Hold On, We're Going Home (MM)

Of Dragons and Wolves 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,447
15 Ratings (4.6)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Kyle Abbot is tired of being sexually harassed in his own pack. The man after him only wants him to try and become the pack alpha, and Kyle's not about to let that happen. His only choice for escape without shaming his entire family would be to take a mate with one of the dragons on the mountain.
Aiken never wanted to be mated again. After watching his previous mate be tortured and killed right in front of him, he never wants to tie himself to another ever again.
When the high dragon comes to him and asks him this favor, he cannot refuse.
At the sight of his future mate being sexually harassed by another, however, Aiken's protective instincts come roaring back to life. Kyle belongs to him and no one else. Aiken wants to prove that to the wolf in bed, if only he can overcome the feeling that he's betraying his former lover.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Hold On, We're Going Home (MM)
15 Ratings (4.6)

Hold On, We're Going Home (MM)

Of Dragons and Wolves 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,447
15 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I enjoyed Kyle and Aiken's love story, as it certainly was different from any of the others before it. Unfortunately, I didn't get as invested in this couple as I had hoped to.

Instead, I was far more interested in what was going on between Roman and Clatcher while they were still out hunting Ailiwen, and Roman had no clue that Kendrick was alive and back at the castle waiting for him. It turns out that Kendrick's dragon power was the ability to transfer his soul into a fox, and that's how he got back to the castle, and he's now a fox shifter. Brings an almost philosophical discussion into play as to whether that's where the first shifters came from.

So, now I want to see George, the old alpha and nasty council member of the boys pack get his comeuppance ~ really I want someone to kick his a**!!! And, I really need to get an HEA for Clatcher, Kendrick, and Roman.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"The seventh book in the ‘Of Dragons and Wolves’ series proves that there is no need for Templars or hunters to have an evil enemy. George, the difficult head of the wolf council, proves that it is quite sufficient to have one of him around to create suffering and mayhem. With both men of the focus-mating in this book very hesitant to go ahead, there are bound to be problems on that front alone. Add the rest of the ongoing storyline around the evil full shape shifter, Roman still out looking for him with Clatcher who won’t leave his side, and various other developments inside the dragon castle, and you’ve got quite an explosive mixture. Kyle may have figured out a way to escape the unwanted advances of George, the repulsive head of the wolf council who has already appeared as a growing irritant in previous volumes, but the only thing that will work will affect the rest of his life. And he didn’t even want to be mated in the first place. And when Aiken strides onto the scene and, in retaliation, beats up George for all to see, he briefly wonders if he wants to mate such a violent man. Still, it is the least bad option, so he goes with it. And what a surprise when he slowly gets to know Aiken! Aiken is one of the last warrior dragons still left who is able to fulfill the terms of the peace treaty, but he only agrees because he wants to help out Aris, his high dragon, not because he wants or thinks he deserves another mate. Seeing Kyle practically molested changes things for him, and he runs to the wolf’s defense, but there is a difference between protecting someone and mating him. Then Aiken discovers that he isn’t as over his first mate and how she died as he thought, and he cannot even look Kyle in the face, never mind do anything else the man so clearly wants. And as for the secondary storyline, involving Roman and Clatcher (and some nasty Templars) – I was deeply touched by what finally happened. But now, against what I expected, I am and not a little worried about Clatcher! Luckily the blurb for the next book in the series gives me some hope on that front… If you liked the previous books and want to catch up with the various dragons and wolves of Black Mountain, if you enjoy reading about two men who don’t really want to mate at all, never mind each other, and if you’re looking for a read with some interesting new developments, lots of excitement, and some very hot wolf-on-dragon action, then you will probably like this novella. As ever, I can’t wait for the next book! Unfortunately, since I have now read all the previously published installments, I am going to have to wait until next week’s new release… " -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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Yeah, the contempt really must’ve shown on Kyle’s face, because a lot of that anger and lack of patience really started to show itself when George’s hand launched forward, fast as a cobra strike, and his hand was around Kyle’s throat. His claws were also there, having grown right out where his fingernails used to be, and they were digging into Kyle’s skin.

