[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]
Cailean Dunban is seething with red rage when the man he loves is taken from the Crystal Castle, almost right out from under his nose. Cailean was one of the first to rush off on a rescue mission to get Trystan back, and he has every intention of making the man who took him, Clyde, pay with his life.
Trystan isn't going to hold out hope for a rescue. Though he'd fallen in love with his dragon warrior, Cailean, Trystan knows he is still just an omega who is probably more trouble than he's worth. So when Clyde makes him a terrible offer for the safety of the other omegas, Trystan won't be able to refuse.
When Cailean does come for him, Trystan has to live with the decision he's made, but Cailean isn't giving up so easily. He wants to spend his life with Trystan, no matter how damaged Trystan believes himself to be.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Angry as a Dragon (MM)
19 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Marcy Jacks has done a wonderful job with another great story from the Of Dragons and Wolves Series. This story is of Trystan and Cailean. Cailean is searching for Trystan after he was kidnapped by his old pack. The Omega wolves have been abused for a very long time by the Alphas and they don’t know of any other way. When the Omegas are rescue by the dragons, Trystan is still having a hard time finding a place for himself. Can Trystan get what has happen in his past and have a future with Cailean. Will Cailean have the patience to truly be with Trysatn?
This is an awesome series and this book was just another great read don’t miss out

virginia lee
Definitely one of the more enjoyable tales in these last six books. I'm inclined to believe the author is done with this series based on how this book ended.
Trystan and Cailean were perfect for each other, and I particularly enjoyed seeing Trystan get the love and happiness he so deserved.
I liked the fact that at the end, both Joey and Jimmy were pregnant, as that gave me a nice image of the future for this clan.
Christy Duke
Professional Reviews

"Many of the omega wolves in this series have had a hard time in their packs due to abusive alphas who treated them cruelly. Most of them found a way to fight back and survived, but none of them escaped unscathed. Trystan carries some serious external scarring, but his emotional and psychological wounds are worse in many ways. He has only just begun to heal when he is kidnapped by his old pack at the end of the previous book, and I was on tenterhooks to find out what was going to happen! Trystan has been horribly abused by being forced to mate with an alpha when he was extremely young, and even though that bastard is dead, the other alphas in Clyde’s pack were almost as bad. Trystan really likes dragon warrior Cailean, and has started to explore a physical relationship with him, but he is shy and has a total lack of self-confidence, so they didn’t get very far. I was all the more impressed with the way he handles himself during the kidnapping. He defends the weaker omegas, and he makes a horrible deal with Clyde so they will be left alone. Those are not the actions of a coward, but it takes Trystan quite a while to learn to see that! Cailean is so angry about the omegas’ abduction, he literally spits fire. And that is a good thing. All I will say is “good riddance to bad rubbish” – it was about time! But then Cailean faces Trystan being almost back to square one in terms of how he sees himself. Cailean is amazingly patient and slowly, slowly coaxes Trystan out of hiding. It was a joy to watch both of them learning to adjust to their new lives!If you like the ‘Of Dragons and Wolves’ series with its stories about interspecies mating bonds, if you think an abused omega wolf and a dragon warrior with a lot of love and patience are a good match, and if you’re looking for a hot read with main characters who need to learn to trust each other, then you will probably enjoy this novella. " -- Rainbow Book Reviews

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“He’s not coming back. Zelda checked him. He’s gone for good. I promise,” Cailean said.

Why wasn’t that enough to make Trystan feel better? Why did he still feel like if he let Cailean go, the man was going to get up and never come back?

Cailean half turned, and Trystan clutched him tighter, thinking his fears were just about to become a reality, but Cailean didn’t try to leave the bed. “Can you grab the bags I dropped?” he asked.

A couple of the omegas scrambled, Trystan didn’t see which ones they were, but then they came back quickly, placing the plastic convenience store bags on the little table in the corner of the room.

Cailean started handing out orders. “There’s food in some of those bags. Take whatever you need and go into the other room. I need a few minutes alone with him.

The omegas hesitated only briefly before they did as they were told. Trystan didn’t look at them, but he could hear the quiet shuffle of feet, the sound of the bags opening up, and there was even the smell of meat and sugar in the room before everyone left. The door leading into the other motel room closed, and then Trystan was alone with Cailean.

He used to look for reasons to be alone with this man, loving their time together. Now, he didn’t know what was going to happen, and that terrified him.

“Do you think you can eat something? None of it’s healthy, but it’ll help.”

“Where are we?” Trystan asked. He was still too damned scared to look up into Cailean’s face.

“A motel off the highway. There’s a gas station across the street and some other highway stores. I picked us up some food while we wait.”


“For Duncan and the others to get here. Zelda took care of everyone as best as she could, but even the Redbull she brought wasn’t enough to give her the healing energy she needed for so many people.”

“Where’s Stacy?”

“Zelda took her back home. I would’ve had her take you, too, but you were unconscious, and that would’ve been too dangerous.”

“Home,” Trystan said, and nothing in the entire world ever sounded so good. “We’re going home?”

“Yeah, in just a couple more hours. Zelda and I left on our own. We went early, and she has to get back and tell Duncan where we are. She got back already. I managed to get a call here from my cell. They’re on their way now. Shouldn’t be too much longer.”

Trystan let out a heavy sigh. He couldn’t believe it. “You came for us?”

“I came for you,” Cailean said. “To be honest, I’m still debating on the wisdom of sending Stacy back with Zelda. I still don’t trust her. I wanted to send you first, but Zelda’s not as strong as I am, and I don’t think she could handle holding onto an unconscious person for a couple of hours.”

“I’m glad you’re here,” Trystan said. Though he would’ve preferred to wake up in the safety of the clan, the fact that he was here with Cailean was just as good, almost better in fact.

