Vagrmanna Wolves (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,241
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Allure ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, with M/F, werewolves, bondage, breath play, sex toys, HEA]
The past collides with the future in Lucah's mind. Is he a shape-shifting wolf or is he delusional?  Ancient Germany weaves throughout this erotic mystery, pulling you back to a time when magic was real. 
When Lucah Williams moves back to Boston after his mother's death he suffers from insomnia. His therapist, Klaus Weber, feels the insomnia triggers his delusions. Lucah refuses medication, instead writing down his dreams with hopes of unraveling the mystery. Klaus resigns his role as therapist when the pair becomes romantically involved. Lucah does recover from insomnia, but the visions increase.
The pair embarks on a trip to Germany. They meet Victoria Schmidt, who is seeking the literal man of her dreams. She and Lucah connect instantly. With Klaus's approval they explore their strange attraction.
Lucah's visions cease, Victoria discovers she is pregnant, and Klaus opens his home to them. But a question remains: Were they dreams or delusions? The answer may lie in their new arrival.
Note: This book contains dubious consent.
Note: This book contains drug use.
A Siren Erotic Romance


Vagrmanna Wolves (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Vagrmanna Wolves (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 41,241
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




As Lucah was ruminating about his last session with Klaus two weeks previously, a hand was placed on his forearm just as he grasped the gas pump nozzle. He looked up quickly, bringing him face-to-face with Dr. Weber himself. The man looked so haggard and pale that Lucah had to take a breath. His usually neatly combed blond hair was slightly disheveled; his blue eyes had dark circles beneath them. His normally clean shaven chin was covered in a fine coat of blond whiskers. He looked rougher, and so much sexier to Lucah.

“I thought you were going back to California?” the doctor asked, not letting go of Lucah’s arm. Lucah moved to pull the gas pump hose out of its housing. His heart was beating very fast.

“Yeah, um, I had to cut the trip short.” He jammed the metal tip into the gas tank. Instead of activating the lever on the handle to hold it in place he held the nozzle, badly wanting something to do. Dr. Weber crossed his arms over his broad chest. The scent of his leather jacket and his sweat reached Lucah’s nostrils, mingling with the strong scent of gasoline.

“Bullshit. You’re avoiding me,” the doctor stated bluntly. Lucah shrugged his shoulders. He inwardly cursed his sister. He had done such a good job of keeping a low profile all week, actually not leaving the house at all. If she hadn’t called from work and begged him to run to the store to get cat food he wouldn’t have gone out at all that night.

“Avoiding you? Didn’t you get my message? And the check?” he asked with a furrowed brow. Dr. Weber gritted his teeth before speaking. It was then Lucah saw how upset the man was.

“Fuck the check,” he snapped. Lucah winced as if slapped. The word fuck sounded wrong coming from the doctor, his German accent making it sound even more vulgar. Dr. Weber stepped closer to him. Just then the gas nozzle clicked so Lucah let up on the lever. He turned his back to the doctor as he placed the nozzle back in the holder. His hand was shaking when he punched the button for no receipt. Then he screwed on the gas cap. Dr. Weber watched him intently. Lucah turned to him, his hands raised in mock surrender.

“Listen, dude. I don’t know what the fuck your problem is but I don’t like how this is going down. But I respect you so I’ll make-believe this never happened.” Lucah shook his head as he headed toward the gas station convenience store. Dr. Weber’s words stopped him in his tracks.

“Go on, vagr . Pretend we never were,” he spit angrily. Lucah turned around slowly, aware that his mouth had parted in disbelief. Dr. Weber grinned with disdain. “That’s right. Thanks to you those dreams haunt me now. I had some before I met you but now they are worse.”

Lucah stepped toward him, peering intently into his eyes. “What did you call me?” he asked, quite aware from all the research he had done that the word meant wolf in Norse. Dr. Weber’s face transformed from anger to sadness in moments. His blue eyes glistened with tears. He reached out and stroked Lucah’s arm gently. His hand shook.

“I’m sorry, Lucah, I’m distressed. I’m beside myself that you won’t talk to me. I’m not really sure what’s happening,” he whispered. The look of tenderness in his eyes made Lucah gulp. He looked down at the pavement, suddenly unsure what to do. Luckily the doctor made a move. “Pay for the gas, Lucah Williams. I want to talk. Please, if you’ll listen.”

“Suzanne’s cat, I have to feed it first,” he said absently.

Dr. Weber nodded. “Go buy the food. I’ll wait. I’ll follow you to her house. We can talk there if you wish, or we can go to my house.” Dr. Weber nodded toward his motorcycle parked off to the side. He grasped Lucah’s hand. Lucah looked down at his large hand and squeezed it gently. Then their eyes met.

“Okay, Dr. Weber,” he whispered. The doctor chuckled softly, slipping his hand out of his grasp to shift the helmet on his hip.

“Call me Klaus,” he said with a ghost of a smile. Lucah smiled back softly, wanting badly to hold the man’s warm hand again.

“Klaus,” he muttered softly, liking the feel of the name on his tongue. “Where do you live anyway?”

