Commander's Spitfire (MM)

Rescue for Hire 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,480
38 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Romance, M/M, spanking, HEA] 
Welcome to the world of Rescue for Hire. Meet the team members that make up a company that form a family of heroes.
For a year, computer expert, Tony Grayson was another man’s dirty little secret. After months of pain from a huge betrayal, he can finally breathe again and sees a glimmer of a future.
A rescue goes wrong bringing the boss’s brother Shane Miller into Tony’s life. As far as big, dominating, and possessive Shane is concerned, the gorgeous Italian is his. Now he just has to lead the team for his brother, fix all the family drama, and put the pieces of Tony’s heart back together.
Things finally get smoothed out, only to have his ex call, wanting Tony back. Tony’s decision could change lives and careers. Can the foundation Shane has laid for their relationship be strong enough to keep Tony? The dynamics between a hard-edged bad boy and a hot-tempered, vulnerable yet gorgeous computer nerd heat up the sheets.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Commander's Spitfire (MM)
38 Ratings (4.6)

Commander's Spitfire (MM)

Rescue for Hire 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,480
38 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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Professional Reviews

"'Commander's Spitfire' is book five in Bellann Summer's 'Rescue for Hire' series. Seeing how the previous book ended with Cade doing a cliff rescue while contemplating the possibility of hiring new blood for the company as the original team have mostly found partners and started families, and then Cade falling when an earthquake hits… well, my heart was in my throat. The original five members of the company hold a special place in my heart and I just need to see Tony happy, and settled, before anything else can happen. Tony has spent the past year having a secret relationship with Pip's (Jack's partner) older brother, Tyler, a professional baseball player. Tony really thought Tyler was the one, and the breakup, and significant betrayal, four months ago has left Tony with heartache. Now Cade and Jack were injured pretty badly during a rescue and the whole team is back waiting in a hospital for news. The past few years have seen many members of their team getting injured which is another reason Cade was having the thoughts he was before the earthquake struck. The team is stunned when Shane, Cade's younger brother, shows up at the hospital. None of them even knew Cade had a brother. Shane has recently retired from his position as commander of a CIA covert ops team and is returning to the private sector. Cade had actually contacted him a while back about coming to work for Rescue for Hire and helping Cade decide the direction the company should go in. Now Shane is here ready to step in and he's found himself caught by gorgeous Italian, Tony. It stands to reason that this team can't even be allowed to watch over their injured friends without some cataclysmic emergency happening nearby to which they get pulled to help with. It's nice when they can all go home and get back to their lives. I'll admit to being a little worried when Cade had the meeting where everyone helped to decide the future of Rescue for Hire, but all went well and I'm happy with the direction the author is going in. Loved the ending! It was a great way to showcase these five original members of the company. A great addition to the series that I enjoyed immensely!" -- Christy Duke, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Shane made his way down the hall, hoping that Tony hadn’t left the building. As he passed a small room, movement out of the corner of his eye caught his attention. Going into the room, he found Tony hunched over the keyboard of a computer, frantically typing something. On the monitor, Shane could see the logo of the local airport he had just arrived from. Looking closer he saw a flight schedule and a box to make ticket purchases. Tony was in the process of filling out a line in the box, buying a ticket.

“Planning on going somewhere, Tony?”

Tony looked up, startled to see Shane standing there. “I need to take a little time off, get my head together.”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible. With Cade and Jack laid up, the rest of us are going to have to step it up if we’re called out on a rescue.”

“When did you become part of the team? I’ve never even heard of you before today,” Tony challenged, twisting in his chair to face him.

Shane was glad to see Tony still had a little fight left in him. He would have been disappointed if the man he was so attracted to was so easily dominated.

For a while now Shane had been looking for a man who had a little fire in him. Shane knew he would always be the master in the end, but he wanted more than someone saying “Yes sir” and bending to his will all the time. When that happened in the few relationships of the past, he had grown bored and had ended things. Okay, maybe he had dumped them. Tony and the team would find out real quick that Shane’s deadly skills and abruptness made Treble look like a pussy cat and a saint.

“About two months ago, Cade asked me to move here and help him run the company,” Shane informed Tony.

“What the hell? There is no way Cade would do that without talking to the team about it. At the very least, he would have told me. I’m responsible for all the accounting and payroll for the company.” Tony stood and the chair he had been sitting on tipped backward, crashing to the floor.

Tony took a step forward, getting up into Shane’s face. That was when it became apparent to Tony just how big a man Shane was. Tony was just over six feet tall. Now he could see that Shane topped him by five, maybe six inches. Tony was not a lean man. He had wide shoulders and was solidly built. But Shane’s shoulders were so wide he almost had to shift them to get through the doorway. Suddenly, Tony decided, standing toe-to-toe challenging this huge man might not be such a good idea.

Shane’s first instinct was to grab the handsome Italian in front of him and kiss him until he settled down. Then he realized that wasn’t what Tony needed right now. So he used his body to herd the smaller man back a few steps until the back of Tony’s knees hit the couch behind him and he plunked down onto the cushion. Shane then sat down next to him and took Tony’s hand into both of his. Tony tried to jerk his hand out of Shane’s, but that of course wasn’t happening. Shane knew in time Tony would realize that until Shane decided to let him go, he wasn’t going anywhere.

