Star Brides: The Meat Market (MFM)

Star Brides 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,543
4 Ratings (4.5)

[Menage Amour: Futuristic Menage a Trois Science Fiction Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Welcome to the ‘meat market.’ It’s the bridal fair from hell. Officially known as the Outer World Citizens’ Spousal Bazaar and Expo, it’s the place where a woman can leave her past behind and start a new life-with a new mate of course.

Tamsyn Laehn is desperate. She’s stuck in a lousy job and miserable life. When Tamsyn accompanies her best friend to the meat market, she falls into a bridal booth manned by Boarf and Brunz, two Neanderthal type warriors from the planet Zuntx  

Tamsyn has no choice but to leave with the men. Upon arriving on Zuntx they learn that the military has been disbanded. Homeless and decommissioned, the men agree to become colonists on the planet Drabik.

When the homesteading pioneers land on Drabik, they struggle to adapt to the harsh conditions they encounter on the inhospitable planet. The men’s traditional Zuntx views of women provide an extra test for all three as they learn to trust and love each other.  

Star Brides: The Meat Market (MFM)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Star Brides: The Meat Market (MFM)

Star Brides 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 30,543
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




“No no no no no,” Tamsyn chanted as she rocked back and forth in her seat. Nose pressed against the side of the transport’s top, she considered her predicament. How the hell did this happen? And what about Renee? Would the officials tell Renee what happened? Tamsyn could only hope so as she mentally reviewed the last hour of her life. If only I wasn’t such a klutz.

Tamsyn studied Boarf. Large, with muscles rippling every time he moved, his bulk more than filled the seat. Both men shared the same bronze skin color, but Boarf’s hair was streaked with navy highlights. Unlike Brunz, Boarf had dark blue eyes. Both men wore their hair in multiple braids tied at the nape of their necks. Escaping from these two might prove difficult if not impossible. Tamsyn covered her face with her hands and moaned.

“Hey! You’re not going to puke, are you?” Boarf shouted, twisting around to glare at Tamsyn. “We have to return this damn thing at the terminal. We’ll lose our deposit!” Tamsyn shook her head “no,” to vomiting, although screaming and crying were possibilities.

Their ship lumbered to a stop at the spaceport. Boarf hopped out. As soon as his feet hit the ground, he took off toward the terminal building. Brunz followed, plucking Tamsyn from her seat as though she weighed virtually nothing. Taking her arm, he flung a quick look over his shoulder. “Move it,” he demanded, hauling her along.

They approached a space shuttle squatting at the end of a long row of ships. Small and unassuming, this one looked rough. Dimples and dents marred her surface. A pattern of extensive scorch marks crisscrossed the wings, adding character. Sorta. Or all the damage might mean they’d burn up and die when the engine failed.

Brunz let go of her arm. “Do not go anywhere.” He growled over his shoulder at Tamsyn. She watched him walk around the shuttle, inspecting it. When Brunz ducked under the wing, Tamsyn took a step backward. Then another. And another. And backed into Boarf.

“Go,” Boarf said roughly, shoving her toward the ship. “Brunz, we need to move. Those liotta fuckers are still following us. I really thought they’d give it up by now.”

Brunz lifted the hatch and disappeared inside. Boarf gripped Tamsyn’s waist and heaved her into the shuttle. He scrambled up after her. Once inside, he tugged the door shut and yelled, “We’re in! Go!”

Ragged vibrations shook Tamsyn’s feet. She staggered against Boarf. Tamsyn’s breasts flattened against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her. She brought her hands up, pushing him away in an attempt to gain a little personal space. Tamsyn looked up at Boarf and, without conscious thought, opened her mouth in invitation.

Boarf took advantage of the opportunity she offered. He buried his hands in her hair and claimed her mouth. He punished her lips with his, fucking her mouth with his tongue. When he heard Tamsyn moan, he squeezed her breast. He circled her nipple until it pebbled and became hard, and then flicked it through her shirt. The ship shuddered. Tamsyn didn’t notice.

“Boarf!” Brunz yelled. “I need your ass up here, not fucking her!”

Without a word, Boarf pushed Tamsyn into a seat and walked to the cockpit. Tamsyn fell into the seat, panting, as she watched Boarf’s retreating back. Surprised, she pressed her legs together, hoping to ease her aching pussy. She ran trembling fingers over her throbbing lips. Damn, he felt good.

Their craft jerked forward, pressing Tamsyn into her seat as the transport lifted off. Earth disappeared as they ascended into the blue sky. She studied her home world’s curvature below her, while stars twinkled above her head. A ship rose almost beneath theirs, playing follow the leader with them.

“Umm, excuse me…excuse me!” Tamsyn called to the men in the cockpit.

“What? What do you want?” one of them asked.

“I think they’re following us,” Tamsyn said.

“Shiiiit. She’s right,” Boarf said, looking down.

Their ship accelerated and changed course as the pie-plate moon appeared in the canopy. Brunz ducked behind it and headed away from their pursuers. A few moments later, they were alone in the vastness of space, speeding toward Zuntx.

Tamsyn realized she had stuffed the informational brochure she received when this miserable misadventure began in her back pocket. Shifting in her seat, she dug it out and flipped through the pages searching for Zuntx.

“…a warrior race,” she read. “Traditionally, the Zuntx are known for their aggressive and abusive behavior toward women. Now, as members of the universal community, they have changed their cultural outlook to allow their peoples’ participation in Earth’s bridal expos. They have also recently signed agreements permitting marital inspectors to visit the planet and interview new brides.”

Well, that’s a relief, Tamsyn thought. I can get the hell out of here in six months.

She continued reading, “Although there are exceptions, Zuntx society is organized into military units composed of men who have familial or social connections to one another. Typically, one can expect two to eight men per unit.”

