It Takes Special Forces (MFMMMM)

Love on the Rocks 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,982
22 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Ménage Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M/M/M, HEA]
Essie Salter is not just shy, she's scared, too. A victim of a stalker, forced to disappear and start a new life in order to survive, she winds up in South Carolina. Her fears of soldiers are justified. But she’s trying to learn to be confident and strong despite daily panic attacks and new insecurities.
However, it seems special forces can hinder her thought-out strategy of survival and remaining undetected. Especially since those forces come in the form of five very well trained, attractive, and determined Special Forces soldiers. They infiltrate her heart and readjust her strategy and just in the nick of time, as her stalker discovers her hiding place. Her men have built up her self confidence and given her the tools to survive, but it’s her need to fight for her life— and for her lovers— that comes down to a do-or-die situation.
Note: This book contains triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.


It Takes Special Forces (MFMMMM)
22 Ratings (4.7)

It Takes Special Forces (MFMMMM)

Love on the Rocks 9

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 56,982
22 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I love this series and Dixie never fails to draw me into the story!!!!
I really liked this series and I hope that there will be many more to come. I always enjoy reading Dixie Lynn Dwyer's stories. She really draws you in and makes you feel like you're part of the story.
Karlyn Plett




When Essie tried to get up, she felt how weak she was. She didn’t bother to force the strength that wasn’t there to come. These episodes debilitated her. She probably would have wound up in a mental institution if the man had raped her instead of beating her. Thank God he hadn’t, and to this day, she still wondered why. What was it he’d wanted from her? She’d never dated him, never even spoken to him beyond the few times after the night they met. She just didn’t like him, or feel an attraction to him, but Blade kept coming around. He kept trying to talk to her, or watch her. Then after the attack, when the police had gone through her apartment and found that he had been there, they’d also found the cameras.

He had been watching her. While she slept. While she dressed. While she showered. She felt so violated. It was as if he’d taken everything from her, including her whole life in New York, and she’d never even dated the man, kissed him, or really knew him. It was sick, and the only thing he hadn’t seemed to rip from her was her virginity. He would take that, too, if he ever found her. She was alone in this world now. She couldn’t trust a soul or get too close to anyone, or they would be placed in danger, too, when Blade finally found her.

She shivered. She pulled the hooded sweatshirt tighter. She no longer dressed in light clothing for bed. No matter how hot, or how sure she was that he wasn’t watching, she couldn’t let her guard down even as she slept. A prison. She was living life in a prison. But when she walked out that door and went to work, went to the dojo, or spoke with Helen, Precious, or the people she’d recently met, she pretended to be normal. She acted like a professional young woman working hard, taking care of herself, and new to this lovely town in South Carolina. They knew nothing of the turmoil she went through every day and every night. The fake smile, fake show of confidence. It was harder to show that confidence in the dojo, and definitely around certain men she’d recently met.

She swallowed hard and focused on her breathing and clearing her head.

She didn’t want to think about Blade’s capabilities. Of what she’d learned from the detective who couldn’t prove shit. That Blade was a soldier relieved of his duties on a dishonorable discharge for assaulting his commander and threatening to kill him. She didn’t want to think about his frame of mind, of how Blade was resourceful, and so slick that even the detective feared his capabilities. It became clear after the attack that she wasn’t safe in New York, or anywhere nearby. She had no choice but to leave her perfect job. To disappear in the middle of a night, wearing a disguise, acting like some secret agent, instead of being able to live a normal, successful business life as a twenty-four year old woman.

She worried constantly about naked pictures or videos of her showing up on the internet that the man had been taking. It made her shiver with disgust. How could he do that? How did he even get into her apartment and set those cameras up? The detectives explained about his capabilities as Special Forces, yet they still seemed unable to prove that it was Blade, and still questioned her part in this situation. How many times had they asked her if she’d had sex with, dated, kissed, or led the man on? Assholes. She never led him on. She’d been honest from the start and declined his offer of a date.

The man destroyed her success, her life, her everything, because of some fucked up reason Blade chose her to become his obsession. He took her independence, her ability to achieve and to fight, away from her. He turned her into this—a sniveling, scared, timid, panic-on-a-moment’s-notice woman.

She slammed her hand down on the rug.

Eight months and she still had these freaking attacks. She’d thought she was getting stronger. Felt the training at Magnum’s dojo was making her mentally and physically stronger, but then every night she had these. Every morning she woke up like this. She was so sick of it. She wanted to move on with her life but was afraid of her own shadow. She was afraid to make other friends, and when she forced herself to go out—like the night everyone celebrated that Precious had been safe and survived being abducted—she was scared.

She couldn’t even converse with anyone other than Magnum, Carlyle, Cavanaugh, and Precious. She even shied away from conversation with Ronin and Bobby. Forget about those huge friends of Magnum’s, the Stames brothers. Holy shit, when Turbo came over to talk to her and some of the people from the dojo, she slid away and made an excuse to leave, then snuck out and headed home.

She shook her head. Those men were gorgeous, hard, incredible, mysterious men. It didn’t help either that the class she knew she should take, the self-defense one, was now being run by Ford, Max, and even Cobra. They were all Special Forces soldiers, and all she kept thinking was, Blade is Special Forces, too. Some one-man army and killer. She felt her throat tighten up, and realized that just thinking about the Stames brothers made her feel panicked and sick. Just because they were soldiers didn’t make them potential psychopathic killers. Look at the Mather brothers, and Magnum, and even at Bobby and Ronin. All soldiers, all normal. She swallowed hard and reached into the drawer for the energy bar. She shifted on the rug, feeling the energy slowly come back into her body and eliminate the weakness. She opened the bar and took a bite. She leaned back, and in between bites, took sips from the large water bottle she kept at the bedside table.