It stung, a lot, and he could just barely breathe, but he could still suck air into his lungs.

For that reason, Kyle continued to stare at the other man with a dead expression on his face. He wouldn’t be angry, scared, or even amused. This was nothing to him, like a river flowing over stones, Kyle would barely feel it.

And God, it was so damned satisfying when he felt George’s rage get higher and higher.

The man was actually shaking. “You...you worthless little bitch. I could have offered you protection and status. You would’ve been my mate and had the respect of that title.”

“Not everyone respects you,” Kyle said.

That had been the wrong thing to say. George’s eyes turned into a brilliant shade of blood red. It was shiny and everything, and it didn’t seem to matter that he was holding onto one of his alpha’s children. George looked very much like he wanted to rip Kyle’s throat out.

OKyle almost hoped he would try, then he would have a reason to really beat this man into a pulp.

George made a disgusted sound as he shoved Kyle away from him, as if he made George sick just by touching him, instead of the other way around, as it really was.

“Fine, go and whore yourself out to a dragon. I hope it infects you with its eggs and you die in childbirth.”

“Not exactly the congratulations you should be giving to my brother.”

Now Kyle’s heart did stop, and he couldn’t keep the uncaring expression on his face anymore as he felt cold all over, and maybe like he was about to be sick.

He slowly turned at the sound of Garret’s voice.

Garret, his eldest brother, and the toughest alpha out of the lot of Kyle’s brothers, was standing right over there by the trees, just ten feet away, with Kyle’s brother in law, Aris, and another dragon he didn’t recognize.

It didn’t matter, because all he wanted to know was how the fuck long had they been standing there?

“Garret? What are you doing here?” Kyle asked. He lifted his hand to his throat, wanting to rub away the pain, but then lowered it again before his fingers could touch what was likely a rapidly forming bruise.

He didn’t want to make himself look any weaker by letting Garret and his brother-in-law see something like that.

“We came to get you,” Garret said, but even as he spoke with Kyle, his eyes were still directed hatefully at George. He took one step forward, and George held his ground, but the way the older alpha’s throat worked in a deep swallow let everyone around him know that he was feeling a lot of anxiety right about now.

“You dare to fucking touch my brother like that?” Garret demanded.

George sniffed, and as Kyle watched the man, his eyes moving between George and his brother, George seemed to be making little plans of his own.

“Answer me, Goddammit!” Garret roared, and his eyes started to glow red as his fingernails formed into claws. He was about to lose it.

“Garret, it’s not that big a deal,” Kyle said. He needed to keep the peace here. Would Garret’s actions still be held against their father? He was still technically part of the pack, even if he no longer lived here. “You can’t attack a council member,” Kyle said, reminding Garret of that fact before he did something stupid and flew at the older man.

“Am I to take it that,that dragon over there is to be Kyle’s mate?” George asked, nodding his head toward the man standing beside Aris.

Kyle looked over at him, too, only just putting it together right now that it was a real possibility. He’d assumed the man would be just a personal guard, or someone who was going to be flying Kyle up the mountain so Aris wouldn’t have two people to carry.

He had red-brown hair that was long, but because the man was facing Kyle now, he couldn’t tell exactly how long. The only thing he could really make out was that it was tied in a neat braid. He also had dark eyes, and he clearly trimmed his facial hair. It looked pretty good. Kyle wasn’t normally into guys who had beards, but this one was mostly shaved except for the chin stripe, which gave the man a handsome and unique sort of look.

Yeah, maybe he was handsome, Kyle supposed, but now he just had to know if this man was meant to be his mate.

The man stepped forward. He was tall, taller than Kyle, which was something he definitely liked in the guys he dated. Whenever Kyle was with girls, he preferred them to be either the same height or a little shorter.

As far as men went, this one was looking like he fell into the category of Kyle’s type.

“I am,” he said. “My name is Aiken Radcliffe, and the man you were holding is to be my mate.”

Fan-fucking-tastic. The guy was cute and everything, but shit. Kyle hadn’t wanted the man, or anyone, to see him being bullied by George.

Now they were going to think he was weak. Christ, maybe he was. He’d certainly let this go on for long enough. What kind of self-respecting wolf did that?

