A Good Thing (MFMMMM)

Wicked Fantasies 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,759
9 Ratings (4.2)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, HEA for M/F]

When Serena Filinger lands a much-needed gig as a flight attendant on a private jet, it’s all she can do to keep her hands off the boss, charming real estate mogul James Pullman. Not to mention his four yummy friends, Alex Donovan, Derek Wasserman, Tom Keller, and Charlie Meyers. But after James makes it clear that he and his friends are interested in her, she has a tough choice to make. Keep things professional…or indulge in one of her most wicked fantasies.

Torn between her wish to be with five men at once, and her belief—spurred on by her ex—that her desires are shameful, Serena doesn’t know how to respond. Yet she can’t shake the longing to fulfill her fantasies.

After a mind-blowing erotic encounter, Serena finds she’s too embarrassed to face James again. But to her surprise, he shows up unannounced on her doorstep, letting her know he thinks she’s the perfect match for him.

A Siren Erotic Romance

A Good Thing (MFMMMM)
9 Ratings (4.2)

A Good Thing (MFMMMM)

Wicked Fantasies 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 23,759
9 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff



The man looked good enough to eat. He was a vision of sweet perfection, from the tips of his expensive black dress shoes up to his sculpted, olive-toned face. Not only that, but he was accompanied by four equally yummy friends. How was she going to survive the next few hours stuck on a private jet with all these prime specimens of manhood?

Serena didn’t know the answer to that question, but she had to find out, and quick. She really needed this job, and Bill at the staffing agency had stuck his neck out by giving her a shot when she was fresh out of corporate training. The last thing she wanted to do was screw it up because she couldn’t stop fawning over the jet’s owner and his passengers.

Speaking of screwing up, they’d been in the air long enough. The men would be expecting beverages by now.

With a muttered curse, she placed a stack of linen napkins onto the serving cart and stocked it with Iskilde water and a variety of sodas. Serving carts weren’t always needed on low-passenger flights, but due to the varied tastes of the passengers, one was kept onboard. And she needed to get her butt in gear with it, now, before her passengers started wondering about the quality of service they were receiving. Would be just her luck if she got fired her first day on the job, especially since her roommate had skipped out on her two days ago without paying her share of the rent and her beat-up old Chevy kept stalling on her. Not to mention that when she’d gone out a few days ago to buy the navy-blue suit she’d been instructed to wear today, the only one she’d found in her price range had been a size too small. She’d been forced to make do with it, and every time she bent over, the stiff fabric threatened to ride up her ass.

Yeah, so far this hadn’t been the greatest of weeks.

Let’s hope my luck changes today.

If she could pull off a gig for James Pullman, even a temporary one, she might stand an iota of a chance at finding more permanent employment.

And hopefully be able to afford a nicer suit, one that actually fit.

Taking a deep breath, Serena wheeled the cart out of the galley and past the wood-and-fabric privacy screen that separated her work space from the main cabin.

Decorated in shades of tan and black, with beige carpet to match, the main cabin reeked of cultured masculinity—a perfect fit for the dark-haired man who sat on the right end of the black sectional that seated six. He commanded the room with his larger-than-life essence, leaving no doubt who was king of this domain. Even if his demeanor hadn’t given away his position, his clothes would have. He was the only one of the five men who wore a tailored business suit. The remaining four, two of whom were also seated on the sectional and the other two, who sat in tan leather recliners laid out across from the sectional, were dressed casually in slacks or jeans and button down shirts.

Without warning, the jet hit a pocket of air, causing her cart to tremble. Glasses clinked together loudly. Serena snatched the cart toward her before it could go careening across the room, and the jet smoothed out once again.

Conversation halted, and five sets of curious eyes turned her way.


Her stomach knotted, and a major case of the nerves threatened to break her out into a cold sweat. Ever since she could recall, she’d been uncomfortable being the center of attention. Now, in a small enclosed cabin full of virile men, the feeling was almost unbearable. But for the sake of her bank account, she had to push through it.

“Good morning, gentlemen.” Serena forced a smile to her face and directed her gaze toward James Pullman. “Can I interest you in a beverage? Coffee, perhaps?”

His lips curved into a smile, once again reminding her just how devastatingly handsome he was. His shiny, dark hair was cut short at the nape of his neck, the front of it just long enough that a few errant locks fell down over his forehead. His tanned skin hinted that there was some Greek or Latin in his bloodlines. And his body.

God, his body.

Even with the weight of all those business clothes on him, his sexy, muscular physique was unmistakable. But then, what else would one expect of a football legend?

“I’ll have a glass of water,” he said.

Intelligence and a touch of humor sparkled in those magnificent blue eyes of his, drawing her gaze further in. They were an unusual shade of blue. More turquoise really, like the shimmering, shallow waters of the Caribbean. Not nearly as washed out as most of the blue eyes she’d encountered during her life.

His full, perfectly formed lips grinned even wider, and the long, artistic fingers of his right hand slid along the armrest of the Ultrasuede sectional. Jeez, what would it feel like to have those beautiful fingers sliding across her body, her inner thighs?

To her shame, just thinking about it made her grow moist with excitement.

