Symbiotic Mates 2: Peter and the Wolf (MM)

Symbiotic Mates 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 33,326
4 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires, shape-shifters, HEA]

What happens when your blood adversary turns out to be your fated blood mate?

Tyler Woods tends bar at the Wolf Den to fill his lonely nights, but he still hasn’t given up on finding a mate. He had his eye on Hunter, a pack enforcer, but his friend kills a pack mate and finds sanctuary at the Colony, home of the vampires. The alpha calls Hunter a traitor and wants him back dead or alive, but Tyler doesn't believe it.

He allows himself to be captured in order to find out the truth. Instead he’s thrown into a dungeon and branded a blood slave to a blond-haired vampire who wants more than blood. Peter Shaw is a turned vampire, living at the Colony. When Tyler is put in his care, his human side surfaces and pity turns to love. An unlikely alliance is forged, and the line between captor and captive blurs.

Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Symbiotic Mates 2: Peter and the Wolf (MM)
4 Ratings (5.0)

Symbiotic Mates 2: Peter and the Wolf (MM)

Symbiotic Mates 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 33,326
4 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
After finishing book 1, I went straight to book 2. Gale Stanley did a wonderful job setting this series up and leaving readers wanting more.
Olivia Black



“Are you cold?”

“Yes.” Peter shivered and the word came out on a shaky breath. Stupid question! There’s no heat in this alley, my jeans are down around my ankles, and my balls feel like fucking ice cubes.

Of course the John was more concerned with the state of Peter’s limp dick than anything else, but the chilly night wasn’t the only reason Peter had trouble getting it up. It was the old man himself. He had to be in his seventies at least. His parchment skin was covered with brown age spots, and he had more white hair growing from his nostrils and ears than his head.

“Come a little closer, then. I’ll warm you up.” Grandpa smiled, showing a jagged landscape of yellow teeth. Peter winced at his sour breath.

“You’re so beautiful. Such a beautiful boy.” The old man’s belly hung low, obscuring his cock and balls as he fisted himself.

Peter’s own cock was still soft. He tugged on it. Willing it to stiffen. Wishing this was already over.

Close your eyes and stop looking at him.

Peter shut his eyes to the world and thought about his fantasy man, the one he dreamed about—tall, with long black hair and a muscular body. His dick twitched with interest at the image in his head. Peter imagined how his mystery man would smell, how he would taste, how his stubbled jaw would feel against Peter’s skin. His dick was rock hard now, the head slapping against his belly.

“So pretty,” the old man said again as he got to his knees. His hot, wet mouth engulfed Peter’s dick. Peter gritted his teeth and concentrated on his daydream. The old man slobbered over his cock, but Peter was far away from this dark alley. In his mind it was his dream lover’s mouth licking and sucking…

Peter’s orgasm boiled up. He let out a gasp and exploded into the old man’s throat. Grandpa sucked him dry, and when Peter finally opened his eyes, he saw the old man using a wad of tissue to wipe his own spent dick.

Peter breathed a sigh of relief. He left his John zipping up in the alley and slipped through the black shadows to emerge on the street. It had rained earlier, and heavy clouds threatened another shower. It had been a busy night. The crappy weather and his own fatigue convinced Peter it was time to go home.

Every night he took the same shortcut through the park. Passing through the iron fence separating the park from the street, it struck him how quiet it seemed tonight. Even at this late hour, the park was usually rife with the sounds of pigeons cooing, squirrels darting through dried leaves, and the homeless wrapped in tarps and snoring on the benches. Tonight, the eerie stillness made his heart beat a little faster, but Peter shook it off and followed the path, willing his feet not to slide on the gluey wet leaves.

Peter felt like an idiot. He’d been working the city parks since he left home at sixteen. Why get a case of nerves tonight? It must be the old man. He gave Peter the creeps.

This wasn’t the life he’d envisioned for himself when he ran away from his evangelical-minister parents and hitched his way to Seattle, trading a troubled home life for life on the city streets. Of course, he hadn’t given much thought to it. He just knew he had to get away from the abuse—mental and physical.

Dumpster diving and homeless shelters had provided meals and clothing. Finding places to sleep was the hardest part. Sometimes he crashed in a park, sometimes in abandoned buildings. He didn’t make many friends. Most of the other homeless kids were shooting speed, and Peter didn’t want to become a junkie. Some of his strict Midwestern upbringing must have stuck.  

