Hunger of the Dragon (MM)

Fury 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,303
4 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Contemporary Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA] 

After the nearly complete destruction of his dragon clan, Rhodium is taking the last of his dragons on the road to find more men to fight with him.

He wants war.
However, Rhody doesn’t expect to find Silver Fury’s clan harboring a couple of warlocks, as well as an omega who used to work for the Catchers. Furious, Rhody leaves, intent on going to war on his own if he has to, but finding a scarred omega on the run from his past changes everything. His need for vengeance will have to be put on hold. This is his mate.
Doug did the most painful thing of his life. He broke off his connection with an abusive mate. He wants nothing but peace, a chance to be alone. Catching the scent of another mate was never in the cards, and Doug is scared to death that history will repeat itself. Luckily, Rhodium is nothing but patient.


Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

Hunger of the Dragon (MM)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Hunger of the Dragon (MM)

Fury 11

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,303
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Doug took another drink of his hot tea. He felt the liquid slide down into his belly. It helped, a little, but he was running out of money, and he didn’t know what to do. There was that clan near this area. The dragon clan. The one that had offered him a place to stay.

Sort of.

A few weeks ago, Peter and Doug had been arguing. Peter had been driving, and Doug had said something, he couldn’t remember what, but it had annoyed Peter enough that he’d pulled over to the side of the road, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt with one hand and started slapping him with the other.

Then a dragon busted the driver’s side window of the truck, yanking Peter out before proceeding to beat the hell out of him.

Luckily everything turned out fine, and the dragon tried to give Peter a number to reach him, his clan.

He’d said it would be safe there, that there would be other omegas.

Peter had taken that paper and thrown it away before driving off. Doug hadn’t thought anything of it at the time. He’d just snuggled against Peter’s chest, grateful the situation hadn’t been worse, but now…

Now he wished he knew where to go. He’d been spending his nights outside, curling up in his wolf shape in the woods. All that travel was getting to him. He was starting to feel the ache from his paws in his human hand and feet, and he was extremely low on cash.

Doug wasn’t the best hunter. He’d relied on Peter for that.

“Here you go, hun, on the house.”

Doug jumped. The waitress. She was back and placed a soup and half-sandwich in front of him.

He shook his head. “I can’t pay for that.”

“I said it was on the house.” She eyed him. “Just don’t go thinking I can do this all the time. One of the cooks in the back just thinks you’re cute is all.”

“I…okay. Thank you.”

“You got it, hun.” The waitress walked off again, as though it was normal for an establishment to give out free food like this.

He didn’t know what else to say or do to that. She could be lying about the cute remark, trying to get him to take the food so he wouldn’t think it was being offered out of pity, but what if she was telling the truth?

Doug didn’t want anyone thinking he was cute. He didn’t want anyone noticing him at all.

Not after he’d just gotten away from Peter.

Peter, who it still hurt to think of. Almost more than the hurt on his face.

He looked at what was offered. Pea soup with bacon, and half of a club sandwich.

He normally hated pea soup, but he wasn’t about to be choosey about a nice gesture either. Maybe the two days without hot food had done something to him because when he spooned a little of it into his mouth, it was honestly the best soup he could have asked for.

Whoever had cooked it was fucking amazing.

As he ate, he started to feel a little better. His hands didn’t tremble so much anymore, and the ache from the severed mating wasn’t so prominent in his mind.

Maybe he really did need food in him. The protein, carbs, and vitamins could only help, after all.

The noise of the diner started to fade away. With hot food in his belly, such a small thing, Doug honestly felt as though things were looking up.

Maybe he would find that dragon clan soon enough. Maybe he would be able to move on with his life without worrying about being picked up by the Dog Catchers.

And if he had it his way, he was never going to let anyone touch him ever again.

The bell over the diner door rang as more patrons entered.

Doug hardly paid any attention to it. He glanced up briefly then paused at the sight of them.

They were big. Five incredibly big guys, some with tattoos on their arms, most on their faces.

Nothing overly heavy, but even Doug knew what those particular tattoos meant.

The ones right beneath their right eyes. The tattoos that signified the element of a dragon warrior.

These guys were either human posers or they were the real deal, and considering the area Doug was in, he was willing to bet they were definitely the real thing.

Holy shit. Things really were looking up.

The waitress came to great them, a careful smile on her face. The look of an employee who wanted to do her job but was also on the careful side about who she was letting herself get near to.

Doug couldn’t blame her. One of those guys had a leather choker with actual spikes around his neck.

Their leather jackets didn’t have any branding of a gang name on the back, but still. The look was complete. All these men needed were the bikes outside.

He was definitely staring. Staring a little too long at the one with the dark black hair. It wasn’t long, but it was gelled and spiked on one side of his head. On the other, it was shaved, revealing a black dragon tattoo on his scalp when he turned his head.

