[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Interracial Romantic Suspense, M/M, light consensual BDSM, light bondage, sex toys, HEA]
Now that he’s found Kendall, Reid thought his life was on the fast-track of love. However, Reid’s fears of commitment and abandonment sharpen, and his sister’s refusal to accept his relationship with Kendall becomes a blade of doubt. That blade is driven into Reid’s heart, forcing him to break-up with the only man he’s truly loved.
Thinking he’d just get over Kendall, Reid attempts to go on with his life. However, his mother’s killer isn’t done with Reid, or his sister. He’s determined to visit his terror on them as he escapes justice. So Kendall moves Reid in with him and takes steps to ensure Reid's and his sister’s protection against the darkness of a madman.
Under the same roof, passion reignites and burns even brighter out of control, leaving Reid branded. Understanding Kendall is worth every risk, Reid realizes the past can only be defeated by surrendering his heart to love and trust.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Love's Dull Edge (MM)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff




Kendall smiled at the younger man who’d been hitting on him since he arrived at the riverfront. He was interning with Dennis’s company over the summer, but Kendall had known Wade for a few years.

“I’m surprised you’re without your boyfriend,” Wade commented on Reid’s absence again.

Kendall shrugged. “He’s with his family.”

“If you were my man, I’d be here with you,” Wade said and lightly played his fingers along Kendall’s arm. “I love the unshaven look on you, too. It’s so sexy.”

Kendall laughed. The boy was barely twenty-one, but he’d known Wade since Wade was seventeen. He’d started Kendall then.

“Wade, you’re a kid, as I’ve told you before. You’re too young for me.”

“How old is what’s-his-name?” he asked angrily. “He can’t be more than twenty-five.”

Reid didn’t look a day over twenty to him either, but he’d known he was since he’d watched him get carded in a restaurant. That first night he’d seen Reid, Kendall had known he’d wanted to get to know him.

“He’s old enough,” he said lightly. Old enough to drink, but young enough to still be too afraid to fall in love.

Kendall had been too complacent or too arrogant. He’d thought his assurances that he had feelings for Reid would calm Reid’s fears. He’d known Reid was emotionally scarred, but he hadn’t thought he was too scarred for real love.

“He doesn’t really care about you, Kendall,” Wade said, snagging his attention. “I saw him checking out other guys while he was with you a few days ago.”

He’d thought there might be someone else along with Reid’s fear of getting close. However, he didn’t think Reid was with another man tonight. His sister’s words had made Reid doubt himself. Kendall had seen it in his eyes. The only reason he hadn’t argued with her was because she was Reid’s sister. Reid loved her, and he hadn’t wanted to make Reid choose.

“We’re men, we all look,” Kendall replied evenly. He didn’t look much. Reid was all he needed with that long, red, hair falling down past his shoulders and those big, cerulean eyes. Reid looked at him with such hunger, and Kendall wanted to chase every ghost haunting Reid away, but he was starting to realize he wouldn’t be able to fix Reid.

Reid had to want to leave the past behind, and he apparently would rather sleep alone with it than with Kendall.

“I wouldn’t look if I had you because there’d be no reason.” Wade captured Kendall’s hand. “I promise I have more stamina than he does, and when I fuck you, it’ll be all night.”

Kendall laughed. “Wade, you’re so cute. Go find a boy your own age.”

Wade leaned closer to him. “They’re starting. Have dinner with me tomorrow night?”

“I’ve got plans.” He wasn’t like his father. He didn’t cheat, even though there was nothing keeping him out of any other man’s bed now. Reid had left his ring, which said it all. He wasn’t just thinking it over, he was done, and that had hurt more than watching Reid walk away.

He could have fun with this kid. Wade didn’t seem to have any baggage, and his mother knew he was gay and accepted it as much as she hated it. No drama here, only some laughs and maybe good sex.

“The night after, then?”


* * * *


 Reid’s gaze locked on the clasped hands, and he waited for Kendall to pull free, but he didn’t. He was just leaning a little closer to hear something the kid was saying. Reid should have known. Wade’s mother worked for Dennis, and Wade was an ivy leaguer and a little younger than Reid. He was cute, too.

Why had he thought Kendall wouldn’t hook up with the boy? Wade had been coming on strong since they’d run into him at a party. He’d told Reid he would have Kendall in his bed before he left. Now, he knew it was true.

The guy looked his way and gave him a nod, then a smile before turning back to Kendall and saying something to him. Then they were kissing.

Reid’s heart clenched tight, his stomach roiled, and his breath stalled. He turned and hurried through the crowd as he fought back tears.

Kendall didn’t know what love was. If he did, he wouldn’t be here with someone else. Leaving Kendall now had saved him a world of heartache in the long run. He didn’t need him anyway. Kendall was just a pompous-ass rich man’s son looking for another notch on his belt.

He’d get all of his things out tonight. That way he wouldn’t have to lay eyes on Kendall again.


* * * *


That afternoon, Kendall smiled absently at a joke Calvin made about the stock market and rich men. His mind was on the one man he’d rather be talking to right now. If Reid hadn’t left him, Kendall would already have talked to him once since leaving home, and he missed him already.

Admitting it made him feel so needy, but he’d never felt like this before. For him, time was no real determiner of love. Some people fell instantly while took others months.

