Trusted Fate (MFM)

Liberty, Wyoming 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 42,505
9 Ratings (4.1)

[Menage Amour: Contemporary Menage a Trois, MFM, HEA]

Lily Thomas was on the run from the very people she should have been able to trust.  She was dropped off in a town far away from her home, alone, scared, tired, hungry and now injured.  Can she overcome her fear to get the help she needs before it was too late?

Alec Wright and John Mitchell are two deputies that searched anxiously for the lost woman with white hair that had been sighted many times in town.  They’d been worried because she was a woman on her own and besides being deputies, they were some of the town toughest Dom’s that believed women were to be cherished and watched over.

But there were so many things they had to consider. Besides helping her heal, they have to help her navigate a world that overwhelms her at times.  The men also had to consider whoever she ran from would come looking,  so they had to stay alert at all times. 

Trusted Fate (MFM)
9 Ratings (4.1)

Trusted Fate (MFM)

Liberty, Wyoming 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 42,505
9 Ratings (4.1)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Her body jolted when she caught sight of a large shadow making its way back to where she was. She dropped down biting back the groan that clawed at her throat at the spike of pain that raced down her leg. She hunched over, trying to make herself as small as possible and moved behind the dumpster.

Terror unlike any she’d ever felt before raced through her when she heard two men’s voices talking to each other. She’d only caught the one shadow. If they knew she was here, she had very little strength to get away from one much less two of them.

Lily used the sleeve of the man’s shirt to wipe the sweat mixed with tears that ran down her face. She bit back a sob when she realized how close they were to her hiding space.

Right then everything in her screamed to run, but her body was giving out on her. She knew she wouldn’t make it three steps before she collapsed. Her leg was starting to throb worse than ever, and she could feel wetness slide down the inside of her leg. She guessed it was blood mixed with the pus.

Her only hope was that they hadn’t seen her…

“There’s no way she can get away,” John whispered.

Lily’s heart dropped, and her stomach churned with fear, making bile slide up her throat.

Alec’s blood was racing through his veins. They’d found her. He didn’t know why she became so important to him. Maybe it was the fact she was so young and was taking care of herself and managing to stay ahead of the cops until then.

“Alec, how do you want to do this without terrifying the poor thing?”

“Let me try to talk her out first.”

John nodded and took a few steps to the side and looked under a cardboard box.

Alec stood on the other side of the alley, moving slowly toward the back. There was no way for her to get away. 

“Sweetheart. We know your back here, and we just want to help. We’re both police officers, and we’ve been looking for you for a long time.”

Both men waited and got nothing but silence.

“We don’t want to scare you, honey. Please…”

Lily bit back a moan when she moved farther behind the dumpster.

Both men froze. John lifted his hand and pointed toward her hiding place. ‘You go on that side, and I’ll stay on this,’ he mouthed to Alec.

Alec nodded. “Why won’t you let us help you?’

They both slowly crept forward and took their places on either side. Alec pulled the dumpster away from the wall. His heart about broke for the little woman who sat huddled and terrified. What the fuck had been done to her?

Alec crouched down, trying to make himself smaller and less threatening.

“Hi. My name’s Alec. Can you tell me what your name is?” He waited as his eyes scanned over what he could see of her. Her features were so delicate and as pure as an angel. She looked remarkably clean for living on the streets. “Can you tell me where you’re from?”

She pulled her arms tighter around herself and shook her head.

“You can’t tell me because you don’t know?”

Lily shook her head.

Alec sat down Indian style, trying to make himself less intimidating which was hard to do because he was over six feet tall and had broad muscular shoulders. 

“This is good that we’re talking.”

She stared at him as she clenched her teeth against the shivers that racked her body from the crisp air and fever.

Alec couldn’t see a lot of her face. She sat so deeply in the shadows. Her hair was hidden with some kind of cloth, and she wore a man’s oversized shirt that covered her. He knew she looked small, but he couldn’t tell the age or size of her yet.

Alec bit back a curse when he caught the shiver that shook her before she tried to hide it. It really wasn’t cold out yet, but if she wasn’t from around here, she might not be used to the weather. Dammit. They needed to get her inside.

