetism that had done Fate in. He gazed up into Mike’s handsome and rugged face. His square jaw, long, straight aquiline nose, his supple, full lips all drew Fate’s attention. Imagining him transforming into a strong and beautiful wolf had Fate mesmerized.

Mike’s brows furrowed. “Why are you smiling?”

Fate stood up, removed his suit jacket, and started to roll up his sleeve. “I’m smiling because we are kindred spirits.”

Mike’s mouth hung open. “No way! You’re a wolf shifter, too?”

Fake shook his head and brought his arm closer to Mike to see. “No, I’m a raven.”

Mike’s eyes widened, as did his grin. “Cool, I never met a raven shifter before now.”

Fate wished he could say the same. But the truth was he’d met many wolf shifters in his lifetime and even had one as a brief, fleeting lover, too.

Since shifters were considered outcasts in society, they tended to either hang around with other close knit shifters, or if they mingled with humans, they often usually kept their shifting abilities a secret from them. No one at his company knew he was a raven shifter, except for Lee, who he’d known since university.

Fate was a member of an underground social group of single shifters called The Shifter Connection. Members in this group were interested in dating other shifters on a casual basis, no serious commitment, just pure fun and games. He’d enjoyed the company of a few attractive and interesting shifters in his group, but no one had captivated him like Mike did.

A tingling sensation in the pit of his stomach had him wanting to get closer to him. He turned around, heading to the mini fridge while he asked, “So what do you want to drink?”

Opening the door, he added, “We have gin, whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream…”

“I’ll have a Bailey’s Irish Cream, please.”

“I think I’ll have the same.”

Fate poured two miniature bottles of liquor into two glasses resting on the counter over the fridge. Picking up both, he meandered back to the couch and sat down closely to Mike. His knee made contact with Mike’s, but neither of them moved away.

That warm fuzziness in his chest spread to his stomach, making it flutter with giddiness.

He leaned back and stared at Mike and smiled. “What are the odds that I’d meet a hunky wolf shifter on my trip to Tokyo and have him share a drink and chat with me in my hotel room?”

Mike chuckled. “Yeah, I never would’ve guessed it happening. But I’m glad it did.”

Fate’s ears and brow perked. Is the shy and awkward Mike Brooks flirting with me? My, my, my, maybe we can share more than words and drinks after all.

“Yeah, so am I,” he said as he stared intensely into Mike’s eyes while he took a sip and licked his lips.

Mike’s gaze focused on Fate’s mouth then, and he licked his lips, as well.

Fate’s lips heated and throbbed as he imagined kissing Mike. He leaned in closer, testing Mike’s readiness. He touched a lock of hair. “It’s so shiny and soft. Has it always been this vibrant in color?”

“Yeah, unfortunately, the Brooks blond-hair gene skipped me. I’m the odd one out, I guess.”

Fate shook his head. “Why do you keep putting yourself down like that?”

“It’s sexy to be a redhead if you’re a woman. Redheaded men are geeks. My nickname in high school was Carrot Top.”

Fate couldn’t help but laugh, not at the name, but because of the cute sneer that formed on Mike’s lips. He looked too adorable.

He sighed and continued to touch the lock of hair. “You’re wrong. I find you extremely handsome. Yes, your brothers are very good-looking, but you are more than that. You’re sexy, charming, funny and…breathtaking.”

Mike gulped, and his prominent Adam’s apple jiggled with the movement. “I am?”

Fate drew closer still and nodded. “Yes, you are. I know I promised you we would only talk, but sitting here this close to you is too tempting.” His fingers went from twirling Mike’s hair to caressing and tracing his full, red lips. “I want to kiss you,” he murmured in a deep, seductive tone.

Mike’s response was to lean forward, closer to him.

Fate slid his hand to the back of Mike’s neck, pulling the wolf shifter to him. Their lips joined. The scorching heat their physical contact produced had Fate excited beyond belief. His lips tingled, his chest heaved, and his love-struck heart drummed in his ears. He had intended their first kiss to be sweet and tender. But when Mike’s tongue boldly slipped into his mouth, curious to taste and explore him, and Mike’s strong hands glided and rubbed across Fate’s back and arms, Fate dismissed the thought and let his carnal desires run free.

He wanted not only to kiss Mike, but to taste, feel, and touch all of him. Mike was becoming an addiction, one of which Fate couldn’t get enough.




Mike’s light-brown eyes turned and blended into his wolf’s red eyes. He relaxed his jaw and neck and stretched his nose, transforming it into a snout. He fell to his knees next, allowing his body to shift into the red wolf. Brownish-red fur punctured through his toughening skin. The process caused discomfort, but no real pain.

When he was done, he moved toward the raven and rubbed his snout gently against his wings, sniffing him. Fate felt silky-soft and smelled like the musk cologne he wore.

Fate began to turn back to his human self. Mike remained in his wolf form for a little while longer, not wanting to rush the reverse transformation.

Fate rubbed Mike’s furry back when he had fully changed into his human form. He laid his head on Mike’s body as if he wanted to hear his heart beating.

