[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifter, werewolves, HEA]
The war is coming to an end.
Sergio Esteban is the Alpha of the Darkfall Mountain pack. He’s tasked with making the hard decisions, but the war has taken its toll. Sergio’s lost his sister and far too many pack mates, and he’s on the verge of losing his mate and son. Vengeance was once enough, but not anymore. Sergio needs to remember the spark he once had for his mate, Ron, or risk losing everything.
Omega wolf Ron knows it’s his job to support his powerful mate, no matter what happens. With a traitor in the pack, Ron knows they have to keep their friends close and their enemies even closer. One major and final decisive battle looms on the horizon. Together, Sergio and Ron must fight their own demons.
Can the strength of their love carve a path to victory?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Heart of the Pack (MM)
11 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




For the first few moments, Ron’s jaws remained locked in place. He didn’t know the first thing to say. Fuck. Ron still couldn’t believe Sergio was here apologizing to him. 

When he’d woken that morning, he expected the same routine. They were a bomb waiting to blow up anytime. Ron knew it. Being married to the Alpha of the Darkfall pack wasn’t easy. When he mated Sergio, Ron hadn’t expected things to escalate this far between Alpine Industries and the pack.

Ron also knew that Sergio didn’t have it easy, that it took a different kind of leader to be able to rally other animal groups to fight back. He wanted his husband back, the dominant and fierce Alpha who broke all the rules to own him. 

He wasn’t that selfish, though. When he became Sergio’s mate, he knew what the position entailed. As Alpha, Sergio didn’t just belong to Ron, but to the rest of the pack. He’d also seen firsthand the damage Alpine had caused, all the families they tore apart and the broken shifters they left behind. It all fell to Sergio to make the hard decisions, to recruit fighters and help these lost shifters find their homes and loved ones. 

Sergio could have turned to him. He didn’t have to act tough all the time around Ron. As time passed, Ron realized that they had both lost their way. It wasn’t just Sergio at fault. Part of the blame belonged to him.

He was angry at Sergio for a lot of things—for not paying enough attention, for not being there for him and their son. This wasn’t what he’d signed up for were the words Ron had been tempted to scream at his mate. It was too much. This war took, and nothing good ever came of it. 

Ron could tell Sergio, beg the Alpha to give the job to someone else, but he knew his mate better than anyone. Sergio would die fighting to avenge his sister and to do unto these humans the same thing they’d done to them.

Those gray eyes watching him expected an answer. When was the last time he had Sergio’s full attention? Thank God, Ron found his voice.

“What did you say?”

Sergio growled under his breath. An Alpha never apologized, especially not the Alpha of the most powerful pack in the country.

“I’ll say it as fucking many times as you want. I’m sorry—for not being there, for being an asshole.”

Who the hell was this man? Ron felt like he was staring at a stranger. Was this some trick of the light? But no, the expectant look in Sergio’s eyes was familiar. This was the same man he fell in love with two years ago—possessive, fierce, and his. 

All his.

Ron sniffed and crossed his arms. “Do you really think two little words can make everything better?”

He expected Sergio to lash out at him, to tell him to forget it. Silence stretched between them. Ron began to worry. He’d done it. He’d crossed the line. Ron should apologize and fix things before they turned worse. Never in his wildest imagination had he expected Sergio to make the first move.

The Alpha was trying and so should he.

“I—” Ron began.

“Will giving you a blow job and fucking you senseless help?”

Ron stared, stupefied. “Sex is merely a bonus.” 

Sergio grinned, nearly looking like his old self again, that wild untamed Alpha Ron had fallen in love with, but they could never go back to that moment. Ron could see the tired lines around Sergio’s eyes. All he had to do was strip his Alpha bare and see all the new scars on Sergio’s body. Yet, those weren’t the worse.

Mental scars didn’t heal easily, and Ron knew part of Sergio died each time a pack member perished. Ron only felt an echo of it when a wolf died. If their positions were reversed, he didn’t think he would be able to handle the pressure.

“Have I fucked you on the kitchen counter before?” 

The Alpha circled around the counter, pushing aside his mixing bowl, ingredients, and other utensils. Still, seeing Sergio's old self coming up made his heart warm. During times like these, it felt like Sergio saw nothing else except Ron, like Ron was the center of his universe.

“Hey! I’m not done yet.” 

Sergio finally caged Ron with his powerful arms. Ron’s back hit the marble countertop. His mouth went dry as he eyed his tempting mate. Sergio’s plain shirt poorly hid the well-honed body underneath. The Alpha lowered his face and licked the mate mark on Ron’s neck. He shuddered, feeling Sergio’s tongue and the slight bite.

“We both know you won’t resist long. Let’s make a bet,” Sergio whispered against his ear.

“No thanks. I’ll lose.”

“Admitting defeat so early, pet?”

Ron moaned, rubbing against his Alpha. Had he no shame? Why was it, even as time passed, he still reacted like some horny pup with no sense of control?

“No. Yes.” Ron couldn’t decide. All he could think about was Sergio putting those hands and mouth on him and finally sinking that cock inside him.

“It’s been so long,” Ron murmured, running his hands down the muscled line of Sergio’s back. “You made me wait so long.”




Sergio took the nipple in his mouth and sucked. Ron gripped the edge of the countertop, moaning when Sergio bit down, leaving the imprint of his teeth on the sensitive flesh. A thrill went down his spine at the sight of the mark. It had been a long time Sergio had thoroughly fucked his brains out, leaving him completely sated and feeling completely owned. 

