Men's Room 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 29,783
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Tommy Cooper has just turned 21 and is getting his first exposure to the gay club scene when he meets Darren Maguire, a go-go dancer. Not only is Darren about the hottest guy that Tommy has ever seen, but he also has an identical twin brother named Michael who is also a dancer. Things quickly heat up for Tommy and Darren, but Michael doesn’t exactly approve. Michael is more serious and wishes his brother Darren would focus more on his education. When Michael meets the man of his dreams, however, he begins to understand the power of romance. Both of the twins become embroiled in relationships which are sure to affect their future, but in the party environment of a dance club, can any such relationship last? And what of the parade of hot guys that constantly come in and out of their lives? Only time will tell if Tommy has actually met the man of his dreams or if he’s simply allowed himself to be swept up by a passing sensation…a Twinsation.

0 Ratings (0.0)


Men's Room 1

eXtasy Books

Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 29,783
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Matine Jardin

Tommy looked up onto the shelves and immediately tried to begin memorizing where everything was.

“It’s all organized,” Deejay explained. “We try to keep things in the same order back here as they are located out at the bar. Over here is the freezer and we also have a big walk-in cooler. Don’t be surprised if you walk into the cooler sometime and see one or more of the dancers.”

“Seriously?” Tommy asked. “Why would they be in there?”

“They get pretty hot, up there dancing under the lights and they sometimes come back here for a few minutes to cool off.”

“Oh man,” Tommy said, laughing. “I thought maybe they went into the cooler for something else.”

Deejay smiled at him knowingly. “Well, yeah, there’s that, too. Speaking of dancers, here comes one now.”

Tommy turned around just in time to see what he thought was the hottest looking man he’d every laid eyes upon. Short-cut brown hair and blue eyes and a smile that actually rivaled Deejay’s. Tommy’s mouth dropped open as he stood there staring.

“Hey,” the gorgeous hunk said cheerfully. “I’m Darren Maguire, one of your new dancers.”

Deejay stepped over to him. “Yeah, first night. Been expecting you. Colby should be here shortly and he can show you around. I’ll show you the dressing room. You can wait there for him.”

“Oh cool.” He extended his hand to shake with Deejay.

“This is Tommy, it’s also his first night.”

“Awesome! So we can learn together,” Darren said.

Tommy gulped. “I…um…well, I won’t be learning the same stuff as you. I’m not a dancer or anything.”

Darren winked at him. “Well, I’m sure you’ll be working just as hard as me. I’ve been in here before and I know how busy this bar gets.”

“You got that right,” Deejay said. “Come on, the dressing room is right down the hall.”

“My brother is supposed to be coming,” Darren said. “He starts tonight, too.”

Deejay stopped in his tracks and turned around. “Really?” he asked. “You and your brother both…huh? You’re both dancers?”

Darren nodded. “Yep.”

“Does he look like you?” Deejay asked.

Just as he asked the question, another hot guy stepped through the door. Tommy blinked, thinking for a moment he may be seeing double. They were identical.

“Twins,” Darren said. “We look exactly alike.”

“Exactly?” Deejay asked.

“Yeah, exactly…right down to the size of our you-know-what.”

Tommy covered his mouth and coughed. Holy shit.

“Hey guys,” the twin said as he quickly stepped down the hall and stood behind his brother. “I’m Michael.”

“Darren and Michael…twins,” Deejay said, shaking his head.

“Double the pleasure!” Darren said.

“Double the fun,” Michael chimed in. “Like Juicy Fruit.”

Deejay nodded slowly. “Yeah, exactly. But I think that jingle is for Double Mint gum, not Juicy Fruit.”

Tommy just stared at them. They smiled at him and Deejay, then in unison, they both winked. Fuck me, Tommy thought, my heart can’t take it.

Deejay led them down the hallway and pointed out the dressing room. Tommy peaked inside, surprised at how small it was. “Wow,” he observed, “those are kind of close quarters.”

“We don’t mind,” one of the two twins said.

Tommy now wasn’t sure which was which because they’d been walking behind him. They were dressed exactly alike and Tommy had yet to identify any distinguishing characteristic on either of them that he could use to tell them apart. He looked down toward the ground and noticed they both were wearing Nikes. One of the two had scuffmarks on the laces.

“Which one of you is Darren and which is Michael?” he asked.

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