Fall into Me (MF)

Oasis Resort 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,310
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, F/F not including heroes, voyeurism, consensual BDSM, flogging, HEA]
Zoey is a young art curator from the Midwest who is struggling to heal wounds from her past and is in need of a quick change of scenery. Seeking out a fresh start, she moves to California to begin working at Oasis Resort and on her first night there bumps right into the top Dom of the BDSM club, Julio. Despite her instant attraction to him, she dashes away when he asks for her name. Not to be deterred, Julio seeks her out, and then finds himself in a new role of courting the beautiful and secretive Zoey.
Julio Morales enjoys his Dom lifestyle at the exclusive Oasis Resort, but when a nervous young woman bumps into him one night at the resort’s BDSM club everything changes. The moment he sees her, Julio knows he must have her.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Fall into Me (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Fall into Me (MF)

Oasis Resort 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 37,310
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




She cleared her throat and continued looking around while giving an assenting nod to Joy. Her mind was nowhere near her woes at the moment but lost in a haze of sexual possibility. Could she picture herself in these lustful trysts?

Zoey picked up the cool glass of tea and pressed it against her cheek. Joy laughed and said, “I know. It’s definitely hot in here.”

“I don’t think I can stay here long. It might be too much for me.”

“That’s okay.” She clinked her glass of Pinot Noir with Zoey’s tea. “I only wanted to show you what all of the fuss is about with Oasis. This is the main draw of the resort, but people can fool around pretty much anywhere.”

The dancing crowd parted enough for Zoey’s eyes to land on a man leaning against a wall on the other side of the main area. He had a delicious caramel complexion, wearing a fitted black shirt and black slacks. Even from afar, it was obvious he had a well-toned masculine physique. His arms were folded as he talked to another man holding a paddle next to a woman bent over a bench. It seemed as though he was giving instruction, for after listening, the man with the paddle began to spank the woman. Zoey jumped when she heard and saw the woman’s delighted reaction, evident by the way the woman’s head tilted up and her ass arched into the air for more. The instructor patted the man with the paddle on the back and disappeared in the thick of the crowd.

“There are private rooms past the bar,” Joy explained. “Some people are into public displays while others prefer privacy. When guests arrive they meet with a person at the reception to go over limits and such.” She paused while she drank more of her wine. “Pretty much anything goes except for fetishes with children, blood, and animals.”

“Good to know,” Zoey said with a nervous laugh. She glanced back to the dance floor to find the mystery instructor but to no avail. When she turned to face Joy, the bartender was leaning over the counter running his hand up Joy’s arms. Joy flushed, clearly interested in his attention.

“This is Luke,” Joy said. “Luke, meet Zoey, the newest addition to Oasis.”

“Welcome. How long have you been here?” Luke asked.

“As of seven thirty this morning.” It dawned on her that she was meeting someone in her underwear. She felt her cheeks give way to a blush.

“Ah! A newbie.” He then smiled at Joy. “And you brought her here on a Friday night? Way to scare her off.”

Joy playfully hit his arm. “She’s got everything under control. Don’t ya, Z?”

Zoey saw the chemistry brewing before her and suddenly felt like a third wheel. “Yep,” she answered. She downed the remainder of her tea and said, “I’m going to head back. I can find my way.”

Joy pouted and started to get off her barstool. Zoey put her hand up. “No. I insist. Stay. Thanks for showing me around.”

“You sure?”

“Positive. I need some serious shut-eye. Besides, I think I’m supposed to be up and working for the early shift.”

“Okay. I’ll come by the office in the morning.”

They hugged and Zoey made her way into the crowd. She passed by two men holding a woman down on a sofa. What could be viewed as erotic to the other passers-by sent an ice storm through her veins. A memory of the men knocking down her door and demanding money infiltrated her mind. Zoey backed away and quickly pivoted.

In her haste, she collided right into a wall of chest, a large man’s muscular chest. “Careful,” she spat.

Her eyes traveled up to the face of the man. She sucked in a breath. It was the man from across the room. The man she’d been ogling earlier. Up close he was far more stunning than she could have imagined. Every cell in her body blazed with attraction. But his lovely full lips were not smiling. His dark brown eyes bore into her.

“Excuse me?” he said sternly. That voice. It was the domineering rich tone belonging to the fictional men in her salacious reading repertoire. When it hit her ears, her mouth went dry.

