[Siren Ménage Everlasting ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
After being kidnapped and supposedly murdered, Kendrick Ainsley has finally been reunited with the love of his life, warrior dragon Roman of the Firethorn Clan. Though months have passed, and they appear to be getting back on track with their relationship.
Or are they? While Roman was hunting the man who murdered his lover, Clatcher, another dragon warrior, kept him from going insane. Roman fell into dark times, and Clatcher prevented him from falling apart, and Roman is having a difficult time hiding how much he misses the warrior.
Kendrick understands. He really does. He was gone for many months, and Clatcher is everything he is not, a dragon who can watch Roman's back in battle, handsome, and independent. Kendrick doesn't want his mate to choose, so he will choose for them. He suspects that Roman mated with both Clatcher and Kendrick, and Kendrick wants to try a relationship between the three of them, before they break apart for good.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Indecision (MMM)
18 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Roman has his mate mate back from the dead. while he was mourning his mate he was seeing Clatcher. With Kendrick back Roman has made sure that all parties know that he is with his mate. even if he has feeling still for Clatcher. Kendrick cant not think about losing Roman and decides to bring Clatcher into their bed. There are many up and downs with making their relationship work with 3 people.

OVERALL IMPRESSION OF THE BOOK: This is awesome book, another great book in the series
MY RATING: 5 Hearts *****
virginia lee
I was so happy to get Roman, Kendrick, and Clatcher's story. I really enjoyed the way the author handled it, and she was true to the emotional needs of all three men. The sex was hot, but the emotional part was hotter.

Of course, Ailiwen is back, hiding in the form of an animal, and sees who he believes is an imposter as Kendrick. It makes him even more set on stealing this look-alike and killing him in order to destroy Roman once and for all.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"Finally I got to find out more about Roman and Kendrick’s story – only it is way more complicated than that. While it was a relief to see both Roman and Kendrick, who were secondary characters from book one, get their own story, there is the additional complication of Clatcher, who came to my attention as another secondary character in the previous book. These three men are in an awful situation, and I wouldn’t want to be any of them! “Indecision” is exactly the right title and what an amazing story this turned out to be! With Roman loving Kendrick, only to see him die at the hand of evil shape shifter Ailiwen, and moving on when Clatcher comforts him, Roman has to now decide between Kendrick and Clatcher. Kendrick has come back from the dead (since his special dragon power turned out to be much like that of a phoenix) only to find he has turned into a fox shifter and the love of his life seems to be in love with another dragon – Clatcher. And Clatcher has loved Roman from afar for so long, finally has the man’s attention, only to see him turn back toward Kendrick… What a mess! Roman is an easy guy to love. He used to be the dragon clan’s second in command (until he eloped with Kendrick and was replaced), is Aris’s best friend, and has loved Kendrick from afar while Kendrick was still hung up on Aris. When Kendrick finally gets over that (since Aris is now mated) and turns to Roman, he couldn’t be happier. But thanks to evil Ailiwen that happiness doesn’t last long, Kendrick dies, and all Roma feels is the need for revenge. Clatcher is the only one who keeps him sane. And then Kendrick returns – and Roman is in trouble. He does the honorable thing and returns to Kendrick, after all, they are mated. But Roman is truly torn, finding out that his feelings for Clatcher won’t just go away, no mater how much he wants them to vanish. Kendrick, for me, was a difficult character to get to like. He’s had an on-again-off-again relationship with Aris for years, but doesn’t seem to respect the fact that Aris has found his true mate in Conner. As he suffers through “losing” Aris (even though he never really “had” him), he begins to see Roman and ends up falling in love and finally finds some happiness. But when Kendrick dies, and suffers through everything that follows, I began to feel for him. And now? He finally has Roman back only to realize the man may love Clatcher. His biggest problem is his lack of self-confidence, and that definitely gets in the way. Kendrick keeps thinking in terms of “whom does Roman love more”, and it takes him a while to figure out a solution that will make all three men happy. Oh boy! Clatcher was a bit if a stranger for me, since he hasn’t previously played a major role. All I knew about him was what learned in book seven, and his support of Roman, even though a little selfish since he loves the man, made me sympathize with him. He also immediately withdraws when Roman choses Kendrick, since he knew from the start that Roman loved Kendrick and not him. What an awful situation to be in! He is ready to leave, despite both Roman and Kendrick telling him they want him to stay. But really, what is he going to get out of seeing the man he loves mated to someone else? If you like slightly complicated three-way relationships with lots of angst and emotional drama, if you want to know how Roman manages to reconcile the fact he loves two men, and if you’re looking for a tension-filled read with lots of hot shifter-on-shifter action, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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It wasn’t the orgasm he wanted, though those were always great. He just wanted the intimacy with someone who loved him.

