Café in the Park

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,306
0 Ratings (0.0)
[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, shape-shifter, HEA]
When Emily McKenzie joins a dating agency, she never expects to meet someone like Chris Donato. Everything she ever hoped for in a man, he’s special in more ways than one, independently rich, a singer and guitar player in a rock band, and he's totally gorgeous. Their intense attraction to each other, is fuelled by their shared loneliness, and they soon fall into a highly sensual relationship.
Emily's previously lonely life is suddenly filled with delicious sexual encounters, and love is on the horizon.
Chris sets out to capture Emily's love. He asks her to his gigs and brings her back to his huge house in the hills.
Things are looking good, when someone from his past comes back to haunt him.
Will Emily find out his shocking secret?
How can love blossom when someone is trying to tear them apart?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Café in the Park
0 Ratings (0.0)

Café in the Park

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 39,306
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Elodie Parkes




Chris leapt from roof to roof. He padded along the flat areas, where people had strung colored lights or placed potted plants. The part of town where Emily lived was full of apartment blocks of different height and style. Most places were in darkness. Most people would be asleep. Chris sniffed the night air. A gentle wind had shifted any traffic pollution and he inhaled the scent of the gardens and park nearby. His muscles rippled beneath his pale golden pelt. When he encountered light, he sped up, his normally indigo blue eyes glinting a brilliant night shine green. He came across a roof top swimming pool and skirted it, listening appreciatively to the lap of the water as he passed.

He’d grown to enjoy the times he shifted to a mountain lion. Sometimes he’d wander along the riverbank. There were voles living there and he’d play hunt them. An old soul now, he didn’t ever kill, only used this as a game. Not even nipping them, he would use the soft pads of his paws to flip them gently once. They always ran off perfectly fine. Completely aware when he was the mountain lion, Chris knew exactly what he was doing. He’d perfected that skill, or phenomenon as Art called it, in the last few hundred years. The way many of his cat abilities transferred when he was fully human was a bonus. His speed, his strength, his senses, all enhanced so that he barely needed to shift to enjoy them.

He arrived on the roof of the building where Art discovered Emily lived. Chris had looked it up on a street map noting the direction as he considered the starry night.

Art had cautioned him. “Don’t be seen.”

Chris shifted after making certain he knew which direction to head in. He could have driven there, but the night called to him. The excuse to stretch his muscles, leap along roofs, climb trees and balconies proved irresistible.

Emily’s tall apartment building was mock Gothic. That meant balconies and turrets, but all built with a modern, clean, creamy stone so that it looked more like a candy castle than a spooky haunt. Art’s research was thorough, and Chris knew she lived on the top floor. He accessed her roof garden easily.

With huge stealth, he stalked through the potted plants. His tail trailed along the top of the garden table setting, and he nudged a chair with his huge leg muscle. He did it silently and on purpose, wanting to touch where Emily might have sat. He sniffed at some of the plants and sat down by a row of huge pots containing night-scented stock. The roof paving cooled his haunches, and the perfume from the flowers filled his nostrils. A purr started deep in his throat. Happiness at being near Emily washed over him. He put his head down on his paws.

The roof door opened. Emily stepped out, silhouetted by the light behind her. She held a watering can and watered a basket of ferns hanging near the door.

Chris crouched lower, his ears flat against his head. How could she fail to see him? If she came any further into her roof garden, she would. He was huge, and at more than seven feet long, he took up the entire length of the left side of the crenellated roof wall. The pots of stock wouldn’t hide him.

Emily went indoors after she’d watered the basket of ferns.

Chris waited. His tail swished a couple of times. The light inside went off. Chris stood and walked to the door. It was glass, but he couldn’t see much inside. He caught Emily’s scent, all woman and sweet. His mouth opened silently to breathe the heady perfume over his back teeth. He wanted her. He leapt up onto the ledge that wound around the upper part of Emily’s apartment. Chris jumped onto a balcony. Something like desperation to glimpse her again drove him to peer into the big window.

She’s in there. Light pooled from a dim lamp by her bed.

Chris looked in and Emily looked out.


