[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, HEA]
Garret Abbot is an alpha wolf amongst a clan of dragons, and the gorgeous healer, Kristoff, has caught his eye. Now he can't go back to his pack.
Garret is driving himself and his wolf insane by keeping away. He hasn't been interested in more than a one night stand since the death of his mate and child, and now here is someone else he feels the mating call for.
Garret feels it so intensely that he comes on too strong during their first round of fabulous sex, and he bites Kristoff without his permission, sealing them together forever.
Kristoff was forced once before, and he never wants to be in that position again. If Garret doesn't want to lose his new mate, he will do everything in his power to make up for his mistake, including giving his life to make sure hunters don't harm the only man he's come to love in years.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Falling in Love Again (MM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
3.5 Stars ~ I can't say that Garret and Kristoff were my favorite couple, although I liked them just fine. Garret was too much of an alpha in the beginning, and kind of a jerk, and then suddenly his whole personality just changed. Either that, or I didn't get enough time to get to know the real him. Kristoff I liked, but again, I didn't feel like I really got a chance to know him.

Of course, the exciting part was Roman and Clatcher finally getting together as they're still hunting for Aisliwen. Clatcher understands, perfectly that Roman will never love him, but he wants to give himself to the man.

What will happen, though, when they find out Kendrick reappeared at the castle? Huh? WTF?
Christy Duke




Garret Abbot was an alpha wolf, and he was in a castle belonging to dragons for one reason and one reason only that had nothing to do with sex, or fucking the gorgeous healer that lived here.

His youngest brother, Conner. That was his reason and the only person he should be focusing on. Conner had been mated off to the high dragon of this huge castle a little over a year ago, and he’d just given birth to his first child.

Yeah, dragons could do that with male partners. Garret thought it was weird, and that was all he was going to think about that as well.

Conner was recovering nicely a month after the birth had actually taken place, but Garret and the rest of his brothers continued to visit to make sure he was being treated well, was eating properly, and that there were no long-term side effects from not shifting into his wolf for such a long period of time.

That was what Garret was here for. As the firstborn son of the alpha, he was practically second-in-command of the pack at the bottom of the mountain. Even his own siblings teased him from time to time, calling him the mini-alpha.

Mini he definitely was not. Not at his over six-foot-tall height, but brothers would be brothers.

And his brother was exactly what Garret was here for. His extended stay had absolutely nothing to do with the handsome face of the resident healer, a gorgeous dragon named Kristoff.

Garret had only ever seen the man maybe five times during his whole stay. He met Kristoff the day Garret’s nephew was born, and he’d got a good look at how professional and calm that dragon could be when he took a needle and injected Garret’s baby brother with it, right before getting a scalpel and cutting the man’s lower belly open.

Garret could barely focus on the event that had been happening because all he could see was the concentration on Kristoff’s face, in his deep blue eyes, as he worked to bring the dragon’s egg out of a werewolf’s belly.

Garret didn’t even want to think of the specifics on how something like that was even possible.

The insane thing about it was that Garret couldn’t even see Kristoff’s face. The man had been wearing one of those surgical masks as he’d worked on delivering Garret’s nephew, yet he still couldn’t look away from him. He couldn’t stop himself from staring so damned intently, like he was trying to set the man on fire with his eyes.

Luckily, everyone who’d seen Garret that day had assumed the same thing. They’d thought the intense stare was more about silently threatening the healer should he do anything, even by accident, that would harm Garret’s little brother or the baby.

Everything had gone smoothly. Kristoff knew what he was doing, which was saying a lot considering Garret had never heard of a werewolf carrying a dragon’s egg before.

Garret didn’t see what that handsome face looked like until the very next day when it came time to hatch the egg, but he already knew the blond dragon would be gorgeous. It was just one of those things that he could tell the first time he’d seen him, even with the mask over Kristoff’s face.

No man could have eyes that blue, or a brow that perfect, with hands creamy and skilled, and be ugly.

Garret hadn’t been wrong, either.