“I’m going to report early for duty,” he said. “Do you want to do anything when I get back?”

Kendrick shrugged, which was insanely lame, he knew, but he didn’t know what he wanted to do. He knew there was one person he wanted to see, but he knew Roman wouldn’t approve.

“Maybe we can decide when you get back. We could go to dinner in the great hall with the others for a change, or we could watch a movie.”

All things that would make them put off this terrible conversation they needed to have. The one they really needed to have. The one where Kendrick asked him...no, that was the wrong word. It would be the conversation where Kendrick asked Roman if he wanted to be with Clatcher instead of him.

Just letting himself think something like that was the worst possible thing that could’ve gone through his mind at the time. He had to swallow the giant rock in his throat.

Roman frowned, but it was a worried sort of frown. Kendrick didn’t want Roman to stay behind and see him cry. Not when he’d already done so much crying in front of the man. He wished he was a strong as a warrior sometimes.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Go on, we’ll talk later,” Kendrick said.

Roman sighed, and he didn’t look much like he believed him, but he still got out of bed and got dressed.

Kendrick watched his mate with half an eye, pulling on his own clothes. How had they gotten to this point? They were so happy together, and then Ailiwen had ruined it by separating them, by throwing Kendrick over that cliff.

Roman had changed after that day. He was still an honorable man, but he’d become something else after Kendrick had been killed. He’d been so focused on vengeance, on hunting Ailiwen down that he just...wasn’t the same.

And Kendrick hadn’t been there for him during that terrible time. Clatcher had. Clatcher had kept Roman from losing his damned mind, from going so far down that dark pit that he couldn’t come back.

But he was still honorable. So honorable that he was willing to turn his back on one man he loved to be with another. Kendrick needed answers for something like that. He was going to have to speak with Clatcher.

Roman pressed another kiss to his forehead, his hand on the back of Kendrick’s head in a touch that was so loving and tender that it shamed him for even thinking Roman didn’t love him anymore.

“I’m leaving early, so I’ll try and come back to you early. We can talk more then. Kendrick?”

“Yeah?” Kendrick asked, staring Roman right in the eyes.

“You’re wearing an amulet made out of one of my scales. I gave it to you, and then I gave you another one when Ailiwen stole the last one. I wouldn’t go through the pain of ripping out two scales for the same person if they weren’t worth it.”

That made Kendrick smile, and he couldn’t help but touch the jeweled amulet that was hanging around his neck. It was even more decorated and glittered with more precious stones than his last one had.

“Yeah, I guess that makes a lot of sense,” he said, and he couldn’t stop smiling.

Roman had his hand on the door handle, but instead of opening it and leaving, he rushed back over to the bed at such a speed that Kendrick barely saw him coming. Not until the man’s hands were on Roman’s cheeks and he was pulling Kendrick up for a deep and passionate kiss.

And now Kendrick could once again feel the exact extent of Roman’s love. He’d felt it many times over the last couple of weeks since he’d been back, but that feeling of love had always been dimmed by the fact that Kendrick did catch Roman with a faraway look on his face.

This was one of those few times when Kendrick could feel the full extent of his mate’s love, no interruptions, and nothing to remind him that Roman ever had feelings for someone else when he thought Kendrick was dead.

When Roman was finished licking deep inside of Kendrick’s mouth, he pulled away, and there was a glimmer in his eyes, one that let Kendrick see exactly how much he was loved.

It filled him right up with a joy of his own that his body could barely contain, and he didn’t want Roman to leave anymore. He wanted him to finish what they’d started.

