[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, public exhibition]

Callie Warren wants to sell her struggling ranch and live overseas as an artist, but a devious neighboring rancher endangers her lifelong dream. Old friends Bo Parker and Rafe Latimer lend a hand at her place, and an erotic threesome relationship begins temporarily. Just until she leaves. She doesn’t want to fall in love, but is powerless to resist their sexually charming overtures.

Bo, recently back home after making his fortune abroad, is ready to settle down with his best friend Rafe, who’s been running the family ranch. They’re ready to settle down together with a wife, but the only woman they desire is hell-bent on leaving town. How can they convince her to stay when they both understand her drive to follow her dreams?

Can Bo and Rafe settle down and be happy without Callie? And will she come to resent them if she forfeits her dreams for a life in Colorado?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Elle Saint James is a Siren-exclusive author.

Unbridled and Unbranded (MFM)
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Ryder, Colorado


Calista Warren had a keen sixth sense when it came to sensing trouble. Dusty, her ranch's lead foreman, had disaster written all over his weathered features as he approached the barn where she was readying to feed the chickens.

Before he even stopped walking, Dusty started speaking. “Sorry to tell you this, Callie, but I’m giving my notice, today. I’ll be moving on in two weeks.”

“What? Why?” Calista dropped the bucket filled with grain at her feet in utter surprise. She wasn’t sure she could run this ranch without her lead foreman’s help. She wasn’t sure she wanted to. It had been a brutal few months with mischief and bad luck running roughshod over her careful plans to get the ranch into a lucrative and successful place so that she could sell it.

The bucket she’d held hit the ground at an angle and tipped over.  Half of the feed spilled out across her well-worn boots. She started to squat down to sweep it back into the bucket, but felt her time might be better spent cajoling Dusty to stay on for just a bit longer.

Before she opened her mouth to speak, Dusty Bartlett shook his head. He then put a gloved hand up flat and said, “And I won’t be talked out of it, neither, so you can save your breath.”

Callie lowered to the ground and began shoving dirt-coated grain back into the bucket. “Where are you going? If you don’t mind my asking?” She had an idea of where he was headed, but hoped she was wrong.

Her head bent to her task, Callie saw him shuffle a bit. He kicked a rock with one toe of his boot. His pause before answering made her know exactly what his intentions were before he spoke. “Got me a job at Kincaid’s. I figure once you sell this place, I’d be lookin’ for job anyway.”

Callie stood up, schooled her face to show no emotion, and headed for the chicken coop behind the barn with the feed. She was about to argue his faulty reasoning, but changed her mind. “I see. Well, I’m sorry to see you go, but I wish you the best.” She sped her gait, not wanting him to see how upset she was at his defection. He was deserting her to what she considered enemy territory and right during a critical time.

Score one for Drew Kincaid. It was a big victory he’d won today by luring her best worker and ranch foreman away when she needed him the most.

“Maybe you should think about selling this ranch to Kincaid,” Dusty said. He’d matched her speed walk and was only a few feet from the chicken coop by the time she realized he’d followed her.

“Is that a part of your new job description? Persuade me to sell my family’s century-long blood-and-sweat equity so that Kincaid will have a better water supply? No, thank you.”

“He’ll make you a good, fair offer for this ranch, Callie.” Dusty’s defense of Drew Kincaid turned her stomach more than his desertion. “It ain’t like you’re keeping this place for sentimental reasons. If you’re gonna sell anyway, why not let him take the place off your hands?” 

“Over my dead body,” she said quietly, and stepped away from him. She opened the door to the large chicken-coop enclosure and resisted the urge to slam the door once she was inside.

“What if I don’t want to wait two weeks to leave here?”

“No problem. Then I won’t owe you any further pay.”

“Right. Then I’ll clean out and be gone by end of the day.”


“One other thing you might wanna know,” he added tersely. Fuck. Now what? “Billy, Tex, Dale, and Emmett are coming with me. You want them gone by the end of day, too?”

Callie couldn’t see her own face, but felt the blood run to her feet. She couldn’t lose so many trained hands and survive. And having Emmett leave her employ especially hurt. A lot. His skill set was her bread and butter. The man with the golden touch when it came to cow insemination. Or at least he was better than any of the others.

There were already a few dozen cattle in various stages of preinsemination all due to be impregnated in the next few days. If he left, she’d have to start over with another cow inseminator. Callie wasn’t sure she had the heart to start over, and she knew she didn’t have the funds.

“Tell them they ought to be men enough to come tell me themselves.”

“What would be the point?”