“Sweetheart. I don’t want you to be alarmed, but I have a friend here who’s worried about you, too, so if you see another man, don’t be scared.”

Yeah, right. The girl couldn’t be more afraid right then.

“His name is John.”

Lily turned her head quickly to the other side and then back when she didn’t see even a shadow.

“He’s not going to get close to you. We’re very worried about scaring you more than you already are.”

Lily tried to move and bit back a moan when her thighs pressed together, and it pushed on the wound.

Alec caught the flicker of pain and gritted his teeth. She was either hurt or hurting herself somehow hiding between the rough wall and dumpster. 

“Do you remember my name?”

Lily nodded silently.

“Can you tell me what it is because I forget it a lot?”

He relaxed a bit when he caught a small smile.


He heard her whisper and almost shouted in relief.

“That’s right, honey. Are you sure you can’t tell me yours?”

Her eyes darted behind her before she faced him again. 

“It’s Lily.”

Alec had to really listen, her voice was so low.

“Lily? I think that’s the prettiest name I’ve ever heard.”

There was no expression from her, no flicker of emotion, so he continued to talk.

“Well, except one other name. Do you want to know what it is?” He smiled when she nodded. “Herbert. I like the name Herbert.”

Lily snorted out a small laugh. “That’s not a name.”

“Are you sure? I thought I heard someone say it once.”

Lily smiled and shook her head.

“Lily, honey, I can tell your shivering. Will you let us help you, sweetheart?”

Lily stiffened. Her head dropped to her drawn up knees as a wave of pain raced through her.

“Lily, look at me, baby girl.”

A sob caught in her throat at the name. Her Granny had called her baby girl. It made her miss her home, her granny, and her cousin Grace even more.

Alec heard her cry. “Honey, did I say something wrong?” His heart jerked in his chest when she raised her head, and he could see the shine of tears on her cheeks.

Lily wiped her face with the sleeve of the shirt she wore.

“No, my Granny used to call me that.”

A frown puckered Alec’s face. “What? Baby girl?”

Lily nodded.

“Is it okay if I call you that?” He was becoming desperate. He was catching signs of her being ill. High fever, chills, a dark flush on her cheek and the shaking she couldn’t control.

She hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

Alec smiled. “Good because I think it sounds nice.” Her shivers were getting worse. “Baby girl, can you trust us to take care of you. Please know that we would cut off our arm before we hurt you.” He clenched his teeth in frustration when she stayed still. “Honey, please. I can tell you don’t feel good. Please trust us enough to let us help you.” The last thing he wanted was to grab her, but something was wrong with her, and if this went on much longer, he wouldn’t have a choice. She needed to see a doctor.

Lily took a deep breath then nodded.

He sighed and then smiled. “That’s good. I’m going to stand right now so I can help you up, all right?”

Lily nodded.

Alec stood slowly. He knew his size was going to scare her, so he didn’t want to make any fast moves and make it worse.

“All right.” He held out his hand to her. “Put your hand in mine, baby girl.”

Lily took a deep breath and reached out. She flinched when his hand closed around hers but didn’t try to pull away.

“Here we go,” he said as he pulled her up to her feet. “I’m going to hold your hand. Is that okay?”

“All right.”

She took two steps and cried out as her legs gave out. Strong arms gathered her against a broad chest before she hit the ground.

“Wow, that was close,” Alec tried to joke but knew she had to sense his concern. “Can you put your arms around my neck, baby girl?” He let out a relieved sigh when she did it immediately, and he lifted her against his chest. “Now remember, I told you about my friend. I don’t want you to be afraid. His looks might startle you because I think he looks a little like a gnome.”

Lily gasped, then laughed when she caught his smile.

“Lily, this is John. John, I’d like you to meet Lily.”

Lily jerked her head toward the other man and tensed for a second.

“He doesn’t look like a gnome,” she whispered to Alec.

“No? Does he look like an over-sized dwarf?”

Lily smiled and shook her head.

“He looks like what I thought a prince would look like.”

