Wicked Little Thing (MFMMMMM)

Wicked Fantasies 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,438
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, HEA for M/F]

Serena Filinger thinks she’s found the perfect man in James Pullman. He’s sexy, rich, and open-minded. But, fearful that her base urges will drive James away, she’s reluctant to repeat their initial ménage encounter.

During a trip to Miami, James arranges a dinner with Derek Wasserman—one of the men from their first steamy encounter—and Derek’s friend Manny Garcia. Dinner concludes with the most sinful of desserts, a night of erotic pleasure. Once Serena and James arrive back home, he sets up another evening of fun with Derek, Alex Donovan, Tom Keller, and Charlie Meyers. And he’s invited Manny along for good measure.

Serena succumbs to the undeniable temptation to please these six stunning men…but she’s stricken with confusion. Does James really love her, or is she a mere sex toy for a rich playboy and his friends? She confronts James, and to her surprise, he thinks their relationship is perfect…and he wants it to last forever.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Wicked Little Thing (MFMMMMM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Wicked Little Thing (MFMMMMM)

Wicked Fantasies 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 24,438
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
Professional Reviews

4 STARS: "Every time I pick up a new Wicked Fantasy story I feel like I teenage girl watching a naughty scene for the very first time. While the stories do have a little bit of romance, this are definitely meant to be read for the naughtiness that the romance leads to. After the first story (A Good Thing) introduced us to Serena Fillinger, we learned that she is a flight attendant with a desire to be with multiple men. Unfortunately that desire led her ex boyfriend to leave her and left her feeling as though her desires were simply not acceptable. That is until she met James Pullman; a former NFL superstar turned business man, who has a few desires of his own. James loves to watch women in the throes of passion with multiple men. A perfect match of desire, the two share in their dark fantasies and James realizes he wants more than just a few flings with Serena. This is where Wicked Little Thing Begins. The two have now been dating and although their intimacy is not lacking, they have not had a repeat performance of their first encounter together. Serena is worried that if she pursues another group encounter, that it will ruin things with James. When James sets up another get together while the two are in Miami, Serena once again finds herself unable to say no when she finds herself on the menu during a dinner with James and two of his buddies. After an unbelievable “air tight” encounter, Serena realizes that James truly does like to watch her and she agrees to fulfill her man’s most wicked little desire yet; for her to please six gorgeous men all at once. While the idea makes her nervous, it also sends her into desire overload and when all is said and done, Serena is left wondering; does James love her, or does he simply love the fact that he can control her sexually? I feel like such a voyeur each time I read these stories. I think there are a number of women who have the desire to simply give in to their darkest fantasies and I love that James allows Serena to give in to hers. He and his friends treat Serena with the utmost respect while lavishing her in the most carnal attentions. While the stories are short, and not necessarily complex, they are perfect for that late night read when you just want to give in to the naughty side (Be forewarned, you may need your battery operated friend in hand as you read because the scenes will leave you wanting). Scenes with three men creating Serena’s first “airtight” experience (all three men being satisfied at once) will have you melting with each page. And let’s not forget the ultimate bareback experience that James is all too eager to have Serena try. The scenes are carnal but not forceful in any way. Ria Candro manages to take what some would consider animalistic and turn it into a sinfully beautiful experience that will leave readers panting. It all culminates to the ultimate question of intentions; is James in love with Serena, or is she his favorite toy brought to life. That, my friends, is a question that will have to be answered when you read the book. Wicked Little Thing is the perfect read for those naughty nights!" -- Alyn Love, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews

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After James’s rented car, complete with driver, had taken them to the luxurious beachside hotel that was to be their home for the next few days, Serena followed James and the bellhop through the spacious lobby. It had white marble columns and warm wood paneling. Her heels clicked along the dark marble floor as she walked, staring in awe at her surroundings. One would think that after five months she’d grow accustomed to such luxury. There was only the finest for James. But she wasn’t quite there yet. Her lower-middle-class upbringing was too ingrained in her mind for her not to find this breathtaking. James, on the other hand, barely noticed with his face buried in his smartphone.

“Isn’t this beautiful?” she whispered to him.

“Yes,” he said without looking up.

What a work in progress you are. She was determined to make him enjoy his life more, even if it killed her.

There’s one thing he enjoys, that little devil in her subconscious prodded. And truthfully, James had seemed to have a great time during that one naughty interlude she couldn’t help but constantly relive in her mind. But did he really enjoy it? Would he honestly be willing to stay with a woman who liked being with more than one man? Or would indulging in her sexual fantasies ultimately drive him away?