“You are even more beautiful than I imagined,” Fate said in a gentle and low voice.

Even in his wolf form, Mike’s stomach fluttered with giddiness. Seeing the look of adoration in Fate’s eyes warmed Mike’s wolf and human heart.

He began to shift back to his human form once again, envisioning his human body before he turned back. The reverse process took less time and he experienced less discomfort as his muscles and bones had become more malleable.

He wrapped his arms around Fate’s body and held him tightly against his chest after he was human once more. He kissed his bent back and listened to Fate’s heart beating. It was slow and soothing.

“You are gorgeous as a raven, Fate,” he murmured. He could hear his voice reverberating against Fate’s body as his ear rested on his back.

Fate turned in Mike’s tight hug, kissing his lips. The kiss started out sweet, but once Fate’s tongue slipped into his mouth to tease and caress his, it turned passionate and hungry. Panting, Fate released Mike’s lips. His mouth traveled across Mike’s cheek, down to the nape of his neck.

Mike jerked and giggled, moving away. “That tickles.”

Fate laughed, his eyes narrowing in a cheeky grin. “Oh, is this sexy wolf shifter ticklish?” His finger wiggled and moved forward, ready to poke Mike in the stomach.

Mike jumped back, blocking the ticklish onslaught. “Yes, I am. Get away.”

Fate persisted, chuckling, trying to get his hand free. “No, now I want to tickle you.”

Mike scrambled to his feet, giggling. “No.”

Fate quickly stood, moving in close. Mike growled and grabbed both his hands and pushed him to the wall a couple of feet behind him.

Smiling slyly, his brow perked, he pinned Fate’s arms up above him, against the wall. He made sure not to use too much restraint in order to not hurt him, but enough that Fate couldn’t escape.

The look in Fate’s eyes turned from sweet merriment to carnal desire. He licked his lips while he stared at Mike’s.

The wanton gesture had Mike’s cock jerking and hardening with sexual excitement. He crushed it against Fate’s erect cock and brought his lips to his neck. But instead of kissing him, Mike licked his skin. Sweetness and saltiness assaulted his taste buds. Wanting to relish more of his intended mate’s addictive nectar, he began to suck his neck, giving him a hickey.

Hearing Fate moan in pleasure and grind his cock against Mike’s pelvis while he wiggled back and forth in their tight contact catapulted Mike into an erotic craze. He wanted to fuck Fate hard and fast to sate his sexual thirst.

Fate was pure delectable honey. Mike wanted more and more.

Without a word, he dipped down and scooped Fate into his brawny arms. Fate’s eyes didn’t denote shock at his abrupt movement. Instead they displayed his reciprocal salacious needs. Fate wanted to be fucked just as much as Mike wanted to fuck him.

Mike carried him to the bed and tossed him on it after Fate had tugged the cover to the side. Mike thought he would have to guide him into the perfect position, but once again Fate surprised him as if he could read his mind.

Gazing up at Mike with bawdy eyes, he turned over into a doggie position. He poised his succulent ass up and out, ready for Mike’s loving. He bit his lower lip in a lustful gesture.

Mike groaned in delight. Pre-cum slipped from the slit of his cock in anticipation.

He squeezed Fate’s super tight ass cheeks, pushing them apart.

Fate’s puckered asshole was freakin’ sexy. Mike’s cock wept in pleasure as more pre-cum seeped out.

Grabbing hold of it, he slid it around and around Fate’s hole. Fate’s pelvis swayed in reaction to Mike’s movement. He dipped the tip in and then slipped it out.

Fate threw his head back, moaning. “Fuck me, Mike. I want to feel you inside me.”

A shiver of ecstasy channeled through Mike’s spine and cock upon hearing Fate’s demand. Mike rubbed Fate’s back with one hand, while he continued to tease his ass, widening it, so he wouldn’t hurt his intended mate, but bring him the most pleasure possible.

“I’m wet for you,” Mike rasped in a sexy voice. He actually wanted to say, “I love you,” but stopped himself. It wasn’t the right time to proclaim his feelings for Fate.

“Mmm, I feel it. You’re so hard.”

When Mike dipped the tip of his cock in one more time, Fate surprisingly pushed himself back, impaling himself on Mike’s cock.

“Fuck!” Mike grunted, trying to gain rein over the climax that tethered at the edge of his movements. He remained perfectly still and relished the heat and tightness surrounding him, thinking that every second that passed, his love for this raven shifter grew. What had started out as a mere physical attraction almost a day ago was now blossoming into full, blown-out eternal love. He only hoped it was mutual and Fate was falling under Mike’s love spell, too.

Then Fate wiggled his ass, purring, “Fuck me.”

Mike drew away from his thoughts to slip out and thrust back in. Fate moved along with him and soon their motions were in perfect sync.

“Faster,” Fate moaned.

Mike grabbed a hold of his hips and began to fuck him hard and fast. His heart raged in his chest. His lungs could barely keep up supplying his body with enough oxygen to replenish his needs.

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