[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, vampires/werewolves, HEA]
Pip Echohawk left Sioux Falls after finding his boyfriend of six years in bed with another man. Determined to never fall in love again, Pip heads to Desire and finds a job at the local tavern. But his vow is short-lived when he gets a look at his sexy new boss. Brody is gorgeous, caring, and, as hard as Pip fights his desires, he finds himself in the arms of the wolf shifter.
Brody Taylor can't believe his eyes when the feminine-looking male walks into his bar. Pip sets Brody's blood on fire, and Brody does everything in his power to convince the human that they are mates. But someone has cast a spell, and newborn vampires are on the rise. Their bite is infectious and, soon, Pip finds himself struggling for his life.
Can Brody save his mate, or will Pip be lost to bloodlust forever? 
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.


Bad Habits (MM)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole




Brody had begun to wash the dirty glasses when he heard Beth say, “Now it’s not every day when I can say a man looks better than me.”

Confused, Brody glanced up at her. “What’re you talkin’ about?”

Beth nodded her blonde head toward the door. Brody looked that way and nearly crushed the mug in his hand. In strolled a stranger with shoulder-length, black hair and the prettiest eyes Brody had ever seen. The gray color wasn’t the only thing that took Brody’s breath away. He had applied a light touch of makeup around those beauties.

“I think I’m jealous,” Beth teased. “Look at those thick lashes. How much do you wanna bet they’re real?”

Brody looked the man over from head to toe as the stranger approached the counter.

 “Excuse me, can you tell me if the owner is around?”

The stranger’s voice was so soft and sweet that Brody’s cock hardened. He was thankful as hell the counter hid his blossoming erection. Brody dried his hands off and stuck one out. “That would be me, Brody Taylor.”

The man placed his hand in Brody’s, and it felt fragile. “I’m Pip Echohawk.”

“What can I do for you, Pip?”

Pip slid his hand free, and Brody instantly missed the connection. “I was wondering if you were hiring. I just moved to Desire a few days ago, but so far I haven’t had any luck finding a job.”

“You better hire him,” Beth said under her breath.

Brody narrowed his eyes at her before pouring two cups of coffee. “Why don’t we have a seat and find out how qualified you are?” he said to Pip.

“If he ain’t qualified, I’ll train him,” Beth said before she scooted from the stool and headed toward her tables.

With Beth gone, Brody set Pip’s cup on the counter. “Go ahead and have a seat.”

Pip slid onto the stool and clasped his hands around his cup. “God, this heat feels good. My hands are so cold.”

Considering Pip wore a thin coat and no hat or gloves, Brody could just imagine. “Have you worked in a tavern before?”

Pip sucked his lower lip in and Brody had to suppress a groan. “No, but I’m pretty good with people and I’m a quick learner. All I’m asking is that you give me a chance. If it doesn’t work out, then there’ll be no hard feelings.”

It was Friday night and Bad Habits was packed. Brody considered Pip’s offer. “Do you think you can start now? Just stick with Beth, and she’ll show you the ropes.”

“So I have the job?” Pip’s beautiful eyes widened. “Seriously?”

“Trial basis,” Brody reminded him. He grabbed a half apron from under the counter and handed it over. “Put this on, and then—” Brody frowned. He scented the air and felt as if a sledgehammer had slammed into his chest as the smell of jasmine wrapped around him. He took a step back, fighting to keep his canines from descending. Not only was Pip human, but he was Brody’s mate.

A look of concern crossed Pip’s face. “Are you okay, Mr. Taylor?”

Brody forced the growl back down his throat. “Just…”—he shook his head—“just give me a minute.”

He moved from behind the counter and went straight to Beth. “Need you to take over for a second.”

“Sure.” She turned and her eyes grew wide as she stared at his mouth. “What’s wrong, Brody?”

“Pip is my mate.” He rubbed a hand over his trim beard and shook his head. “I need to go pull my shit together. Show him the ropes while I go to my office.”

“Take your time,” she said. “Do you need me to call anyone?”

“No, but thanks.” Brody didn’t need any help. He was fighting against grabbing Pip, tossing him over the counter, and fucking the man’s brains out. Brody’s wolf was battling to get free, and he needed to get his beast leashed.

He didn’t look Pip’s way as he hurried past the kitchen door and straight to his office. After slamming the door behind him, Brody leaned against it and took several deep breaths. Never in his life had he felt so primed to take someone down. His entire body pulsed with need as he took a seat behind his desk.

He grabbed the phone out of its cradle and dialed Cage. Cage was not only Brody’s best friend, but he’d helped more at the bar than anyone else. Brody was surprised Cage wasn’t there tonight. Cage usually was when the place was packed, scoping out any man who walked through the door in hope of finding a bed partner for the night.

“Tell me you got a hottie at the bar,” Cage said when he answered. “Does he have a friend?”

