Sluts International

My Wife, Our Life 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 31,063
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Alf was truly gifted at pleasing his many female lovers. Because of his dedicated attention and the special talents he offered, numerous members of the opposite sex yearned to be with him.

It was more than great sex that Alf provided. His greatest gift was to entice the ladies into shedding their inhibitions, and to actually experience things they’d maybe only fantasized about.

Whether they were another man’s wife or currently single, the ladies that chose to join into this sexpedition with Alf and his friends all learned to expect and enjoy group sex, girl-on-girl action, and noteworthy gangbangs.

Alf was a slut, and through his careful influence, all of his lady friends were, too.

Sluts International
0 Ratings (0.0)

Sluts International

My Wife, Our Life 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 31,063
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Latrisha Waters

First Contact

When I was a wee lad in Scotland I grew up with many of the normal customs and ways of the clans, but in modern society, things have changed much with the advent of the internet and cellular phones and such. As a young fellow, I would climb the mountains, fish in the rivers, wander about the city with my mates, but mostly I would think about girls. The girls looked so friggin’ hot in their cute, snug fitting school uniforms!

I found myself in a state of perpetual sexual arousal. I couldn’t even play sports in school due to having a seemingly permanent erection. Once I finally learned the art of self-gratification, I was on the constant lookout for a place to jerk off. It wasn’t uncommon to urgently have to relieve the pressure five times a day or more. I did so regularly on the way home from school after being in a classroom for hours cooped up with so many hot girls. I tried to discuss my problem with a couple of my closest mates, but they were clearly uncomfortable to talk about it, even though we were now young adults at eighteen. It felt like possibly I was somewhat different from most.

With the often-cool Scottish weather, the lasses usually covered themselves pretty well with long jackets and other warmer clothing. On rare warmer days, the girls wore only their body hugging school uniforms, knee high white stockings with tartan skirts and dark coloured matching sweaters. Some would hike their skirts up so high, there was little left to the imagination, and a young man couldn’t help but look and dream. I regularly suffered from what I referred to as pants cramps.

One warmish spring day on the path home from school, walking alone, or so I thought, I tucked in behind a tree and some bushes to relieve another load of ejaculatory pressure.

Unknown to me, a couple of the senior class lasses had followed me and snuck about to see what I was up to. Too late. I heard them giggle off to my right side shortly after I’d started to pull furiously on my dick. I blushed and panicked, and valiantly tried to stuff it back in my pants as they stepped curiously toward me in their ultra-short skirts. I only managed to pull my briefs up, which covered, but certainly couldn’t hide my prominent erection.

The darker haired one of the two smiled and said, “Oh, don’t be embarrassed, Alf. We heard you often needed to stop here, so we thought we’d come by and have a look.”

The curly haired blonder lass added, “Yes, please do show us what you’ve got there.”

I felt flustered, and betrayed by my friends, but in the presence of two lovely lasses, my dick felt like it was getting even harder.

“Are-are you s-sure?” I stammered, and they just smiled and nodded as they gestured for me to show them my manhood. I thought I would be more bashful, but became quickly consumed with the urge to actually show off my erection for the first time.

Down came the briefs, and they both went, Oohh! when they saw my hard dick.

The dark haired one said, “Well, go ahead, show us what you do.”

I threw my inhibitions to the wind and just smiled at them. I started to stroke myself, and wanked away as they watched, wide eyed. They both moved in closer, not quite within touching distance, but enough to get a good view. Their proximity propelled my excitement level to a new threshold, and very soon, I thrust my hips forward, groaned, and let fly some energetic squirts of cum.

I thought I heard an, “Oh, my God!” from one and a, “Holy shit!” from the other.

I shuddered as my orgasm subsided. With a happy grin, I looked over at the two and asked, “Did you like that?”

The blonder lass said, “I’ve only seen that on television and a couple of magazines. That was totally amazing.”

“I’ll be honest. I’ve never been with a girl before, and doing that in front of you two was bloody exciting,” I stated.

I noticed my erection had barely softened, then it felt like it was getting hard again already, so I asked, “Would you fine lasses like to do that for me?”

They both laughed nervously and the dark haired one questioned, “What? Jerk your dick for you?”

“Only if you want to,” I responded.

The blonder lass exclaimed, “Fuck yeah!” and moved right up to me, grabbing on to my stiffening cock. Her hand was chilled from the cool Scottish air, but it felt so soft and nice.

I glanced at my dick and confirmed it was indeed nice and hard, then looked at her pretty face. She stared intently at my erection, wrapped her hand around it, then slowly started to stroke it as she mimicked what I’d been doing, then she asked, “I do it like this?”

“Oh, yes, that feels good!” I replied as she squeezed and stroked my dick from base to tip with a nice firm grip that quickly developed into a steady rhythm.

“What’s it feel like?” the darker haired lass asked her friend, so I suggested, “Come check for yourself.”

She came close, pushed her friend’s hand aside with a giggle, then stroked me just like she knew what she was doing.

“You like that?” she asked, with a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh, bloody hell, that’s nice. Just keep doing that and I’ll come again!” I exclaimed.

They did, and switched every half minute or so as both of them got in plenty of strokes. Soon, I started to fidget and breathe very hard, and they looked at each other with lovely smiles, and said, “He’s gonna come for us!”

“Oh, yes!” I shouted, and came with what felt like my biggest orgasm ever.

They both pulled on my dick as I shot my load, and each got some cum on their hands. I felt like I was turning to jelly as they laughed and said things like, “Holy crap!” or something. I couldn’t really focus to hear them over the intensity of my orgasm.

“That was fuckin’ cool,” the dark haired one said, then put her cum spattered hand in front of her friend’s face and ordered, “Lick it up.”

The blonder one shot back, “I will if you will.”

And they did! The fine lasses each licked splashes of my freshly squirted cum off the other’s hands.

“I’m surprised that it’s okay,” one of them exclaimed.

The other agreed and replied, “I kinda like it.”

“Fuck, ladies, I don’t even know your names.” With that, they both giggled and ran off toward the path. I was left with my pants around my ankles and a confused grin on my face.

The lass with the darker hair turned and shouted, “It’s alright, Alf. We know you. I’m sure we’ll be seeing you again soon.”

I pulled up my pants, then wandered off home and sat in my bedroom, feeling satisfied yet perplexed. I’d just had my first sexual encounter, and it was kind of a threesome! Who were those girls, and will I see them again? It was all I could think about. Their uniforms were from a different school than mine, so I’d have to go into search mode and try to meet them officially. First things first, though. With all my thoughts about these two lasses, yep, it was hard again, and I needed to release the pressure once more.

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