She shrugged. Maybe she could talk them into staying. Especially Emmett. She’d paid good money for his schooling. She should have insisted on a written agreement and not a handshake. They wouldn’t have done this to her father. Ever.

“They came because of me, they’ll leave with me when I go.”

“I see. I hadn’t realized you all were a package deal when I hired the four of them at completely different times than when I hired you.” He shook his head as if she were too foolish to understand his prerogative and looked away.

That was fine. She was done with him and his disloyal friends. She turned her back on Dusty, plunged her hand into the bucket, and flung out a handful of seed.

The chickens roamed around until she tossed the first handful of feed out. Then they flocked to her. If only chickens could help manage her ranch. For a bit of feed each and every day, she could finally buy herself some better devotion.  Because right now all she felt was the full weight of her cowhands’ treacherous behavior.

What am I going to do now?

This hiccup in her plan was the most recent in a long list of setbacks that had started only days after her father’s funeral.

Even for as hard as Callie worked, she wasn’t sure she wanted to struggle and fight so hard to keep this ranch, even if it had been in her family for generations.

One thing was certain, she needed help. She needed lots of it. And it had better come soon.




Callie almost lost her balance and climaxed as Rafe stuck his tongue against her clit and licked. Bo’s strong arms kept her vertical versus melted into a puddle at his feet. Sheer willpower alone kept her from releasing.

Bo’s firm cock pressed into one bare ass cheek. The skin-to-skin contact sent a buzz of anticipation to her pussy. She hadn’t even noticed him unzip his pants, although Rafe’s tongue currently kept her in and out of coherent thought.

The thought of anal sex with Bo sent a thrill up her spine. It was something they’d discussed doing on their last date twelve years ago. In preparation for that long-ago missed date, she’d devised a secret surprise for him. Maybe he was about to discover it at long last.

Rafe sucked on her clit and her knees buckled. Bo caught her again. “You better not make her come yet. At least not until I get my cock inside her pussy.”

Rafe licked her one last time and pulled back. Callie inhaled deeply and then exhaled just as deeply. “You two are something else.”

“Just wait. It gets better.” Bo let her stand up on her own as he put a condom on. “Brace yourself on the edge of the desk, Callie.”

Her hands gripped the edge, and she shot her hips out. Bo didn’t lift her shirt very far. He slid his fingers into her pussy once more. He pulled in and out a few times. Then she felt his sizable cock make an entrance. He slammed up inside of her, and the feel of him was amazing. He had a huge cock. As soon as he was balls-deep inside, he sent two fingers dancing around her rear hole, spreading the juice from her pussy.

“Relax and let me in, okay?”

She nodded and tried to relax even though her pussy was filled to the utter brink with his cock.

He started moving his cock slowly in and out of her pussy, but he also inserted a large finger into her derrière hole. The sensation was unbelievably dark and intoxicating. She wanted more.

Rafe eased back in her desk chair and watched them with a primitive, lust-filled gaze. He looked at home in her executive chair. Over the edge of the desk, perpendicular to where she leaned, Callie could see the outline of his cock behind the zipper of his jeans. It seemed a bit unfair that he’d been about to fuck her on her desk but now he only got to watch.

Callie looked over at him and said, “What if I suck your cock as he fucks me?”

Bo thrust his cock deep into her pussy and stopped. “Oh God, you almost made me come.”

Rafe smiled. “I’d love that.” He rolled the chair from behind the center of her desk over closer to where she stood. Her hands shifted from the edge of the desk down to his thighs. Her shirt came up a bit.

Rafe unzipped his pants and his huge cock sprang up. She bent over and took him in her mouth. “I know this will sound crazy,” Rafe said in a low voice. “But I don’t want to come this way.”

Callie pulled off of him. “You really want to fuck me on my desk too, don’t you?”

“Yes. Thanks for reading my mind.”

“Okay. I’ll suck on you for awhile, but I’ll stop whenever you need me to.”

“That might not take too long,” he said quietly. He hissed under his breath as if burned the moment her lips brushed the barest contact with his the head of his cock. She sucked his wide dick deeply into her mouth.

Bo stroked his cock forward and back slowly so she could suck Rafe’s cock. He inserted another finger into her rear hole. His fingers stretched her ass as he fucked her pussy.

Rafe moaned a couple times and even put his hands on her head, but she didn’t last long sucking him.

He pulled her off, pushed her until she was almost standing upright again, and buried his tongue against her clit.

With Bo fucking her pussy harder and harder as he kept his fingers buried in her ass, she zoomed right to the edge of climax in no time.

She glanced over at the door. The idea that even locked, someone might hear them through the door made Callie even more aroused.

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