A naïve kid back then, it had surprised him that so many others sold themselves for sex. He used to laugh at the guys—not in front of their faces. He was naïve, not stupid. But they were all so adamant they were not gay. Peter knew he was gay, but he kept it to himself, even after he finally gave in and started working the streets himself.

The men who frequented street whores were into Peter. His blond hair, pale-gray eyes, and pouty cocksucker lips earned him enough to afford an apartment. Not a great one, but still it was his personal retreat, a place where he could cut himself off from the outside world. Yeah, he had a life. It wasn’t the best life, but it was a life and it was all his, with no homophobic parents to tell him how to live it.




This is really going to happen.

Never in a million years did Tyler think he’d ever consent to feed a vampire. Or want it so much. Peter’s body stretched out over his, set him on fire. His hips jerked up, searching for more contact with Peter’s dick, and the vampire ground his hot swollen shaft against Tyler’s, creating the sweet friction he craved. Peter’s mouth grazed his earlobe, then nibbled and sucked on it. His breath was hot against Tyler’s ear. “Are you ready?”

Damn if a whimper didn’t escape Tyler’s mouth.

And his heart pounded even faster as if it were in a hurry to give up Tyler’s blood. Peter’s lips moved over his jaw and down his throat. Without thinking twice, Tyler tilted his head to give Peter better access, hearing a hiss as the vampire accepted the silent submission and bit down on the exposed skin.

When the vampire’s teeth sank into the tender flesh at his neck, it sent a jolt of pleasure straight to Tyler’s cock. He cried out, not even recognizing his own voice. Gasping, he arched into Peter’s touch as the vampire began to suck. Each pull at his vein, caused a corresponding tug on his cock. The sense of possession, of being dominated, set off hot sparks of arousal in Tyler. A shaky growl rumbled up his chest in response, and the sound seemed to inflame Peter, who sucked harder. Tyler’s arms came up around the vampire’s shoulders, and he held Peter’s head firmly to his neck. Needy whimpers flowed from his mouth, and though he felt ashamed, he couldn’t hold them back.

Disappointment filled Tyler when Peter finally released him. The vampire raised his head, and Tyler could see that he was flush with new life and vigor. Peter’s eyes were wide and sparkling, as he stared back. “Thank you,” he breathed. “And now let me do something for you.”

Tyler’s mouth opened to tell Peter, he owed him nothing, but no sound came out. Any thought that sex with a vampire was not a good thing had been completely burnt away by the fire Peter had started inside his body. He’d never been with anyone who made him feel like this, and he wanted more.

Tyler didn’t protest when Peter urged him to bend his legs so the soles of his feet were flat on the mattress. Peter coated his fingers with the pre-cum that leaked from his cock and slid one digit inside Tyler’s ass, pressing deep.

Tyler grunted and met Peter’s eyes. His arousal spiked higher as Peter withdrew his finger and added another. Peter’s fingers explored and pressed deeper. He crooked them, rubbing over a sweet spot inside Tyler that made his breath hitch. Suddenly, he wanted more.

“Please…” Tyler begged.

Peter bent to kiss him as he withdrew his fingers. Smiling at Tyler’s entreaties, he greased his cock with more pre-cum.

Long, blond hair teased Tyler’s skin as Peter leaned over him. Tyler marveled at the silky texture as it caressed his body, while Peter’s hard cock pressed for entrance. Then the broad cockhead penetrated him at last, and Tyler’s muscles contracted around the invasion. Tyler groaned as Peter’s cock found that spot inside him that provided so much pleasure. Peter rubbed at it, again and again, making Tyler shudder and moan beneath him. “Fuck, Peter… Feels so good.”

The sensual words seemed to spur Peter on and his thrusts became harder. Faster.

Tyler arched his hips and met each thrust. His frenzied pleas grew louder. Peter seemed unable to hold back any longer. He shifted position and pumped with increasing force. Tyler couldn’t think. He could only focus on the pounding thrusts that made him arch and beg for more. Oh, God. So close.

Then Peter reached down and gripped his cock, and Tyler came undone. Instinctively, his head jerked up, and his jaws opened on Peter’s neck in the possessive claiming of a wolf. He bit down on Peter’s tender flesh, as his seed exploded between them. At the first spurt of blood into his mouth, Tyler realized what he’d done, but he couldn’t stop. It tasted too good, and he sucked harder.



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