Michael's Human (MM)

Love Beyond Sight 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,476
3 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, HEA]
Michael Bryson doesn't like humans, but his life mate is a human, and a great one at that. As a demon, he wants to go back home to his world. He's anxious to know if Jason will join him. It takes them time to settle in after a few setbacks from creatures who go after Jason. Michael feels powerless to help his mate at all times, so they get the two most fitting people to keep them safe.
Jason Jackson is fascinated by Michael's world and is surprised that he's able to adapt without much effort. Jason is just a human, and he doesn't want to trouble Michael. However, when a demon harasses him, dragons invade the island, and they have to force a cyclops monster to leave an island, he focuses his efforts on being with Michael and distancing himself from the insanity that is this new world.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Michael's Human (MM)
3 Ratings (4.7)

Michael's Human (MM)

Love Beyond Sight 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 22,476
3 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




He sat the young woman in the backseat of the police car and closed the door. He then went around and sat in the passenger seat. “Ready to go,” he said, looking outside.

“You don’t seem to be in a good mood,” the man commented as he drove down the street.

Of course he wasn’t. Why did he have to get paired up with the person he least wanted to be around? His senior officer wasn’t a senior in the least. His hair was wavy, a dark brown, and reached his ears. He hadn’t cut it in a while.

For an officer with a stressful life, his skin was pristine and just tanned enough to bring out his handsome features. His body wasn’t overly muscular, but brought envy to any man. On top of that, his eyes were a deep blue that freaked him out.

But the problem lied in the fact that Michael’s whole body was drawn to the man. As much as he didn’t want to be attracted to a human, his body betrayed him. He would often avoid making any kind of contact with the human. Perhaps if he kept his distance, his senior wouldn’t try to become friends with him. The damn humans always had a bad habit of creating friendships just because they felt like it.

“Michael?” Jason called, glancing at him. He stopped the car at a red light.

“I’m thinking of quitting this job.” Michael almost felt Jason’s eyes on him.


Michael shrugged and remained silent. He didn’t have to justify himself. Just because they suddenly became partners didn’t mean that he had to share anything with Jason. He flinched when the human suddenly patted his thigh.

“Answer my question,” Jason said with a weak frown of his fluffy eyebrows.

Who said that he could behave as if they knew each other? “It’s none of your business.”

“Why don’t you look at me? Have I told you something offensive?”

Michael wanted to clench his hands and tell the man to shut up, but he shouldn’t give him attention. If he did, the conversation would continue, and Jason would want to know more about him. Their relationship could evolve into something he didn’t want.

“No, you haven’t,” he finally said. Michael knew well that he was avoiding a direct answer, but there was no need for him to care about that. “Are we there yet?”

“No.” Jason turned the wheel to the left and the police station was in sight close to the end of the street. “Can you come with me for a drink? We’ll be off duty soon.”

The young woman in the backseat kicked the front seats. “Geez, just make up and get a room already!”

Michael sighed. Why did humans always have to assume what someone else’s life was like instead of asking first? He had no idea why. After all, he was a demon. “Sure,” he uttered without much thought. It was just a drink. Michael jolted when Jason stared at him. “I’m talking about getting a drink, not a room.”

He buried his back into the seat. For some reason, whatever question Jason had for him, he answered. His brain short-circuited whenever Jason asked him something, and he unwillingly replied in a way that contradicted him demanding the man to mind his own business, especially if he asked nicely.

Truth be told, the more time they spent together, the more his will of staying away crumbled.

They finally arrived at the police station and Michael took the young girl in. With everything done, he went to get changed. He admitted that he liked this job, making the streets safer, but he couldn’t concentrate with Jason around.

When he closed his locker, Jason did the same and approached him. “Shall we go?”

Michael wanted to punch his own gut for having accepted the offer. But he always kept his word. “Sure. Just show me the way.”

As a demon, he was quick with his feet, and he often walked home. So they got in Jason’s car, which was parked behind the police station, and off they went. There were numerous possibilities of what could happen while they had a drink, yet the best for them was to keep it short.

It was nighttime, past midnight, bars and clubs were starting to open. The light posts bathed the streets and busy sidewalks with the known orange light. Families and couples walking about on a Saturday turned into youngsters and couples making their way into those clubs.

“So, why are you quitting? Too much pressure or danger?” Jason asked, his blue eyes turning to Michael briefly.

Michael shook his head. “I’m not afraid of hu—criminals. I like this job, too, but I want to change to some other area. To try new things, basically.”




Michael breathed heavily. “Jason,” he uttered. He just lay there on the bed, Jason’s hands under his shirt, pinching and teasing his nipples for what felt like forever, and the man kissed his neck and collarbone in the most sensual way possible.

