Will's family adjusts to the male lover he's revealed and Jack comes to terms with their new relationship somewhere along the way.

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Jack Withers was leaning against the counter, a beer in hand. “And?”

“Well, the conversation sort of disintegrated after that because he called me a cocksucker,” Will admitted.

Jack smirked. “You’re a great cocksucker.”

“So are you,” Will said with a laugh. “Christ, it was a stupid situation. I told Dad that it was just too soon for a conversation. Anthony is an immature pain in the ass, and he isn’t going to grow up as long as Dad continues to let him do whatever the hell he wants. He wants a bigger cut of the company without working for it, a bigger percentage for projects that he works on specifically, and he actually had the gall to demand that the house he’s living in just be deeded over to him outright. He said it was his due.”

Jack whistled. “This isn’t making me regret my lack of family at all, you know. My last foster mother died while I was in the Navy, and the only way I found out was because I didn’t get my monthly shipment of cookies and looked up her obit online.”

“That sucks,” Will said quietly. “Were you close with her?”

“I was in her house for four years.” He shrugged and looked at the floor. “I guess that’s the longest I stayed with anyone. She was really proud that I joined the Navy. Worried, but proud. She knew I was gay.”

Will nodded. “Right.”

“You haven’t mentioned your mom’s reaction.”

Will laughed. “She asked me if you had a job and then told me to set the table when I said you had one.”

“That’s it?”

“She’s old fashioned and of the opinion that a man should be a provider.”

Jack set aside his beer and closed the distance between them. “What can I provide you right now?”

Will hummed under his breath and said nothing as Jack unbuckled his belt. He sucked in a little breath at the slide of his zipper. Jack dropped to his knees, all easy grace and a breezy smile. Will pushed his hand into Jack’s hair as the other man worked his cock out of his boxers and sucked on the head.

Jack sucked Will’s cock into his mouth until the head tucked neatly into the back of his throat before backing off with an obscene pop. “Bed?”

“Yeah, that’s a fantastic idea.” Will tucked his hard dick in his boxers and led Jack through the house and up a flight of stairs to the bedroom. “Strip.”

Jack did as instructed, taking off his clothes and placing them in a pile on the chest at the foot of the bed. He pulled back the duvet and lay down in an elegant, practiced sprawl with a little grin.

“Vanity is ugly.”

“Yeah, but I’m really pretty,” Jack said with a breathless laugh.

Will couldn’t deny that. Jack was attractive on a visceral level, drawing people to him in ways that had always baffled Will. He knew that was how the man played at being a Dom at Neverland. People assumed Jack was Dominant because of his personality and physical condition. Jack was strong bodied, outgoing, and ambitious. In his personal relationships, he could be outright aggressive when it suited his purposes, and it often did.

Will shed his clothes and crawled onto the bed, prodding Jack’s thighs apart as he did so. He settled on top of his lover with a sigh.

Jack ran his fingers through Will’s hair and took a deep breath. “Things would be easier on you if I were a woman.”

“I get that my bisexuality bothers you,” Will said lowly, “but I love you, and I don’t need my life to be easy.”

Jack nodded. “It’s just something to get used to that all. I don’t… I mean… I’m fine with the way things are changing and growing between us. I don’t want you to think otherwise. I just have some adjusting to do.” Jack shifted under Will with a smirk. “But right now, I’d be very willing to adjust to having your dick in my ass.”

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