Derek's Dare (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,382
4 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Historical Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, HEA]

Derek Hawk ruts his way through the servants of Holbrook Hall. He desires his third cousin Diana Holbrook, but he’ll only break her heart. He goes to Hawksfell Manor to resist temptation. When Evan Mosley, chauffeur at the manor, runs into Derek at a nearby inn, passion and connection flare and they make love. Diana has loved Derek forever. When she finds out he’s leaving for Hawksfell Manor she insists on tagging along. She meets Evan and there’s an instant attraction. Derek tells Evan to romance her. She thinks she loves him, but if she finds passion with Evan she won’t give Derek her heart. She offers herself to Derek and he turns her down. She goes to Evan. He gives her pleasure and then Derek joins them. The three begin a liaison but Derek’s afraid to admit his feelings. Can he risk everything and tell them he loves them?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Derek's Dare (MMF)
4 Ratings (4.3)

Derek's Dare (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 27,382
4 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Professional Reviews

"This fourth book in the ‘Lords of Hawksfell Manor’ series once again reworks the trio assemblage with some new twists and turns. There is more of a connection to the first book this time round, and it is interesting to compare them all. Keeping with tradition, the newest Hawk on the scene does get an invitation from the earl via his gallant man-of-affairs, to come stay at the manor. I found the second gent and woman more intriguing than the current Hawk. However, he improves as the story progresses in what now feels like a tradition, too. These period works from in and around Yorkshire, England are entertaining, amusing, and deliciously sexy. Baron Holbrook, Derek Hawk, feels a pressing desire to escape and fabricates a reasonable itinerary. He is certainly a roué (or "rake" if you are less historically inclined), but his saving grace is that this pains him. His conscience and his ability to perceive how history is not written in stone serves him well and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I felt rather noble about that and he did not disappoint me. He does eventually dare to believe he will not make anyone suffer like his mother did. Diana Holbrook, third cousin to Derek, is a feisty and never say die kind of woman. Oh, she is marvelous…my kind of gal. She just picks herself up and follows Derek to Hawksfell Manor. She certainly spreads her wings and has a total romp in the process. Brilliant! Evan Mosley is the chauffeur at Hawksfell Manor and a wonder with those early automobiles. He is rather a magician with Derek and Diana, too. This time round, I felt he was the cohesive element that sets the trio in motion and with great flair. If you have read the earlier books, you have a fairly good idea how this will work out. It is the drama, sexual fireworks, and enlightenment this time round that had me smiling ear to ear once again. I suspect I will be totally captivated with the next book as well, but that is for another day. As of now, I suggest that a stay in Yorkshire, England in 1912 a fourth time round will be another delightful experience. I imagine it would be enjoyable and as always wonderfully risqué as a first encounter, too. " -- JJ, Rainbow Book Reviews

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The sound of a motor drew her eye to the drive. Her heart flipped when she recognized the car Derek had taken despite the gloom of the coming evening. She’d watched him being driven away. It was much more pleasurable to watch him return.

“Yes, Diana,” she said to herself. “He’s coming home to you.” She snorted. “Not likely.”

“Miss?” a parlormaid said from the doorway.

Diana eyed her. She was a pretty thing, all dark hair and eyes. Had Derek taken her, too? Her heart, so recently buoyed by Derek’s imminent return, now felt as heavy as a stone.

“N–nothing,” she managed to say to the maid.

The girl bobbed a curtsey and left her. Diana stepped away from the window and ran her hands over her dress and patted her hair. Thankfully she’d decided to wear one of her new dresses for dinner tonight. Though the cut was sleek and draped beautifully over her hips, the fabric also hugged her waist and showed a bit of her décolletage. Her corset was doing its job. The tops of her breasts felt plump and soft to her hands. Her fingers danced over her throat and the side of her neck. Derek had buried his face there, his hair-roughened cheeks delightfully setting her nerves to tingling. He’ll give me what I’ve been asking for. The truth was, she had no notion of what precisely she was asking him for. She would ask him tonight. That was all.

She heard the front door open and the low rumble of Derek’s voice. Attempting to assume an air of nonchalance, she pretended she just happened to step out of the parlor into the entry as Derek arrived home.

“Diana,” he said, drawing up short.

“Hello, Derek.”

He nodded, swallowing so his Adam’s apple bobbed. She ran her eyes hungrily over him. He looked marvelous, as usual. His overcoat spanned his wide shoulders and when he removed it she wasn’t disappointed by his tweeds. His hair was slightly tousled and he seemed uncertain as he stood there. Both elements combined to lend him a bit of approachability that made her step closer as if pulled by an invisible thread.

“Was your trip enjoyable?” she asked.

“Enjoyable?” He waved the footman holding his suitcases to head upstairs and handed his coat to a waiting maid. He said something to her she didn’t hear but the girl didn’t appear to blush or giggle. She just hurried away. He faced Diana again. “I suppose you can say that.”

Questions burned within her, but she wouldn’t press him for answers. She wanted to know only one thing. What he believed she wanted him to give her and how soon he would do it.

“You’re in time for supper,” she said. “The family is already in the dining room.”

His jaw tightened. “I plan to eat in my room tonight, Diana. I have to see to a few things if I’m leaving the day after tomorrow. An evening spent with a table full of Holbrooks is not something I need right now.”

Her throat tightened as she focused on the only phrase that affected her. “You’re leaving. Again.” Oh, it was like a repeat of that last morning just days earlier!

“The Earl of Hawksfell has invited me to stay for a while. I find I can’t resist the prospect.”

“But why so soon? You’ve only just returned.”

“I’ve had a hell of a few days, Diana.” He turned away and began to climb the stairs. “Please don’t press me.”