Cailean pressed a soft kiss to the top of Trystan’s head. “I wasn’t about to leave you. I got out of there and chased after you the second I knew you were gone.”

“You did?”

He felt Cailean nod because of the way the man held his cheek to the top of Trystan’s head.

That feeling of betrayal, of disgust with himself, rose up inside as he felt the bite on his neck burning him. “I…I…I let him bite me. Cailean, I’m so sorry, he bit me, I let him do it.”

Cailean held perfectly still for a split second, and that was enough for Trystan’s mind to supply all kinds of horrible things that the other man must be thinking about him at that moment.

“I didn’t want to,” Trystan said quickly. His throat was swelling and hurting again, the way it always did when he let his stupid emotions get the better of him. “He said he’d let the others go if I mated with him. He just wanted…I’m sorry, I didn’t want him to, but I let him.”

“It’s okay. Trystan, look at me, it’s okay,” Cailean said, pulling back enough so that Trystan had to look him in the eyes.

There was no anger, no look of betrayal, and nothing on his face to suggest he was disappointed with Trystan for what he’d done.

Cailean grabbed onto Trystan’s wrist and brought his hand up to his neck. “Here, feel it. Zelda healed you, there isn’t even much of a scar there. Maybe it didn’t take.”

Trystan felt his heart starting to break all over again, and he shook his head. “I can…yeah, I can feel that the scar isn’t that deep, but it doesn’t matter. It still took.”

Cailean’s look turned to utter devastation, as if Trystan had just wrecked him. “Then, did he touch you? Did he…?”

Cailean looked him over, and Trystan knew what he meant. The man was trying to ask if Clyde had put his cock inside of him, or anything else.

Trystan shook his head. “Not that I can remember. I passed out right when his teeth sunk in. I’m not even sure why.”

“I came down right when I saw what was happening,” Cailean said. I don’t think he had the chance then. He didn’t touch you before I got there?”

“No,” Trystan said. “He didn’t touch any of the omegas, though some of the alphas did. Not me,” he said quickly when Cailean’s look became angry. “I swear, none of the alphas tried anything with me. I mean, they tried, but I kept them away, and some of the omegas stepped in, right back into their roles as if we’d never gone to live with you.”

“I wasn’t angry at you, sweetheart,  I could never be angry with you,” he said.




He pushed forward, kissing Trystan like he'd never allowed himself to kiss the man before. He'd always known that if he let it go so far, it would just be a tease to the both of them, and harder to say no.

Now he didn't have to worry about that, and the tiny noise of Trystan sucking back a shocked breath of air went right to Cailean's already throbbing erection. His testicles tightened against his body, and his cock was begging for a touch, something other than the pressure of his thin denim against his flesh.

Cailean rolled them over, and Trystan went fluidly with the motion, spreading his thighs and keeping Cailean between them. The man smiled, his eyes bright, as if this really was something he'd wanted, and that he was relieved he could even get it.

“I love you,” Trystan said, running his hand through Cailean's short hair before kissing him again. “I love you.”

Holy fuck, Cailean liked hearing words like that, but he never expected the inside of his chest to implode in quite the way it just did.

He groaned, leaning down and pressing his mouth back down to Trystan's, kissing him like he wouldn't get another chance to kiss him if he didn't do it now.

Cailean always liked sex, and he'd overheard the way some of the werewolves spoke about having sex with their mates. They'd described something, like a second force in the room taking over, making actions more primal, more demanding and needy.

As much as Cailean enjoyed a good romp and thought he could lose himself to passion as much as the next guy, he'd never experienced anything like this, and now he finally knew exactly what it was those other men were talking about.

They weren't making mountains out of mole hills. This was real, and Cailean was very aware of the fact that he wouldn't be thinking of acting right until he'd done this.

Trystan keened softly as he canted his hips forward. Cailean immediately felt the hard length of the man's cock through the clean pants Trystan was wearing now.

Cailean had felt it many times before. He'd put his hand between Trystan's legs on more than one occasion whenever they'd snuck away to make out, like deviant teenagers or something.

Knowing that he would get to put his hand around Trystan's cock, to actually touch it, and see it instead of just doing some guess work, made everything inside of him really jump.

This was happening. This was happening and he felt like he was on a sugar high just for that fact alone.

“Fuck me, Cailean, please. Make me yours.”

People didn't normally talk to Cailean like that when they were in bed, despite how good of a lover Cailean liked to think he was.

Trystan much be really desperate for it.

It would be too cruel for Cailean to deny him the touch he needed, so he should do something about Trystan's need.

Cailean pushed himself away from Trystan's body, listening with some small amount of egotistical satisfaction the way the man moaned, as if suffering a loss.

“I need to get you naked,” Cailean said, and he grabbed onto the waist of Trystan's pants and started pulling them down.

These were the clean clothes Cailean had brought with him before leaving the clan, figuring Trystan might need them. He'd been glad he'd brought them when he found Trystan soaking wet and dirty. Now he just wanted to rip the damned things from the man's body.

“You don't have to get me all naked. Just take off what you need to,” Trystan said, wiggling his hips as Cailean got his pants down. Cailean couldn't take his eyes away from the sight of the man's cock, which was dark and hard, and even a little thicker looking than Cailean had thought it to be. It sprung free from Trystan's pants the second they were down the man's hips.

Yeah, he was really desperate. That almost looked uncomfortable.

Cailean reached down, and when he curled his fingers around the thick shaft of Trystan's dick, the sound of Trystan's open mouthed gasp, and the way his eyes screwed shut and his head fell back was enough to make all kinds of warmth surge through Cailean's body. There was no stopping it.

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