[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, HEA]
Maggie is a damsel in distress—not that she’s looking for anybody to rescue her. She has her own plans for escape. Everything goes awry, though, and instead of finding freedom, she finds herself trapped in a remote cabin, tied up and abandoned. That is, until Scott and Craig materialize out of the wilderness like two warriors sent to save her. As delicious and delightful as they both might be, Maggie isn’t about to let them get mired in her problems, no matter how stubborn they might be.
Craig and Scott aren’t just stubborn, though. They’re Holmes boys, and they’re not going anywhere without Maggie. Even if it means taking on a homicidal mountain man, or a corrupt sheriff and his deputies, or even a gang of rednecks, they’re more than willing to fight for what they want. 
And both men want Maggie.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jenny Penn is a Siren-exclusive author.


Trapped (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




“Let’s hope somebody’s home then,” the shorter man countered a second before his big, beefy fist rattled a knock across the door. “Hello! Anybody home?”

Maggie could have called out an answer, but she didn’t. Truth was she’d rather deal with Jim Bob’s cranky ass than the two strangers outside. Not that she really thought she’d get a vote in the matter, but still, she sat their quietly waiting to see what they did next.

“Guess nobody is.” That sounded like the tall one.

“Guess not, but given those tracks in the snow, somebody’s been here recently. They might come back,” the second one retorted when his rounded face appeared in the window as his hand came up to wipe away the frost.

“Let’s hope they come back, and while we’re waiting, I say we do it inside.”

“You can’t just break into somebody’s cab—”

The short man stopped short as his eyes connected with Maggie’s. For a moment he froze, and then he disappeared in a rush. A second later the door exploded open as he came flying through, the door nothing more than splinters. That was just what the wood slab did. It split beneath his weight in a crack that drowned out his partner’s shout of surprise.

“What the hell, man? Aw, shit!” That expletive fell out of the tall man’s mouth as he followed his buddy into the cabin and came to a sudden halt at the sight of Maggie.

He might have been shocked to see her, but the short guy wasn’t. Despite his ferocious appearance, there was nothing but concern and compassion in his big, brown eyes as he rushed over to Maggie’s side. He dropped down to a knee and ran his big, callused-tipped fingers over her and began to check for injuries with a gentleness that surprised her.

“You okay?” the man asked, his rough tone scraping over her nerves and sending a strange tingle up Maggie’s spine. The sensation tickled enough to leave her smiling, even as the bald man’s scowl deepened.

“You all right?” the man repeated, his hands coming to a still as he caught her gaze with his own. “You hurt anywhere?”

Maggie didn’t know why it was so hard to find her voice, but in that moment, it was, and she just shook her head. That didn’t seem to appease the man. Neither did her smile.

“Are you sure?” he pressed, making Maggie all but laugh.

“She’s in shock,” the other man stated with a grimness that matched the frown he aimed down at her.

Maggie glanced up, mildly surprised to find him more attractive up close, even if he had a Ken doll kind of look about him. Hair cut short and brushed back in a preppy style, along with jeans that still held a crease from having been pressed, his whole look stood in contrast to that of his partner, who wore a pair of dirty jeans and old, faded T-shirt.

One thing they had in common, neither was dressed appropriately for the weather.

“Yeah, I think you’re right.” The short one leaned back to dig a set of keys out of his pocket and break Maggie out of her momentary stupor.

“You have a key for cuffs?” She scowled, not liking that at all. “What are you? Cops?”

The amount of derision she infused into that one word seemed to throw both men off for a second. It certainly had them hesitating for a second before the tall one’s scowl deepened.

“No,” he shot back, managing to sound offended, though Maggie didn’t suspect it was because she’d accused him of being an officer of the law but because she hadn’t liked the thought of him of being one. Turned out, they were something worse.

“We’re bounty hunters,” the short one explained. “I’m Craig, and this is my cousin, Scott.”

“Hunters?” Maggie perked up at that. “Who the hell you hunting out here? Jim Bob?”

“Who?” Craig blinked, clearly not recognizing that name, which made even less sense.

“Jim Bob,” Maggie repeated slowly, just in case her accent had distorted the words too much for him to understand them the first time. “This is his cabin.”

“His cabin?” Scott frowned at that as he began to glance around. Maggie started counting the seconds, making it all the way to twelve before his eyes widened. “Oh, shit.”

“What?” Craig glanced up and around, his own gaze narrowing as he took in the clutter filling out every corner of the room and all the space between them. “What the hell is all this shit?”

“It’s a lab,” Scott answered grimly enough to make Maggie snort.

“That’s right. It’s a lab. It’s a meth lab, and Jim Bob ain’t going to be happy about his door when he gets back.” In fact, Maggie had a feeling Jim Bob would be about the opposite of happy. Everybody knew that people paid when Jim Bob got pissed.

Everybody, that was, but the two men in front of her.

“And just who the hell is this Jim Bob?” Craig demanded to know once again, leaving Maggie with no choice but to repeat herself.

“He owns the cabin.”

“No, what is he to you?” Scott cut in, clarifying Craig’s question and perhaps explaining why she was still stuck in the cuffs.

“He’s my daddy’s business partner,” Maggie answered honestly, having no loyalty toward either her dad or the jackoffs he worked with.

“Your daddy,” Craig repeated slowly as if having a hard time with those two words.

“Yep.” Maggie nodded, deciding just to lay it all out, even if she didn’t think it was going to help the situation any. “My daddy ran off with Jim Bob’s wife and about half a million in cash. So, Jim Bob brought me out here to ask me very nicely where my daddy went.”

“Very nicely?” Scott snorted, clearly not buying her story, even if it was the truth.

Maggie shrugged of his disbelief. “Well, he didn’t beat me. Of course, I gave him what he wanted, so he didn’t have to.”

