[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Sci-Fi/Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, public exhibition, HEA]
Robert Macomber never thought that he'd find a mate among the men of Earth.  Rick Murphy never thought he'd risk his career to give into his desire for a man.  They were both wrong.  Mac is brought in as a profiler on a case that rocks him to his core.  A young man is brutally slain in the ritualistic style of the execution of gay men on his home planet of Odio.  On the scene of that horrific death, Mac is shocked to meet his mate Rick.  Rick Murphy has a secret of his own.  As a human lie detector, he learns that Mac is not revealing everything he knows about the case.  He has no idea of the secrets Mac is really hiding.  He has no idea that he is going to learn a truth that would shake his ideas about himself and the world.  He has no idea that the truth could just cost him his life.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Unforeseen (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A very interesting take on the alien-human lover trope. Mac and his men escaped from their planet to Earth five years ago in order to have the freedom to love who they want. Because their species have advanced "abilities" plus a second form, if two men mate they each gain the others power in addition to their own. Their government feared these men would eventually take over, so two men mating is illegal, and if caught they are killed.

After five years Mac doesn't think he, or any of his men, will be able to find mates within the human population. Not until he meets Rick, anyway.

I liked this beginning to a new series. I would have enjoyed more background and maybe not so much insta-sex for a guy who adamantly refuses to be gay for fear of repercussions from his fellow officers. The mystery suspense was pretty good and I'm curious to see what else the author might have up her sleeve.
Christy Duke




Mac looked down at the victim. The young man looked no more than twenty. He was naked and lying spread-eagle on the ground. It was his injuries that caused Mac’s initial reaction. The boy had been disemboweled, and his genitals had been cut off. His clothes were folded next to him with his penis and balls lying neatly on top of them. Kneeling down, he looked at the wound on the young man’s groin. It was cauterized, as though his genitals were removed with a laser. Could it be a coincidence that the man died by the method used to execute gay men on his planet?

“Does he have an ID?”

“Yeah,” Holmes responded. “He had two IDs on him. One, which I think is real, shows his name to be James Randolph, eighteen years old, from Providence. The other shows him to be a twenty-eight-year-old man named Michael Smith from Boston.”

Mac looked up. “Fake ID to get into a club?”

“If he follows pattern, he will have been at this gay bar last night.” He gestured to his right. “All the victims had been found in the alley next to a gay bar, the same one they frequented the night before.”

“Shit, fuck, damn,” Mac muttered.

“I couldn’t have said it better,” a new voice said from behind Mac.

Mac got up from his crouch and turned to greet the new guy. Gorgeous. Tall, windblown hair so dark brown that it looked black. Startlingly blue eyes shone from a pale face that was rosy from the chilly wind. Mac’s cock went from totally flaccid to completely erect in a heartbeat, something that had never happened on a crime scene.

“Mac,” Holmes said, “this is my new partner, Rick Murphy.”

Rick held out his hand. Mac grasped it and they both gasped and jerked their hands back.

Rick shook his. “Ouch. That was a bitch of a shock.”

Mac didn’t rub his palm or look at it like he wanted to. He knew what that shock meant, and he knew what he’d find when he looked at his palm. Mac curled his hand into a fist to hold the slight sting inside. He knew what would be on his hand, the mating brand. What he didn’t know is if Rick would have one as well.

“Do you need to see anything else at this crime scene?” Holmes asked Mac as they moved back to allow the coroner to put the boy in a body bag. At Mac’s negative shake, Holmes continued. “Then let’s head back to the station and go through the other crime scene photos. I’m hoping you’d have the time to put together a profile on this guy for us. We sent a request to the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit, but so far we haven’t gotten a reply. Given this guy’s short cooling-off period, I don’t want to wait.”

Holmes walked toward the police tape, leaving Rick and Mac to follow.

Mac wanted to just close his eyes and absorb how his world just changed. Not only would he have to determine if guards from his planet were there to find and kill them, but he had just met his mate.

Mac gave the detectives a wave as he got into his car. He took a minute then to look at his hand. The mating mark was already distinct. He put his car into drive and started toward the police station.

In the five years that Mac and his crew had been on Earth, not one of them had found his mate. They all assumed that although allowed to be homosexual on this planet, mating was unique to Odio, their home planet. They came here specifically so that they could be sexually free. On Odio, a male-male mating was a killable offence because when males mated, they both gained the other person’s powers in addition to their own. Men weren’t even allowed to live together out of fear that they were secretly mated. Conversely, female-female matings were allowed because their matings negated both mates’ powers. The government feared that males would mate and become so strong they could overthrow the government. It was absurd, but thousands of male mates were killed. Men stopped the traditional greeting of touching palms because they were afraid to find a male was destined to be their mate. If a man accidentally touched another man’s skin and felt the burn of the mark, he hid it and pretended it never happened or risked mating in secret and hoped they didn’t get caught and executed.