This guy had to be a dragon. All he needed to do was get a little closer so Doug could get a whiff of his scent and…

The man looked at him, his dark gaze zoning in on Doug as though there were a laser beam within that stare.

Their gazes locked almost the instant the man’s smell finally made it over to Doug’s table, and he dropped his spoon.

No. Oh, holy shit, no.

The dragon smiled at him.

Doug got out of his seat and ran.




And those noises, those beautiful, erotic noises, were all Rhody needed to keep going. An angel’s encouragement.

Doug’s cock in his mouth tasted like skin. A touch of salt. It wasn’t what Rhody thought it would be. He wasn’t disgusted by it, and he noted that the more he did this, the more excited his body became as he hollowed and tightened his cheeks.

He played with the underside of Doug’s cockhead. The man was cut, which was a shame. If he’d been completely intact, Rhody got the feeling he would be able to show the man that much more pleasure.

Rhody thought of everything that had been done to him over the years. His brain was fogged with lust, with the desire of everything he wanted to do to this man, but he still managed to remember some of those things.

He gently took Doug’s testicles in hand, rolling them gently. He felt Doug’s gasp, and then the man settled.

It brought Rhody all the more pleasure to know his mate was trusting him to hold in his hand and mouth the most sensitive and exposed part of himself.

“R-Rhody,” Doug gasped, his spine arching before he flopped back down hard. “Oh God.”

Rhody didn’t stop. He found he was shockingly good at this. He expected there to be a gag reflex to force him back every time he pushed his mouth down deeper on Doug’s prick, but he felt only the smallest of hints of it.

That really allowed him to play.

And Doug’s cock throbbed in his mouth. It was a wonderful feeling, knowing that he could feel his mate’s heartbeat on his tongue.

Rhody reached down, using his free hand to stroke between his legs, needing the friction, needing to ease the ache building up within him.

He wanted to fuck this man. He wanted to push inside him and take him hard and fast, to hear those delectable little noises as Rhody was inside him.

He’d done anal with women before. It couldn’t be that much different, right?

He hoped not. Shit. He was going to need something to ease the way.

Doug suddenly grabbed at Rhody’s hair. What little of it he could grab at. He panted and gasped Rhody’s name with vigor, and though Rhody had an idea of what the man was gasping over, what he was trying to tell him about, Rhody didn’t care.

He wanted it. He wanted to taste it. He wanted to taste all of him.

And then he felt it. First in his hand, the tightening of Doug’s testicles. Then in his mouth, the rush of warmth as Doug came. The man thrust his cock deeper into Rhody’s mouth, likely through no fault of his own. The rush of pleasure surging through his body was difficult for anyone to contain.

Rhody swallowed it all down. He felt as though he were taking a part of Doug inside himself. He didn’t know why it pleased him so much to think of it that way, but if it was so pleasing, then there was no point in stopping.

The taste was not entirely pleasant, but that wasn’t the reward.

The true reward came with glancing up and watching as his mate slumped onto the bed, open mouth gasping for breath, his heart pounding, and not because he was afraid.

This was true pleasure, and Rhody was happy to be able to give it to the man.

Still stroking his cock with one hand, Rhody pulled his mouth back when he was sure he’d swallowed down every drop Doug was able to give him. He kissed the man’s thighs, noted the healthy flush of his body, and he wanted to fuck him.

Rhody reached for his bag. There was sunscreen in there. That should do the trick.

He grabbed it then climbed into the bed, onto his mate, straddling him.

Rhody leaned down and kissed those lips again. They are becoming dark with lust, and from all the kissing.

He tasted good. God, Rhody’s mate tasted so good. Now that Doug was relaxed, the feel of those lips, of his body, and of those slender fingers sliding behind his head were beyond wonderful.

Rhody pulled back with some disappointment. Even though it was to spread apart the man’s thighs, he still felt the pang of disappointment to have to be separated from him for any reason, for any amount of time.

“Lift your hips for me.”

Doug blinked. “I…do you want me to turn around?”

Rhody chuckled. “No, you’re fine just the way you are. Come on now, lift up for me.”

Doug wet his lips then did as he was told, exposing his asshole.

Rhody was struck once again with the strange realization that he’d never before felt a sexual desire to touch another man’s hole before, to press his fingers to the pucker, to prepare one for his cock to take.

As of right now, he wanted nothing more than to shove inside and have Doug moan from being filled with him.

Patience. He had to be patient.

“I’ll buy something a little more suitable for this later. We’ll have to make due with this.”

He wiggled the bottle at Doug.

Doug’s cheeks were a bright shade of pink as he nodded.

Rhody popped the cap with his thumb, pouring a healthy amount into his palm.

“You tell me if it’s too much or not, understand?”

He didn’t mind giving that order in bed to his mate.

Doug nodded.


Rhody pressed his fingers to Doug’s pucker. It was clear he’d had other men here before. His other mate. The dead one.

Not so long ago, either.

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