That wasn’t a chance she wanted to take. Not with James.

Oh hell, she hated being so conflicted.

“There’s a beautiful pool area downstairs, right next to the beach,” the bellhop was saying as he led them into the elevator. “Beachside cabanas, as well. They can be rented for shade during the day, and at night our restaurant uses them for meals, if you’d like something more private than our dining room.”

“Good,” James murmured, clearly not even paying attention.

Recognizing he only had an audience of one, the bellhop focused on her. “And of course there’s Lincoln Road across the way. Amazing shops to be found there.”

The elevator doors opened on the top level and Serena followed the bellhop out. He led them to their suite, a gorgeous, light-filled space with a wall of windows facing out toward the sparkling, blue ocean.

Serena sucked in a breath, grasping James’s hand and squeezing. “Oh my God, the color matches your eyes!”

That prodded him into looking up. The corners of his eyes crinkled as he took in the excitement on her face. Slipping his phone into his pocket, he kept his gaze directly on her. “Breathtaking.”

A blush warmed her cheeks, since he clearly wasn’t referring to the view. She released his hand and wandered through the space, taking it all in. To her right was a kitchen done in cherrywood and granite countertops. An expensive bottle of champagne chilled on ice on the counter. In one corner, the cream leather couch faced a flat-screen television. A door opened up into the bedroom, giving her a glimpse of a massive bed decorated in plush white. But the star of this suite was truly the view, and the gorgeous, wide balcony right outside the wall of windows.

While James tipped the bellhop, she moved to the sliding glass door and opened it, stepping outside. Except for a slight overhang, the balcony was open to the sky, and the view of the ocean from this height was uninterrupted. Miles and miles of turquoise-blue beckoned her, making her wonder how cold the water would be this time of year.

Two white-washed wooden lounge chairs took up the space in one corner of the balcony. They were topped with thick, padded cushions of cerulean-blue, and a wooden side table rested between them. She could just imagine lying out here, soaking up the sun and sipping on a margarita. Yes, this was definitely the life.

When she crossed over to stand at the railing so she could better admire the view, a cool breeze ruffled her hair and chilled her flesh. It was still crazy warm out here, though. Midseventies, perhaps. She slipped her jacket off and threw it back toward the lounge chairs, thankful for the long, gauzy sundress she’d packed in her suitcase.

The balcony door slid open and James joined her, sliding his arms around her. He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “Like it?”

“It’s heaven.”

When he grunted in response, Serena turned to face him. He still wore his business suit, though he didn’t appear at all uncomfortable in it. God forbid a man so perfect do anything as mundane as be hot.

She gave his tie a teasing tug. “This is a really private balcony.”

He glanced around before turning back to her, a shadow of a grin on his face. “So it is.”

“No other balconies in sight,” she continued suggestively.

“It’s a corner unit,” he said. “Specifically built for privacy.”

“Hmm.” Releasing his tie, she slid her hand down his dress shirt, to the fly of his slacks. His cock gave a jerk, as if grateful for the attention. “Bet we could get a lot of sun out here.”

“Mm-hmm.” He pulled her close, slanting his mouth over hers. She kissed him with reckless abandon, but when she tried to tug his zipper down, he pulled away with a groaned protest. “I have a meeting to go to.”

“Crap, now?”

A rueful expression crossed his face. “Starts in half an hour. I have to leave now if I’m going to make it on time.”

Unable to stop her pout, she slid her hands up his chest. “I wish we had some time alone.”

“Tonight,” he promised. “Just me and you.”

“Okay,” she said grudgingly, because really, what else could she say? James had the strongest work ethic of anyone she’d ever met, and she admired that…even if it drove her crazy sometimes.

His hands closing over the curves of her ass, James pulled her up for another soul-searing kiss. “Don’t forget we’re having dinner with Derek and his friend Manny tomorrow night.”

Her breath hitched. “I won’t.” How could she? Just the thought of spending that amount of time with Derek made her want to break out in hives.




“Spread your legs,” James whispered to her. “Let them see you.”

Somehow the blindfold, the fact that she couldn’t see the room’s occupants, lent her courage. Feeling short of breath, she did as he asked, using her hands to help her scooting further back onto the table and lifting her heels onto the table’s edge, spreading her legs apart.

Once the silence had grown to deafening proportions, once she was certain she couldn’t take it anymore, James reached over and unknotted the blindfold. Her breath hitched as it fell away from her eyes. Darkness gave way to dull lighting, but still she had to blink her eyes several times in order to adjust to the difference. Slowly the room came into view, and her knees floated together of their own accord.

