Slutty Wives and Girlfriends

My Wife, Our Life 2

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,363
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Katie was addicted to sex. Wild, naked, non-stop sex. Multiple partners, orgies, men, women, she needed it all.

Her loving husband Jack insisted she make a change, and for a while, she’d agreed to quit the group-sex swingers club she belonged to.

Try as she might, though, she couldn’t resist. The lure of endless uninhibited sex and powerful primal desires overwhelmed her. Her sexual needs trumped all other aspects of her life, even the sacred vows of marriage.

Jack was forced to make the ultimate relationship decision. Despite serious misgivings, he made that choice, and now things would never be the same.

Slutty Wives and Girlfriends
0 Ratings (0.0)

Slutty Wives and Girlfriends

My Wife, Our Life 2

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 39,363
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Latrisha Waters

Pillow talk. It’s something couples and lovers do as a prelude to sex, or in the afterglow. Varying future fantasies and memorable moments can be shared and discussed. Usually, that’s about as far as it goes.

However, with my wife, there was no fantasy. She’s the real deal.

I loved Katie deeply, and because of that, I had accepted and forgiven her numerous sexual transgressions. But her extreme activity with the group-sex club for the last couple of years was way outside of the boundaries for even the most open relationship.

When I first learned Katie was involved in this ongoing orgy, I felt totally devastated and betrayed. Eventually, I got her to stop, but that immediately caused us to split up. We reconciled, and with the future of our relationship hanging in the balance, I decided we needed a face-to-face with the club organizers.

Just over a month ago, we met in a nice restaurant pub with Alfred McTavish and his wife Tessa, along with two other men that were among the club leaders. They were pleasant and polite but desperately wanted Katie to rejoin. She made her intentions abundantly clear when she agreed to have them come to our house after the meeting.

There, right in front of me, Katie went to her knees and sucked and deep-throated all three guys. They came in her mouth, which she loves, and I watched in astonishment as she happily swallowed three cum loads.

She wasn’t done yet, and she performed the same amazingly talented oral sex on me while they all looked on. Multiple partner sex was a situation I’d never experienced before, and it forced me into a single, critical decision... either leave Katie or join her.

To make the decision fairly, I knew I would have to force myself to overcome any feelings of hostility or jealousy. I promised myself I could manage those emotions. I would have to allow the situation to evolve, and simply let Katie do her thing before reaching any conclusions.

I chose to become yet another new recruit of the club. My intent was merely to keep an eye on Katie. The surprising result was that I became involved with her and her girlfriends in a group-sex environment. It was an unanticipated turn of events for a devoted husband.

Unexpectedly, I discovered Alf and Tessa, the whole group for that matter, were actually very charming and likeable people. They simply differed in that they possessed highly intense and uninhibited sex drives.

The past few weeks had been a shocking and eye-opening experience for me. To become involved in all of that additional sexual activity was amazingly exciting yet strangely daunting. My beautiful, dear slut-wife Katie was gleefully re-immersed in her sex club, and the encounters were at least two times a week.

I knew she loved sex and had enjoyed more than her fair share of other partners before I’d met her. She had several more after we got married. Her insatiable sexual appetite had attracted her to join the sex club. Since joining, she’d been happily fucking and sucking as many guys as the group could offer. She had expanded her sexual horizon so it now included the pleasure of other ladies as well.

These group encounters were very discrete but well attended, always occurring in a private home and by invitation only. It was designed as a safe yet intense sexual environment.

I had attended the eight most recent sex sessions with my wife. They varied from three to six ladies each time, and at least ten men to sometimes over twenty. Each event was a full-on gangbang and sexual orgy. Most of the guys were regulars according to Katie, and I’d been present while my wife had enthusiastically performed oral sex on well over fifty different men in the past month. But I knew that was only a small percentage of her actual totals with the club.

In return, I’d fully experienced five different, very willing ladies, plus Katie. Although the playing field was obviously askew, I tried to convince myself things were working out acceptable for both of us. I still harboured personal misgivings, but from a basic male point of view, the added sexual contacts were very satisfying.

Not long after Katie first joined the club, she had enticed her sister Rose to join as well. Rose had remained with it in Katie’s absence, and now the participants were elated to have the sister-act back in their fold. This presented yet another curious element I had to overcome. Fortunately, like her sister, Rose is hot and sexy and openly welcomed me.

Katie continued to be insatiable. She fucked most of the guys and eagerly sucked every cock that entered the room at least once or twice each session. According to the ‘book of pleasure’ that Alf, Tessa, and the organizers kept, in the eight sessions I’d attended she had swallowed just over one-hundred loads of cum. The other girls had all contributed as well, but Katie was quite rightly regarded as their deep-throating and cum-swallowing champion.

She embraced that title proudly. Several times, as we witnessed her shiver through one of her personal BJ-inspired mini-orgasms, she’d smile and candidly state, “I love cocks.”

Christmas was just around the corner, and with all the family gatherings and such, the club typically curtails activities for about two weeks. Katie and I discussed some holiday options and decided to take a ten-day vacation in Mexico to relax and work on our suntans... and on our relationship.

Personally, I needed a little break from this wild new sex life just to analyze and adjust my moral compass. While it was fun, I still felt awkward and uncomfortable in this group-sex scene.

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