Mac had worked secretly to bring together a group of men who wanted to live free and escape Odio. They’d travelled to Earth because it had been too far for his government to send a team to hunt them down. Even if they had decided to chase them, there were other planets closer to Odio that were also gay friendly. They would have checked those planets first, and by the time the hunters reached Earth, they’d have no way to find Mac’s crew out of the population of over seven billion on the planet.

Mac parked his car in the visitor’s lot and walked toward the front entrance. He couldn’t believe that everything they had thought about not having mates on Earth was wrong. They could mate with Earthlings. Mac felt joy and terror in equal measure. Now he had so much to live for, and if he was found out, something to die for.




Mac could see the temptation in Rick’s eyes. He couldn’t resist those soft lips any longer. He leaned forward and laid his lips gently on Rick’s.

He couldn’t have been prepared for Rick’s instant response. He abruptly grabbed Mac and pulled him into his body. His mouth opened, seeking Mac’s tongue. It was like a switch was thrown. Mac pulled Rick tight against his body. He bent his knees so that their hard cocks rubbed together. They both moaned loudly, tongues dueling.

“Fuck, I have to have you,” Mac muttered. Not bothering with the buttons, he pulled Rick’s shirt over his head, revealing a creamy white chest with sparse hair and a smattering of freckles. Despite his dark hair, his nipples were pink like a redhead’s. Mac’s mouth immediately went to them. He licked and nibbled as Rick squirmed and pulled Mac’s head tight against his chest.

“Oh my god,” Rick moaned. “I knew it would be like this.”

Mac kissed down Rick’s silky happy trail and flicked open the clasp of his trousers. After carefully unzipping the pants over Rick’s impressive bulge, he slid down Rick’s pants and trousers, revealing a beautiful, cut cock. Although men on his planet tended to be built a bit larger, Mac was not disappointed with Rick’s size. His seven or so inches would feel so good in his ass.

Mac flicked his tongue over the weeping head. Rick groaned loudly. Mac took Rick deep into his mouth. He sucked hard as he pulled back. When he pushed forward again, he felt Rick’s head against the soft palate on the back of his throat. Mac swallowed around the head making Rick jerk. “I’m gonna come if you keep doing that,” he grunted.

Mac pulled back. This was mating sex and he wanted to feel Rick’s seed deep in his ass. He pulled back and helped Rick kick off his shoes and slacks. Rick grunted in disappointment.

“Don’t worry, we’re not done,” Mac said with a chuckle.

Mac didn’t want to give him long enough to change his mind, so he undressed quickly and stood before Rick, naked. When he pressed their bodies together in another kiss, they both groaned loudly.


* * * *


Rick couldn’t believe what he was doing. Mac opened the door with that kiss, and Rick couldn’t resist charging through it. When Mac took his cock into his mouth, Rick almost shot his load right there.

The sight of all Mac’s golden skin and thick ropes of muscle almost caused him to shoot as well. He hadn’t been this quick on the trigger since he was a teenager. He was so close to the edge that the rubbing of their bodies was painfully arousing. He knew he wasn’t the type to do something halfway. If he was going to give in to the lunacy, he wanted to experience everything there was to experience with this man. This may be the only time he indulged himself, and he wanted to feel it all.

Rick leaned back so that he could touch Mac’s chest. He ran his hands up and down the soft, golden skin. He flicked his nails over Mac’s tight nipples, causing him to make a sound that was remarkably like a purr. He slid his hand down and grasped Mac’s enormous cock. Rick had to step back to look at it. What a thing of beauty. He was long and thick, and much, much bigger than Rick was.

For a moment, Rick was afraid. He’d never thought he’d actually have sex with a man, despite wanting to. He had fantasized about being on top and on the bottom. He just didn’t think his body was designed to take this huge cock in. He wrapped his hand around the girth, his fingers just touching. He put his second hand next to it and realized that there were still several inches of staff left uncovered, not to mention that plum-sized head.

He knelt to get a better look. Not able to resist, he licked his tongue along the dripping head. The clear pre-cum was salty and delicious. The smell of Mac’s body made Rick want to rub his face along Mac’s balls. He leaned close and inhaled deeply. Mac’s cock jerked. He took the head into his mouth, and Mac made a sound remarkably like a lion’s chuff.

“Yeah,” Mac said, “Suck the head, babe. That’s so good.”

The encouragement had Rick flicking his tongue on the bottom of Mac’s cock. Mac jerked hard. Rick did it again and noticed that the skin felt different there. It was like there was a heartbeat under the skin. Subtly, Rick felt his own cock. That soft spot and heartbeat wasn’t there.

Mac must have realized something was wrong. He pulled Rick up and held him close. “We share some things with our second form, even in human form. I have a barb that emerges when I come. That’s why I haven’t been able to come inside of a human lover. It would be impossible to hide. I always pull out before it emerges.”

Rick started to shake. “I can’t.” His breath hitched. He tried again. “You’re too big. And if you grow…”

Mac soothed. “You take me first. Then we’ll try. If I hurt you, we’ll stop.”

Rick was a man, and he knew how hard it would be to stop once a guy was buried deep. On the other hand, he heard the truth in Mac’s words.

He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t experience everything he could and this never happened again.

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