Hot, Wild & Crazy (MMMF)

Loving in Silver 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,154
11 Ratings (4.3)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/M/M/F, with M/M/M and M/M, paddling, sex toys, HEA]
Maggie Phillips has a busy life, but a fulfilling one. She’s the mother of three precocious children and a successful artist. She lives for both and is satisfied with what she has. She wasn’t looking for love and romance. It came looking for her, in the form of three cowboys.
Max Jensen, Sean Everett, and Ethan Smith were men she had known since high school, though not very well. When they hired her to do a job for them, she discovered she was more than a little interested in learning more about them. But would what she learned be enough to convince her that they would be the right men?
Max, Sean, and Ethan saw Maggie through new eyes, as if seeing her for the first time. In high school, they hadn’t been worthy of her. She was the older, cool girl and they had been goobers. Now they had to prove their worth to her.
Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Hot, Wild & Crazy (MMMF)
11 Ratings (4.3)

Hot, Wild & Crazy (MMMF)

Loving in Silver 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 61,154
11 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Another great story from Lynn Stark.
virginia lee
A very good book




Max personally thought Maggie could give them some class. She was a sweet, fiery, beautiful woman, with glorious dark auburn hair and a body to kill for. They could do worse, but they couldn’t do better. Just because they didn’t have much interaction with her didn’t mean they didn’t know anything about her. Yep, now that they had given it some thought, they believed Maggie was the one for them.

“I’ll call Bambi over at the Silver Edge. She’s best friends with Maggie.”

“Good idea,” Ethan said, grinning. “That’s why you’re the brains of this operation.”

Max laughed and shook his head. “Have you ever noticed that it takes all three of us to make one decision?”

They teased one another a lot. It was nothing new. But Max believed that it was their lightheartedness that helped keep their relationship strong. Reaching out, he pulled Ethan close. Their mouths met in a quick, hot kiss.

Four hours later Maggie was staring at the wall, a thoughtful expression on her face. She walked back and forth. She examined the restaurant’s lighting and the room the mural would be the centerpiece of. Finally she nodded and Max felt himself relax.

“I can do it. Now, what was it you wanted to discuss about my fee?”

“We thought we could do a bit of bartering. We know your work is fantastic, and that it probably sells for more than what we could trade for it, but we have several ponies you could choose from and tack for them. We even have a cart. All the ponies have been trained to drive.”

Maggie’s jewel-green eyes lit up with interest. Max was relieved. “That sounds like something I’d consider. Despite what you may have heard, my paintings are modestly priced. I’m no Picasso. I am flattered, however.” She grinned and pushed her curly red hair back away from her face. It was deep auburn with mahogany highlights. It was gorgeous and he felt his fingers itching to run through the thick mass. “I don’t have anything going right now. I just finished firing some of my pottery, so I’ve got time opening up to do this. Do you have anything you specifically want?”

Sean cleared his throat. All eyes went to him. “Well, we wanted it to look like you were looking through a window and seeing the incredible scenery outside.”

Maggie looked at him for a moment. Then she looked back at the wall. The space was about six feet by eighteen feet. “It’s too bad there’s a building next door, or you could have your great view,” she said, turning with a grin. “I can do what you want. When are you opening?”

“Next Friday.”

“Okay. Three ponies, one cart, and tack. Oh, I’ll need a month’s worth of feed, hay, and bedding. And you’ll deliver all of that, right?”

Ethan laughed. “We’ll deliver it with a smile. When do you want to bring the kids over to pick their ponies out?”

“How’s this afternoon? They actually asked me again this morning when we were getting them. Now that I have the paddock finished, they’ve been getting impatient.”

“A paddock is always better when it has something in it,” Max told her, smiling. “Your kids are going to love them.”

“This afternoon is good for us,” Sean said, moving closer. “Would you consider going out with us sometime?”

Maggie blinked twice as she stared at Sean. The corner of Max’s mouth twitched. It was obvious that the question had caught her off guard. A blush rose in her cheeks. Her fair skin failed to hide it. He still liked the freckles. He wondered if she had them on her breasts. As he did so his cock began thickening behind his zipper. He hoped the fuck she didn’t notice and felt the heat rise in his own face. She turned her head to look at Ethan and then at Max. He gave her what he hoped was an encouraging smile.

“Are you in pain?” she asked, her eyebrows going up.

She had nice eyebrows. They were arched and delicate. She didn’t shave them off, as his grandmother and aunts did, only to draw them back on.

Max laughed and shook his head. “I was hoping it would give you some encouragement. It obviously didn’t convey that.”

Maggie’s mouth twitched and she tossed that heavy mane of hair back again. His fingers itched again to tangle in it…as he fucked her hard and fast from behind. Max felt his cock stirring again. She would be sucking Sean’s cock. Ethan was stroking himself off beside them, ready to spray his cum over her body.

“Yeah, I’ll go out with you sometime. Just let me know when.”

Just like that, they had the promise of a date. The blood began flowing a little faster in Max’s veins. They followed her to the door. Sean opened it for her.

“I’ll bring the kids out to your place this afternoon. Four o’clock okay?”

“Perfect. We’ll be there,” Sean told her.

