[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, sex toys]

Emma Duncan is independent, reserved, and prickly as hell, a spitfire with enough secrets to keep her living behind fortified walls. Ty Whelan is convinced Emma is the wild, willing, and strong woman he and his brothers have waited half their lifetime for.

But the romance author’s past has chased her to the town of Liberty Springs, Wyoming.

Psychological scars hold her back from embracing the carnal bliss and emotional security the Whelans offer, while a twisted madman threatens her very existence.

Emma strives to overcome the grip of a man who has terrorized her for half a decade and admit that she has room in her heart for Zach and Colby as well as Ty.

With hard bodies and big hearts, they entice her to accept all they have to offer and revel in the affections of three very different men...

Because, girls, there’s "no bag limit" in Liberty Springs.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

No Bag Limit (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
Awesome book, cant wait to read more in this series.
Barefoot Okie
Great book, very well written and more realistic than most. Can't wait to read the next two, this author is very good and so are her HOT characters....
Professional Reviews

4.5 TEA CUPS: "Well after reading the whole book I could not stop myself from reading the prologue again to see which horse best resembles Ty, Zach and Colby. I could not see any of them as a Show Pony or a Performance Horse. The only ones that stuck out to me were the Problem Horse, the Workhorse, and the Keeper. Then you have the Fantasy Ride and all I have to say about that is that is does come true. Emma is a woman with strength, love and compassion, ready to fight in order to survive when danger would present itself. She has an amazing career as a writer but she also has a ranch to run where her horses help disabled kids. I loved her playful personality especially with Zach and Colby. Emma was different with Ty maybe because he was the eldest but he held her heart from the beginning. Emma was truly loved by the cowboys but danger lurks in the shadows and appears when it is least expected. Her strength is tested when one of the Whelan’s brothers is shot by a madman that has been sending her threatening letters. When Ty shows up at her ranch ready to care for her horses, Emma is not able to resist admiring his ass. Then when Ty is ready to leave the only payment he seeks is a kiss but he will seek it later when his brothers are present. Zach and Colby were the happiest cowboys around when they each got a kiss from Emma but they knew it was going to take a little bit more time to have her take all three of them. When the cowboys find out that someone has been sending threatening letters to Emma they are frantic because now she is missing. When they find her and view a tape of what she went through they know she is a special woman. When they come up with a plan to capture the madman, the cowboys never thought that they would be losing the woman that had claimed their hearts. The sexual heat in this story is enough to bring steam to your e-reader. The three Whelan brothers are so yummy it’s hard not to want one, to feel that sexual ecstasy that they show Emma. The development of their relationship is truly special and they created the perfect balance. Some of the sex scenes left me smiling even well after they happened. I loved how all the three men had different personalities and with that brought different sex lifestyles. Well Ms. Cole has done it again with this book. I finished reading this book and craved for the next book in this series. My only disappointment was small editing errors in the book. It was slow at the beginning but it truly picked up pace and it owned my heart. I enjoyed how they became lovers and how happy they were even when they were separated for a small amount of time. Pick up a copy of No Bag Limit! You won’t be disappointed. Believe me I have already looked into buying the second book in this series and read the story of Jory and Bailey." -- Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews


"Emma Duncan is a historical and erotic writer who moved to Liberty Springs, Wyoming to get away from everything. She never expected what she would find in her new home. The residents there have a unique way to look at things – especially sex and romance. Ty, Colby and Zach Whelan are brothers just waiting for the right woman to show up that can deal with all of them. Yep, they all know that once big brother Ty finds the right woman they will all romance her and bring her into their lives. When Emma moved into Liberty Springs, it didn’t take Ty long to know she was the right woman. Emma knows that the Whelan brothers are interested in her, but she isn’t sure if she can provide the type of love they need from her. Just when Emma decides to throw her common sense into the wind and discover just what the brothers are offering her, a madman from her past shows up determined to have Emma for himself. Keeping Emma safe and hopefully theirs is the only thing all three can think of after they get Emma back. A hot and loving romance was just beginning for them, but has that changed now? When Emma is threatened a second time, Ty, Colby and Zach will risk everything to make sure Emma is safe once and for all but in doing so, have they killed their chance at having the life they have dreamed of? In a place where nearly everything is accepted when it comes to romance, can three brothers gain the love one feisty woman? Ty, Colby and Zach are hoping that Emma is the answer to their dreams and needs in No Bag Limit. Emma was not exactly what I expected but she was perfect for the Whelans. I loved watching Emma come out of her internal shell that kept her adventurous spirit hidden – especially when it became evident that she was exactly what Ty, Colby and Zach needed. I think one of my favorite moments was when Ty explained to Emma that in Liberty Springs there really was no bag limit. Watching the guys’ antics as they all showed Emma their love in their own and original ways was very enjoyable and even had me laughing in a few places. In the end, I have to admit I wasn’t sure if the happy foursome would make it but Emma knows exactly how to handle her men so when she went to battle to prove her point – the outcome was love of course. No Bag Limit is erotic and suspenseful with a back line of humor twined all the way through. I can’t wait to see what will happen next in Liberty Springs. I do know I have to expect just about anything when that town is involved." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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Frustration got the better of her and the last three buttons went flying as Emma jerked the cotton open. She didn’t have a chance to enjoy her victory because two sets of hands turned her in Ty’s embrace. She found herself flat on her back with the best pillow she could think of beneath her head—the velvet heat of Ty’s corrugated stomach.

