Whiskers, Mane, and a Biter (MMM)

Indianapolis Syndicate 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,481
54 Ratings (4.5)

[Ménage Amour ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, shape-shifters, vampires, HEA]

Brad Hercules wanted James from the moment he met the huge lion shifter… But he was invisible to the man. Over the months of working for Ant, he heard the stories of James’s conquests and realized if he was ever going to have a shot with the man he needed to change into James’s type. Mainly, tight-bodied little twinks that know how to have fun.

James wrote off Brad for the kind of fun he wants from the sexy little mouse shifter because he’s too innocent and James won’t risk breaking Brad’s heart. When Ramses shows up to take Brad’s old job when he gets promoted, everything changes. He wants Brad so bad he takes a job he’s overqualified for. When Ramses makes his play, James refuses to be left out and moves in on Brad.

But who is the screechy bitch that shows up trying to ruin their lives?

Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Whiskers, Mane, and a Biter (MMM)
54 Ratings (4.5)

Whiskers, Mane, and a Biter (MMM)

Indianapolis Syndicate 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 35,481
54 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Sloan Winters
wonderful book.
kathy miller
I loved this book. It was definitely a good continuation of Squeak and Roar.



“I’m telling you it was crazy, Gavin,” James chuckled. “The guy was a total closet case. He was too scared to try anything on his own but his girlfriend was more than adventurous enough to bring another guy into their bed. But then he practically ignored her. When I wore him out I did her until she was tired. You know our recovery time.”

“I thought you didn’t even like women?” Gavin asked in shock.

“I don’t but we were all so drunk and she was so hot that even I got wound up. I think it was that she was so into watching me with her boyfriend. And the way she sucked cock? Wow, that’s one lucky guy.”

I put my fist in my mouth to keep from whimpering in pain. I couldn’t listen to one more of James’s sex-capades stories. As I turned to flee, no longer wanting the water I’d come upstairs to grab, I saw Ant standing there with a concerned look on his face.

“You ever going to tell him?” he asked gently.

“He doesn’t even know I exist besides being your dorky chunky intern,” I whispered, my chest hurting at the admission. “And he likes firm little twinks.”

“Is that why you’ve been trying to lose weight like a madman?” Ant’s eyes were wide and I didn’t even bother to deny it, simply shrugging.

It was around nine months ago that I’d started working for Ant and Gavin… Meeting the most gorgeous man I’d ever laid eyes on. Work was great even when my personal life was nonexistent. I’d been their personal assistant for the contracted six months as Ant taught me about his company and being a game tester on the side. Then when I’d proven I had learned enough to be his intern, I’d found them a great young vampire to replace me, and Ant promoted me.

Ant told me he thought another six months and I’d be ready to take new clients of my own. I’d still help him with his clients on the side, but when I got to that point he’d start paying me commissions on top of my salary.

Money was great, and yeah, I’d want a bank account like Ant’s one day. But it was more that I just wanted a job I loved. I’d been alive almost a hundred years and I felt like I simply survived life instead of ever living it. I wanted passion, in my work and personal life.

Was that too much to ask?

“At least you’ve been safe about it,” Ant said with a sigh. “All you’ve been doing is walking on the treadmill and now you’ve moved on to the elliptical machine.”

“But I’ve only lost ten pounds. I need more help,” I mumbled, staring at my feet. “And I don’t think I can work out here anymore. I appreciate you letting me use your gym, but it’s just too hard. I should feel better about myself after a workout, not depressed and like I want to eat my weight in cheese.”

“Ant? Is that you, my love?” Gavin called out from the kitchen.

“Brad and I were just catching up on how today’s work went,” Ant answered quickly.

“Thank you,” I whispered under my breath as we stepped into the kitchen.

“Brad was telling me he was thinking of getting a personal trainer to help him with his workouts.”

“Being healthy is great, Brad,” Gavin agreed, shooting me a look that told me he knew why I’d been trying to lose weight. “I mean, you’ve always been a cutie and all. The weight you lost just enhances your features.”

“You’ve lost weight?” James asked, turning to eye me over. “Huh. Nice job, little mouse.”

“It hasn’t been much.” I shrugged and opened the fridge. “I’ve basically been spinning my wheels with the cardio. Maybe I need a dietician.” I snapped my mouth shut so fast that I bit my tongue.

“You know about that stuff, right, James?” Ant asked hopefully and I wanted to cry.

“No, it’s cool. I’ll find someone,” I rambled, shooting my friend and boss a look. Yeah, the last thing I wanted was for James to realize I was some uncoordinated drip as he watched me bend over and show just how fat my ass was. “See you tomorrow, boss. Night, guys.”

