Best Friends (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,849
1 Ratings (3.0)
[Siren Allure: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Haven Hall is a happily married woman who would never dream of cheating on her husband. However, her world is thrown into a tailspin when she meets Joey Marino at a training seminar. She feels a connection to him that defies everything she’s ever believed possible, physically, mentally, and emotionally. His intense good looks make her senses soar. She tries to keep him close while denying her feelings for him. When she returns home from her seminar, she finds that her husband was not as good at denying his urges as she was. She files for divorce, but keeps it to herself until she finds out that Joey feels the same way that she does.
Haven and Joey have a bumpy road on their way to their happily ever after. Is the difference in their income level going to be too much for Haven to handle? Can they make it work even though they are worlds apart, literally and financially?
Note: This book is written in one point of view.
Note: This book is written in first-person point of view.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Best Friends (MF)
1 Ratings (3.0)

Best Friends (MF)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 88,849
1 Ratings (3.0)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




“Did you climb them all?” he asked, his tone inflecting to me that he thought that would have been the stupidest thing in the world to do.

“Yep,” I answered him, ashamed of my stupidity, then looked down, almost fighting tears.

He knelt down in front of my shins. “May I?” he asked before touching my calf. I nodded without speaking. He grabbed one of my calves in his hands, extending my leg straight. “You really overdid it. I think you’re swollen.”

“Ouch,” I slowly whined. I was in too much pain to say anything else.

“Stay right here,” he instructed, then left the gym.

I stayed still. I didn’t want to even attempt to move. I fantasized that maybe I could spend the day in the gym and no one would notice me missing from class. I could dream, couldn’t I? Joseph returned with some hot wet towels that he wrapped around both of my calves, tightly.

It actually felt pretty good. Maybe Joseph knew a thing or two about pain management. “Thanks,” I said sheepishly, still embarrassed.

“I should have said something yesterday,” he chastised himself.

“You tried. I didn’t listen,” I told him, suddenly realizing that he was on my side the entire time yesterday, while I was thinking he was a jerk.

“He does that to everyone. He does those stairs at least once a week, so he’s used to them.”

“I fell right into it. He’s going to be laughing his ass off when I hobble into his training class this morning, isn’t he?”

“He’s definitely going to be full of himself. I think that’s why he does it.”

“Man. I’m so stupid,” I said with my Southern accent flowing like thick molasses.

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. You’re certainly not the first person to fall for it. And you won’t be the last,” he said as he tried to ease my embarrassment. “We can go to the steam room. That might help you some.”

“That sounds good. I thought only the execs could get in there, though,” I told him, remembering the class brochure mentioning that we needed a special pass to get into the steam room.

“I can get you in,” he said as if he knew the secret to getting in.

“Sure,” I agreed and attempted to step up. I managed to bring myself to a full standing position, but it was a long time coming.

“It’s down the stairs. No elevator,” he said apologetically.

“Great,” I whined again, playfully. “That means I have to walk back up. If I never see another stair again in my life, it will be too soon.”

We walked down the stairs together slowly. I could only do one step at a time, like an old lady, feeling the pain in my calves every step of the way. Joseph patiently waited on me every step of the way. Upon entering the spacious steam room, I exclaimed. “This is amazing.”

I sat in my workout attire, even though it was customary to strip down and wear a towel. Joseph stayed in his shorts and tank top. I thanked God that he wasn’t going to be wearing only a towel next to me. I guess it was pretty stupid to come down here alone with a guy I had just met, but somehow I trusted him. I just knew instinctively that he wasn’t going to hurt me.

“I’m Joey, by the way,” he introduced himself, holding out his hand for me to shake.

That’s odd. I’d heard everyone call him Joseph. “I’m sorry that I’m being so rude. I’m Haven. I’m really sorry that I didn’t treat you very well yesterday,” I apologized as I shook his hand.

“It’s okay. You must get hit on a lot in gyms,” he said.

“I can’t win answering that one. If I say no, I look like a loser, and if I say yes, I sound like a big egotistical jerk.” I laughed.

He laughed. He had a great laugh, very genuine, and shocking blue eyes now that I actually looked at him. He went to the towel rack and wet some more towels for me. He removed the now cool ones and rewrapped my calves. It was like having my own personal doctor. “Is the pain getting any better?”

“It is,” I said, surprised. I flexed my calves to feel that the pain was reducing some. It was in no way gone, but this was really helping. “Thanks so much. I’m glad you thought of this.”

“A few aspirin would do wonders for you too. I’ll get you some on the way out,” he offered.

“I never take drugs,” I declined. I hardly ever took aspirin or drugs of any kind. I was a firm believer in my own immune system’s ability to take care of me.