As she’d suspected, she was in James’s living room, perched upon his dining table like an offering to the gods. The adjustable lights had been dimmed as low as they could go, but there was still enough light for her to make out Alex leaning against the wall of windows, clad in dark tan slacks and a green shirt that no doubt looked amazing with his green eyes and blond hair. Next to him was Derek, wearing a dark shirt and slacks. And…

Her heart stuttered as her gaze moved over to Manny, looking devastating in a fitted cotton shirt and jeans. But that wasn’t all.

Tom stood next to Manny, casually leaning against the wall while holding a beer in his hand. With his ripped jeans and tight shirt that showcased his firm, packed muscles, he looked every bit as devastating as he had the last time she’d seen him, on the jet on that amazing, fantasy-fulfilling day. He gave her a crooked grin, but she was too awestruck to return it.

She looked over at the final man in the room. Charlie wore tan slacks and a casual plaid shirt, and he’d grown a scruffy beard since she’d last seen him on the jet. If anything, it made him look even more devastating, highlighting the stark angles of his strong jaw.

Mouth open, she swiveled her head to James, who stood beside her. “All of them?” she whispered.

His hungry look turned into one of concern. “Too many?”

Too many? Honestly, after seeing them all here, she was beginning to wonder if there was such a thing. Oh yes, the thought of being with every one of them turned her on, big time. Five virile men…no, six, counting James.

“No,” she answered, shaking her head. “Not too many.”

He let out a throaty chuckle. “I didn’t think so.”

When James’s hand trailed down her leg, prying her knees apart, she let him open her legs wide once again. Moisture trailed down her thighs, evidence of just how much this event was turning her on. Funny, because as a rule she’d never liked being the center of attention. But if the last time on the jet had taught her anything, it was that this rule only applied in certain scenarios. When the aim of the people observing her was to worship her body, turned out she was all on board with that.

“I think she missed you guys,” James said in a louder voice.

“We missed her, too,” was Alex’s hoarse response, and the way he said it, the way his greedy gaze raked her, left no doubt as to why.

James bent his head, covering Serena’s lips and giving her a long, probing kiss before straightening and moving back, away from the table. “Then come show her.”

Her arms and legs quivered with a combination of desire and instinctive fear as, one by one, the men pushed away from the window and approached her. There was something so primal, yet so erotic, about being laid out before a group of sexually ravenous men. Hell, she didn’t know why it turned her on so much, but it did. Her pussy clenched in anticipation of what was to come.

Alex reached her first. Rather than go for her breasts or her pussy, he moved to the side of the table and brought his palm to her cheek, caressing her skin as he bent to give her a molten kiss. “I really did miss you,” he whispered.

“Me, too,” she whispered back.

Grinning, he covered her mouth once again. Closing her eyes, she gave herself over to his impassioned kiss. When a liquid hot tongue closed over one breast, she gasped into Alex’s mouth. He chuckled against her lips and continued ravaging her mouth with his.

A second set of lips closed over her other breast, sparking a wave of tremors in her body. She barely had time to adjust to the alien feeling when a pair of hands settled on her inner thighs, prying them further open. A long, hot tongue speared her crease, and she cried out, her legs trembling wildly. The owner of the tongue didn’t pause, didn’t give her any time to adjust. He merely buried his tongue deep inside her pussy, sliding it in and out in a spine-tingling imitation of sex. The knowledge that she had so many men’s mouths on her at once was enough to drive her quickly toward a spiraling orgasm.

“Man, you taste so fucking good,” said the man between her legs. It sounded like Charlie.

A moment later a second man, Tom maybe, said, “Let me have a taste.”

The first man scooted aside, and the second took his place, sucking on her clit before driving his tongue inside her pussy.

She broke away from Alex’s kiss, crying her release out loud as she looked down to where Tom was expertly eating her out. “Oh fuck, that feels so good.”

Alex made a low, purring sound in his throat and pushed against Tom’s shoulder. “My turn.”

Panting, she collapsed onto her back, helpless to do anything but watch as the men repositioned themselves, Alex at her pussy and Derek and Manny still on each breast.

“Her mouth is free,” James offered helpfully.

She looked up to where James stood, behind the table. His eyes glittered in the dim lighting, and his turgid cock pressed against the fly of his slacks. He gave her a grin and slipped his phone out of his pocket, turning on the light.

Oh God.


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