“And let me take a guess. He took off after your daddy and left you like this,” Craig said, finishing up the tale for her.

“That’s about it.” Maggie smiled. “But now I got you two to rescue me, which means I won’t be needing this pot, but I do have to pee. So if we could move this along.”

Maggie emphasized her point by rattling her bound wrist in its cuff. Craig sighed and reached for the lock, still seeming a little uncertain about undoing her, which was kind of amusing. After all, Maggie weighed a buck twenty, and the man before her had to easily double that. He had all the advantage, but something told Maggie he wouldn’t take it, which was kind of a shame. She actually wouldn’t mind being taken advantage of by him, or his cousin.

It had been a long time since Maggie had gotten laid, perhaps too long, and she knew who to blame for that. Calvin, her ex-boyfriend, was such a bastard. He couldn’t get over the fact that they’d broken up. Sure enough any man brave enough to go out with her normally ended up wetting himself when Calvin came around to threaten them.

Craig, though, didn’t look like the type to scare easily. Looks, however, could be deceiving because he certainly seemed leery of her in that moment. Maybe he should be. After all, they were going to be stuck here for a while and there was only one bed. Maggie was pretty sure she could work that situation in her favor.

It was going to be a two-for-one special if she had her way.

And Maggie always got her way.




When Craig finally dipped slightly forward, Maggie was there to catch his kiss with the warm press of her lips against his. The soft, chaste brush was over in a second as they both pulled back, only to return for more an instant later. This time they both pressed harder. The third time their lips parted, Maggie stopped counting both the kisses and the seconds after that.

Time warped along with reality until all that existed was the two of them, clutching each other closer and tighter as their lips met and mated again and again. Their tongues danced and dueled in an endless battle for control that left Maggie breathless and aroused. She ached, and there was no controlling that need.

Maggie didn’t even try.

Instead, she gave in to the wicked temptations filling her and pulled back from Craig’s hold to rise back up to her feet and reach for the hem of her shirt. Without a thought for where it landed, she whipped her shirt off and tossed it aside. A second late her bra followed suit as her breasts bounced free. They were swollen and flushed, tipped with hard, puckered nipples that tightened even further as Craig’s gaze latched onto them.

His lips tried to follow suit as he leaned forward, but Maggie shook a finger at him and danced out of reach. They’d get to that. They’d get to everything, but Maggie wanted to have her fun first. That was just what she was having, delighting in the way Craig’s chocolate gaze darkened as his eyes followed the flow of her fingers down her sides and to the snap of her jeans.

They were button-flies, each silver cap giving with a pop as she pulled the front flap free. Then Craig growled, making Maggie giggle as she wiggled her hips and felt the boot-cut denim fall to a puddle at her feet. That left her wearing nothing more than a pair of boy-short panties, and his eyes were glued to the edge of her waistband as Maggie slid a finger from each hand under the cotton’s edge.

She didn’t shimmy them off, though. Not at first. Feeling confident under the heat and want licking out of his gaze and over her body, Maggie dared to step up and over his crossed legs until she stood there, straddling him, her pussy mere inches from the parted lips all but drooling to get a taste. A taste of her.

That thought had her cunt clenching, weeping with a need too great to even try and deny. So she peeled her panties down, squirming to get them all the way off and leave her bare and naked before Craig without even the curl of a single hair to protect her tender flesh from the moist wash of his breath. The lips of her pussy swelled as his gaze dropped down to admire the pink folds.

Then there was no stopping him, not that Maggie tried to. Instead, when Craig leaned forward, she arched into his kiss, running her hands down over the stubble beginning to cover his bald head and pinned him as he began to explore her molten flesh. With a wicked wantonness, Craig’s tongue curled out, licking over weeping folds to delve between them and tease the swollen nub of her clit.

Maggie’s breath caught as her whole body arched, lighting up with a pleasure so intense and sparkly it made the world shimmer before her eyes. It was only the beginning. With a ferocious hunger, Craig began to devour her cunt, making Maggie’s heart race and her chest heave as she panted out with each delicious lap of his tongue. He was merciless, and it wasn’t long before he had her sheath clenching, spasming in desperate need for something thicker, something harder.

Craig had just what she wanted.

Pulling free of his mouth, she dropped to her knees as her hands met his over the buckle of his belt. Together they worked to free the heavy length of his erection. The flushed, rounded head of his cock burst free, rising upward as the rest of his dick slid free of his jeans. The temptation to lean down and take a taste was too great to resist.

His musky flavor lit up her senses as Maggie curled her tongue around the smooth curve of his flared head before allowing it to dip down to tease that ridge that separated heated velvet weeping for her attention and the hard, length of his dick. Instantly, Craig groaned and fell backward, his eyes rolling upward as his lashes fluttered, assuring Maggie that he was sensitive there.

She couldn’t help but use that knowledge to drive him insane, teasing him until finally his hands lifted to press her all the way down. Maggie parted her lips and sucked him deep, allowing Craig to take control of the moment as he kept her speed measured and her depth deep.

That didn’t stop her tongue from twirling around him and rubbing up against that sweet spot that made him groan the loudest. That just egged Maggie on, making her struggle against his hold in attempt to move faster. Craig let her, giving himself over to her command as she wiggled her ass higher into the air and sank even lower down onto his dick.

Bent over on all fours and consumed with the task of driving Craig completely insane, Maggie forgot all about her other plan and the other man. Not that it mattered. Scott made his presence known, assuring her she’d won both battles as he slapped a hand across her ass and leaned over her. Maggie could feel the electric brush of his naked body against hers as the hard length of his dick pressed against the soft globe of her ass.

“I got one condom,” Scott all but growled into her ear. “Let’s make the most of it.”

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