He wanted that. He needed his mate.

“Missed me much?” asked the arrogant Alpha.

“You know it.” 

What was the use of denial? Ron vainly rubbed against his Alpha, wanting to see Sergio out of his clothes, as well. He reached for Sergio’s shirt, but Sergio caught his fingers.

“Today is all about you,” Sergio reminded him.

The Alpha placed a hand on his belly, urging him to lie down. On his back, Ron looked up at his mate, who eyed him like some kind of conquered prize. He shuddered. He couldn’t wait to start, but Sergio seemed to want to take matters agonizingly slow.

Placing one hand on the bite mark on his chest, Sergio slid his palms downward. Lowering his head, Sergio kissed his collarbones, pectoral, ribs and stomach, as if the Alpha were reacquainting himself with every inch of Ron’s body.

Ron didn’t know what to do with his hands, but his mate seemed to understand his dilemma. Sergio pinned his arms above his head. 

“Keep them there,” the Alpha ordered.

“If I don’t?”

Ron was rewarded with a wolfish grin. 

“Do you want to be punished that badly, little wolf?”

Oh. Ron did, but not now. All this teasing might kill him when all he wanted to feel was Sergio plunging his dick into his ass, riding him, and eventually helping Ron see stars.

He amended his statement. “I’ll be good.”

Sergio chuckled. “You better be.”

The Alpha nipped and kissed his way to Ron’s dick. Opening his mouth, Sergio swiped the precum off his tip and licked him from crown to base. His balls, Sergio didn’t neglect. The Alpha took them in his mouth and sucked, which made Ron cry out. 

He couldn’t stay still, but Sergio gripped his things. The more he squirmed, the more viselike Sergio’s hold became. Ron drank the moment up. Sergio made him feel completely helpless, caged, but Ron didn’t want to be anywhere else but here. Ron had almost forgotten that sex with his mate was always intense, mind-blowing.

Sergio dragged his tongue downward and traced the rim of Ron’s ass. He groaned.

“Alpha, not there.”

That made Sergio pause. “You forget, Omega. This tight little ass”—Sergio pushed one finger in, which made Ron whimper—“this cock and this sexy little body of yours belong to me.”

Ron nearly came when Sergio gave his aching prick a squeeze, but he held himself back. He didn’t have Sergio’s permission. 

“Remember the rules, pet,” Sergio reminded him. “If you come…”

Sergio left the threat hanging in the air. Ron knew exactly what would happen. His Alpha would continue teasing him to the edge but would pull back at the last second. The denial and the orgasm he experienced after were exquisite, but that wasn’t what they both wanted.

“I won’t,” Ron answered defiantly.

“We’ll see about that.” 

Sergio opened his mouth and began to take in Ron’s prick. Ron wasn’t sure if this was punishment or reward. He had a hard time keeping his hands still. Needing something to hold onto, he clawed at the counter top while Sergio bobbed his head. Sergio pulled out for air and dove back in, all the while keeping their gazes locked. 

“Baby, I don’t think I can hold myself back,” Ron confessed.

At that admission, Sergio pulled his mouth away from his prick, much to Ron’s frustration. Leaning forward, Sergio snuck in a hard and rough kiss. 

“Are you going to leave me hanging?” Ron demanded.

“Hush, pet.” Sergio placed a gentle hand on his belly. “Stay.”

Ron bit his lower lip. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“I’m getting the lube.” Sergio disappeared and reappeared with lube and a washcloth. Finally positioning himself back in place, Sergio hefted Ron’s legs over his shoulders. Ron had always been overwhelmed by this position. When Sergio first fucked him like this, he remembered the intimacy he’d felt. 

Ron felt it again. It was like they were reigniting the old flame between them. No, that wasn’t right. The fire had never really gone out. 

“Alpha, please. I need you in me,” Ron whispered.

“You can’t imagine how much I’ve missed those fucking words.” 

Sergio uncapped the lube, applied a generous amount on his fingers and Ron’s ass. The Alpha slipped in a second finger and curled it later, making Ron mewl as Sergio brushed against his gland.

“Make that sound again,” Sergio commanded, reaching for the spot again. 

Blushing, Ron did, unable to help himself. God, this man was sometimes impossible, but Ron couldn’t deny how aroused he was submitting to Sergio. He always believed he’d been made for Sergio. 

Sergio hadn’t just saved him from a lifetime of imprisonment and abuse. Sergio had given him purpose, a new pack, and a home. They made a son together. The future might be uncertain, but Ron had everything he’d ever dreamed of. Losing that would crush him, and so would Sergio. He finally understood his mate a little better now. 

Sergio was fighting for them and for the survival of their pack. His mate wanted to usher in a new era of peace so their son wouldn’t need to know bloodshed and loss.

Ron would be there with Sergio, every step of the way.

“What’s wrong?” Sergio asked. 

The Alpha began widening Ron’s ass with three fingers, stretching and prepping him for access.

“I’ve been thinking.”

Sergio raised an eyebrow. “That means I’m not doing my job.”

Ron wrapped his arms around Sergio’s neck and pulled him close. Sergio’s hard and sweat-slicked body felt wonderful against his, a perfect fit.

He whispered the words he missed saying—“I fucking love you so much, baby. Claim me. Remind me who I belong to.”

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