Betrayed (MFM)

Bound & Cuffed 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,428
9 Ratings (3.9)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Molly’s lives her life based on a few simple rules. The first one is not to get involved with her sexy neighbors, Bruce and Logan Holmes. They might tempt her but she knows they’re no good for her.
Bruce and Logan don’t accept that. They want Molly and they mean to have her, but when their plan backfires, and Molly learns the truth, all bets are off. It’s every man for himself as both men work to tempt Molly into breaking her first rule over and over again.
The passion between the trio flames hot enough to sear away Molly’s self control, but not her distrust. That is something only love can break.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.
Betrayed (MFM)
9 Ratings (3.9)

Betrayed (MFM)

Bound & Cuffed 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 46,428
9 Ratings (3.9)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This has been a good series so far. Loved this book!




Tall, thick with muscles, and smiling with a devilish glint shining in his eyes, he rested against the porch railing that connected their two apartments as he sipped his coffee and watched her much like a predator did prey.

That was exactly what he made her feel like, as if she was being slowly, steadily hunted. The sensation sent a thrill racing up her spine as she pointedly ignored him. Bruce didn’t like to be ignored, and he wasn’t without his own rituals.

“So? Today the day?” he asked, just as he did every morning.

Molly knew exactly what he meant. This routine had begun nearly a year ago. Right about the time she’d started dreaming of him. It had actually been after that first dream that he’d appeared on the porch, and that was when he’d first asked whether or not today was the day she was ready to take him for a test drive.

She hadn’t answered him then, and she didn’t now. It was a crude question, and she wasn’t going to lower herself by responding. Instead, she stuck her chin into the air and marched steadily past him, vowing once again not to spare another thought on either Bruce or his cousin.


* * * *


Bruce snickered as he watched Molly’s tight ass saunter down the path. The woman carried herself with a pride and confidence he couldn’t help but admire. Of course, too much pride was a bad thing sometimes. Molly had that issue in spades, but Bruce knew her secret.

His bed sat right up against the wall of Molly’s bedroom, and he could hear her moaning and groaning every night. Every night she called out his name…or his cousin’s, normally both. So she could pretend to be too good for them, but Bruce knew the truth.

“You enjoying yourself?” Logan asked, coming to linger in the still-open door.

He was smiling, his gaze glued on Molly’s backside, proving that he wasn’t really annoyed at Bruce at all. Why should he be when his behavior was so much worse? Logan let out a catcall whistle that echoed down the street as Molly bent over to toss her purse into the car. The sound had her straightening up instantly to shoot a murderous look across the roof of her car before she slid into it and slammed the door.

“That was fun,” Bruce admitted unabashedly as Molly took off in a peel of tires.

Bruce watched her go, imagining just how much more fun it would be to chase her down, arrest her for speeding, and take her into custody—his custody. Oh, the things he would do to her then…They’d probably get him arrested.

“You two don’t stand a chance, especially if you keep coming on to her like that.”

That warning came from the front door of Molly’s apartment as her roommate, Trisha, stepped out wearing the uniform they required down at the grocery store where she worked. She looked as cute and innocent as always with her blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail and her full lips painted up with some shiny gloss. Trisha didn’t have to waste a lot of money on makeup. She had a natural glow that attracted most men.

Most men, but not Bruce.

He didn’t like Trisha, and not just because he didn’t have a thing for anorexic twigs that looked like they’d snap if you rode them hard. He didn’t like her because he knew what Molly didn’t. Trisha was sleeping with Molly’s boyfriend, Harvey.

“Thanks.” Bruce shoved off the edge of the porch railing, pausing only long enough to give Trisha a look that left no doubt about what he thought of her. “But the day I need your advice is the day a put a gun to my head.”

“Yeah,” Trisha snickered. “Because you’re doing so well on your own.”

It galled Bruce to admit that she had a point, so he didn’t. He simply brushed past Logan and headed back toward the kitchen for a refill on his coffee. That left his cousin to exchange a few unpleasant words with Trisha before he closed the door on her and came sulking into the kitchen.