“Let’s give you some relief,” Jason said with the ends of his soft lips tilted up. He reached between them and unfastened the button of Michael’s pants before he slid the fly open slowly. He then moved the underwear back. “It’s so wet down here. What will happen if I touch it?”

Michael jerked his hips as soon as Jason poked the head of his cock with the tip of his finger. “Stop teasing me,” he demanded, half serious. “You’ve been at it for ten minutes. This is torture.” He sat up and was about to leave the bed, but Jason yanked him by his arm to lay back down, and stroked his shaft vigorously.

It was so good that he came right then and there. Michael gripped Jason’s forearm with both hands as his shaft burst and hot spurts gushed onto his shirt. His body tensed and numbed to the point that any part of his body curled up unwillingly. He couldn’t breathe until he came up from the shove of raw bliss.

Michael panted and pushed Jason’s hand away. “What made you change your mind?” he asked, trying to even out his breathing.

“I wanted to tease you to the point that you’d come with your whole body, until your mind no longer functioned and you would remember my touch for a very long time,” Jason said, his voice deep and seductive. “Did you like it?”

Fair enough. Michael looked at the mess he’d made of himself. “Well, you succeeded,” he mumbled. His body still shook and he didn’t feel like moving. If it was like that now, he wondered what it’d be like when Jason pounded his cock into him. Just the thought made his shaft harden again.

“You’re imagining things, aren’t you?” Jason teased, his eyes on Michael’s cock. “It’s about time I enter you, my love.” He got hold of Michael’s thigh and turned him so he could get on all fours on top of the demon.

Michael gulped. This was it. They were going to be official mates. “Demons mate for life. If we do this now, you have to make sure that you want to be with me for a very long time.”

Jason nodded without hesitation. “I’ve been chasing you for two years. I know that I want to be with you for that long,” he said with a grin of amusement, which made him even more handsome.

He wasn’t so sure if he should take Jason to Centura anymore. The demons there could become fascinated that Jason wasn’t a demon and still looked this good, and they could come after him.

Before he knew it, Jason had already removed all of their clothes. “There’s no need for that. I’m a demon,” Michael said when he saw Jason taking a tube of lubricant from the bottom drawer of the nightstand.

Jason raised his fluffy brows to his forehead. “This keeps getting better and better.” He pounced onto Michael and parted his legs, his hands holding the back of Michael’s thighs. “So, how does this work? We’re going to become mates, right?”

Michael nodded. “You have to…come in—You get it, right?” he uttered, and Jason shook his head with a strange grin on his face. “You have to release…inside.” It took his whole being to say such a thing. It embarrassed him yet aroused him. Jason always made him get his feelings in conflict, but for some reason he liked it. It was exciting.

“All right, then.” Jason held the base of his shaft, crawled closer to Michael, and pushed the tip into the demon’s entrance. “So tight and wet,” he murmured, gazing as his cock invaded Michael.

With male demons also being able to be mated with another male, their hole would get wet and delightfully sticky. And since they were demons and not humans, the natural lubrication would be triggered to the point of not needing lubricant in the first place.

Michael knew that he was a bottom when he’d get wet on both sides and not just one whenever he thought about Jason or saw him. It could be inconvenient at times, but he didn’t have to make both of them wait through preparation.

He wondered when Jason would stop saying whatever dirty things came through his mind. Wasn’t he embarrassed?

Michael shook himself back to reality and wrapped his arms around Jason’s warm and slick neck. Seconds later, the man began to rock his cock in and out. It filled and emptied him slowly, but it brushed against his prostate a few times. His body already shook in desire and he tilted his hips up.

“So beautiful,” Jason mumbled when he noticed that Michael’s eyes were glowing red. His hips thrust quicker, his skin brushing against Michael’s ass, until he bumped into the demon. Slapping sounds reverberated throughout the bedroom, the bed creaked on the floor and against the wall. He entered a rhythm.

He swallowed dryly. Michael closed his eyes so Jason would stop staring into his red eyes so attentively. Suddenly, Jason pounded his cock into his entrance, making him let out a groan and open his eyes halfway. The jerking continued on and on, shoving Michael closer to his orgasm.

“Keep your eyes on me,” Jason whispered. He held Michael’s jaw firmly and pressed a deep kiss to his lips. His hot tongue invaded Michael’s mouth and teased the sensitive top of the demon’s mouth.

Michael’s body gave out and his arms slid off of Jason’s neck. The man’s rough kiss made him melt. It was as if Jason knew exactly what Michael wanted to be done to him. He whined when Jason started to pull away, and he tilted his head forward to stop their lips from parting. He could feel Jason smiling against his lips.

Jason pulled away. “If we keep kissing, you won’t endure. You already look in a daze,” he murmured. It was obvious how Jason had been getting affected by Michael. His eyes moved slowly, as if he was completely focused on fucking his mate.

If his human wanted to play, he would do the same.

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