“So, you and Reid broke up?”

“Is that we he said?” he asked.

Cal nodded. “I asked him to handle your account, but he said he’d rather not. I think he saw you kissing Wade last night.”

Kendall sighed deeply and shook his head, his heart heavy with regret. “I wasn’t kissing him.”

“I kind of suspected the boy was making moves when you finally told him to fuck off. You know you waited too long. That kid’s so hot for you—”

“He’s hot to piss his mother off and get his hands on an older man who’ll take care of him,” Kendall muttered.




Kendall opened a drawer—the junk drawer, he’d termed it. Aside from tape and a few tools, not much was usually in it. Kendall withdrew a tube and a small case. He set the case down and opened it. Silver cuffs glinted in the light.

“What are those?” He noted the item with small, raised dots on it and wondered if it would feel good inside him.

“Finger vibes.” He lifted Reid, and his stiff cock bounced in the air. “Turn around and put your hands on the counter

Reid obeyed, heart thundering in his chest. His skin grew hotter in anticipation. They did engage in S&M but only rarely. He wasn’t ready for the full-on sex games Kendall wanted to play. He just couldn’t stand being bound too long. Being helpless scared the hell out of him.

Kendall snapped the cuffs into place, and Reid’s breathing stopped and then started.  He closed his eyes and relaxed.

“You have the right to relax and let me make you feel good,” Kendall crooned in his ear.

A moment later, the coolness of lube caressed the crease of his ass before a finger covered in one of those vibes drew the lube down to the tight bud of his anus. Kendall teased the opening before adding lube to his vibe and pushing it just inside. He drew it out and added more lube before sliding his finger deeper. The nodules on the vibe caressed Reid’s ass, drawing a gasp from him.

Kendall’s hand landed on his butt cheek, and Reid cried out as a wave of pleasure poured over him.

“I like playing with you, Reid,” he said as his fingers slid deeper into Reid’s ass. He stroked the tight tissues, and Reid’s eyes closed.

“Oh, God,” he moaned. “Kendall.” The touch of the vibe was bliss as Kendall moved his finger in and out, fucking him slow and easy as he opened him.

Another tap landed on his ass, and Kendall squeezed his cheeks together as the burn ate a path through him to curl around his cock. It pulsed and leaked pre-cum. Reid shuddered as breathing came in hard pants now.

“Your body is so responsive it’s hard not to just fuck your brains out,” Kendall told him as he drove his finger deeper and drew it out only to thrust it in again.

“Fuck me, baby,” he screamed. “Fuck me.”

Hard and deep, Kendall’s fingers drove into him, brushed his prostate, and retreated before brushing up against it again, causing bliss to unfold in Reid’s belly.

“Oh, God!”

He was going to cum. The need tightened his balls to breaking.

Kendall quickly pulled his fingers free, and Reid’s shoulders rose and fell quickly, sweat dampening his skin as Kendall’s dickhead rubbed at the entrance of his body. Reid drew in a breath as the head invaded his ass.

The tight tissues of his ass slowly parted as Kendall filled him in a quick thrust. Reid hissed at the rush of pleasure, and his inner muscles clamped around Kendall’s cock.

“Fuck,” Kendall breathed out roughly. “Damn, you feel good, Reid.”

Reid tried to move his hands to touch Kendall and found them bound. He clenched his fist, and Kendall drew almost all the way out and thrust back into him.

“Close your eyes, Reid,” Kendall ordered. “I want to leave them on until I come.” Kendall kissed the side of Reid’s neck. “Baby, I love you. I’m only going to pleasure you.” Kendall punctuated his words with another thrust into him before his fingers closed around Reid’s cock. He fisted the hard flesh. “Trust me to take care of you.”

Reid closed his eyes and let his head fall back on Kendall’s shoulder. “I’m counting on it,” he whispered.

Kendall gripped Reid’s hips and began to move in him. His strokes were light and easy at first as the pleasure began to swell higher inside Reid, making him dizzy with it. Then, Kendall took him fast and hard.

Reid’s lips parted, his breath issuing forth in ragged pants. God, he was so close, and then Kendall stopped moving to nip at his ear and Reid whimpered.

“Kendall, don’t tease me, please,” he pleaded. “I’m a fireball on the verge of explosion.”

Kendall chuckled. “I’m not hosing you down, just stoking the fire higher.” He kissed the side of Reid’s neck, and Reid shivered. “Reid, nothing is more special than the time I spend with,” he murmured in his lover’s ear, and Kendall bent his knees and drove into him.

“Fuck, yes!” Reid cried. “That’s so good, Kendall, don’t stop loving me.”

Kendall gripped Reid’s hips tight and sank his cock deep into him. Each plunge was sweeter than the one before it, and the heavy veins on Kendall’s shaft massaged his ass, sending tendrils of pleasure shooting through Reid, making him drunker. He was a raging inferno caught up in rapture’s enthrall.

Reid mewled as hard stroke after hard stroke stabbed into his ass. He screamed Kendall drove into him again and again. “Kendall!” Reid came hard, shooting his load onto the counter in furious jets.

“Damn!” Kendall’s hard cry followed his, and Reid felt the hot seed filling his ass.

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