Of course, they didn’t. Roman nipped at Kendrick’s lower lip, teasing him, and then pulled back. “Something for you to think about for later tonight.”

“You’re such a tease,” Kendrick complained, and then Roman had to rub it in by wiggling his eyebrows.

He was playful like that from time to time. “You like it when I tease you,” he said.

He was totally right, too. Bastard.

Roman left the room with a smile, and Kendrick got up to walk around, read, and take a shower, and he made plans to spend time with Conner, Quinn, and the rest of his friends.

Of course, even a few minutes by himself was enough to think too much, and after an hour had passed, he was back to worrying about what Roman was going through.

When a man was in love with two people at once, he always had to pick someone, but the fact that he’d chosen Kendrick was almost part of the problem. Would he be thinking about what he’d given up?

The grass was always greener on the other side of the fence. Wasn’t that how the saying went?

So was Roman regretting what he’d chosen, when there was someone better waiting for him just a few doors away?




Fuck, it was so damned swollen and heavy as it pushed against his entrance that it was taking some doing before it would go inside.

“Too tight. Still too tight,” Clatcher said.

“No,” Kendrick said, shaking his head as he looked behind himself, just to make sure that Clatcher knew Kendrick was being serious. “You just have to push in a little harder. It’ll go in.”

And it did. When Clatcher pushed harder, the head of his dick popped forward into Kendrick’s asshole with a sharp pain, but that lasted only a few seconds before it was replaced with the magnificent burn of having that steel rod slowly thrusting deeper inside of him.

Kendrick almost laughed at the mental image of Clatcher literally pushing a steel rod inside of him. He needed to find a better word to use than that.

“What are you laughing at?” Roman asked.

Kendrick shook his head. “Nothing,” he said, and then moaned again as Clatcher sank in deeper, as deep as Roman could go, but the man’s cock was a little thicker, so it stretched him more, pushing against his inner walls and touching everywhere.

Kendrick panted against the bed, and he could hardly think straight as Clatcher was inside of him except to wonder why the hell they hadn’t thought to do this a lot sooner.

“Roman, I’m inside. Fuck, please hurry.”

Oh yeah, Roman still had to put himself inside of Clatcher.

Kendrick was overcome by the desire to see what that would look like. This was his first threesome, after all, and he was curious.

Of course, he should’ve known that he wouldn’t be able to see what the actual insertion would look like, considering that was behind Clatcher’s body, but he could see still the way Roman slowly moved forward, how Clatcher’s body tightened up and the way his eyes fell shut and his mouth dropped open.

It was fucking gorgeous, even the little noise of approval that left Clatcher’s throat.

“Oh fuck,” Kendrick said. Watching the both of them together made his inner fox run around inside of his head scratching around, all frustrated and eager to get out, and not because it was jealous.

It wanted to be with the both of them as much as Kendrick did. This was the greatest idea he’d ever had in the history of his entire life.

Roman’s hands found their place on Clatcher’s hips, and then he sighed. “You both ready?”

“Yeah,” Kendrick said.

“Oh, fuck yes,” Clatcher replied.

Roman grinned, and his eyes turned into the lizard-like slits of a dragon shifter as he pulled himself back just a little, and then pushed forward with an almost violent strength, the kind that he’d never used on Kendrick before.

And it was fucking great.

The force of that forward thrust pushing into Clatcher’s asshole was somewhat pillowed by the man’s body, but there was still a lot of strength being forced onto Kendrick as Roman’s movements gave Clatcher’s hips nowhere else to go but forward, right into Kendrick.

Roman had been right. This was like being with both men at the same time. It was like having the both of them inside of him at the same time because he could feel the strength of both of them as they fucked him.

With the power of Roman’s movements, Clatcher’s cock was pushed deeper inside of him than even Roman had ever gone. The pleasure was out of this world amazing. It was out of this universe amazing.

Fuck it. There was no right way to describe it that would do it any justice. It was the best sex that Kendrick had ever had in his entire life.

Oh, fuck,” Roman said.

Kendrick’s sentiments exactly.

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