George’s mouth turned up in a tiny smile, and Kyle shivered at the sight of it. It was that creepy and hideous. “Then it would behoove you to know that I’ve already taken this beta as my own mate. I’m claiming him.”

Oh, fuck no. The wolf in Kyle roared to life with a snarl and a howl, and it wanted to hand out a whole lot of fucking pain for that comment.




Kyle reached up and put his hands back behind Aiken’s neck. The man’s braid was hanging on the other side of his neck. Kyle was able to notice for the first time as he pulled Aiken’s mouth down onto his own how soft that hair felt, even in the braided rope. He wondered how it was possible to keep the hair like that even after shifting from man to dragon and back again.

He was also going to have to ask if he could get Aiken to undo that braid from time to time.

Now that the idea was in Kyle’s head, he wanted to run his fingers through it.

Kyle moaned softly as the tip of Aiken’s tongue gentle pressed between his lips, and Kyle parted them, allowing Aiken to glide inside.

Oh God. Kyle moaned through the kiss, and his body throbbed. Everywhere, his cock and balls reacted, and the pleasure within him sizzled.

Aiken hadn’t even touched Kyle’s dick yet. In fact, they were both still wearing pants.

Kyle was a beta, but that didn’t mean he was used to taking the submissive position all the time. He knew what to do, how to ask for some things and how to take others, without using words at all.

He lifted his knee between Aiken’s legs, and he was very aware of the small noise of surprise that Aiken let out, as well as how his body stiffened.

That wasn’t the only thing that was stiff, either. Aiken’s cock was rock hard against Kyle’s upper thigh.

Kyle thrust his knee forward softly, creating a friction for the other man that would get him to react.

Did it ever. Aiken must’ve thought that Kyle was getting ready to retaliate or something, because then he groaned and melted against Kyle’s body.

He thrust his hips forward, pressing his still clothed cock harder against Kyle’s leg until he was gently humping him and getting himself off.

Every little moan, every soft sigh and shudder, tasted good on Kyle’s tongue.

He sucked on that tongue as if it was Aiken’s cock, like he could get the man off by doing that.

The noises Aiken made, the movements of his body, yeah, this was good. Very good. There was nothing stiff and shy about either of them now.

Definitely physically compatible. Kyle didn’t have to worry about that anymore. In fact, it was all he cared about as he thrust back against Aiken’s thigh until they were both frantically dry humping each other through their kisses.

This was going to be over before it had the chance to really start, but Kyle didn’t care. His orgasm was within sight now and he was getting closer. Aiken’s tongue inside of his mouth was bringing more relief than anything, and every time the man pulled back to take a breath, the sight of his shiny lips made every blood cell in Kyle’s body buzz as he yanked the man down for yet another deep, wet kiss.

Oh fuck, he was lost. Kyle was so damned lost and he didn’t care. His wolf was howling and panting, demanding more, demanding that Kyle fuck and rut and put his scent all over Aiken’s back and chest because this dragon was his and no one else’s.

Kyle’s orgasm built up so that his legs and toes clenched up. He felt the pleasure just at his lower back and swelling inside of his belly. His testicles tightened up high, almost all the way inside of his body, but it wasn’t enough until Aiken had the great idea of reaching between them and letting his large hand cup Kyle between his legs, right where his bulge was pressing painfully against the cold metal zipper of his jeans.

Kyle groaned hard and loud through the kiss. He might’ve even bit down a bit on Aiken’s tongue, but only slightly because the other man didn’t pull away from any pain.

Warmth flooded Kyle’s pants, and even with that barrier there, he could still smell it.

Aiken was the one who yanked himself away from the kiss as he thrust forward hard, arching his spine as he pushed his cock hard against Kyle’s thigh, opened his mouth, and then groaned loudly with tightly shut eyes.

His entire body shuddered, and then Kyle could smell only his cum in the air. He could hear Aiken’s swiftly beating heart, and then there was the warm sigh against Kyle’s neck.

“That was great,” Kyle said, letting his hands run up and down the strong expanse of Aiken’s back.

His wolf still wasn’t finished, however. Kyle wanted more.

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