“Miss?” he drawled, eyes twinkling in obvious amusement.

Oh. Oh…shit. She’d been too busy staring to even process his request.


Cheeks blazing, Serena managed a wordless nod. Her fingers trembled as she opened one of the expensive bottles of water and poured it into a glass. He took it from her with his left hand, wrapping his right around her palm before she could draw back.

“You’re new.”

“Yes, today’s my first day,” she replied without thinking.

Oh, hell. Her stomach dropped as she realized her inadvertent error. She’d basically just advertised her inexperience. Hopefully he wouldn’t notice her slip.

“My name is Serena Filinger.”




James continued to tease her, sliding his finger along her crease without penetrating into the aching cavity beyond. Alex, though, took mercy on her. One finger pierced her hungry pussy, slowly pushing into her pulsating walls. The sweet pressure of his finger only made her long for more. She wanted a cock inside her.

More than one before the day was through, she hoped.

Her hips twitched, arching slightly upward to deepen the penetration of Alex’s fingers, and at last she tore her lips from James’s mouth. Finally daring a peek at the other men, she slowly turned her head.

They didn’t even seem to notice her staring at them. Derek and Charlie, with Tom squatting beside them, simply stared at her pussy in rapt attention. Charlie leaned forward, as if he was watching a movie he simply couldn’t tear his eyes from, and Derek sat back in his chair, his hand absently stroking what looked to be an impressive erection underneath the fabric of his slacks. Tom’s jeans also tented at the crotch, but he made no move to touch himself.

His fingers working their magic inside her, Alex glanced up to her face, then pressed a deep, wet kiss to her lips before moving his head down to her breasts. She squirmed with a gasp as his teeth grazed the sensitized tips. He took turns sucking on each stiff bud through the lace of her bra, before finally using his free hand to slide the fabric down completely. The thought that her most secret, intimate parts were completely bared was enough to drive her insane with lust.

Her lingering fears disappeared. Right now there was nothing but these men. This moment. The way they made her feel.

Alex’s mouth began to lower to her breasts once more, but Charlie uttered a choked, “Wait,” and Alex paused.

“Let us get a good look at her,” Charlie ground out.

His words, the quiet desperation in his voice, almost made her come right then and there. She bit her lip to hold back the thick moan that caught in her throat.

Serena caught a glimpse of a smile on James’s face as he sat back against the sectional, grasping her right thigh and throwing it over his legs, just as Alex had done with her left. Alex slid his fingers out of her body so that he could undo a few more buttons on her blouse, leaving it gaping as he grasped the straps of her bra and tugged it down to about her waist. The swollen, distended tips of her breasts pointed straight at Derek, Tom, and Charlie, her dusky rose nipples moist from Alex’s attention.

Tom groaned and reached his hand out, as if to touch them, but then he realized what he was doing and drew his hand back in. She quickly surmised he didn’t want to ruin the moment. Didn’t want to chance scaring her away with his touch. She opened her mouth to tell him that wasn’t going to happen, when James reached his right hand to her chin and turned her head toward him, capturing her lips in a gentle, erotic kiss. He kept his left hand on her thigh, holding her open for the other men’s view.

Pulling away, James gazed into her eyes. “Do you know how beautiful you are?”

Before she could answer, his right hand slid down to her core. His forefinger plucked at her clit once, twice, and then he buried the digit inside her pussy. She let out a soft cry as he slid it out, then back in.

“So wet, aren’t you?”

The question didn’t seem to call for a response, so she only moaned, digging the fingernails of her right hand into James’s trouser-clad thigh. If her rough touch hurt him, he didn’t let on, only withdrew his slickened finger and replaced it with two, sliding in deep to widen her narrow channel.

Alex’s mouth dropped back to her breast, and Serena writhed in ecstasy. The sensation of having one man at her top, the other lavishing attention down below, was almost too much to bear.

She arched her back as Alex’s questing hand slid down her body. When one long finger pressed in to join James’s, she couldn’t help the heavy cry that tore from her throat. Her entire body pulsed with sensation, her pussy aching with the desire to have a cock buried hard and deep inside.

“Please,” she gasped, nearly insensible now.

James’s soaked fingers slid out of her, and he lifted them to his lips, lapping at the honeyed dew of her desire. Her heart clenched at the carnal sight, at the way his half-lidded gaze speared hers, promises of untold ecstasy dancing in the depths of his eyes.

“How does she taste?” Derek asked, breaking the erotic spell James had woven with his stare.

“Like heaven,” James pronounced matter-of-factly, without taking his eyes off her. His lips curved into a secret little smile. “Anyone else want a taste?”

“Gods, yes,” Derek muttered.

Serena’s breath hitched and an army of butterflies took flight in her stomach. The touch of two men on her bare flesh already had her on the verge of orgasm. Add a third, and it would likely be cataclysmic.

But that was what she wanted…more than anything.

When James lifted a brow in question, she bit her lip and looked toward Derek. One shaky nod was all it took for him to bound out of his seat and drop to his knees before her. He grasped her cotton thong and gave a quick tug, and the delicate fabric ripped at the seams. With a grunt of triumph, he removed the scraps of fabric and discarded them over his shoulder.


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