They followed Maggie outside. She paused on the sidewalk and turned back to them. “Just so you know. There’s no sex on the first date. Probably not on the second one, either. And if we make it through a third, I’ll consider it.”

Maggie walked away. They were speechless. Not necessarily because of what she had said, but because of the way her heart-shaped ass swayed, her jeans enhancing every lush curve.

“Fuck, if that isn’t the most perfect ass I’ve ever seen.”


“I wonder if she has freckles on it.” Max realized he was becoming obsessed by Maggie’s freckles. They were cute. They were sexy. And he wanted to kiss each and every one of them. “I guess we won’t be finding out until the third date.”

“Guys, we can’t screw this up. We need to go over the dos and don’ts.”

“No farting or belching,” Ethan told them with his special kind of wisdom. “No scratching body parts, either.”




Sean winked at her, and then spun around in a manner which would have any stripper filled with envy. His hands went to his belt buckle as he began shaking his firm, rounded ass. Oh, fuck, she was going to die right then and there. When he pushed jeans and underwear down over those fine mounds of masculine delight, exposing flesh she wanted to lick and bite for hours, Maggie didn’t know how much more she could take. She giggled when he shook his ass, teasing her. Fire shot through her when Max slapped one side of that beautiful ass and Ethan, the other. The fire in her veins swept down the insides of her thighs, scorching her.

When red handprints appeared on the white globes beneath the tan line at Sean’s waist, Maggie knew she was drooling. Putting the edge of the glass to her lips, she tossed back the last of the wine in it. Envisioning her own private strip show, she said in a husky voice, “Damn if we don’t need some music for this.”

Since luxury equated gadgets, music soon filled the space after Max went to the cabinet beside the fireplace. It took him a moment to find suitable music, but with satellite radio, he must have known a station which played deep, thrumming, sexy music. It echoed the pounding in her veins, the throbbing of her pussy. The ache she was feeling was raw and primitive. The longer she teased herself with this game, the more she wanted them, if that was even possible.

Her tongue slid along her lip as the three men began dancing and stripping. The cowboy boots proved to be a little awkward, but they were soon flying, along with socks. T-shirts came off, pulled up and tossed aside. Bare, suntanned torsos begged for her touch. Muscles flexed, teasing her as they performed for her.

When they were finally standing naked in front of her, expectant expressions on their faces, Maggie just grinned. Her body began swaying to the music, her hips mimicking the grinding thrusts of sexual coupling. Low moans and hard cocks were a good indicator of how her performance was affecting them. Her hands stroked over her body from her neck to her thighs. She turned gracefully to give them a view of her jean-covered ass. She pushed the heavy fall of her hair off her neck, her elbows out, as she made her ass jiggle.

The sounds from behind Maggie told her she couldn’t do anything wrong. Lowering her arms she reached for the hem of her shirt. She lifted it slightly as she twisted her body, giving them a glimpse of what was beneath, but not a full exposure. They would get that soon enough.

With her hips moving seductively, she slowly peeled the shirt up and tossed it aside. Her hands went to the snap on her jeans. She undid it, turning to face them, as she lowered the zipper.

“Fuck, look at that bra,” Max said, adding a low, tortured groan.

Maggie’s bra was black and designed for a woman with fuller breasts. It had sculpted lace edges and hooked in the front. Until now she hadn’t thought it was that sexy, just the sexiest one she owned. She would have to do some searching, give up some money, and find more lingerie to tantalize these men.

Running her hands over her breasts, then beneath them, she plumped them up in the bra. Her gaze fixed to the men. They were all stroking their balls or cocks, which she thought was very erotic. Though she wasn’t inexperienced as far as sex went, she had never experienced this kind of play with men before.

Turning around again, Maggie made a big show of wriggling out of the snug jeans, but stopped at the top curve. There were more moans before the begging began. “Come on, baby, show us that beautiful ass!”

How could she resist? Maggie swirled her hips as the fabric slid down. She turned and swirled and lowered them a little further. The V the open zipper made gave them a peek of the black lace panties she was wearing. Another wiggle and turn and she showed them the dimples above her ass.

Bending with deliberate slowness, she pushed the jeans down her legs and kicked them off, leaving her in only the bra and panties. She knew they showed off her rounded rear end to perfection.

Maggie wasn’t surprised when strong, callused hands cupped the mounds of her ass, sliding around until they were grasping her hips. She was pulled back until her body met the one behind. A very large, hard cock pressed into the crevice of her ass, grinding, sending shockwaves through her body as her pussy began to throb with growing passion.

She didn’t know which man was behind her until Sean and Ethan walked around in front of her. When they touched her pleasure hit her so hard that it shook her body. She was surrounded by the men. Their body heat enveloped her. Inhaling, she was tantalized by their combined scent. It was heady, blending perfectly, making her mouth water as she wanted to take a taste out of each one of them.

Smiling, Maggie dropped to her knees, their hands skimming her body, her curves, as she took the bulbous head of Sean’s long, thick shaft into her mouth. She looked up at him as the tip of her tongue flitted, teasing, sliding over the small indentation to wipe away the pearly droplets of liquid. It was both salty and tangy as it spread over her taste buds. She watched as different expressions crossed his handsome features. Their gazes met and a half smile curved one corner of his sculptured mouth.

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