But that was momentarily forgotten as Zach and Colby knelt on either side of her. Their hands reached for her simultaneously. Colby went for the fly of her jeans and Zach peeled her shirt slowly up her ribcage.

He gave her a chance to stop him, but the intensity of his stormy eyes was captivating, enthralling. Daring her to lie there and see what he could offer her. They were lost for a second as the clingy material cleared her head, but the heat in his gaze doubled as he stared at the lush mounds peeping out the top of her lavender satin bra.

The hip roll that helped Colby off with her jeans was purely coincidental. An involuntary writhe as the bare skin of her shoulders contacted Ty’s molten stomach. He had propped himself on the pillows so that her head lay on his chest and he had a clear line of sight down her body.


* * * *


 “So fucking beautiful,” Ty growled in her ear.

He ached to run his hands all over the contours. Hell, not his hands, he wanted that body under his tongue. His mouth watered with the need to taste her, to feel those plump breasts in his mouth, to lap her nectar from the pussy that darkened her silk panties with its arousal.

But this time he would watch. Watch and gauge her reaction, talk her through and encourage her to let go of her inhibitions. Hold her secure in his arms as his brothers heaped their attentions upon her and taught her more about her body than she had ever known. It was a fucking crime that a woman with so much potential had reached thirty ignorant of the pleasures to be found with a lover.

“Look at Zach, darlin’,” he whispered darkly in her ear. “He is just dying to get those hard little nipples of yours in his mouth. I saw you teasing him earlier. I saw those nipples get hard for him. Do you want his mouth on your breasts, Em?”


* * * *


 “Oh, God, yes, anything.” She was overwhelmed by the fleshly pleasures they promised. Anything to sate the hunger they had incited.

Beneath hooded lids she watched Zach reach for her bra. His lips brushed the tops of the swollen mounds as his hands slid beneath her to undo the clasp, his breath warm against her. She could feel Colby’s hand resting like a dream on her thigh, caressing without moving, soaking up the feel of her fevered skin.

Zach skimmed the straps down over her shoulders. The weight of three pairs of eyes followed the leisurely progress of the material over her breasts. Ty’s muscles clenched beneath her when the edge of the cups caught on the erect peaks. She heard the rough intake of breath from three male throats when Zach pulled the material free.

Ty’s rough hands rasped over her skin, sliding up her sides to cup her exposed breasts. His thumbs raked over the puckered nipples, rolling the aching buds beneath the callused digits. He plumped the flesh, kneading the resilience. She gave a whimper of want as she arched into his touch. “My God, Em. I have never been jealous of those two, but I am about to be right now.”

Like a synchronized dream, the two younger brothers reached for her, their hands finding her fevered flesh but a frantic heartbeat before their esurient mouths. Emma’s neck arched as the hot wetness encircled the peaks of her breasts. Lapping, laving, before greedily drawing upon them.


* * * *


Ty held her secure, taking in every nuance of her reaction. Her features slack with pleasure, mouth falling open as her eyes drifted shut. He wanted her to watch, to see the men who were lavishing attention upon her, to know that it was them, and they alone who gave her pleasure.

He grasped a fistful of her thick hair, lifting her head as he brought his lips to brush her ear. “Watch them, Em, watch them suckle at you. See how much you affect us. I’m so hard right now, darlin’. So hard knowing that you will let us love you, let us give you pleasure. Are you wet, Em? Are you soaking those panties right now?” He tightened his grip against her scalp, demanding an answer.

“Yes, Ty. I’m so wet.” She writhed, pressing her thighs together. He watched as she tried to bring some relief as his torrid words mated with the sweet suction engulfing her breasts, sending her higher in the flames.

"I bet they are just dying to taste you. Have you ever had someone go down on you, darlin’? Has anyone licked all that cream from your hot little pussy?”

“No, no one.” Her voice was all but inaudible, but Zach and Colby stopped as if poleaxed.

 Her nipple slipped out of Colby’s mouth with an audible pop as he looked at Zach in disbelief. His blue eyes darkened at the thought of being the first to give her oral pleasure. His growling of “mine” was lost in his haste to be the first one there.

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