She swallowed, wet her lips, and lowered her head. Ignoring him, she moved to the side to get around him. He mirrored her movement. She stepped to the other side and he did it again. She shook her head and put her hands on her hips, eyes still cast to her feet. His hand cradled her jaw and angled her face up.

When their eyes met, the floor fell out beneath them. He studied her, intrigued and attracted. Her hazel eyes with flecks of gold practically hypnotized him. Suddenly her disrespectful “Careful” didn’t matter, he only wanted her. His hand stayed on her jaw and his glance shifted to rake over her body. Very nice, he thought.

Zoey’s temperature skyrocketed at the way he openly took his time looking at her from head to toe.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” he asked. He instantly imagined her beneath him.

Zoey didn’t know how to process what was happening. One moment she was running and the next she was trembling with desire in front of this stranger. Her body’s reaction shocked her. As if she hadn’t heard him, her eyes averted his and found a spot on the wall to the side.

His fingers exuded a degree of pressure around her jaw. “Name,” he repeated. Before she could say anything, a young man called over.


When his head turned in the direction of the voice, his hand dropped from Zoey. She used that opportunity to duck from him and dash out.

After Julio acknowledged the young man, he turned back to an empty space. The young woman who stole his breath had fled from his sight.




Her stability was shot from the physical and emotional exhaustion. Her hands went to the buttons of his shirt to undress him. However, her hands shook and couldn’t properly undo the buttons. Holding her hands, he guided them back to his shoulders, kissing her as he unbuttoned his shirt with haste. When he finished, her hands raked down his muscular chest, exploring his physique. She planted a series of kisses along his sculpted upper body.

“Arms up,” he said. She raised her arms and allowed him to remove her T-shirt then her sports bra. He took off his own shirt and tossed it to the side of the shower with hers. Zoey’s hands floated to his shoulders for support while he knelt down to take off her shorts and panties. Her delicate, fair hands contrasted with the darker hue of his skin on his broad shoulders. She stepped out of her clothing, kicking it away. His hands trailed along the sides of her body as he straightened. The feel of his touch sent her flesh on fire.

She brought her hands to his buckle. Once again they shook, unable to undress him. He kissed her to distract her worry and undressed himself. Looking at his impressive erection, she couldn’t resist touching him, stroking his length. He was huge and she wanted to be filled with him.

“See what you do to me?” he asked rhetorically. His hands returned to her thighs and picked her up. Her back was to the shower wall, her legs tightly wound around him. When the tip of his cock brushed her engorged clit, she jerked. It had been so long for her that her body was already prepared to orgasm before they began. If he’d pressed for a second longer, she would have climaxed.

He shifted his hard cock to her entrance. “Tell me when,” he said.

Her hands curled around his neck. “When,” she uttered against his lips. In a slow thrust, he sheathed himself into her snug channel. Zoey stiffened by the intrusion and sucked in air.

“Breathe for me, baby,” he coaxed. He licked her lips before tugging on her lower lip for a sensual suck. Her body relaxed into him. “There you go.”

All of her fears about having sex again evaporated. She’d fretted that she wasn’t any good and that she wouldn’t remember how it all worked. But Julio made it easy. Pushed up against the wall and supported by him, she surrendered to his movements. The control was his.

Her body adjusted to accommodate him. He played with her tongue in tune with his glorious thrusts into her. She accepted him, moaned into his mouth, and soared toward a release.

Julio could tell that neither of them would last very long. The anticipation for this moment had been mounting for what felt like an eternity. He groaned as her muscles tightened around his cock, anxious to milk him. Her wetness coated him, sending him close to the edge every time he drove into her.

He let go of her lips to dip his head in search of her breasts. His tongue played with her hard nipples. She whimpered when he lightly bit them sending an electric jolt straight to her throbbing clit. She arched her back to offer him more.

He shifted his stance to angle for her G-spot. Zoey’s mouth gaped open at the sensation.

“You like that, do you?”

“More,” she managed between rapid breaths.

He saw she was on the threshold. His thrusts became sharper, more demanding. Zoey panted with the onset of her orgasm.

“Let me hear you,” he said. “Look at me,” he commanded. Zoey’s hazel eyes met his just as the tide of pleasure ripped through her, causing her inner walls to convulse. Her head tilted back and she screamed from the intense pulse of heat barreling through her veins and pinning every nerve. Julio didn’t hold back any longer and thrust into her, igniting his own climax.

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