“Me neither, but I would if I were in that much pain.” He laughed.

“Okay. Maybe I will take those aspirin. I’m going to need all the help I can get.” I caved in too easily. Like I said, I was in terrible pain.

On the way out, he went to his locker and grabbed me a bottle of aspirin. I took two from the bottle, and swallowed them without water. I was in a hurry for them to start working.




I could tell that it wasn’t his final answer. I could feel him weakening to my will. I kissed him even harder, remembering how he liked his neck kissed. He loved that as I did it again. I rolled him over to his back and kissed his massive chest, sucking his nipples hard, and then kissed a trail down to his shorts.

“Can I take these off now?” I asked seductively, but didn’t wait for permission. I slid the shorts and the underwear down, revealing his enormous cock. “Wow!” I breathed heavily.

Oh God, I was a lucky girl. I never imagined that he would be this big, and thick, and hard, and already wet. I wouldn’t stop until I had that gorgeous cock inside me. I teased him with my tongue, going around the tip of his cock tasting him. Damn, I loved his taste.

He eagerly slipped his shorts and underwear off the rest of the way. I made my way between his legs for a better view and a better position. I massaged his huge tight balls with the palm of one of my hands, while I used the other hand to pull his cock toward my mouth. I could feel his cock pulsating in my hand. I licked every inch of him, all the way around. I slipped my tongue inside the tip as far as I could go. He was groaning with desire.

“You are so good at that.” He barely breathed the words.

He hadn’t seen anything yet. Not to brag, but I was always pretty darn good at giving blow jobs. If I really got into it, I could have my ex-husband yelling out so loud his mother would come running down from two acres away.

 I sucked his head lightly, as I pushed his balls up gently. I sucked and licked the sensitive ridge, causing him to squirm I licked up and down the shaft, then took as much of his cock into my mouth as I possibly could. I locked my lips around the base and pulled upwards creating suction as I pulled.

“Stop,” he said huskily as he put his hand on my face.

“Too hard?” I asked guiltily.

“No. I can’t take it anymore. You need to stop before I come,” he pulled me up toward him, and then rolled me over to my back. “I don’t want to come before I get to lick you.” He kissed me on the lips, and then whispered, “Thank you. I loved that.”

He pulled my T-shirt off over my head. “You’re so beautiful.” He massaged his hands into each breast, and then licked each of them, before sucking on one until I almost cried out. He moved his mouth down towards my pussy. He entered his tongue searching for my clit. “Spread your legs, sweetheart.”

I spread my legs, as he positioned himself between them, with his mouth in just the perfect place. He spread me open even wider with both of his thumbs, then kissed every bit of my exposed pussy. His tongue tasted and explored gently, then he went deep inside me. I was so hot with wanting that I couldn’t help but move under his mouth. He continued to dart his tongue in and out of me, swirling it to increase the pleasure for me. “Oh God!” I bellowed out.

“Are you going to come for me, sweetheart?” he asked seductively, then he swirled his tongue around my clit.

“Oh God yes,” I said, breathing hard and heavy. I released everything. I came with such force that I couldn’t even cry out. No sound would come through my lips.

He continued to lick for a few moments more. “Damn, you taste good,” he said as he pulled himself up to his knees, kneeling between my legs. He entered just the tip of his cock and then rubbed it up and down my slit several times, getting me even wetter. I gasped with pleasure. “Do you want me inside you?” he asked.

What kind of question was that? Maybe he just wanted to hear me say it, hear me beg for him. “Oh God yes,” I said anxiously, hoping to get him inside me sooner.

“I don’t have any condoms,” he warned, waiting for my consent before he entered.

“I won’t get pregnant,” I told him, thinking that maybe I didn’t explain the rhythm method to him very well.

He entered slowly, joining us together as I had pictured us a thousand times in my imagination. His chest was crushing mine lightly as he pumped into me. He entered so deep inside me that it almost hurt, but I welcomed his length spreading my legs even further. He pumped slowly and deliberately, controlling himself to prolong the pleasure for both of us.

I kissed his neck with desire, sucking on it like a high school girl trying to give him a hickey. I moved to the other side and started again. His pumping action started to speed up. “Do I stay inside or pull out?” he asked into my ear.

“You can stay in,” I told him, realizing that the rhythm method had never been in his vocabulary until now.

“Thank you,” he said with a heated voice, as he came inside me with a force so strong that I felt it inside me. “Are you okay? Tell me that I didn’t hurt you,” he said tenderly.

“I’m fine,” I told him, as he rolled to my side. “I love you.”

“I know,” he said, as he pulled me to his chest, kissing me on the forehead. We lay naked together for a few quiet minutes.

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