She looked at the clock. She wouldn’t make that seven a.m. class. It was six a.m. It would take thirty minutes, maybe, to fully recover from this. Then she had to get dressed, eat, walk, run, or bike to the dojo. She closed her eyes. Excuses. All excuses based on her fears. She wanted to take the self-defense class but she didn’t want to take it with one of the Stames brothers.

She felt her heart race. They intimidated her, put a fear in her so badly, and she didn’t know why. Well, she kind of did know why. She found them attractive. She couldn’t help but seek them out, and check them out. Jesus, I’m such an idiot. One psycho soldier stalker, and I’m attracted to four total badass soldiers that no one, not even Precious, knew much about. What Essie did know, was that they were resourceful and somehow finagled the capabilities to charter a plane, organize, initiate, and complete a mission and save Precious’s life.




The kiss intensified pretty damn quickly and he lowered her back to the island and made out with her right there in the kitchen with his brothers and cousin looking on. His cock hardened and his body and heart knew he wanted this petite, sexy little woman to belong to all of them. She was it. The one woman to bring them all together and seal the deal.

As he released her lips and she exhaled, he lifted her top and began to kiss her skin, along that sexy belly ring and tight abs then when he heard her gasp and glanced up to see Slayer gently pull her hands and arms above her head. She locked gazes with him

“Let us bring you pleasure and make you feel good. We need it. To know that you’re safe and okay. We won’t go too far unless you’re ready,” he said to her.

Cobra caressed a palm up her belly. She gasped and looked at him.

“So soft and sexy. We stop when you say stop, but don’t say it out of fear. Let go and we’ll catch you,” he told her, then used one hand to unclip her bra. The second her large, full breasts emerged, Cobra lowered down to feast on one breast as Ford slid over the island to feast on her other breast.

He locked gazes with Slayer who nodded and then kissed Essie from above.

Turbo kissed along the waist of her lounge pants, then lowered them and her panties down and off of her. She tightened up but Max was there to give her direction.

“Nice and easy, baby. It will feel really good. You’ll see,” he said and Turbo inhaled her scent then licked her cunt. She moaned and thrust her hips upward and it was on. They all began to feast on her body, bringing her pleasure, together. His heart pounded inside of his chest. The fact that he was sharing her with his cousin and brothers made his dick so fucking hard he thought he might explode in his pants. He didn’t fucking care. This little lady packed one hell of a fucking punch.

The sight of her on the island in their kitchen with them all surrounding her feasting on her like a midnight snack had him stroking fingers into her cunt and alternating tongue and fingers. She was rocking her hips when Slayer released her lips and she cried out her release. Turbo slurped and sucked at her cunt until she was pleading for mercy. He felt the slap to his shoulder and he pulled back and Max took his place.

“Oh god, please. Please, this is wild,” she stated.

“This is nothing. Just wait,” Cobra said and tugged on her nipple, then kissed her lips. He moved from his position and Turbo took his place. He held her gaze.

“Taste how delicious you are,” he said to her and pressed his mouth to hers. He felt her jerk then moan and he knew that Max was now bringing her pleasure, too.


* * * *


Max slid his palms up and down her thighs, spreading her wider. He stroked his tongue along her pussy and then her anus. She wiggled and thrust upward and he was on fire with desire to pleasure her. He stroked a finger into her cunt and watched her cream drip. She was so fucking responsive.

“That’s it, baby. Give it to me. Come for me next,” he said firmly. Turbo released her lips and she cried out. He stroked her pussy and then felt the tap to his shoulder. Ford wanted in.

“She’s so delicious, bro,” Max said and moved out of the way and looked at Essie. She was panting and her eyes glazed over.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from our little lady,” Ford told her and then he leaned over her, kissed her belly as Cobra and Slayer cupped her breasts and aroused her nipples. Her hips jerked.

“Oh god, I can’t believe this. Is this really happening?” she asked and her voice cracked.

“Oh yeah, baby, it’s happening,” Ford said and winked at her. Max chuckled and then moved behind her and caressed her hair.

“You are so very beautiful, baby. Your body knows and responds to each of us. That’s perfect.” He pressed his lips to hers and then she moaned into his mouth as she jerked upward.

“Fuck, her ass is super fucking tight. God, I’m going to come in my pants.” Ford stated and Max knew he stroked her ass. He released her lips and Essie cried out her release while Ford fingered both holes.

“This is bad.” She shook her head side-to-side, moaning and thrusting.

“So bad and naughty and, oh god, I never!” she cried out again.

“Fuck, she is coming all over the place. My turn,” Cobra stated and Ford pulled fingers from her body and stepped aside, he immediately went to her and cupped her cheeks.

“You are going to be an amazing lover. We’re going to fill you up in every hole and claim you, baby. Nice and easy, and slow, so you can get used to our big, hard cocks,” he said and pressed his lips over hers.

Max chuckled. He had never heard Ford carry on so much over a woman and say the things he was saying to Essie. It aroused him, too.

“Mmm,” Cobra moaned as he slurped and suckled her cunt and then lifted one of her thighs up over his shoulder. Ford released her lips.

“Cobra!” she yelled.

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