Luke's Red Poll (MM)

Bourne Bulls 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,176
3 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Cowboy Romance, M/M, HEA]
James Treebell was a desperate man left with very little after buying a badly neglected farm off his homophobic father. Luke Bourne was his only hope. When Luke first saw James, he knew he’d help this man with whatever he needed, and hopefully that would include him.
It wasn’t all smooth sailing for either of them. Luke left his job and home, then started collecting stock of any variety that would be no cost to James. Going from bulls to bunnies was no easy feat. Add to that inseminating a herd of heifers, then going from heifers to highland sheep—Luke was going all out to help his gorgeous, Yorkshire-born Australian sheep farmer.  
Unfortunately, the problems didn’t end there. When the farm was sold right out from under them, the race was on to save the farm, their new stock, and James’s life.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Luke's Red Poll (MM)
3 Ratings (5.0)

Luke's Red Poll (MM)

Bourne Bulls 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,176
3 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Luke was waiting for James and two of the Bourne’s bull men to turn up. They would need the help to pen the animals, and with a bit of luck and some damn hard work he was hoping to give his lover a surprise.

“Okay, boss, what’s the plan?” Rob asked as he entered the kitchen.

“I need you to help me fix the main roof on Treebell’s farm. You have more expertise than me, so hopefully we’ll be quicker with your help. Sam and Paddy can help with the new pens and roof where needed.” Luke wasn’t sure what needed doing on the bull farm, but there were four other men who could help John and Adam, and sod it those two could get their hands dirty if necessary. He hadn’t seen Adam since he’d told his brothers he was taking time off, but he knew they’d contact him if he was needed. Hell, he’d even charged his phone though not for that exact purpose.

“Okay, shall me and the boys get going then?” Rob asked as both Sam and Paddy called from outside.

“Aye, there’s supplies to pick up from Jennings’. They’ll be at the warehouse. If you take the large transit, you’ll have enough room.” Luke looked at Rob to see if he had any more questions, but for once the man didn’t try to wind him up. Guess he wasn’t the only one to get laid last night.

“Okay, we’ll see you at Treebell’s in an hour.” Rob raised his hand in salute as he left.

“Who was that?” James asked as he entered the kitchen just as the man headed out.

“Just Rob and a couple of the men,” Luke answered. “They’re going to help set things up for the new stock that will be arriving around noon.”

“Thank you,” James said quietly, causing Luke to swing round to look at him. “I wasn’t sure how I was going to get things ready, but your mum was so adamant that I should take them.”

“Even the domesticated rabbits,” Luke said, smiling to help ease some of James’s tension 

“Oh God yes, what the hell do you do with twenty rabbits?”

“Well there’s rabbit stew, rabbit pie, even rabbit curry...” Luke ground to a halt as he was unable to stop the laughter as he took in the look on James’s face. It was priceless.

“I can’t do that to Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cotton-tail!” James sounded horrified.

“What about poor Peter? What has he done to be left out ?” Mark chipped in as he walked into the kitchen and straight to the coffeepot.

“Come on, sunshine, we need to head out. We can discuss the emancipation of your rabbits on the way.” Luke thrust a paper bag into James’s hand and left through the kitchen door. “See you, Mark.”

“Say hello to Bugs for me!” Mark yelled back. Peels of laugher shadowed Luke as he left.

James followed Luke out. He could hear the man rustling in the bag. It contained a few sandwiches his mum had made them that morning morning—so they all had had a breakfast, she’d said. He couldn’t remember a time when his mum hadn’t provided them all with food one way or another, and her steak and ale stew was to die for. He hadn’t told anyone, but he’d managed to snag the leftovers before his brothers had surfaced so James and he would be eating well again tonight. He got the feeling it may be a while before rabbit was on the menu.


* * * *


James was surprised when they reached Treebell Farm that Luke’s men hadn’t arrived. He knew they were picking up ‘stuff’ but any further explanation was not forthcoming from Luke.

As soon as James excited the Land Rover, he felt it, even Bell growled. Why did he feel like someone had been here and not in a good way?

Luke’s phone rang and the man answered as he stepped from the vehicle.

“Hello,” Luke said, then paused to listen to whoever was on the line. “You’ve got to be joking. Really, how many?” Luke started chuckling. “No, Pops, I’m not laughing,” his lover denied falsely, a smile spreading all over his face. “We need the men here, Pops, to get the holding pens ready, especially now.” Luke went silent again, but James could hear the shouting on the other end of the phone. Noah Bourne was not a happy bunny. James thought that may not be the best thing to say at the moment, so he remained quiet.

“Okay, Pops, seen you... whenever.” Luke hung up, turned, and looked at James before bursting out in hysterics.

“Pops has a bit of a bunny problem,” Luke said with tears running down his cheeks.

“What’s the problem?” James asked, trying and failing to keep his face straight.

“Burt and Miss Lucy don’t keep their animals contained as such,” Luke explained through his tears.

“So, where are they?”

“Running loose, in their large barn.” Luke wheezed trying to contain his laughter.

“Huh?” James grunted. He did not see the problem or understand the humour.

“They’re all loose. Pops, Mum, and Miss Lucy are trying to catch them and Burt is refusing to help!” Luke’s whole body was shaking. “And there are a few more than twenty.”