John laughed. “Thank you, Lily.”

Alec rolled his eyes. “Now he’s going to go around thinking he’s handsome and I’ll never hear the end of it.”

Lily laughed tiredly.

Both men noticed her shivers and how her speech was getting lower and more slurred.

Alec held her tighter against his chest.

“Lily, John and I live together. Would it be okay if we took you home and got you warm?”




Alec moved down her body, nipping and licking as he went until he got to the place he’d been dreaming about for weeks. He used his shoulders to spread her legs and make room between them.

John smiled. She was concentrating on the pleasure John was giving her and didn’t know where Alec was. A scream tore from her mouth at the first swipe of Alec’s tongue through her drenched slit.

Lily tried to jerk away from them.

“Wh…what are you doing?”

“Remember I told you I have been dying to taste you? Well, tonight I’m going to taste until I get my fill.”

“Oh, God. You can’t…”

“I can…I am.” He hummed and lowered his head again and dove in.

The breath splintered from her lungs. The feelings they brought out in her were overwhelming at times, far surpassing anything she’d dealt with so far in her life, and she couldn’t see herself ever becoming used to them. John was paying attention to her breasts, cupping one and sucking on the other while he held her arms above her head, and Alec, he was doing things to her she never could have imagined.

A part of her thought she should fear them at least a little, but the bond of trust she’d already formed with these men made it impossible to do anything but feel the nerve endings in her body spark, her stomach and nipples tighten, and wave after wave of pleasure take her.

John watched the expressions on her face. His heart throbbed with the realization she would let them do anything to her right then. She trusted them and was so far gone in her pleasure she had no concept of what was being done to her.

John pressed her hands down.

“Leave your hands there.”

“Mmmm,” she mumbled as her head thrashed back and forth.

He stood and quickly stripped himself of his clothes, grabbed some condoms, and lay back down beside her. He nuzzled the side of her neck.

“You’re such a good girl, doing what I told you to do. You didn’t move at all, did you?”

“Oh, God.” Lily gasped in a desperate breath and shook her head.

John pressed down on her stomach when her body arched off the mattress.

“No, baby. You need to stay still and let Alec get his fill.”

“I’m feeling something inside me, and the feeling keeps growing and growing, and I can’t stop it. Make him stop, John.”

John saw something close to fear darken her eyes.

“This is natural, baby. Alec is pushing you toward a climax, and you’re going to love it.” He pressed on her stomach when Lily arched under John’s hand. “No, you’re going to trust us to take care of you and let yourself go. It’s okay. Both of us are holding on to you.”

“But.” She screamed when Alec pressed one of his long blunt fingers into her pussy, thrusting in and out but being careful of her hymen, at the same time sucking her clit into his mouth, making flashes of light pop under her eyelids and the breath catch in her throat.

John would take that, and later after they had her stretched, Alec would take her ass.

A shrill sound came from her throat and continued as wave after wave of ecstasy raced through her.

Alec brought her down gently, not stopping until he pulled all of her orgasm out of her and she collapsed against the bed and John.

“There we go, baby.” Alec moved up beside her while John took his place between her thighs. He bent and pressed a long kiss on her mouth, letting her taste herself on his tongue. “John is going to take your virginity, so we need you to relax. It will only hurt for a second.”

“What will hurt?” Lily asked dazed and lethargic.

Alec slid his hand down until he could slip a finger in between her folds and press on her clit.

“Everything will be okay. Trust us to take care of you.”

“I do trust you.”

“Alec, get her hands above her head again. If she touches me, I’m going to lose it. I’m too damn close,” John bit out in a voice that was rough with need.

Alec pulled her arms up.

“Here you go, baby. I’m just going to hold you like this. Later you will be able to touch us.”

Lily groaned at the new level of sensation the men were moving her toward.

Alec realized by her body language how much she liked to be restrained and looked up at John and realized he saw the same things and it amazed and thrilled them at the same time.

Alec pressed and circled her clit to get her revved up again as John pushed one and then two of his thick fingers into her to stretch her a bit.

“Jesus, she’s so damn tight, Alec.”

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