* * * *


The eyes staring through her window were emerald and shone like lamps. Emily held her breath. If that was a cat, it wasn’t the one that lived in the apartment below. Her window was closed, but this animal must be big enough to burst through the glass if it wanted to. Emily shivered as fear trickled into her stomach and made her legs feel useless. The creature still stared in. She didn’t know what to do…and then the animal was gone.

Emily jumped out of bed and ran to the window. She pressed her face to the glass trying to see where it had gone. What she saw was a massive cat shape leaping over to the next roof defined in the sudden white light of their security lights. Has something escaped from the city zoo? She picked up her cell phone from the bedside table and called the police.

After two minutes on the call, she realized they judged her as crazy. Their patient voices designed to soothe as her call was transferred from one department to another. The incident worried her and she didn’t fall asleep for a long time.




Emily watched him undress. Based on what he looked like clothed, she expected beauty and he was beautiful, his body sculpted and hard, his skin smooth. She looked at him and a wave of pure lust traveled over her as she realized how big his cock was. The tip reached high on his stomach muscles, and she longed to take it into her mouth to run her tongue around the head. She stepped close to him, sighing with pleasure. She ran her hands over his perfect torso and kissed along his chest muscles. “You’re gorgeous.”

He bent his head and nuzzled her lips with his.

The tease along her bottom lip sent her nipples wild. They peaked against the lace of her bra. She felt light headed as he held her head and kissed her hard. A rush of wet doused her panties and she pushed her body against him.

He gently let her go.

“Let’s get these off you.” His voice was low as he echoed her earlier words with a melting smile.

The throaty sound brought waves of sexual longing. Her pussy clenched with desire.

His fingertips trailed over her shoulders as he took off her bra and kissed where he touched. As her breasts were revealed, he swooped on them, sucking each nipple into his mouth in turn.

With each gentle pull, her pussy throbbed. Her panties were soaked by the time he took them down her thighs.

Chris traced wet kisses along her stomach.

It made her moan. She held his head, his hair soft under her fingers. She had to let him go to step out of her panties. His sigh reached her ears through her fog of lust. Only dimly aware he’d kneeled, she bucked to his hands and lips as he brushed them against the tops of her thighs.

He stood quickly and picked her up. With one step, he reached the bed with her in his arms. His hand under her ass teased at her pussy. His arm around her waist clamped her to his muscled chest.

It was nearly agony to lose his touch when he placed her on the bed and leaned back to look at her. Fuck, he’s so sexy.

“Chris.” Her voice came out in a whisper. She knew her expression held longing.

He leaned over her.

Painful anticipation drove her to grasp his hips and pull him onto her body. His mouth on hers, she opened her legs to have him lie between her thighs. A moan of desperation escaped when he lifted his body away and lay beside her.

He kissed her tenderly and cupped her pussy with one hand.

She slipped her arms around his head and turned to him. The feel of his palm against her wet entrance drove her crazy, and she rubbed against it.

She gasped when he pushed fingers into her pussy and left his thumb to push on her clit.

His thumb pressed and circled.

The pleasure was so great, Emily groaned into his mouth. “Please, please…don’t stop.”

Chris sucked her bottom lip, grazed it with his teeth, and pumped his fingers in her pussy. He murmured against her lips, “I won’t last long once we fuck. I need to have you come for me. You’re delicious, so lovely…”

He curled his fingers in her pussy, and his tongue circled hers. Her orgasm hovered and then burned through her. It was so intense she couldn’t breathe. Her gasps matched the convulsions of her clit. The spot inside her, where his fingers still curled, clenched with wave after wave of sensation. She held his head to hers tightly and kissed him hard. The dual sensation of his mouth on hers and the orgasm was incredible. Emily stilled as finally the orgasm subsided.

Chris gently moved his fingers from her pussy.

She spread her legs. “I want you now.” She couldn’t believe how good it was when he lay between her legs. Just the feel of his body against her inner thighs sent her pussy into aftershocks of sensation from the huge orgasm she’d experienced.

The head of his cock slipped on her entrance, and then he was filling her, slowly, inch after delicious inch. The depth of pleasure forced groans from her and she lifted her hips to his thrusts.

He bent to suck at her breasts as he pounded. His teeth scraped her nipples.

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