Luke looked at the barn and smiled, yet shook his head at the same time. “I need to ring the lads. We’ve a lot to do today. We need to make sure we have secure bunny-friendly pens and somewhere for Gertrude and her forthcoming brood.” Luke said as he headed towards the house, calling Rob in the process.

James still had that uneasy feeling but couldn’t place it or give a reason for it, but with Bell all twitchy, he knew something was definitely amiss. But at this precise moment he had a heavily pregnant pig plus other friends of the bacon-producing variety on their way, a clutch of ten chickens, and a circle of bunnies, numbers unknown.




James’s heart melted inside his chest. Luke looked as vulnerable as he felt and James wouldn’t allow that. James was grateful to the man, but it was so much more. And now he knew Luke was on the same page.

They were already naked and in this amazing brass bed which was theirs. What the hell were they waiting for?

James pounced.

Well, it was more like climbed the man. He wrapped his arms round Luke’s shoulders and jumped, enfolding his thighs round Luke’s hips. Their lips crashed together as did their cocks. Luke’s large hands gripped James glutes and squeezed. James groaned into the kiss, Luke swallowing the sound. This was where he was meant to be. It was home.

James could feel Luke raise his leg, setting his knee on the mattress, and then with the gentlest care he laid James back on the bed. The kiss hadn’t finished, but that explosive energy had calmed, though none of the urgency had fled.

Luke grinded their cocks together as he lowered himself over James. It was fabulous and James groaned as the heat that spread out from his groin consumed him. James felt as though he was on fire. Everywhere Luke touched felt as though tendrils of flame were coursing from his fingers, sending electric pulses straight to his cock. James didn’t know how it had happened. He had been frozen not moments before, but he was now more than ready to explode. Luke slid his lips along James’s jaw, his hands roaming round to his hips. One moment James was on the edge, then Luke bit the tender skin behind his ear and grasped his almost painfully aroused cock and James lost it.

Ropes of pearly seed shot from his cock, covering both their chests and abs. James was about to die of shame for coming so quickly until he saw the look of wonder on Luke’s face.

“That was so fucking hot!” Luke’s look changed slowly from wonder to smugness. His wicked grin reappeared. James was now able to admit he was coming to love it. “And we haven’t even started yet.”

Luke leaned down and slid his tongue through the sticky mess spread across James’s stomach detouring up over James’s nipples that came out to play immediately as Luke’s hot tongue laved over them. He made sure to graze each tip with his teeth. James couldn’t believe it, but his depleted cock started to stir as the blood once again left his brain and headed south. James whimpered, trembling with need but so sated he didn’t know what he should do.

Luke finished cleaning his skin and pulled back, grabbing a towel from God alone knew where and rubbing himself down. His cock was still standing to attention and James wanted a taste. He pushed Luke back down on the bed, ending up in a tangled heap of limbs and bodies. But the result was perfect as he came face to face with his intended goal, Luke’s cock.

“Oh yes, baby,” Luke moaned as James slid his tongue from the base of Luke’s cock to the tip. He licked out the slit and the bitter sweet taste of Luke’s pre-cum excited his taste buds. He wanted more, much more.

“Ah, babe, you’ve got me on edge already and I have plans for you.” Luke’s voice was strained and James continued to lave delights upon Luke’s shaft. “Sorry, sunshine, but, this is my show.”

Luke grabbed his hands and pulled them away from his body. James didn’t release Luke’s cock until he had to, the suction from his lips causing it to pop from his mouth. Luke groaned, “Oh, baby, I’ll let you back there, but not this time.”

James watched as Luke went over to his bag. He hadn’t even noticed that their bags had been brought in for them. Luke pulled out what looked to be silk scarves plus the ubiquitous condoms and lube. Thank god for the Boy Scouts.

“What are you up to?” James asked. He couldn’t quite imagine Luke about to embark on the dance of the seven veils. But if the man wanted to dance and strip for him, he was not about to complain. Though putting clothes back on would be a shame. Luke ran his hand down James’s torso. The caress was gentle, but the look in Luke’s eyes was purely predatory. James couldn’t hide the tremor that raced through his body. Luke lifted his ankle and wrapped one of the scarves around it.

“Turn over, baby. I want to see that perfect tight ass.” James didn’t want to stop watching Luke, but his submissive side kicked in and he quickly turned over. “Do you trust me?” Luke asked.

James was surprised at how quickly the answer came to him. “Yes,” he rasped, not recognising the gravelly tone to his voice 

“You’re trembling,” Luke said. James realised Luke thought he was nervous, worried even, which was so far from the truth that it seemed absurd. James was so excited his cock was becoming uncomfortable beneath him.

“It’s the anticipation,” James chocked out, before he begged. “Do it, please.” Luke chuckled and proceeded to tie James’s left side to the bed. The binds weren’t tight and he still had some movement until Luke pushed the pillows underneath him. “Wait!” James shouted and Luke paused immediately. “Are these the only pillows?”

“Yes,” Luke replied hesitantly.

“Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not go to sleep with a face full of cum.” James felt his nerves spark and listened for Luke’s reaction, which came very quickly.

Luke’s laughter relaxed the whole mood, which hadn’t been  James’s plan, but he was grateful for it any way. He loved Luke’s dominant side, but when mixed with his humour it was divine.

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