“While there can be more than one female in a group, due to the extreme shortage of women, this remains the exception and not the norm. Welcome sex occurs almost immediately upon arrival, with the bride shared equally among all the men in a group.”

Close to panicking, Tamsyn felt her heart thumping in her chest. There might be six more men? she thought. And I’m supposed to fuck them all. At the same time? And after they say ‘you’re welcome’ She couldn’t help herself—she stared at the brothers. At least she hoped they were brothers and not part of a larger army unit. What would it be like, she wondered, being fucked by more than one man at the same time?




Seeing Tamsyn approach, they looked at her with their eyebrows raised. Her big smile was all the answer they needed. Satisfied, they gathered their tools and secured them before heading in. Just inside the door, both men stopped and stared, amazed at how Tamsyn had managed to turn their piles of stuff into a pleasant and comfortable home.

“Do you like it?” she asked, concerned by their silence.

Brunz struggled to find his voice. “This is not a Zuntx house.”

“No,” Boarf agreed. “This is more.”

“But do you like it?” Tamsyn asked again, second-guessing her homemaking skills.

Brunz, always a man of few words, couldn’t think of a way to explain how abjectly miserable Zuntx dwellings felt. Usually dark and dirty with sick children huddled in even darker corners, Brunz always preferred somewhere else, anywhere else, to the cold, depressing, soul-killing atmosphere of civilian homes.

But looking down at Tamsyn’s anxious face, he didn’t know how to express all he felt. Instead of talking, he pulled her against his powerful hardness. Wrapping her hair around his fist, he tilted her head back and kissed her. His warm firm lips demanding, then taking control of her mouth.

Tamsyn, startled at first, stiffened in his arms. But as Brunz moved his lips over hers, she opened for him and felt Brunz slide his tongue inside her mouth’s warmth. She thrust her breasts into his chest as she angled her head back even farther, encouraging his assault. Tamsyn tightened her lips around his tongue as she sucked it. Hearing Brunz moan, she realized he wanted her as much as she wanted him. Tamsyn felt Brunz slid his hand down her back to her ass, where he squeezed the firm flesh of her cheek before moving to cup her soft full breast. She loved the feel of his strong fingers when he played with her nipple, bringing it to a dark pink peak.

Boarf watched as Brunz kissed Tamsyn, gripping her head as he ravished her mouth. Boarf noticed that she didn’t seem to mind his brother’s thrusting tongue or roaming hands. Boarf’s cock grew painfully hard when Brunz squeezed her ass. Boarf wanted to fuck her. Now.

Boarf stepped behind Tamsyn and nibbled the back of her neck. Boarf moved his hand under her shirt and unclipped her bra. He sought her nipples, pinching and rolling them, feeling the plump flesh engorge as they tightened. He felt Tamsyn’s breathing quicken, her chest heaving against his hands, as she ground her ass against his cock. Boarf pulled her T-shirt roughly over her head. Her bra soon joined the shirt on the floor.

Tamsyn felt Boarf’s warm body against her bare back. His breath tickled her neck as he licked and kissed his way to her shoulder. Each touch of Boarf’s lips sent waves of desire surging to her core. Her clit joined her nipples, the treacherous little bundle of nerves also swelling and aching.

When Boarf discarded her shirt and bra, she stood before Brunz, her full breasts with their puckering nipples on display for him. His eyes darkening, Brunz stared at her. Brunz cradled her breast in the palm of his hand, savoring the weight of it. Squeezing the softness, he pulled it until the nipple pointed toward his waiting mouth. Lowering his head, Brunz captured that nipple, wrapping his lips around it. Using the flat, roughest part of his tongue, Brunz rasped across her sensitive peak, flattening it. Then he suckled her, hard, pulling until he could grasp the little bud with his teeth and draw it back out. Brunz continued torturing Tamsyn’s breasts until, moaning, she buried her fingers in his wiry hair.

When Brunz retreated, cooler air caressed the front of Tamsyn’s bare body, turning her wet nipples into diamond-hard points. Her knees buckled when his teeth reclaimed them. With an unarticulate cry, she grabbed his hair and held on, her grip on his head the only thing keeping her standing. Tamsyn never felt so ready to fuck in her life. Her clit throbbed, and she knew her juices soaked her panties.

Boarf watched Brunz ravish Tamsyn’s breasts. Her whimpers stiffened his cock to almost excruciating proportions. His shaft pulsed when she wobbled and grabbed Brunz’s hair. Boarf tightened his grip on her waist. He could smell her arousal.

Boarf hooked his thumbs in her waistband and tugged her jeans to the floor. He stood back a little and admired her naked ass. He ran his hands down her back and over the perfect pink globes and kneaded them. Pulling Tamsyn’s cheeks apart, he dropped to his knees behind her and lapped at the evidence of her arousal now running down her thighs.

Abandoning her breasts, Brunz now knelt before her, and spread her pussy open with his thumbs, exposing her to his tongue and teeth. He enclosed her very sensitive clit with his lips while the tip of his tongue traveled in tight little circles around it. He felt Tamsyn shudder as she clutched his hair and shoulders. Her moans became pleas for release as she gasped out his name. Leaving her clit, he thrust his tongue inside her, fucking her.

Tamsyn didn’t recognize the sound of her hoarse voice as Brunz played with her pussy and Boarf licked the juices from her thighs. She begged and pleaded with the men to make her come. Or fuck her. Or both. Preferably both. Just before she exploded into a thousand pieces, Brunz retreated. Tamsyn groaned, not knowing what to do next. Her breasts and clit throbbed in time to her own heartbeat. Her juices dripped from her pussy. Her empty pussy. What the hell was Boarf doing back there anyway? She wanted to turn around and scream.

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