If on the first day Garret had assumed Kristoff was gorgeous even with a mask on his face, then the next day when it had been removed, there was no question in Garret’s mind that Kristoff was the most sinfully handsome man he’d ever seen in his entire life.

And Garret wasn’t even that interested in men. Or at least, he thought he wasn’t.

His chosen mate had been a woman, a beautiful woman, whom he still missed and mourned, and yet here he was, lusting after a man he’d barely introduced himself to.

It was very likely that Kristoff had forgotten who Garret was right after their handshake had ended.

Garret had only wanted to test the man’s grip. He wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t as if his lust would have changed if it was revealed that Kristoff was limp wristed.

Or maybe he’d hoped that would be the case.

Nope. Kristoff had shaken Garret’s hand, accepted his thanks for doing a good job on the delivery, and then promptly got back to work like the professional that he was.

Like the touch of their palms had meant precisely dick to him, when all Garret could do was clench and unclench his fist, trying to shake off the spark he was left with, the electric current that rushed through his hand, up his arm, into his shoulder, and then spread out through his body and down to his cock and balls.

Garret had to leave the room before anyone smelled the heavy scent of lust and wondered what the fuck his problem was.




Garret’s nose flared, and his red eyes turned even brighter. The man came down hard and fast, his mouth covering Kristoff’s in another fast and furious kiss that left him feeling completely owned.

He wasn’t about to be the property of some alpha, but while they were doing this, so long as the man kissed him like that, then Kristoff figured he could put up with the whole caveman thing.

He jerked his cock while Garret kissed him, thrusting his tongue back and forth inside of Kristoff’s mouth. It felt good, so fucking hot, and Kristoff was overheating again even though he was completely naked. Garret’s body heat was too damned much. Was that unique to him, or was it a werewolf thing? Conner never seemed to have a body temperature that was this high.

As quickly as the kiss had started, it ended. Not before Garret bit down hard on Kristoff’s lower lip, however. Once again Kristoff experienced the interesting effect of pain that brought about pleasure, and all he could do was watch helplessly as Garret neatly jumped off the bed and shoved down his jeans—not snapping the belt or breaking the fabric like he’d done to Kristoff’s clothing, the jerk—and then he was grabbing on to Kristoff’s hips and yanking him around.

Kristoff let out a shocked noise as he was spun around. “Gah!

“On your hands and knees,” Garret said, his voice gruff and going straight to Kristoff’s cock.

“You could have just asked me,” Kristoff said, glaring over his shoulder at the alpha.

He was irritated by this, but he didn’t do or say anything about it. Of course it would be this position. Kristoff hated this position, but going face-to-face seemed way too damned intimate for what they were about to do.

Fucking and intimacy were two completely separate things. So why he was he so angry that he was on his knees like this?

Then Garret’s hands were on his ass, spreading his cheeks wide, and the sudden rush of anticipation that made goose bumps form all along his skin made him forget about that spike of anger. Especially when he felt one of Garret’s fingertips pressing against his asshole.

“You’d better not try sticking that in there dry,” Kristoff snapped. That was the one thing he wasn’t about to put up with. If Garret told him he was into that shit then this was going to end right now.

“Relax, I wasn’t going to,” Garret said. “I like it when you get all pushy and angry. Lets me know that you’re not such a quiet guy after all.”

He came off as quiet?

Kristoff was about to tell Garret where he could find his lube, but then the man surprised him when he seemed to already have it. His fingers left Kristoff’s ass cheeks, and when they came back, pressing against his hole, they were wet and slick.

He looked over his shoulder again and noted the small bottle that was sitting on his sheets. He hadn’t even heard Garret open the cap. The man must’ve brought the stuff with him in his pocket.

Fuck, the man really had ninja skills to be able to grab on to the stuff from the pocket of his clothes, which were on the floor, and still manage to keep Kristoff from even realizing he’d left the bed.

Then those fingers were pushing inside of him, and Kristoff hissed at the sudden stretching, and then he groaned as the burn overcame him, and all he felt was the pleasure.

Garret chuckled. “That’s it, baby. You’re mine now.”

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