“I’m so sick of that bitch,” Logan muttered as he slid onto the bar stool to take a seat at the island counter that served as their only dining space.

The apartment they shared wasn’t big, but it was cheap. Cheap was a good thing, given the amount of money they’d sunk into the old farmhouse they’d bought. The house had been condemned when they’d purchased it, but the land had been spectacular. Now the house almost matched. It would be only a few more months before they moved…moved away from Molly.

That thought had been growing with annoyance that finally had Bruce saying what needed to be said. “We’re running out of time.”

“Time?” Logan lifted a brow. “What are you…oh, Molly.”

“I’m not leaving here without making some of her dreams come true.” That was just a fact.

“I can get behind that.” Logan nodded, playing as though he wasn’t secretly drooling at the thought of finally getting in Molly’s pants. “But we’re going to need to take the garbage out first.”

Bruce knew just what Logan was talking about. Harvey had to go. That thought had Bruce smiling. “You got a plan?”

“Don’t I always?”




Molly yawned and stretched, feeling oddly rested and satisfied. In that moment the worries that she’d carried with her to bed felt far away, only distant concerns that weren’t to be bothered with. All that mattered right then was how good she felt. Hell, she couldn’t stop smiling.

Why should she?

Her dreams had been explicitly sweet last night…and quite possibly real. Molly’s eyes blinked open as she shifted among the sheets, feeling the cotton slide against her naked skin. That wasn’t all she felt. With every move she made, Molly could feel her pussy tingle with a sensitivity that had her mind blooming with the dreams that filled her night.

Dreams of Bruce with his mouth clamped down on her cunt.

Only Molly didn’t think they’d been dreams. It had all been too real, and so was the wetness she could feel between her legs, but she wasn’t sore. Nor did Molly have any memory of fucking Bruce last night. That had been the plan.

She’d chosen his bed to crawl into naked as a blatant attempt to get him to start the affair that he had objected to. It had seemed like a wicked sort of punishment for him trying to defy her, but she wasn’t sure she’d won. After all, where was Bruce?

Intent on finding out that answer, Molly rolled to the edge of the bed and swung her legs over the edge, almost stepping on the man himself. It took her a moment to respond to the shock of seeing him there, lying prone on the floor with his erection clutched in his fist. She couldn’t help but wonder if he’d jacked himself off, but the size and angry flush of his cock assured Molly that he had more to give, even if he’d already given himself some.

Molly licked her lips, thinking she’d like to get some. She’d like to get herself a whole lot. That thought had her stretching out across the bed as her head dipped down to the blind eye weeping back up at her, but when she eased its tears with a lap of her tongue, Bruce jerked away, proving that he was not asleep as she’d expected.

In fact the man was wide awake and looking wild eyed as he scrambled to his feet and backed quickly away from the bed. Molly glanced up in surprise, their eyes connecting for a long second. The moment she bolted from the bed, Bruce took off, flying out the door and banging into stuff as he fled down the hallway. He disappeared into the bathroom with a slam of the door but not a click of its lock.

Molly smiled and slid out of bed.

She needed a shower, too, but with her first step, Molly knew something wasn’t right. Glancing down, she lifted a brow as she discovered the mound of her pussy shaved smoothed. So that part hadn’t been a dream either. The very first thought was that it would itch when the hair grew back in.

Strangely enough, that made Molly laugh and consider she probably should punish Bruce for taking advantage of her while she slept. She had a very good idea of how. With every intention of proving who was really in charge of this affair, Molly strutted down the hall butt-naked, only to discover that Bruce had turned the latch.

That brought a frown to Molly’s face.

“I could pick that for you if you want,” Logan offered, drawing Molly’s attention to where he stood in the kitchen chomping on an apple and eyeing her as if she was prime piece of bacon. “But it’s going to cost you.”

Molly smiled at that suggestive warning, not the least bit intimidated by the husky danger in Logan’s drawl. Emboldened by the heated hunger darkening his gaze and determined to indulge her own passions for once, Molly cocked a hip and lifted a brow, daring to challenge him with a smug certainty coming out the winner.

“Name your price.”

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