“Brad,” Ant sighed but let me rush past him. I just wanted to go home and lick my wounds. It seemed to be my normal way to spend my off time for months now. I knew it was never going to happen with James… I just didn’t know how to get over him.




“Um, so I didn’t think about something,” he said nervously after I offered him something to drink. “I was doing the elliptical for a half hour and I’m kind of smelly. I’d die if you bit me and gagged because I stink.”

I leaned in slowly, putting my hand on his hip as if I was steadying myself and not just wanting to touch him. Sniffing his neck, I let out a strangled moan. “You smell delicious, Brad.” My fangs popped out and I let them run against his neck so he understood I was telling the truth.

“Oh no,” he squeaked and I smelled his desire.

“It’s okay, sweetie. It’s an intimate act.” I kissed his neck and pulled him closer, wishing he was naked as I finally got him in my arms. “I’m hard too.”

“I gave you an erection?” I smiled when he squeaked again.

“Yes,” I hissed, moving him between my legs so he could feel it. “Say yes, Brad. Please, please say yes.”

“Yes,” he moaned. I kissed his neck slowly, letting my tongue run over his flesh as my hand moved down his back and cupped his perfect ass. “Ramses, oh gods. Something’s happening.”

“Let me help you. Your blood will be even sweeter if I drink from you while you’re coming.”

“I’m not a slut,” he said nervously, shivering in my arms with want.

“I wouldn’t have asked you for your help if I thought you’d just give it up to anyone, Brad. There’s nothing wrong with wanting this. I do too.”

“You’re right. It’s just feeding you and a little fun. Right?”

“Of course,” I agreed, knowing it was so much more than that to me.

“I don’t want to be the only one who comes though,” he moaned as I squeezed his ass again.

“It’s the least I can do when you’re feeding me, Brad. It’s normal to have this reaction to a vampire and the idea of being bitten.” It killed me to say that. I wanted to come with him as well, pounding into his sweet ass all night. But if I pushed him too far he’d run. I couldn’t let that happen. “It’s like being friends with benefits. You let me feed and it’s a little slap and tickle. Nothing wrong with that.”

“No, I want it.”

That’s all I needed to hear. I moved my hand down the front of his shorts and stroked his cock while still keeping my hold on his ass. Brad squeaked loudly and I sank my fangs into his neck. I had been right, and his blood was nirvana. I moaned as I drank him down, smiling when he cried out and came all over my hand.

“Oh gods. Yes, this is what I’ve always wanted. So good,” Brad screamed as his hips moved in time with my hand. When he was done riding his bliss I stopped drinking. I didn’t want to take too much and scare him.

“Thank you,” I panted as I licked the bite closed. “Thank you so much, baby. You have no idea how long it’s been since I’ve fed like that. And fed so well. You taste perfect.”

“I’m glad,” he mumbled. I lifted my head enough to see his mouth parted as he gasped for air, his eyes closed.

“Does that mean you’d be willing to feed me again when I need it in a few days?”

“Um, yeah, we can do that.” He sounded embarrassed now that it was over and the hormones were going back to normal.

“I’d really appreciate it.” Brad bit his lip and nodded. He felt so good in my arms that I never wanted to let him go. “Let’s get you some water and a nap might be best. You’ll be a little tired for a bit. You’re a shifter so you’ll recover fast but it’s like how humans feel after a blood donation.”

“Yeah, a little tired and kind of loopy,” he giggled as he smiled up at me. “That was my first time getting a hand job. A few guys have fucked me when they’re drunk enough at a bar or something, but I’ve never like made out with someone.”

“Well, we are friends with benefits so maybe we should kiss on our deal,” I purred as I stepped into the kitchen. Brad’s cheeks that had almost gone back to his normal color were now blushing again.

“You’d want that? I mean, you already drank from me.”

“Yeah, I want.” I kissed him before he could say anything else or try to talk himself out of it. When our lips met I moaned and slid my tongue into his mouth. Brad squeaked and threw his arms around my neck. I kept kissing him until we both needed air and then regretfully stopped.

“I like being friends with benefits,” he whispered as he blinked up at me. I smiled and grabbed him a bottle of water before carrying him into the living room.

“I do too, sweetie. Drink about half of this and then it’s nap time.”

“But you’re still hard.” He blushed even more and quickly took the bottle from me, chugging it down as I put him on the couch.

“And you are again,” I purred as I ran my hand up his thigh, staring at his groin. “Friends with benefits help each other with that.”


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