Diana fumed for a few long moments, then chased him up the stairs. “Why do you hate us so much, Derek?”

He stopped at the landing and faced her. His dark Hawk eyes looked almost sad. “I don’t hate any of you. I just don’t want to be the center of a Holbrook dinner conversation again.”

He turned away and walked toward his room. His words struck her. He was right. The blasted Holbrooks, male and female, old and young, seemed fascinated by all things Hawk. It had been that way since he’d come to the hall, but she’d never really paid much attention. She’d only wanted to be near him, not to know everything about his cursed family’s past. To think that he lumped her into that group of gossipmongers cut her.

She descended the stairs slowly and headed for the dining room. She could hear her family talking and laughing, meaning the men had already imbibed generously on her late father’s wine. As she entered the room she saw there were eight Holbrooks dining tonight. Her mother’s eyes stabbed at her.

“Where’s Derek, dear?” she asked. “I’d heard he came home not too long ago.”

“He’s eating in his room,” Diana answered.

Silence met that statement then the room erupted with stories and suppositions that scorched her ears and curled her toes. She couldn’t handle this tonight. Holding a hand over her mouth, she made a retching sound that shut up the group of Holbrooks.

“Are you all right, Diana?” Betsy Holbrook, her second cousin, asked her.

“My stomach is a bit ill,” Diana lied. “Mother, please forgive me.”

She didn’t give anyone time to worry more over her phantom stomachache. As she left the room, she could hear the conversation begin to buzz again. She knew she wasn’t the subject. No. They talked about hunting and riding, parties and pairings. And Hawks, of course. Always Hawks.




She felt like quite the wanton, rubbing herself against this lovely man. He was sweet and gentle and she so wanted him to put his pretty mouth on her breasts again. His slightly callused hands were sure as he ran them over her flesh, moaning his desire and whispering words of praise. He moved and covered one breast and she arched as she had before.

“Please…” she groaned.

He lowered his head and suckled her nipple. His tongue dragged over the tip, starting a fire within her. Her limbs trembled, and her pussy grew hot and tingling. His fingers trailed over the edge of her stockings, setting her skin on fire. He neared her pussy, his fingertips tickling her.

“You’re wet, Diana,” he said, his voice low. “Are you wet for me?”

She was. “Yes, Evan.” She wanted him to please her, as astounding as that should be. Wanted the pleasure she just knew he could give her. “I’m wet for you.”

He pinched her clit and she jumped. Chuckling, he spread her legs and buried his face between her thighs. It was everything she remembered from her time with Derek, but more. Yesterday she’d imagined this very thing and today she had her wish. His tongue stroked her flesh as he made the most intriguing sounds.

“Delectable,” he murmured, lifting his head to grin at her. “You are delicious, love.” He dropped a kiss on her belly.

She swallowed, meeting his hot gaze. “Lick me, Evan. Please.”

He smiled again and lowered his head once more. She felt his fingers delve inside her swollen pussy as his tongue stabbed at her clit. Her legs were spread wide, her hands fisted in the fine linens on his bed. His rooms were lovely but she might as well have been on the floor of the garage for the notice she paid to her surroundings at the moment. Her every sense was focused on what he was doing to her. His lips and tongue, his fingers and breath, drove her closer and closer to that pinnacle Derek had shown her. She wanted it so badly. She whimpered and thrashed beneath his tender hold as his mouth drove her clearly over the edge.

She bucked wildly as her orgasm took her breath. “Evan!”

He soon gentled, licking and kissing her pussy and her inner thighs as she slowly recovered. He moved up and kissed her mouth. She tasted herself on him, that and his warm, bright taste.

“Did you like that, Diana?” he asked.

She caught her breath and nodded. “Oh, yes.”

“Then you will love this,” Derek said from the doorway.

He stood there, large and dark, in Evan’s bedroom. Her gaze shot to Evan, who wore a smug expression. “You knew he’d come here?”

He shook his head. “Not entirely. I suspected as much.”

She leaned up on her elbows again. She knew she made quite a display, her bent legs splayed and her breasts bared. She didn’t care.

“Why are you here, Derek?” she asked.

He began to remove his clothes. “I’m going to fuck you, Diana. Isn’t that what you want?”

She glanced at Evan, who moved to sit beside her. “What about you? I thought you were going to take me.”

“I believe you want Derek now.”

“But you just made me…” She bit her lip, tears threatening. “You made me come,” she finished on a whisper.

He smiled. “And I enjoyed it. You are remarkable.”

“But now Derek…?” She turned her head to find Derek blessedly naked.

He stroked his cock as he had the other night. He was huge in his own hand, even larger than she remembered from their night at Holbrook Hall.

“Oh, what are you going to do?” she asked him.

He came closer and she caught his scent now. Spice and heat, which mingled with Evan’s bright smell and her own sex. Her heart beat faster.

“I’m going to fuck you, Diana.” He knelt on the bed between her trembling thighs. The underside of his cock rubbed delightfully over her still-engorged clit. “I’m going to fuck you hard.”

She gasped as he shifted and drove inside her. Pain shot through her center and she cried out.

He stilled, dropping kisses on her face. His brows were drawn together over his dark eyes. “I’m sorry, love. I should have been more gentle.”

“It’s all right,” she whispered. “You’re just so…”

“Big?” Evan offered.

She slid him a look out of the corner of her eye. He seemed eager to watch Derek take her, his face intent on where their bodies joined. Then Derek moved inside her, and she felt a burst of the pleasure Evan had just given her.

“Oh, my!” she gasped.

Derek braced himself above her. His gaze was dark and intense. “All right, Diana?”

She nodded. “Fuck me, Derek.”

He flashed a quick smile. “Yes?”

“Fuck me…hard.”



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