Brody rubbed his palm against his eye. “No, but my mate just walked in looking for a job.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” Cage blew out a breath. “Congrats, but that’s so fucking unfair. Why couldn’t I have been next to find a mate?”

“Stop bitching and get your ass down here.” He might’ve told Beth that he didn’t need anyone, but Brody felt as though he was really losing it. With the way he felt, if he went back out there, he would scare the hell out of Pip. The man looked too delicate to be chased around the tavern by a horny wolf shifter.

“On my way.” Cage hung up.

Brody set the phone down and leaned back, hoping Cage got here before he lost the battle and stalked after the sexy new hire.




A growl rumbled in Brody’s chest before he followed Pip. If he didn’t bury his cock in his mate’s ass in the next five seconds, Brody just might kill everyone. His skin felt too tight, his wolf growled for Brody to claim his mate, and his cock was so hard it hurt. Something had to give.

Brody walked past Pip, grabbed his mate’s arm, and hauled Pip to his office.

“What’re you doing?” Pip squeaked as he was dragged along.

“Solving one of my many problems.” Brody shoved the office door open, dragged Pip inside, and kicked it closed. With one swoop, he knocked everything off his desk. “Get naked or I’ll tear those clothes off you.”

Brody was trying his best to reel his shit in, but his wolf was too close to breaking free, and nothing else in the world mattered except claiming Pip.

When Pip stood there unmoving, Brody ripped the front of his mate’s shirt with a claw. “Five seconds, Pip.”

“This was my favorite shirt!” Pip argued, but quickly slid the tattered material down his arms.

“Four.” Brody used the same claw to slice through Pip’s leather belt.

“You owe me a shirt and a belt,” Pip complained, but made no move to remove his jeans. Brody was starting to get the impression his mate was turned on by having his clothes removed the hard way.

He backed up Pip to his desk, staring at the small, brown nipples. They were hard, and Pip’s reedy chest rose and fell rapidly. Brody swiped his tongue over the pebbled flesh, eliciting a moan from his mate.

“Three.” Brody unfastened Pip’s pants. His mate tried to squirm from between Brody’s body and the desk. Brody placed an arm on either side of Pip, resting his hands against the desk.


“This is a shotgun mating,” Pip argued. He pressed his palms against Brody’s chest. “Stop acting like a wild animal.”

Brody narrowed his eyes as he slowly lowered Pip’s zipper. “You have no idea, love. Things are about to get wild as fuck up in this office. I’ll have you screaming my name by the time I’m done with you.”

Pip’s gray eyes widened slightly. His lips parted and his cheeks flushed.


Pip hollered as Brody picked him up and laid him across the desk. Brody ripped Pip’s pants off, tore his boxer briefs free, and removed his shoes and socks. Pip lay there naked, a meal to be feasted upon.

Brody would have fought against the feral urge if Pip hadn’t been rock-hard. His mate’s cock strained against his stomach, precum leaking from the head. Brody bent, engulfing the hardened flesh, and Pip cried out.

Pip’s legs wrapped around Brody’s shoulders as Brody took Pip’s cock down his throat.

“Brody! Brody! Brody!” Pip thrust his hips upward, nearly choking Brody, but damn if hearing his name shouted didn’t spur him on. He reached into the drawer and grabbed the bottle of lube he’d placed there when they’d come into work earlier. Yep, Brody had had high hopes he would claim Pip today.

After lubing his fingers, Brody drove two of them into Pip’s ass.

Pip made all kinds of noises, loud, moaning, and whimpering, as Brody worked to stretch his mate. He pulled back and suckled on the head, lapping the precum up before swallowing Pip’s cock again.

Without warning, Pip came, his ass muscles clamping around Brody’s fingers as spurts of cum shot down Brody’s throat.

“Oh fuck!” Pip jerked as he fucked Brody’s mouth, his backside squirming on the desk. Brody had to use his free hand to pin Pip in place. He pulled back, releasing Pip’s softening cock.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock.” Brody took a step back as Pip wobbled from the desk and lowered to his knees. When he reached for Brody’s snap, Brody stopped him. “Use your teeth.”

Lust sprang into Pip’s gray eyes. He licked his lips as he leaned forward and used his tongue to lick Brody’s heavy erection trapped behind the denim. Knowing how hard unsnapping jeans this way actually was, Brody did it for Pip, but didn’t touch his zipper. Pip nuzzled his way to it and lowered it, his gaze locked on Brody’s.

Son of a bitch if that wasn’t the sexiest sight. Brody had to curl his fingers in so he wouldn’t shove his jeans down his legs. This was all about Pip, and Brody would allow his mate to go at his own pace.

Pip pulled the fabric apart and nuzzled Brody’s boxers. He used his chin and his teeth to lower the waistband. Brody stood there panting, watching, his wolf howling in satisfaction. When Pip swiped his tongue over the bulbous head, Brody let go of a low, rumbling growl.

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