Tony sat looking around the small waiting room that was set up for families of patients to check their email and let children play with a box of toys in the corner. He quit trying to take his hand back, since he didn’t know what to say or do, and thought maybe ignoring the man was the answer. The shock of the accident and getting his teammates to the hospital, then the arrival of Pip and Tyler’s parents, had made for little sleep and a lot of stress. Now he was being manhandled by a huge, gorgeous stranger who was Cade’s brother. A stranger that had just informed him that he was taking over the company and wouldn’t let Tony run away and hide like he wanted to. Just a few more key strokes and then hitting the enter button and Tony could have disappeared, maybe forever.

“Cade is worried about the team,” Shane stated. “You guys are all getting older in a young man’s profession. Injuries have taken their toll. Some want to start a family or add to the family they have.”

“Is he going to shut down the company?”

“No. He called me and asked if I would come and help him decide which direction he should take the company.”

“When you’ve finished helping him decide all of our fates, then what are you going to do?” Tony couldn’t help the slight bitterness that tinged his question. He didn’t even know why he was asking the question in the first place.

“I think first, we have to get Cade and Jack home. Then while they heal, we’ll have a series of meetings with the whole team. Only after Cade and Jack are healed up and everyone has had a say in all of the options will any decisions be made.” Shane smiled at Tony. “I was planning on staying with Cade until I had found something of my own.”

“Why do I have the feeling there is a double meaning in that sentence?”

“Because, you are a very smart man,” Shane answered, his blue eyes twinkling.

“Stop right there, Shane Miller,” Tony instructed. “I have to tell you right now. I am not planning on getting involved with anyone for at least a couple of years. I just can’t right now. I have nothing left inside.”

Shane let go of one of Tony’s hands and relaxed back against the overstuffed sofa. Keeping a hold of Tony’s other hand, he encouraged him with a slight pull to relax back with him.

“I think you may have to shorten your timeframe, Tony. I am not a man who is big on patience. When I see something I want, I usually get it,” he warned.

“Then it’s good that I’m not a thing, huh?”

“I have a feeling you might end up being the only thing,” Shane countered. “Now tell me what Janice Hayward did to you.”




Tony opened his eyes, trying to figure out why he was completely trapped under someone’s body. He was lying on his stomach, with his left leg bent to the side. There was a large arm under his head, and someone’s back pressed tight to his. Tony’s right leg was straight with a man’s leg running tightly alongside it. The man’s other leg was draped over his hips and bent leg. In essence, Tony had a huge man completely covering him, almost like he was protecting or hiding him. On the other hand, now that he thought about it, the other man could be stopping Tony from going anywhere without him knowing about it.

Tony knew it was a man on top of him because there was what only could be a hard dick pressed between his ass cheeks, pushing against his balls. On the muscled forearm under his head he could see a large tattoo. It was shaped like a dragon, beautiful, in shades of purple, red, green, and blue.

The hips on top of him started moving, pulling back and then thrusting forward, creating friction between his cheeks and against his balls. Again and again those hips moved, causing that huge cock to press deeper and deeper until it started rubbing against Tony’s hole.

For over four months, Tony’s body and mind had been numb to any type of personal sexual satisfaction. Now the ice had thawed and his body was starting to tremble with need. Shifting a little, he rubbed his back against that massive chest behind him. He couldn’t believe how good it felt to feel another’s body, arms, and legs against his.

Lips started running sucking kisses along the back and side of his neck. Tony couldn’t stop himself from rubbing his rock-hard dick against the sheets beneath him. It had been so long since he’d had a hard-on.

“Turn over, baby,” Shane whispered in his ear.

Tony turned so he was on his side facing the other man. He couldn’t help but admire the man’s rugged good looks. For a moment, Tony wondered if Shane would consider growing his hair a little longer, but then realized that he probably had and would always have very short hair. Fashion would never be a high priority with Shane. Tony knew he would be the one to make sure Shane wasn’t wearing something ten years out of style.

Wait a minute, where did that thought come from? Tony was sure he hadn’t just thought about a future with Shane. Then the big man kissed him and he didn’t think about anything anymore.

Shane kissed Tony, pulling their bodies together. Wrapping his arm around Tony’s waist, he reached down and palmed that tight firm bubble butt. Shane loved an ass that was firm and round. He was a lucky man that Tony had that going on and more. Shane wanted nothing more than to plunge his finger into the snug hole beneath his fingers, but he didn’t have any supplies with him and he would never take a chance on hurting Tony.

After one last squeeze and rubbing his hand over those cheeks one more time, he reached between their bodies and took both of their cocks in his hand. Using their pre-cum to wet the way, he started stroking their combined flesh in firm strokes.

Forming a tight tunnel with his hand, he instructed, “Shift your hips, honey.”

With both of them thrusting their cocks against one another, Shane knew neither of them would last long. Suddenly Shane felt Tony’s teeth latch onto his chest just under his collar bone. That was all it took.

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