Before donning his helmet Klaus gazed at him. “In North Central Mass, near the New Hampshire border. It’s about an hour and a half ride. It’s quiet. In the woods.”

Lucah nodded. “Cool. Let’s go there.” The thought of getting out of the city filled him with relief. All of the man-made mechanical noise had been jarring his nerves lately.

Klaus nodded, donned his helmet, and mounted his bike. Lucah took in how his jeans accentuated the man’s muscular thighs. He rushed into the store, a myriad of emotions coursing through him. After choosing a box of dried cat food he stood in line, imagining what it would feel like to place his hands on Klaus’s waist if he rode on the back of his bike. After he paid he made his way to the glass door. When he heard a motorcycle engine rev he glanced outside. Klaus gave him a mock salute before gunning the engine, curls of white exhaust streaming from the tailpipe.

Lucah sighed. “So much for staying away from each other,” he mumbled. Then he remembered the feel of Klaus’s hand, the look of love in his eyes, and he knew that he had no choice, now. Destiny had thrown Lucah and Klaus together. He was determined to find out why.




Lucah frowned, sadness blending with his sexual excitement. “I’m sorry I blew you off like that. I was scared. The visions were too intense. I…” But he never finished the sentence. Klaus’s mouth was upon his. Lucah dropped the book. It thudded to the wooden floor loudly. He grasped Klaus’s thick hair and pulled his face closer, kissing him as deep as his tongue would allow. He scrambled onto the couch, pushing Klaus back roughly. In a flash he was straddling the doctor’s lap, grinding into him as they kissed. Klaus held his hips firmly, eagerly grinding his own erection into his. Lucah thought for sure he would come right then and there if Klaus didn’t stop.

“I want you. Fuck me,” Lucah begged as he licked and sucked Klaus’s ear, knowing how overeager he was behaving but simply not caring. He licked every inch of Klaus’s bare neck. He yanked down the front of the man’s shirt, causing a button to pop off. When his lips clamped on a hard nipple Klaus cried out. Lucah sucked the nipple roughly, sliding several short hairs through his teeth and tongue whenever he pulled his head back. His hands roamed over Klaus’s body eagerly. All the while Klaus moaned so softly. Lucah made a move to undo his pants but Klaus stopped him by grabbing his wrist. Quite abruptly Klaus shoved him to the side, almost making him tumble off the couch. Lucah stared at him in disbelief as he rose from the couch and strode quickly to the fireplace. The man was panting very hard. His erection strained against his tight jeans. His broad chest was visible under the unbuttoned shirt. He looked dangerously sexy. Lucah sat at the edge of the couch and lowered his face in his hands, trying to catch his breath. After a moment Klaus spoke.

“Lucah, I’m so sorry,” he whispered hoarsely. Lucah looked up at him, straightening his back as he rose. He licked his lips as he tucked his shirt, still shocked at the turn of events.

“No worries. I thought you were into me. I thought the kiss meant you wanted more. Guess I’m an idiot,” he said. He heard the catch in his voice and chastised himself. That’s all he needed, he mused; to start bawling like a fucking baby. He stood still for a moment, trying to remember where he left his shoes and coat. Before he even made it to the hallway Klaus grabbed his shoulder from behind. He spun him around quickly and pinned him against the wall, his mouth on his again. Lucah arched his back so their groins would meet. This time Klaus had more restraint and pulled his head away before they could get too carried away.

Ja, yes, I am what you call, into you. The reason I cannot be your doctor is because I’m extremely attracted to you. But there are things we need to discuss first. Your visions, my dreams, and of course, um, medical issues if we are to be intimate.”

This time Lucah stopped all the talking. “You think too much.” With that Lucah lowered himself to his knees, tugging at Klaus’s jeans to open them. Klaus helped him undo them with a trembling hand. As soon as Klaus’s white cotton boxers were in view Lucah pulled them down roughly, causing Klaus’s thick cock to spring to life. His mouth was instantly upon his dick, his tongue sliding down the underside as he deep throated him. He gagged as Klaus held his head and fucked his throat. After a moment he looked up at Klaus with his dick in his mouth. Klaus moaned loudly, grasping Lucah’s hair as he peered down at him.

“Lucah,” he panted. Lucah began bobbing his head up and down, licking and slurping, not simply enjoying the feel of the man’s meaty cock in his mouth, but exploring different techniques to figure out what the doctor enjoyed most. He gazed up to watch the doctor’s eyes roll back in his head whenever his dick made him gag. Lucah kept at it, shoving Klaus’s cock deeper, tightening his throat muscles to cause them to grip the doctor’s cock. When he sensed Klaus about to come he slid his mouth off his cock, drooled in his hand, and began jerking Klaus’s fat dick with both hands. Lucah opened his mouth wide, engulfing the right testicle in his mouth. Klaus grasped Lucah’s hair and pulled hard. Lucah widened his mouth even more. Using his fingertips, he gently shoved the other testicle in his mouth. He gazed up at Klaus with the entire scrotum filling his cheeks, barely missing a beat of jerking his dick.

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